The Whirlwind Tale of Marlon Brando’s Life and Career

    If there’s one person from the 20th century who stood out more than their fellow actors, it has to be Marlon Brando. Known for a variety of famous films, including A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, and The Godfather, he became one of the most accomplished movie stars in history. His methods weren’t always conventional, and he didn’t have a habit of getting along with people on set, but his talent spoke for itself.

    After more than five decades on the big screen, Brando is considered one of cinema’s greatest assets. However, that’s not to say the man didn’t stumble during his career. When he wasn’t riding high, he was falling – hard. Few actors in the world can compare themselves to an icon like Marlon Brando. The man captivated audiences and changed the way people looked at acting, even if his successes were as frequent and impactful as his failures.