The Sky is the Limit: How Maria Fagerstrom Turned Her Aviation Career Into a Social Media Phenomenon

    In today’s day and age, people all over the world are obsessed with viewing other people’s lives through a filtered camera lens. Blogger or not, it has become a common pastime to showcase the most glamorous and exciting aspects of our lives to the world. While many of you travel overseas to get that perfect snapshot, one woman who was keen to get the world in-the-know about her daily life just needed to hop over to work to get those money shots.

    Meet Maria Fagerstrom. The Swedish 26-year-old landed herself a job as an airplane pilot years ago, but this lifechanging career isn’t where this woman’s success ends. Maria is a part of the social media generation after all, so why not contribute to it? Popular Everything are giving you the scoop on how Maria got into her exciting job at such a young age, while managing such a successful Instagram following.