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The Puppy Elite: A Look at Hollywood’s Biggest Stars With Their Canine Companions

It’s time to take a look at the most important relationship in a celebrity’s life, and we’re not talking about their romantic partners. Throughout history, these beloved dogs have been living a lavish lifestyle with their wealthy owners. Basically, they’ve seen them at their best and their worst. No one knows Hollywood’s elite, better than the pups who stand beside them.

Image: Teen Vogue

That being said, they’re in the fortunate position of being adored by the rich and famous and sharing a special bond like no other. They’re best friends with the biggest diva’s and don’t talk back. At Popular Everything, we’re peeking into the private lives of celebrities and their precious pooches.

A Therapeutic Friendship

It’s no secret that actress Amanda Seyfried is completely obsessed with her hound, Finn. She even opened his own Instagram account for him. With over 80 thousand followers, many people want to stay in the know with his whereabouts. And Amanda doesn’t take her role as a show dog mom lightly.

Image: Marie Claire

Amanda brings Finn to most places she goes, even public events. And she even credits the Australian Shepherd with helping her battle her anxiety. “As soon as he was mine, like 24 hours after I got him, I realized something about me needed him. He completely changed my life and helped me find my solitude and my independence,” she asserted.

Rescue and Restore

London-born actor Tom Hardy had an unbreakable bond with his pooch, Woodstock. He was heartbroken in 2017 when he passed away, which led to an emotional tribute from the Venom star. “He was a stray. 11 weeks old,” wrote the actor, who almost ran him over with his car in Atlanta. He decided to take the stray puppy in as his own, “and we rode and took him straight to the pet store to clean him up and buy him things. It was wonderful.”

Image: Maxim

Tom explained that over the years “Woody” had been on many sets and met many crews. “I don’t normally speak out about family and friends but this is an unusual circumstance. Woody affected so many people in his own right.” He wanted to give her beloved pet his autonomy, but felt he had to write something as he was a familiar face to a lot of people, both personally and over social media. He was, as Tom put it, his “bestest friend ever.”

Speaking for Those Who Can’t Speak Back

Siren of the 50s and 60s, the French former actress and singer Brigitte Bardot has always had a very soft spot for dogs. Today, she’s an animal rights activist who uses her public persona to fight for animal wellness. She is also a vegetarian, refusing to consume the creatures she loves more than anything.

Image: Bernard Allemane

She even started the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals back in 1986, which she funded herself after auctioning off much of her jewelry collection and personal items. Her activism is loud and unabashed, often personally addressing politicians, ministers, and royal family members to do more for animal welfare.

She Gets It From Her Momma

One of the highest-paid and most famous actresses from India, Priyanka Chopra is an exceedingly proud dog mom. Her obsession with documenting her pup led to the creation of a separate doggie Instagram account, which she calls the “diaries of Diana.” She writes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Image: Instagram / @diariesofdiana

Priyanka wasn’t wrong – Diana’s Instagram account has accumulated a large and loyal following of almost 150k. It seems like the women in that family are just drawn to the spotlight. Luckily, her new husband Nick Jonas is just as fond of Diana as everyone is.

I’m Coming With You

Captain America actor Chris Evans’ best friend is Dodger, a mixed breed boxer dog. Fans will know him already as he’s a regular on the actor’s social media. Chris even managed to cause an accidental rush of concern for Dodger when he wrote: “Really missing this guy right now.” All in vain, as he was talking about being without him for two months during filming for Fantastic Four.

Image: Twitter / Chris Evans

Chris actually found Dodger while filming the movie Gifted, when one of the last scenes to shoot was in a shelter. He struck up an instant connection with the boxer, who “was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out.” He recalls that “I knew right away that he was coming home with me.”

Spider-Man’s Sidekick

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is obsessed with his blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tessa. He spams his fans with pictures of her on his Instagram and often takes the opportunity to campaign against the stereotype of their breed being especially dangerous. “Staffies are considered to be very dangerous dogs. Which is not true, it’s not the case,” he asserts.

Image: Mashable

“They are not aggressive. She is the sweetest, most angelic thing you’ll ever meet,” Tom gushes. This image is of the first press event that he ever took her to, revealing that “she got super scared of the cameras at first and just ran away. But then she came back and had a really nice time.”

Blonde Bombshells

In this image from 1958, Marilyn Monroe cozies up to a Borzoi Russian sighthound on the set of the Jean Harlow shoot for the “Fabled Enchantresses” series for LIFE magazine. Her affection for dogs was evident even backstage in the dressing room, as we see her squeezing the sizeable animal on her lap.

Image: The Mind Circle

They chose an equally glamorous counterpart to pose alongside the 50s film siren. With the matching blonde hair and sparkly collar, the two made a striking blonde couple. And luckily, they had more chemistry on the set of the photoshoot than here, where the Borzoi appears to be heavily side-eyeing.

Mickey Rourke’s Life Saver

Actor Mickey Rourke has spoken very highly about the role his dogs have played in his life. During his acceptance speech for receiving his Golden Globe Best Actor award, he said: “I’d like to thank all my dogs. The ones that are here, the ones that aren’t here anymore because sometimes when a man’s alone, that’s all you got is your dog. And they’ve meant the world to me.”

Image: Daily Mail

Mickey had even been in a situation where he had lost the will to live. “I didn’t want to be here… I just wanted to push a button and disappear. I think I hadn’t left the house for four or five months, and I was in a bad place… [and] then I looked at my dog, Beau Jack… [he] was looking at me going, ‘Who’s going to take care of me?'” Mickey credit’s his dog for forcing him to make himself healthier, physically and mentally.

The Dogs Come First

Oprah Winfrey’s deep love for her brood of dogs has been under some speculation in the last few years. It came to light that she was leaving $30 million to them in her will, and nothing for her long-time partner for more than 30 years, Stedman Graham. The details of their relationship have long been a mystery and knowledge of her will just increased speculation.

Image: Oprah Magazine

The host of The Oprah Winfrey Show has five dogs in total: Golden Retrievers Luke and Layla, Cocker Spaniel Sadie, and Springer Spaniels Sunny and Lauren. Even her social media profile picture is a photo of her with the beloved pups. Just in case Stedman forgets who the priorities are.

Daddy’s Girl

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen look straight out of a magazine shoot in this snap. Pictured sprinting through New York’s East Village, John carries their French Bulldog like a football. And judging from her face, she’s less than amused, unlike her joyful mom and dad.

Image: Vogue

The power couple are established dog fanatics, owning five at the moment and having even thrown a wedding ceremony for two of them, Pippa and Puddy. And don’t be surprised to see the pooches in vacation snaps on their Instagram accounts, as they usually fly out with the family to holiday destinations.

Fed Better Than Most People

Cinema buffs out there will be all too aware of Alfred Hitchcock’s deep adoration for his Sealyham Terriers and Westies. He even kept adding dog appearances to all his films, although utilizing a larger variety of breeds than in his personal life. His biographer Patrick Mcgilligan even wrote that dogs in his films were “amusing, brave, and intuitive about the distress of their owners.”

Image: Magnum Photos

This famous photo of Alfred sat with his morning coffee and newspaper alongside his westie bestie went down in history as an iconic image of the mysterious man. While many details about Hitchcock’s life with his dogs are not publicly known. Still. it is understood that he was devoted to them and fed them “better than most people.” He was frequently spotted going to the local butcher to pick up some choice meats for them.

They Need a Second a Chance

Former teen idol and actress Hilary Duff is a real softy when it comes to her pets, she can hardly say no to them jumping on the sofa. You can’t blame her for spoiling them, as she rescued them from euthanasia when they struggled to find people to adopt them. She even prefers to refer to them as her children.

Image: Instagram / Hilary Duff

She shared this photo of them curled up on the sofa to promote her auction to help find dogs that were due to be euthanized, a forever home. “I am hosting a special night of cocktails/bites (not by dogs)/doggies/an amazing auction/celebs and all-around good people who care about pups!” she excitedly wrote in September 2019. These days, Hilary sees more benefit in spending her time helping less fortunate animals.

Ellen and Portia’s Handful

It was Ellen DeGeneres’ dream to work with animals when she grew up. She ended up becoming one of the most successful talk-show hosts in America instead, sharing her life with animals in other ways. Here, her wife Portia can be seen dozing off with Ellen’s beloved canine family.

Image: Pop Sugar

Ellen’s three dogs Wolf, Augie, and Kid, are shared with her wife Portia de Ross. They usually join her for her morning horseback-riding sessions. But their presence is just as felt every night where they share the bed with Ellen and Portia. “It’s more like they let us sleep in bed with them. Portia and I are allowed about one-third of the mattress, and they have the rest,” she admits.

Joan Crawford’s Silent Stalker

Classic Hollywood actress Joan Crawford reads to her miniature pet poodle, Cliquot, in this vintage snap from 1953. Pictured on set, Cliquot was one of the few dogs allowed to come to the studio with his mistress as he was especially quiet. It worked in his favor, as he became her constant companion.

Image: Sears

Here, Joan brought Cliquot to the set of The Damned Don’t Cry, but that wasn’t the only film he turned up to. But he wasn’t her only dog. Nonetheless, all that time spent together gave them an extra special connection, making him her lap dog in the truest sense.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

While Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have officially chosen to part ways, they continue to share their love of rescue dogs. HereLiam is pictured with Dora, a shelter dog he and Miley picked up in 2015 who he calls “awesome. She’s the perfect dog.” She just so happens to be named after the children’s cartoon character Dora the Explorer.

Image: Refinery29

He wants his followers to jump on the “adopt don’t shop” bandwagon, too. I’m a big advocate of pet rescue. Especially in California. If you’re going to get a dog, get a rescue,” he says in earnest, hoping that with enough celebrity publicity and advocacy, people look to rehome those who need it most.

His Love Wasn’t Only for the Ladies

In 1965, Frank Sinatra let a photographer into his home to snap intimate photos of him with his dog, Ringo. He allegedly wasn’t allowed a pooch when he was growing up, so he made up for it in later life by acquiring many. He grew especially close to them when he was sick in bed, having them lie beside him for company.

Image: John Dominis

Frank’s daughter Tina remembers the touching words her father would say when they talked about death and the afterlife. “Heaven is where all the animals go,” he would reply. Pictured at his home in Palm Springs, California, he coos Ringo in a soft, loving manner. It seems the influential singer didn’t just have a soft spot for ladies.

Logic Flies out the Window for the Prince of Darkness

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon have six dogs in total; Bella, Rocky, Alfie, Charlie, Flick, and Moe. They have a reputation for being “dog daft” – in other words, spending unthinkable amounts on them. In 2015 for example, it was revealed that they had dropped $297,022 on flying them across the world in first class.

Image: Maximum Rock

He’s so dog-crazy, he allegedly planned to open up a doggie daycare on his
$6.4 million country estate a couple of years ago. Wanting to utilize their sizeable estate, they saw their property as a good opportunity to “create a central facility where dogs will be collected in the morning, spend the day in the countryside, in the safe and secure environment of the field.” As of yet, we are still waiting to hear more details about this passion project.

Best Friend to the Stars

In 2012, this adorable fur-ball was found alone, wandering the street of Connecticut by Animal Control officers. Now, Marnie’s a huge Instagram star. Despite being 18-years-old, she doesn’t show signs of slowing down her celebrity engagements any time soon. Her characteristic tilted head and hanging tongue are caused by her vestibular syndrome, which she suffered from before being rescued.

Image: TMZ

She was adopted as a senior dog too, at the age of 11. Her owner Shirley Braha took to having her picture taken with celebrities and using her growing social media presence to bring awareness to adopting senior dogs, as well as giving Marnie a chance to dance with the stars. Better late than never!

Taken at the Height of Their Love

Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn is seen brushing this gorgeous little Yorkshire Terrier, her beloved Mr. Famous. Her first dog of the breed, he even appeared with her on the front cover of a magazine as well featuring in one scene for her 1957 romantic comedy movie, Funny Face.

Image: Classic Hollywood Central

Unfortunately, his life came to an untimely end when he was run over on the set of Audrey’s 1961 film The Children’s Hour. Luckily, her then-husband Mel Ferrer thought to get her another Yorkie, named Assam of Assam. Audrey is said to have fallen into a spell of depression after Mr. Famous passed away, but luckily the new little man in her life helped to bring her back.

A Goodbye Kiss

For some people, this photo might be a bit too much. But for pup lovers out there, it’s hard not to feel your heart swell. While actor Tom Hardy might appear less than pleased in this snapshot, he was simply caught off guard by Zora the pitbull during the premiere for his movie The Drop.

Image: Vanity Fair

It’s impressive that Zora wasn’t fazed by the bright lights and numerous cameras, not to mention the noise on the night. But ever the professional showbiz hound, he simply played up for the cameras by smooching his British co-star.

If You Want the Best You’ll Have to Pay for It

The dashing and debonair Cary Grant reads over his lines with fellow co-star Skippy, AKA Asta. He was a Wire Fox Terrier dog actor who made numerous appearances in Hollywood films over the 1930s. He was thought to be one of the most intelligent animals to work with for Film and TV, having begun his training at just 3 months old.

Image: Buzzfeed

Here, the Hollywood bigshots look over the script for their screwball comedy The Awful Truth in 1937. He was so sought after that he took home a far larger salary than that of his canine counterparts, earning on average around $250 compared with the $3.50 of other dogs in Hollywood.

Martha Stewart as You’ve Never Seen Her

In this image, American actress Jennifer Garner cuddles up to Martha Stewart. Yes – the labrador she’s holds here is named after the television personality and lifestyle expert herself. Jennifer shares a particularly strong bond with Martha, frequently bringing her to the studio set. Interestingly, Jennifer only really uses her full name when she tells her off. “She knew that if I called her Martha Stewart she’d better get off the couch,” the actress reveals.

Image: Celebrity Pets

She explains her unusual name choice: “When I was a young actress starting out and I would have auditions in the morning, I would come back and make myself lunch and watch her first cooking show. Back before she had a talk show or anything like that and it was just in the kitchen with Martha.” It was Jennifer’s positive association and nostalgic feeling towards the TV personality that made her want to name the labrador after her.

He’s Got a Lot to Smile About

Meet Hugh Jackman’s French bulldog Dali, the happy little hound that completes his family. Adopted in 2010, he can’t stop sharing sweet snaps of him and Allegra (his other pup) on social platforms. The corners of his mouth are naturally turned up, giving him a particularly sunny disposition.

Image: Business Insider

While he lives at home with his family in Sydney, Australia, it’s not unusual to spot the pair out together on the streets of New York City. He revealed that his apparent “smile” or upturned moustache (depending on how you view it) is the reason they named him Dali, after the eccentric painter.

Her Dog Brought out Her Anxious Side

Marilyn Monroe has been known to have had her closest friendships and “real best-friends” with the animals in her life. Judging by her ease around them it appears she did have a soft spot for them. “If you talk to a dog or a cat, it doesn’t tell you to shut up,” she famously quipped.

Image: Shaw Family Archives

In this photo from 1957, Marilyn is playing around with Hugo, the Bassett hound that stole the heart of Marilyn and her third husband, the playwright Arthur Miller. He lived with them in Amagansett, New York, and shared a deep and protective love for him. As biographer Sam Shaw put it, “She worried about her basset hound, especially by Hugo’s peculiar doggie hazards.”

Thank Goodness for Angels

It’s no secret when it comes to Shay Mitchell being the perfect fur-baby mom. Shay opened up about her doggo and his newfound life when she decided it was time to give a homeless dog a new home. She viewed over 4000 shelter dogs and finally found the ‘one,’ a relaxed, calm and loving dog named Angel.

Image: People

According to Shay, Angel seems to have costly taste in shoes. Just like her mama, Angel picks out the most expensive pair of shoes on display. The only difference is she chews on them. Other than that, she’s a beautiful addition to the family. The Pretty Little Liars Star mentioned that Angel will be making an appearance on her new docu-series.

He Left His Footprint in Her Heart

What in the name of puppy love will we do about this adorable picture? Jennifer has a rather close connection with her fur-babies, claiming she’d rather have her dogs than have a husband. Well, Jen, there are many of us out there that could probably agree with you.

Image: E! News

If you’re loving Jens doggo-fever, she never fails to keep her social media followers up to date, showing off her best friend and just how unconditional her love is for her dogs. In this gorgeous picture, she tagged it, “Girl’s best friend… Bring Clyde to work day.’

Dog at First Sight

Adrian Grenier, of course, you recognize him, the one and only Vincent Chase from Entourage. There are different kinds of dog lovers out there but the Entourage star takes the cake. Not only does Adrian clean up after his dog on walks and run with him in the park, but he also takes his fur-baby on dates with him too. 

Image: Pinterest / Pet Flys

Adrian was allegedly seen on a particular date with a mystery woman who also brought her dog. So, it was kind of like a date for the two dogs and for their two humans. Of course, being known as a major dog lover, any woman who wants to join their gang has to go through his dogs first!


Sadly, Chelsea’s fur-baby is no longer with us. On January 19, the one and only Chelsea Handler announced that her beloved baby, Chunk, had passed on. “Chunky Monkey” was loved dearly by Chelsea, who had saved him previously from a kill shelter. Fortunately for Chelsea, she still has two dogs at home to keep her spirits up and give her all the love she could ever need.

Image: Twitter / Chunk Handler

Chelsea’s favorite memory with Chunk was when she went paddleboarding upstate on the Hudson River. She was out in the water and saw him trotting along beside her by the shoreline and trees. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. He jumped into the water and swam a quarter of a mile to get on the paddleboard with her. Isn’t that a precious memory to keep with her always?

A Daily Fix of Puppy Breath

Model and actress, January Jones is famously known for her role in Mad Men, starring as Betty Draper. Emotionally unavailable and immature Betty is nothing like beautiful, caring January Jones. In fact, she’s precisely the opposite of her role.

Image: Vanity Fair

What an adorable picture! January shows off her newest addition to the family, claiming that her life is better now with her new puppy, Joey. Understandably, she would rather spend time with her four-legged friend. Well, January, there are many of us out there that would rather stay at home with our pets than go out.

Lord Tyrion and His Dogeth

Peter Dinklage, an animal activist and loving dog owner, recently uploaded an adorable picture of him going for a walk with his elderly best friend. Peter somehow managed to turn his Game of ThronesEmmy Award ‘professional’ speech into a somewhat ‘heartwarming’ speech.

Image: Twitter / Peter Dinklage

Peter made a point of thanking his dog sitter during his speech, explaining how important his dog is too him. Isn’t that adorable? But that’s not all. After Game of Thrones, he urged fans to please stop buying huskies because they look similar to Direwolves. Do your research and see if you’ll be able to be a kind and loving parent to them.

Olive You!

This Riverdale star adopted a beautiful puppy with many, many pictures shared on her social media accounts. She welcomed Olive into her home, saying that she always believed in adopting. Madelaine was so thrilled to have found a dog shelter who does such incredible work fostering little abandoned fur-babies.

Image: Pinterest / Pets Life

After finding Olive, the actress made a vlog of herself visiting Two Hands Four Paws foundation so she could understand more regarding their work. She expressed how amazing the shelter was, the way they looked after dogs with all kinds of problems and find the perfect homes for them. Oh, and let’s not forget that she nearly took five more dogs home with her.

Messi and the Great Hulk

The greatest soccer player of all-time happens to be a major sucker for his three dogs who live inside the house with him. Messi has been somewhat admired for giving his pups such a great and happy life at home, I mean, they’re his kids after all.

Image: Facebook / Perros Argentinos

This is Hulk, Hulk is a little bit more famous than what Messi is only because his loving owner uploaded heart-warming pictures of him when he was just a little puppy. Imagine this, he had a tiny little puppy body and a football-sized head with bright green eyes. We think it’s safe to say he made himself famous!

Shamelessly in Love

Emma Kenney, animal activist and animal lover who is famously known for starring in Shameless as Debbie Gallagher. The gorgeous actress shared a less glamorous and softer side of herself and her fur-baby with her 1.5 million Insta-followers and they loved it!

Image: Got Celeb

When Emma is not directing her own movies, acting on TV shows or doing photography, she’s playing with her beloved animals. She allegedly wants to open her own animal shelter one day, giving many animals out there a place to live and a warm home! What an inspiration.

Mr. Bentely

The Zack and Cody and Riverdalestar gives his best friend, Mr. Bentley, the best life ever. No, we’re not talking about park trips or walks down the street, we’re talking about helicopter rides and snowboarding. Cole Sprouse and Mr. Bentley’s adventures are everything!

Image: Pinterest / Pampa 1521

The famous actor embarked on an adventurous helicopter ride to what looks to be the Northpole, only it’s Vancouver. The two travel companions went alone to take a few photos together to treasure their friendship. If you want to see more of this gorgeous creature, he has his own Instagram with over 20,000 followers.

Old Dogs Deserve Love Too

The story of comedian Jenny Slate and her beloved elderly dog, Reggie is one sure to put a smile on any dog lover’s face. Slate, who you probably recognize from her past role as Mona-Lisa from Parks and Recreation, met her Reggie on “what was many one of the worst days of her life.” After a very unnerving job interview, Slate decided to go to a pet store in order to cheer herself up

Image: Twitter / Jenny Slate

“There were all these puppies and there was this one dog up in the corner,” she explained to Steven Colbert on Late Show. “They were like, ‘He’s not a puppy and nobody really wants him and we don’t really know what to do with him.’ I took it so personally… and I was like, ‘Sold!’” It sounds like love at first sight to us!

Little Women and Little Puppys

Here’s a beautifully nostalgic moment of old Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor giving a bath to her Cocker Spaniel Amy. Taylor bestowed that name on her canine companion after the role that she played in 1949’s Little Women.

Image: Mashable

This particular photoshoot was planned especially to give fans of Taylor a glance into her real life, in hopes to make her more relatable to her fans. However, since she had been under the spotlight since the young age of 12, her life was nothing but normal. None the less, whether you’re rich or famous or not, nothing brings a person back down to earth like puppy love.

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Actress Sandra Bullock is no stranger to providing dogs in need with forever homes. In fact, Bullock goes the extra mile by taking in the pups that need her the most. Sadly Bullock had to say goodbye to her to dogs Poppy and Ruby who passed away last year.

Image: Mutt News

Both of her precious pups were special needs, Poppy missing a leg and Ruby (pictured above) missing two. Bullock was distraught when she lost her two best friends, however, that did not stop her from reaching out to help again. Nearly a year after their passing, Bullock has since adopted a two-year-old rescue poodle.

Olympic Doggy Paddler

As the most decorated athlete of all time, swimming legend Michael Phelps has left room for a few other passions in his life. Namely, his loving family, which includes two French Bulldogs, Juno and Legend. As one might assume, Phelps likes to keep these little guys active, however, they aren’t so keen to join him in the pool.

Image: Nulo Pet Food

His pup Legend does, however, enjoy splashing around in the shallow waters, while Juno is perfectly content watching him. Just like Phelps himself has racked in the sponsors, Juno and Legend also have a brand of their own to represent; Nulo Pet Food. To promote the brand, Phelps has said “Our dogs are like our kids, We want to live our best life. We want to live the longest life we possibly can, and eating healthy is a way we can do that.”

Puppy Royalty

Leave it to actress, model Sofia Vergara to walk around with her little dog with such style. While walking the streets of LA, Vergara and her six-year-old chihuahua Baguette were spotted wearing matching leopard print outfits. Baguette is no stranger to living the lavish lifestyle.

Image: Daily Mail

Just this December, Vergara threw Baguetter a birthday party in her Beverly Hills mansion and she did not hold back. The Colombian star invited friends and family over to celebrate and Baguette was presented with a cake, cookies, and little crown-shaped beds to lay on.

Speaking out for the Hollywood Dog

Actress Doris Day was known for her animal activism, which was instilled in her since childhood. As she famously said, “I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like, and I can’t say the same thing about people.” She made sure to make this notion known as she rose to Hollywood stardom.

Image: People Magazine

Day constantly used her public presence to advocate for animal rights, especially for those working with her on set. She even founded her own nonprofit organizations in order to advocate for better treatment for working animals in Hollywood. Here she is with her precious poodle, who she often brought on set with her when filming.

Red Heads Stick Together

Back in 2013, actress Christina Hendricks and her then-husband Geoffrey Arend welcomed to their home an adorable cockapoo puppy. Hendricks was proud to announce that the new addition had “the same hair” as the star. The couple named the dog Zuzu after the character in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Image: Pop Sugar

After Zuzu, they also added a second adorable pup into their family. Unfortunately, Hendricks and Arend announced their split this past October 2019. However, they still gush on the good times they shared, raising their two dogs.

The Perfect Wedding Gifts

Actress and old Hollywood icon, Grace Kelly poses here with her stunning Great Dane on the studio lot between shooting in 1955. Kelly was known for her love of animals, a passion she eventually passed on to her children, and her big family of dogs more than prooved it.

Image: W Magazine

In addition to the Great Dane, Kelly also had a Weimaraner, which was gifted to her from her brother Jack after her marriage to Prince Rainer III of Monaco. She was also given a French Poodle named Oliver as a wedding gift from Cary Grant.

One of The Coolest Dogs Around

Meet Juelz Broadus, the French bulldog who has the honor of spending his days alongside legendary rap icon, Soop Dogg. Juelz was gifted to Snoop by his good friend Wiz Khalifa on his birthday. Naturally, Juelz has gathered his very own fan club. With his own Instagram account, the little bulldog already has a following of 61.4k followers.

Image: BET

Juelz isn’t Snoops only four-legged friend. The star reportedly cares for eleven pups of various breeds. Snoop also has his very own dog apparel line called Doggfather clothing label. It doesn’t stop there either. Snoop is a major investor in Dog for Dog, a dog food company that donates one bag of food to a shelter for eery bad sold.

A Heart of Gold

The one thing that Betty White loves as much as she loves show business, is animals. She does all that she can to use her stardom to help support animals in need. “Thankfully, my work makes it possible for me to support and volunteer my time with many different animal welfare organizations,” she said.

Image: Entity Magazine

Betty White knows no bounds when it comes to fueling her passion for animals. She makes a difference however she can, whether through fundraising, fostering or volunteering. In fact, she loves animals so much that she even wrote a biography about it titled Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo.

Finding the Right Dog Enthusiast

As the voice of Superpower Dogs, Chris Evan’s narrated the documentary which follows the lives of heroic dogs that give their lives to rescue missions, emotional support, and crime-fighting. After director Daniel Ferguson contacted his agent, he “brought the [rescue dog] Henry to a session and Chris was completely gaga for him.”

Images: Twitter / Superpower Dogs

Daniel was relieved to see their instant connection as “It allowed us to put him in the movie, and he’s been tweeting us out! That’s exactly what you look for in a celebrity narrator.” Because of his dog-loving tendencies, he was perfect for the role: “He’s engaged and authentic, and Chris does nothing if he doesn’t feel it. Integrity is a big thing for him.”