The Untold Story of Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Her Younger Sister Lee

Jackie O. and her sister Lee were easily the most fabulous people on the planet. The two seemed like the best of friends, but what the public didn’t know was that they, like most sisters, had a bit of a rivalry between each other.

It came as a shock to learn that Jackie left her dear sister out of her will. But, those who know the real story, we’re not shocked by this news at all. People close to the Kennedys knew just how harsh things were between the two. It’s common for sisters to get competitive with one another, but these girls took things to the next level.

They Started Out as Friends

Jacki was born on July 28, 1929, four years before her sister, Lee. They lived in the South Hamptons. Their father, John, was a Wall Street Stock Broker, and their mother worked at the Washington Tome-Herald as an aspiring photographer. Their father’s life choices drove him out of the picture.

Jackie sided with her father when their family split. However, she ended up living in the care of her mother as her father, eventually, moved out and lived on his own and away from the family. Their mother was able to find love a second time around and got remarried.

Competition in The Household

Jackie and Lee were the best of friends. They did everything together. Although their bond was seemingly unbreakable, the two had a strong sense of competition between each other. Fame fortune and fabulosity come with a whole set of consequences.

The two women were determined to be the most famous, powerful and wealthy females on the planet. Because there’s only one person who could be the best, the competition was on. Although the sisters were best friends, they went to great lengths to be the best. Many times, their actions came at the expense of other’s feelings.

Definition of a “Winner”

Some speculate that their mother pushed them to compete against each other by favoring one of her daughters over the other.

She raised them to strive for the best, to be winners. But everyone has a different definition of a “winner.”

Exclusion & Favoritism

In the book, we read a story that Janet would tell Jacki and Lee she never wanted them to be pitted against each other.

After that conversation she took Jackie by the hand and went shopping with her, leaving Lee behind. She knew just how charming Jackie was and wanted to prepare her to “win” which to her meant marrying into a wealthy and successful family.

Jackie in the Lead

Jackie got her way into the wealthy Kennedy family. Her and Kennedy’s relationship lacked love.

Jackie knew JFK was a womanizer and having multiple affairs with different women including Marilyn Monroe. But love was never the object of satisfaction. It was Money.

It’s All Over for Me

Lee Said it Was All Over for Her: When Jackie became the First Lady, Lee was devastated.

A friend remembers Lee saying “how can I compete with that? It’s all over for me.” Lee felt she was living in her sister’s shadow.

Princess Lee

Despite the exclusion and favoritism, Lee pushed herself to find her mothers version of success. She married Stanislaw Radziwill, a polish prince.

Lee earned the title “princess.” However, she wasn’t happy in her relationship. Her next love caused huge issues.

Conditional Love

Jackie stayed in her deteriorating marriage for the money. She considered divorce but was allegedly bribed to stay in the marriage. After all, people loved JFK, but they loved Jackie more.

The American icon got her husband countless presidential votes. … But Lee had no political restraints; she wanted more!

The Man in the Middle

The Polish princess began an affair with Aristotle Onassis. He was the wealthiest man in the world and was showering Lee with jewels. Lee flaunted the affair. She was winning, and Jackie knew it… but even more than winning, Lee was in love for real.

As usual, Jackie found a way to take first place once more, and it wasn’t is the nicest way.

Jackie Meets Ari Onassis

When Jackie and JFK’s premature son passed away three days after he was born, the couple was devastated. Lee invited her sister to Onassis’s private Greek island Skorpios.

She said it would be an excellent opportunity for Jackie to relax and get away from the media. But, Lee never expected this to happen.

A Very Close Friendship

Jackie came to Greece. She saw her sister alongside the wealthiest man in the world, and that sense of competition sparked back up. Suddenly Onassis’s eyes turned to Jackie.

The First Lady and Ari developed a close friendship. With the next elections coming up, Jackie could make any advances. But this tragic event opened doors

Jack’s Last Request from Jackie

Jack Kennedy asked Jackie to come with him to Dallas to help his campaign. Jackie knew she was critical for his campaign. She was the closest thing to an American Princess in history.

Jackie agreed and flew to join JFK on what would be the worst day of her life.

Life-Changing Tragedies

While Jacki and JFK were campaigning, Jack was shot and killed.

Jackie was in shock, She desperately tried to help save her husband’s life, but the wounds were fatal. Jackie was devastated.

Keeping the Money in the Blood Line

Jackie was left with nothing. The Kennedys tried to keep their money in the bloodline, so that meant her children would get an inheritance, but Jackie would not.

It was time she tries to “Win again,” and this time she won with revenge for something horrible Lee did…

More Than Friends

Jackie and Ari Onassis’s relationship strengthened their relationship in the years following Kennedy’s assassination.

Eventually, Onasis forgot about Lee and felt deeply in love with her more powerful and famous sister, Jackie.

Mama Did Not Approve

Janet did not approve of Jackie and Ari’s relationship. She knew that if Onasis and Jackie were to begin an intimate relationship, her daughters would be forever pitted against each other.

She was right, but she didn’t know why Jackie never cared to break up her relationship with her sister.

Jackie’s Price for Love

Jackie’s Conditions for marriage: Jackie agreed to marry Onassis under very specific conditions. After days of their lawyers discussing, they reached an agreement.

Ari had to give each of her children $750,000, and give Jackie $2.5 million right off the bat. Jackie had to have a $30,000 monthly-allowance and $20 million of Onassis’s estate if and when they passed away. Ari said their engagement was similar to bargaining for a prized horse.

From Jackie Kennedy to Jackie O.

Jackie and Lee Stopped Speaking: Lee was in love with Ari, or at least she was in love with the richest man in the world being in love with her.

It pained her deeply that her sister would take the man she was after, and that once again, she was living in her sister’s shadow.

Lee’s Third Shot at Love

Lee Continued her life as a royal princess until she decided she wanted real love. Lee divorced her Polish Prince and married for a third time with Herbert Ross.

She and her sister kept in touch here and there. Their friendship was important to their mother. When Janet died, however, the girls lost all communication.

Jackie’s Odd Relationship With Money

Jackie was very protective of her own money. She stored as much money as she possibly could.

Although she had a $30,000 allowance from Onassis, she was sure not to use a penny of it. She charged his card for expensive clothing and then resold them to exclusive stores and stashed away that money as well.

Jackie Chose Manhattan Over Greece

After she married Onassis, she was supposed to live in Greece with him.

But she spent most of her time with her children in New York. Onassis did not like that, after all, he did for Jackie, he hardly got to see her.

Onassis Grows Suspicious and Investigates

The Greek Billionaire wanted to get out of his prenuptial agreements by proving that Jackie had been stashing away her money.

He was ready to file for divorce but then died of a heart attack.

Jackie’s $20 Million

Jackie was, again, devastated. Jackie did love Onassis for who he was as a person. He was a dear friend to her.

Because they didn’t get divorced before his death, Jackie inherited $20 million from his estate.

Not a Word to Lee

By this time Jackie was worth $200 million. She moved back to be with her children and the rest of her family in NYC.

However, Jackie and Lee still haven’t spoken since the day Lee discovered that she was engaged to Onassis.

Falling Ill

While Jackie resumed her old life back in her fifth avenue apartment, she began to feel sick.

One winter she went to the doctor to discuss her symptoms, and they discovered she had aggressive cancer. Jackie passed away by the year 1994.

Everyone Except for Lee

Jackie’s will become a severe factor of interest for the media. Everyone wanted to know who she mentioned in the will.

Her children received all her money. But people were shocked to find this statement written about her sister.

Jackie’s Explanation for Leaving Lee Out

Jackie Excluded her sister from her will. The millionaire left nothing for her sister and even made a statement about why she left her nothing.

She wrote “I have made no provision in this my Will for my sister, Lee B. Radziwill, for whom I have great affection because I have already done so during my lifetime.”

Lee and Jack F Kennedy’s Fling

A good friend of Jackie, Gore Vidal spoke of this rivalry saying that this all stemmed from Lee allegedly sleeping with Jack Kennedy.

Vidal wrote that Jackie said: “There were times when … I think (Lee) went perhaps too far. Like going to bed with Jack in the room next to mine in the south of France and then … boasting about it.”

Jackie Was Silent but Deadly

Jackie was not as obvious as her sister. She got her revenge in a silent but painful way.

Stealing the man Lee was in love with was the ultimate revenge she could ever get on her sister. Onassis spoke to Lee about marriage before he met Jackie. Lee was ready to stop everything for Onassis. Now, she never speaks his name, no matter how much interviewers beg her to.

Jackie and Lee Had Little Time

Jackie and her sister had little time to reconcile. Jackie’s cancer was extremely aggressive, so her health deteriorated quite quickly. 

The girls never made up, even though they cared for each other deeply.

The Rif Between Jackie & John

Jackie Kennedy knew what was going on behind closed doors. She played the role of a quirt shy housewife but was always hiding her sharp mind. John was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

They met at a party before John was elected for president and kept in touch ever since.

Why JFK Jr. Went Public With Jackie

Marilyn Monore was very charming. She had John and every other man running after her. However, her charm and beauty were not strong enough to make her the center of John’s attention.

He was a man who was more focused on his image because of his political career. A woman like Marilyn Monore was no first lady, and John knew that. That’s why he went public with Jackie and not with Marilyn.

Marilyn and John Still Kept in Touch

Although John had to get more serious about his political career and put away all the shenanigans, he still decided to make room for Marilyn in his life. They would always meet secretly and were more than capable of evading the paparazzi.

Kennedy knows that Jackie understood what was going on. The two avoided the elephant in the room for their own purposes. Cheating scandals ruin presidency and divorce would cut Jackie out of any financial picture on Kennedy’s side.

Marilyn’s Attempt to Win Her Man

Marilyn Monroe attended John’s birthday when he was president. Close sources say she dropped whatever job she had going on and flew to the party to try and win John all for herself.

She got up on the stage and sang “Happy Birthday” in a very suggestive way. Marilyn’s seductive version of the popular birthday song remains iconic to this day.

JFK Jr. Breaks it Off With Marilyn

After the beautiful singer pulled that unprofessional stunt at the presidents birthday, John was left with no decision other than to call off their whole affair.

He was scared his political career would be ruined along with is reputation as an honest man. He told Marilyn never to call and or speak to him ever again.

Jackie Avoided Humiliation

When Jackie discovered that Marilyn would be attending and possibly performing at her husband’s birthday party, she decided to skip town and go horseback riding. Jackie was a tough woman who was not going to take public humiliation.

Everyone was talking about the rumors regarding JFK Jr. and Marilyn Monroe. Her appearance just made Jackie feel like she looked silly.

Marilyn Was Heartbroken and Was Not Going to Keep Quiet

Members of the Whitehouse staff recall Marilyn calling as many presidential lines as she could get a hold of. She was constantly ignored and was told that John did not want to speak to her.

She felt helpless and, after all, was in love. She said that if she didn’t hear anything from John within a certain amount of days, she was going to talk to the press.

Bobby Kennedy to The Rescue

John was terrified that Marilyn would go public with the details of their secret affair so he sent over the one man he could trust, Robert Kennedy.

Robert went over there to try and work things out with Marilyn, but things went in a completely different direction.

Bobby and Marilyn Saw Each Other a Lot

Bobby and Marilyn began their own secret relationship. John should have known better. After all, he himself could not withstand her charming nature.

But, wives always know best. Robert’s wife suspected something was up and Bobby had to call off the secret affair.

Marilyn Was Heartbroken Once Again

Marilyn started calling the White House over and over again. She wanted to get a hold of Robert, but he was icing her out just like John did.

Marilyn would call for days at a time, but no one would forward her to the man she loved.

Marilyn Passed Away

Marilyn Monroe had tragically passed away in the middle of the night. She had some complications that lead her to a near-death situation in the past.

However, she was able to call for help the previous times. Marilyn’s passing was tragic, but what was found in her hand was quite alarming.

Marilyn Held a White House Number

According to sources Marilyn was found with a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. It’s known that the paper had a number on it, but what some people claim is that the number was of a line to the White House.

This has yet to be confirmed, but it is likely to be true. The girl had a broken heart and just wanted to speak to someone.

Jackie Was Competing With Ethel

Jackie was one of the most fabulous women in the world back then. The attention she got was hard for her sister-in-law to handle.

Jackie was always the center of the attention, and Ethel would try her hardest to have her special moments as well. However, that almost never happened.

Jackie’s Strong Sense of Family

Although Jackie and John had their differences, Jackie was still very family- oriented. JFK Jr. was president while the Cuban Missile Crisis was heating up.

Some historians say that this was the closest people got to starting a nuclear war worldwide. Jackie insisted that if anything were to happen she and the kids wanted to stay with John. She told reporters that she would not go to Camp David; she would stay with her husband.

Jackie Refused to Change Out of Bloodstained Clothes

Even though Lady Bird Johnson offered her a change of clothes at Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing-in, Jackie refused.

She wanted to wear her blood-stained outfit to show the world what was happening. She said; “Oh no, I want them to see what they’ve done to John.”

She Took a Month to Agree to Marry JFK Jr.

Around the time he proposed, Kennedy was busy running for the U.S. Senate. After his election in November, the relationship with Jackie grew more serious and he proposed marriage to her. Jackie took some time to accept his hand in marriage.

This was because she had been assigned to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London for The Washington Times-Herald. So after a month in the UK, she flew home to give JFK Jr. the good news.

Jackie’s Famous Quote About Marriage

Jackie O. went through three marriages. She’s had her experiences with life’s tragedies, relationship complications, and media scandals. After she went through all of that she came up with this incredible quote that reflects her exact behavior when it came to marrying a man.

“The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship.” In hindsight, this is exactly the order she can place her husbands in.

Jackie’s battle with Onassis

Onassis didn’t like that Jackie was making him look foolish in the media. She as spending time with everyone else but him. So he gave ten photographers a map and schedule of when Jackie would be at the beach.

The paparazzi got pictures of her tanning in the nude and they wound up on Hustler Magazine. Jackie ordered him to sue the magazine, not knowing he was behind it. Onassis responded to Jackie with divorce papers.

Ari Was Seeing Maria Callas on the Side

Ari and Maria Callas’s love life was all over the media he made no effort to hide the fact that he was dating two of the most popular woman in the world at the same time.

This deeply hurt Jackie’s ego but she was calm cool and collected about it. Jackie was always willing to play the game, she never surrendered. She was always trying to come out on top.

Jackie Secretly Warns Maria to Stay Away

Ari was pictured at a restaurant with Maria while Jackie was out of town. Jackie saw the picture and forced him to go to the same restaurant and sit at the exact same table that he sat at with Maria.

She had the paparazzi take a picture of her and Ari. This was her way of showing Callas that, no matter what, she was in charge.

Why Maria Never Married Ari

Before Ari met Jackie, he was trying to get Maria Callas to love him. She was very fond of Ari but was too scarred from her divorce prior to meeting Ari. The thought of getting married again seriously frightened her.

Onassis wanted to marry someone, dating would not be enough for him; that’s why he tried to move on and met Jackie.

Onassis Loved Powerful Women

Maria Callas was a strong woman. She claimed her Sagittarius tendencies made it hard for her to commit. She always told Onassis that she wouldn’t marry him and that he was entitled to love other people.

This drove him crazy and only made him want her more. She also said that she needed to focus on her career and that a controlling husband like Onassis would not allow it.

What Jackie’s Grade School Teacher Thought About Her

When Jackie was younger, she was known for being a trouble maker in class. Her teacher remembered her perfectly and said that she was full of the devil.

She described her as “a darling child, the prettiest little girl, very clever, very artistic, and full of the devil”. That is exactly why America loved her.

Jackie’s Mother Stands Up for Her

Jackie O’s mother heard about her daughter being a troublemaker in school.

Most mothers scold their children for such behavior but, Jackie’s mom backed her up saying that Jackie was only misbehaving because she finished her work so quickly that she became bored.

Jackie’s Love of French

Jackie spent two years studying at Vassar. Her Junior year was spent in France.

She completed her schooling and earned herself a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature at George Washington University.

Jackie Had Other Dreams

Jackie wanted to work as a photographer so she tried her luck at Vogue magazine.

She interned at Vogue but quit after one day. Apparently, her boss told her to quit because, according to her, working would ruin Jackie’s chances of getting married.

Jackie Tried Again

Jackie gave working another shot. She was hired as the receptionist at Washington Times-Herald and was soon promoted to a photographer. Her official title working there was “Inquiring photographer.”

She was in charge of stopping people on the streets and interviewing them about their thoughts on current politics.

Jackie’s Love Before JFK

Jackie had loved before she met the future president, JFK. She was actually engaged to a stockbroker named John G. W. Husted Jr.

They got engaged in 1952 but then called the whole thing off. Not long after their break up, Jackie met JFK.

Jackie Spends $50,000 in One Day

Jackie’s official job as the first lady was to restore and redecorate the White House.

Her first day on the job, she managed to spend $50,000 on renovations. She was the perfect woman to get this job done.

Jackie Wins an Emmy but Never Acted

Although Jackie was not an actress she wound up getting an Emmy for her presentation of the newly restored White House on CBS News.

Jackie is just one of those people who does everything with so much style that it deserves an award.

Jackie Opened a School in the White House

Media coverage was just as brutal as it is today. The newspapers and magazines all had something to say about Jackie and her husband, the new president, JFK. This made it difficult for Jackie’s daughter to go to school.

Therefore she created an entire floor of the White House. All White House officials were welcomed to bring their children there.

Jackie Got Criticized For Pricey Clothing

Jackie O. had the best style of any first lady. She wore expensive French clothing, which was very uncommon for a first lady to wear.

Joseph Kennedy introduced Jackie to American designer Oleg Cassini who crested over 300 outfits for her. He called himself “The Secretary of Style.”

Jackie and the Queen Had Issues

When Jackie and JFK went to meet Queen Elizabeth, they accidentally violated royal rules that they were not aware of.

Jackie and the Queen didn’t get along, and word got out that Jackie said some bad things about the Queen. Sources say that Jackie profusely apologized.

Jackie and JFK’s Special Doctor

Jackie and JFK had a special doctor that would travel with them and help them feel awake when they were jetlagged. Apparently, he gave them mixtures of amphetamines and vitamins that would not be approved in these days.

Some people think that it was these “medications” that had Jackie badmouthing the queen without any shame.

Jackie Dated Winston Churchill’s Son

Proof that Jackie was able to make up with the Queen all lies in the relationship she had with Winston Churchill’s Son, Randolph Churchill.

Their romance started a while after JFK’s passing but did not last long. Perhaps she was no longer interested in the life of politics.

The Public Sinner

When Jackie got married to Ari Onassis, she was harshly criticized. The media labeled her a “public sinner.”

There was even talk about her getting excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Jackie Never Stopped Working

After Ari Onassis died, Jackie moved back to New York and found herself a Job. She worked as a book editor for years, even though she had the means to retire.

She even edited several books about JFK. Jackie was working up until the day she passed away from cancer.

The Best Gift She Ever Got

The president of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayub Khan, gave Jackie a horse as a gift. Its name was Sardar.

On one of her visits to Pakistan she even went horse riding with President Khan. Later that evening he offered her the horse. It was ten years old, and she loved it very dearly.