The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date

The fab five are back! The Netflix binge-watching community will know that the Queer Eye series has returned for a fourth season, which means one thing: more epic makeovers. Over the years, this dream team has worked their magic in utterly transforming not only everyday people’s looks but their entire lives.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 26

With the loving help of Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby and Tan, we get to see these people turn their lives from 0 to 100 real quick. Some of these stories became so inspirational they turned out to be real tearjerkers. Popular Everything has done it’s digging and found some of the biggest Queer Eye transformations that will leave you feeling emotional.

Tom Jackson

The fab five are all about giving everyday people their spark for life back. Meeting their first-ever case, Tom Jackson from Dallas, the team realized they had their work cut out! After all, how many of you would be prepared to makeover a guy who’s famous tagline was “you can’t fix ugly?” Lo and behold, our boys did a superb job.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 13

Sure, they fixed Tom’s beard and gave him some snazzy spectacles, but Mr. Jackson has more than a new look to feel thankful for! On the show, the team gave this grandfather a confidence boost to get his feelings out about the love of his life, Abby Parr; who he has since married, by the way! It’s safe to say, Queer Eye gave Tom his happily ever after.

Kathi Dooley

There’s nothing quite like a little nostalgia! The fourth season saw hairdressing royalty Jonathan Van Ness reconnect with his roots as the fab five traveled to his hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts. Here, the team visited Van Ness’ old high school where they met their next contestant. This was a reunion not to be forgotten.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 7

As far as teachers go, Dooley was the most dedicated, and Jonathan knew it! Singing her praise to his team, the fab five couldn’t wait to work their magic on this musical director. By the end of the episode, not only was Dooley sporting a more up-to-date hairdo, but she was given a reality check on making more time for herself, and not letting work take over.

Arian Samiei

We’ve all told a little white lie to please our parents, but is this the biggest one we’ve heard yet? After taking the trip to visit 24-year-old Arian, the fab five were shocked to discover this man struggling to hold down a job had lied to his parents about graduating. Karamo summed things up perfectly: “No, no, no, no, no, he’s got to do better!”

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 4 1

So, how did the team help? They freshened up Arian’s appearance as you can see, but in terms of helping him grow, they needed to do much more. By the end, the boys had given this man enough confidence to admit to his mother he hadn’t graduated, while giving him an attitude readjustment to get off the sofa, and into the real world of work!

Jess Guilbeaux

Life was never easy for Jess Guilbeaux. Getting disowned from her parents had meant that from 16, this girl was forced to live independently. Not only this, but overwhelming student debt had given her no choice but to pull out of college. It was up to five kind strangers to turn things around for the troubled young woman.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 3

Did the team get Jess out of her rut? You bet! After pulling some strings, the fab five reconnected Jess with her long lost sister, gave her a fresh new look, and most importantly provided her with a more positive outlook on life. They say this show is more than a makeover, and you’ll certainly believe that after seeing this transformation!

Jason Vogelsang

Here’s a tale of friendly persuasion if we ever heard one! Handy-man Jason was seriously considering packing all of his possessions up, and ditching his life in Atlanta to be closer to Nevada’s annual Burning Man festival. In a desperate attempt to get him to reconsider, friends of the free-spirit made the quick call to the fab five.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 1 1

Cue the charismatic lifesavers! After interior designer, Bobby kitted out Jason’s Atlanta pad, and the team reminded Vogelsang of everything he’d miss if he moved, we saw some results. After some thinking, Jason decided to stay at home with his friends and now girlfriend, Beth. This was like one big case of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

Neal Reddy

Here’s potentially one of the biggest physical transformations on Queer Eye history! After reaching out to app-developer Neal Reddy, no one could have prepared this team for what they were going to be met with. Their second-ever contestant seemed to be ridden with so much dog hair that he was branded the “sasquatch” of the show.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 2

Wow! Once again, Jonathan worked his magic and kitted this man out with a clean and stylish new mane. Not only did they give him a physical makeover, but the man who initially couldn’t even make eye contact with the crew saw himself in a more positive light, and with that came a growing boost of confidence. These guys are miracle workers!

William Mahnken

True love does exist. If you don’t believe us, check out the episode of Queer Eye featuring William Mahnken! This Walmart employee who had a passion for movies was looking for an extravagant way to propose to his girlfriend. It wasn’t until the fab five paid him a visit that this dream turned into a reality, and boy, did it make for some good TV.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 12

With a little grooming, a home revamp and some confidence-gaining pep talks, the team decided this man was ready to take the proposal plunge. This theatrical engagement was like no other and without the help of these five fairy godmothers, who knows whether things would’ve worked out the way they did. Will owes Queer Eye a lifetime of gratitude!

Rob Elrod

Let’s take a trip to Kansas City! On one of their lifesaving missions, the fab five visited Rob Elrod, a single parent to two young sons, who was battling some grave private matters in his life. To get a fresh start and move on from his past, Rob decided to move house; he just needed those extra touches from the Queer Eye boys to help him out along the way.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 20

With Bobby’s interior knowledge, Rob was given the all-clear to move into his snazzy new space, and start his life again. Along the way, the fellow fab five members taught Mr. Elrod how to move on in the most efficient way, and look forward to a new future with his kids. Ever since these defining moments, the man has never looked back!

Wesley Hamilton

Sometimes, we just need a little push to get our lives back on track, and Wesley Hamilton knows that all too well! A shift in this man’s physical wellbeing allowed him to reflect on his mistakes and spurred a desire to turn things around for the better. It was up to the fab five to make this dream materialize.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 11

Wesley had the right attitude needed to improve his life, but there were just a couple of extra touches required from the Queer Eye masterminds. Interior goddess Bobby styled him out with a wheelchair-friendly abode, while Tan and Jonathan gave him a more respectable image to move forward. We wish this man the best of luck in the future!

Brandonn Mixon

We’re gonna tell you straight, farmer boy Brandonn had hit a dead-end in life. He had let some troubling circumstances take over, and his abode was looking a little more like somewhere for the farm animals to chill out than himself! How did he get his joie de vivre back? By a little visit from the best five life coaches in the business.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 5 1

Looks aren’t everything, but it’s a good place to start! Jonathan was pleased to see Brandonn serving some farmer-chic realness with his new ‘do. In the meantime, design guru Bobby kitted Mixon with a house that not only resembled a home but a stylish one too! It was time for this guy to put his past behind him, and with the fab five’s help, he passed with flying colors.

Deanna Munoz

Have you ever wanted to take your career to the next level, but feared you wouldn’t get taken seriously? This was the exact dilemma that Latino artist, Deanna Munoz was facing. This woman wanted to get her artwork seen by the world but felt her look was too dated to match the business. That all changed once the Queer Eye team visited.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 6

With a fresh new hairdo a-la Jonathan and a Tan-inspired wardrobe, this woman finally developed the confidence to bring her business out in the open. Each team member contributed greatly to Deanna’s confidence, and now she can reach new professional goals she would previously not have dreamed of. It’s all thanks to a little show named Queer Eye!

Leo Loria Rico

No one knows you quite like your other half, and this case will prove exactly that! Leo Loria Rico’s wife nominated her man to get his life whipped into shape, and the fab five couldn’t wait to turn her dreams into a reality! It all started after the prospect of a parent-teacher mixer made this woman anxious her hubby wouldn’t fit in.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 16

It’s safe to say, the Queer Eye boys turned this man from bone idle bartender to fast-paced family man! Once Bobby taught Leo the importance of de-cluttering and turned his home space into something a little more livable, this man just flourished! He was looking good and feeling even better. We said it once and we’ll say it again, this show is more than a makeover.

Skyler Jay

When we said this show makes changes happen, we really meant it. Possibly one of the most fascinating contestants who owed thanks to the fabulous Queer Eye team is Skyler Jay. After undergoing a procedure to feel more comfortable in his body, no one could have predicted the good fortune coming this young man’s way.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 1

This really is quite something! After revamping his ‘do and making his house a home, the fab five wanted to leave this contestant with a little something extra. What did they do? Throw him a huge party as a way to pay thanks to his supportive team of friends! If there was ever an episode that would make us all a little emotional, it’s this one.

Joe Gallois

We always assume that comedians are funny both on and offscreen, but sometimes that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Queer Eye team was devastated to learn that Joe Gallois, a stand-up comic was missing his spark due to a huge lack of self-confidence. Never fear! As predicted, the boys managed to turn things around.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 5

With the help of fashion genius, Tan, Joe could rock his weight loss with pride; this meant no more baggy clothes! Mr. Gallois was also encouraged to up his social media game, in an attempt to raise more awareness for his upcoming comedy shows. You only get one shot in this lifetime, and the Queer Eye team can clearly help you along the way!

Wanda Winters

According to Queer Eye’s dream team, if you let your career define you, you’re doing it all wrong! Wanda Winters learned that the hard way. As a diligent drill-team leader, this woman had only known a life of grueling hard work which had shaped her stern attitude. It was down to the fab five to break down these tough barriers.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 14

Did the team succeed? You bet they did! Each member taught Wanda that she didn’t have to be so guarded all the time. In turn, this allowed the contestant to improve her relationship with her two daughters. Can you believe it? What was once considered a makeover show is actually reuniting families back together.

Sean Van Meter

Have you ever felt like you were born into the wrong generation? Talented musician, Sean Van Meter certainly did before meeting the team of five over at Queer Eye! At just 18, this songwriter found himself not only socializing with people nearly 50 years his senior but dressing like them too! The fab five brought Sean back to reality.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 17

How did they help? By giving Sean a new look which would help calm his nerves about starting college. With an updated appearance, came a new confidence boost! Since the fab five paid this man a visit, his life has never looked better; he has a ton of new friends, and that musical career is taking off. Talk about a transformation!

Tony Blanco

What’s the one thing that will motivate you to shift your life into gear? A baby on the way! For Tony Blanco, the idea of welcoming a new bundle of joy into his life was the push he needed to embrace the fab five with open arms. Parenting classes may have been slightly different from what the fab five were used to, but they’re open to taking on any task!

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 9

It’s safe to say, once the Queer Eye team came to town, this man put an end to his procrastinator ways for good! With a trendy new hairdo, a tidier, more baby-proof home and most importantly a new lease on life, Mr. Blanco was given the full heads up on going ahead with the daddy duties. Finally, he was ready to take on a little responsibility!

Bobby Camp

The one lesson the Queer Eye team loves to teach others, it’s to focus on yourself every now and then. After meeting Bobby Camp for the first time, the fab five were well aware they had quite the challenge ahead of them! Working two jobs, being an active member of his church and a father to six children, this man was spreading himself a little too thin.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 3 1

So, how did the fab five work their magic? Initially, they gave Mr. Camp’s home a full revamp, making it less of a clutter zone and more of a space where he can relax and rewind after work. They also made over the man himself, giving Bobby an updated look and reminding him about the importance of alone time. Talk about a glow up!

A.J. Brown

Here comes another big tearjerker! We’re pretty sure none of the fab five will ever forget the day they met A.J. Brown. By the end of this heartwarming episode, everyone was in tears after the contestant finally made a big confession to his mother, as it was something he’d been holding back for a while!

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 2 1

This guy got two makeovers for the price of one: a physical one thanks to Jonathan and Tan; didn’t they make him look handsome? Second for Mr. Brown was an emotional one that gave him a needed confidence boost to open up about his sexuality to his mom, Haide. You best believe there wasn’t a dry eye in that room when the Queer Eye team watched it all back!

Thomas Diggs

What happens when you start swaying away from living your best life? The Queer Eye team comes to change things around! For a number of years, Thomas Diggs had been spending his days hidden away from the world, glued to a television screen. It was down to five flamboyant men to stop this computer programmer allowing video games to take over his life.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 8

After Thomas’ sister Krissy gave the fab five a call, they did everything they could to bring this man out of his shell before his 21st birthday. By the end of the show, Mr. Diggs had a swanky new look, and finally knew the meaning of self-confidence. At last, Krissy could stop worrying about the wellbeing of her little bro! Nothing could stop this guy’s new lease on life.

Robert Hitchcock

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? That was certainly the fab five’s motto when they paid Robert Hitchcock a visit. With his wedding in just a matter of days, the team had to get this future groom out of his self-deprecating rut and teach him how to practice a little self-love.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 18

Did they whip Robert into shape? You know it. By the end of his full makeover, Mr. Hitchcock was looking and feeling fab-u-lous, honey! If there’s one group of people that will get you in full preparation for walking down the aisle, it’s the Queer Eye team. Hitchcock was able to quickly ditch that negativity and since then, he’s never looked back.

Cory Waldrop

Put your hands where we can see them! We’re about to go into one of the most fascinating transformations Queer Eye has seen. After the Georgia police officer, Cory Waldrop, got nominated to take part in the show by his best buddy, this contestant got taught a very important life lesson by the fab five. What was it? Family comes first.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 24

Here’s what happened. After rejuvenating his neglected, basement-style home and preventing this man from purchasing any more oversized gym clothes, we started to see a little progress! Mr. Waldrop finally learned what it meant to love himself, and with that, he began to show a little love towards those around him, too. Keep doing you, Cory!

Joey Greene

Who’s up for roasting some marshmallows around the campfire? One man who indulged in this maybe a little too much was Joey Greene, but that all changed once the fab five said hello! Greene was in desperate need of an intervention, as his love for the outdoors had prevented him from seeing what was really important in his life, such as his son.

The Most Moving Queer Eye Transformations to Date 15

As you can imagine, a life spent outside had given this man a pretty scruffy appearance, so Jonathan was quick to get the razors out wave his magic hairdressing wand immediately. That’s not all, though. After a complete interior makeover and a few pep talks, Joey was ready to reconnect with his son and learned to love himself. We love a happy ending!