The Story Within the Walls: Inside the Minnelli Family and Their Abandoned Hollywood Mansion

    What kind of words are conjured up when we think of the Hollywood Hills? Rich? Famous? Glamorous? Maybe. But what’s about words like ‘rundown’, ‘decrepit’, or ‘abandoned?’ Maybe less so. In the fascinating story you are about to read, all of the above words apply. Here, we had the privilege of taking a little trip down Hollywood’s memory lane in order to zoom in on the legendary Minnelli family.

    Image: Popular Everything

    Liza Minnelli and her family have an interesting Beverly Hills story. And central to the narrative is their once-magnificent, but now dilapidated mansion. In the heart of the Hollywood Hills, it stands long abandoned – a building on which time and history have exacted their toll. Along with the Minelli family, it too has a colorful story. Now, let’s dive in, so sit back, get comfy and get ready to enjoy.