The Story of How Stefan Mandel Beat the System and Won the Lottery 14 Times

    We all wish we could be one of the lucky few that wins the lottery. How great would it be if we could purchase that winning ticket? Just like that, you could have all that looming debt paid off and even have some leftover riches to finally go on that dream vacation. Unfortunately, we are one in a million with this dream, and the chances that it will come true are basically slim to none. One man, by the name of Stefan Mandel, was not willing to accept that reality and decided to take matters into his own hands.

    Mandel found a way to crack the system in order to guarantee not one, but 14 lottery jackpots. Want to hear the best part? He did all this without breaking a single law. That being said, he did manage to make some enemies in high places and is now unable to leave the remote island where he is currently residing…But we will get to that later. Popular Everything has done the research and we are here to tell you all you need to know about Mandel’s fascinating story, as well as the details of his simple yet effective winning lottery strategy.