The Wild Life of Tippi Degré: One Girls Story of Being Raised Amongst the Animals

    Welcome to the incredibly wild and captivating world of Tippi Degré; the little French girl who was raised in the rolling plains of the African Savanna. As you can see, Tippi is just as comfortable chilling with the cheetahs as she is riding the trunk of a five-ton elephant named Abu. Naturally, she also considers Abu her big brother. Oh, and her best friend is a leopard.

    Image: Tippi My Book of Africa

    Tippi Degré has often been labeled the real-life Mowgli – wild child of The Jungle Book. And we can see why. For the first 10 years of her life, she spent her childhood in Nambia, roaming in the sun-baked wilderness with no one but her parents, the local tribespeople and wild creatures as her teddy bears. Now she is older, she wrote a book about her life. So let’s delve into her unique, magical and magnificent story.