Linda Thompson: The Woman Elvis, Bruce Jenner & David Foster All Fell In Love With

Although her dating history calls for red carpets and flashing lights, Linda says that the limelight is not what she’s looking for. The country girl said it herself “I’m the kind of person who lives under the radar.” After dating some of the most high profile men in Hollywood, she’s written all the details in a tell-all book describing her life story.

Popular Everything watched her interviews and did the reading so that we can deliver the best details of her experiences with Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and David Foster. Get ready to hear all about the most exciting love life of all.

Young Linda

Linda Thompson was born to a low-income family in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents raised her with a Southern Baptist faith. The people around her noticed her beauty very early on in her life. It wasn’t long before Elvis would too.

Although she lived a very simple life, growing up everyone noticed her beauty. In high school, she was voted homecoming queen. This was the first of many crowns she’d wear.

Beauty Paid for College

She joined a beauty pageant and there many realized just how stunning she was inside and out. Linda won Miss Liberty Bowl, Miss Tennessee, Miss Shelby County, and numerous other titles that helped her pay for her education.

She attended Memphis State University for four years, where she majored in Drama and English. Linda grew up very conservatively and traditionally. She had lived a very innocent life devoted to her faith and her strict Southern upbringing.

Hello Elvis

The year 1972 was not only a year of pageant titles, but it was also the year she met her first love. Most girls experience their first real romance with some guy from high school or college but with Linda, she experienced something much different.

It’s sure to say, Linda has a first love story that beats all others. This was the exciting year she met Elvis Presley. Although Elvis was Linda’s first romantic encounter, Elvis had been in love with someone else not too long before he met Linda.

Seven Months Before Elvis Met Linda, He Was With Priscilla

Before Elvis set his eyes on Thompson, he was involved in the first love of his own. He and Priscilla Presley had a unique relationship, they met when she was 14 and he was 24.

Priscilla and Elvis fell for each other almost instantly. A year after they met, at the age of 15 she moved to Graceland. Together they had a daughter named Lisa Marie.

What Priscilla Knew That Linda Did Not

Priscilla learned the dark side of fame soon after she began to live with the mega-star. Elvis experienced extreme exhaustion throughout their relationship. His career was his life, and it took over every aspect of it. His lack of sleep and busy schedule led him to abuse substances.

This lifestyle was too much for Priscilla; she eventually got the courage to file for divorce. Linda would later come to understand Priscilla but not before she fell madly in love.

Elvis Meets a Sweet Southern Girl

Elvis was known as a lady’s man. It was this kind of reputation that a nice southern girl had no business dealing with. However, the attention of the world’s most loved and admired man was no match for any beauty contest title.

Linda was enticed. Who wouldn’t be? After all, this was the king of rock n’ roll, and he set his eyes on her. She was smitten, how could she be the one Elvis was interested in? After all, there were millions of girls begging for his attention.

Elvis Seats Linda Next to Him at the Movies

Linda was only 22-years-old when she met Elvis. At the time, Elvis rented out a movie theater and invited a few of his close friends in Memphis. When he heard Miss Tennessee was in town, he sent her an invitation.

Coincidentally, they were seated right next to each other. Immediately Elvis knew he had a second chance to find love with a nice young woman like Linda. After all the options he had in front of him he was smitten by her innocence.

Linda Says They Didn’t Watch the Movie at All

The two hardly knew each other, but the attraction was real. Elvis and Linda kissed through the entire double feature. She was surprised at how the whole situation unraveled.

She felt surreal, she was not expecting the night to end up the way it did. Even though they were watching the movies, Linda felt like she was in the movies.

Linda Told Elvis You Should’ve Married a Southern Girl

Elvis was old school when it came to making moves. In an interview, Linda revealed that Elvis did the classic yawn and stretch before he put his arm around her chair. She thought he was still loyal to Priscilla, but at one moment he told her, “you know I’m not married anymore.”

To that Linda had a witty response. “I didn’t know that, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but you should have married a southern girl,” she said. At the end of the night, Linda wrote down her number for Elvis. She didn’t think he would call her back and regretted not getting his number.

A Day in Graceland

After coming home from the movie, she got a phone call. Linda’s aunt picked up the phone and heard Elvis’ voice on the other end of the line. Elvis asked to speak to Linda. It was 4:00 AM, and he said it was urgent.

He said to Linda, “I just want you to know how happy I am that I met you. Can you come over tomorrow to Graceland and meet my father?” Linda didn’t hesitate and accepted the invitation. There she met his father and several other men who worked for him. Linda described that day as it was a dream.

Come With Me to Vegas

Linda left to Alabama for vacation and didn’t leave Elvis a number to reach her. She told him she’d be back and hopefully, she’ll see him again. She thought of Elvis all the time and still wished she had asked for his number, but Southern girls don’t do that.

When she arrived back in Tennesse she got a call from Elvis’s friend. Elvis got on the phone. “You don’t just disappear from my life, who do you think I am? I’m going to Vegas tonight and I want you to come with me,” he told Linda. She said she was not prepared since she just came back to town. He told her not to worry just bring a toothbrush. While in Vegas, she had many custom gowns made for her.

Linda Put Her Life on Hold and Followed Elvis Throughout His Tour

Elvis always took priority in Linda’s life at this time. She put everything on hold to be with him. She planned on modeling in New York but her life goals took a turn after she caught Elvis’s eye.

Elvis loved her and was proud to show her off. He made their relationship public right away. Linda continued following Elvis around, she was also in love. For the next four years, she would be his girl. But would they ever marry?

Elvis Met Her Parents

Elvis was known for being a generous man, especially to the people he loved. In an interview with Larry King, Linda said: “Living with Elvis was like living with Santa Clause.” He would buy her gifts all the time.

She also explains that his generosity went beyond gifts. He was always there to lend his time to good friends and the people he loved. He loved Linda and helped her in many ways.

They Were Attached At the Hip

Since Linda stopped everything to be with Elvis, she went everywhere with him. Whether it was karate practice, rehearsal or a tour, Linda was there. Linda confessed that the first year of their relationship was a loyal one.

However, afterward, rumors spread that he was unfaithful to Linda. She tried to ignore the rumors and forgave him every time she suspected him straying; the pressures started to build between them.

Why They Never Married

At the beginning of their relationship, Linda wanted to get married. At this point Elvis was reluctant. Over the years her desire to marry faded. She could not imagine living this crazy life of a rockstar. They would start their day at 9:00 PM and end it at around 2:00 PM.

Growing up, Linda imagined having a normal life. She started to realize the same things that Priscilla had experienced. Elvis’ lifestyle was exhausting, unhealthy and involved women other than her. By the time Elvis considered marriage, Linda had already ruled out the option.

Elvis Helped Linda Call Off the Relationship

Linda had to Elvis to her break up with her. Both of them felt their love coming to an end, but no one wanted to do anything about it. The breaking point was Elvis hinted that he had flown in another girl from San Francisco and suggested if Linda might want to go home for a few days.

She agreed to go back home. She then wrote him a letter explaining why she had to end things with him. Linda loved Elvis but felt that loving him was not the best way for her to love herself.

What Elvis Had to Say About Linda’s Future Husband, Bruce Jenner

Before Linda and Elvis decided to split, they had watched the Olympics together. Together they witnessed Bruce Jenner cross the finish line, winning first place.

In Linda’s book, she writes “Elvis remarked, “Damn if that guy is not handsome! I’m not gay, but damn, he’s good-looking!” Soon after she ended things with the king she would go on to date then marry Jenner. Their story was just as interesting as her relationship with Elvis.

Bruce Was the Classic Jock

Linda describes meeting Bruce, thinking about how masculine he is. “He was the classic jock,” she said in an interview. He would always wear flip-flops, shorts, and other sporty and athletic outfits.

Linda was very attracted to Bruce, she loved his masculine aspects. She never imagined that underneath this persona was a deep and challenging struggle with gender dysphoria.

Bruce Meets Linda at Playboy Mansion

Linda and Bruce hit it off quickly. They met at a celebrity tennis tournament in the spring of 1979. The event was held at the Playboy Mansion where Bruce lived for a short time after being separated from his first wife Chrystie.

Linda was invited to an awards ceremony at the mansion to hand out the trophies. Ironically, Bruce won the tournament. Linda was once again smitten, and like Elvis, Bruce fell in love just as quickly.

Bruce Stayed in Stinky Tennis Clothes to Make Sure No One Else Would Ask Linda On a Date

After meeting, Bruce and Linda were talking the entire day. Bruce didn’t want to leave Linda alone for one second. He didn’t even go change his clothes after the game. Bruce was jealous that others were checking out Linda. He told her he didn’t want to leave her side and give other men a chance to hit on her. He asked her out to dinner, and she agreed.

Bruce was jealous that others were checking out Linda. He told her he didn’t want to leave her side and give other men a chance to hit on her. He asked her out to dinner, and she agreed. This was a new and fresh start for Linda after the many unstable years with Elvis.

Once Again, Linda Hit the Red Carpet

Bruce and Linda appeared together at red carpet events all of the time. Linda was in the limelight once again, but this time as a mother and a wife. Linda finally felt complete; this was her dream; to be a homemaker.

Today she thinks back to this feeling of wholeness and says it was “too good to be true.” In hindsight she was right, but she wasn’t able to know what twists and turns the future would bring.

Linda Walked Down the Aisle to an Elvis Song

Bruce and Linda were so in love; they tied the knot. It was the classic story of a homecoming queen and the high school jock falling for each other. They were married in Hawaii, as Linda always wanted to.

Ironically, she walked down the aisle to an Elvis song. Bruce didn’t mind, this was Linda’s favorite song, and that’s all it was. He knew it meant nothing more than that. Together they had two sons, Brandon and Brody.

Brandon and Brody Jenner

Before their marriage, Bruce already had two children. Linda states that she loves his children as her own and remains close to them. Bruce and Linda’s sons have grown up to be handsome young men.

Today, Brandon is a musician, while Brody basks in the Hollywood spotlight to this day. Brody has starred in reality TV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. Both boys inherited their good looks from their beautiful parents.

Bruce Tells Linda the Truth Seven Months After Brody Was Born

Seven months after their second son was born, Bruce told Linda he had something important to tell her. Linda, familiar with the ways of Elvis, though Bruce was going to reveal about an extramarital affair.

She prepared herself for this type of news but had no idea what was actually coming. Bruce told Linda “Its time you know the truth about me.” He revealed to her that he identified as a woman and that living as a male was a “living hell.”

Her Reaction

In an interview, Linda describes her unexpected reaction to this news. First, she was shocked, Bruce was the ultimate masculine jock. Next, she said her heart started to ache for him. She realized all of his life he’s lived in a body that he felt he didn’t belong in.

The man she loved was in pain. Together they went to a gender dysphoria specialist who told Linda that this is who Bruce is and his struggles with his gender will never go away. Linda had to decide if she would stay with him through it all. She realized that she wanted what was best for Bruce.

Bruce Kept His Gender Dysphoria a Secret

Linda was happy Bruce never told her about his gender dysphoria until after her sons were born. She often is asked if she wishes she knew about Bruce’s struggle before committing so many years of her life to him. Linda always responds by saying how thankful she is that she didn’t know for so long.

She said would have remained friends with him but would not have married him simply because she wanted to marry a man. Had he told her before, she would have never had her beautiful boys; for that she is thankful.

Bruce Asked Linda to Meet Him at a Hotel: When Linda Arrived, She Saw Caitlyn

After Bruce told her she was actually Caitlyn inside, the two separated. One night he called Linda and said, “its time you come to see your husband.” She imagined that he’d suppressed his issues and that they would have a romantic weekend together.

When she got there… Caitlyn answered the door. There her ex-husband was, standing fully dressed in women’s clothing. She told Larry King in an interview that she fell to the floor in shock. Bruce told her that it was important for her to see who s(he) really is and was all these years. This moment helped Linda accept the situation and move on.

Bruce Began Hormone Therapy After Splitting Up With Linda… Before He Met Kris

After splitting from his wife and children, Bruce decided it was time to start transitioning into who he truly is. He began undergoing hormone therapy and even underwent plastic surgery to look more feminine.

Linda kept this a secret from their boys. She wanted to wait for the transformation to become more obvious before she told Brandon and Brody, but suddenly Bruce stopped the transition process in its tracks.

Caitlyn Gives Bruce One More Shot for Kris Kardashian

Bruce Jenner met Kris Kardashian and fell in love. He wanted to give being a male another chance. He stopped all hormone treatments and went back to being the masculine guy that everyone knew him to be.

Together Bruce and Kris had two girls, Kendall and Kylie. He was able to play dad for a while but never felt himself. He loved his new family but felt that he was living a lie.

Linda Was Relieved When Bruce Married Kris

Linda was happy to hear that Bruce married Kris Jenner. She was worried about their children’s upbringing and wanted her sons to have a father figure in their lives. While she was in no place to tell Bruce what to do, she always dreamed he would remain a father to his children.

When he married Kris she was relieved because she thought this meant Bruce would remain a male. She also was happy for Bruce because she assumed he had become more comfortable in his own body.

Why Didn’t Linda Tell Kris About Bruce?

Linda has been asked time and again about why she never told Chris Jenner about Bruce’s secret. Linda explained that it was not her business to share other people’s difficulties.

She also figured that Bruce had already worked through his issues and she didn’t want to interfere with his new relationship. She had no idea that Bruce was still struggling with his gender identity.

It Was Tough For Linda to Watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Linda and sons Brandon and Brody watched Bruce become mega-famous after a new marriage and two children. It was hard enough for her boys to them to know that their father was with another family.

It was even more difficult to watch their father with the Kardashian family on national television. Brandon and Brody didn’t see their father for months at a time, yet there he was living a life for the world to see; as if his boys didn’t exist.

Linda Always Protected Bruce and Kept His Secret

Sadly, Bruce was not active in his sons’ lives while they were growing up. He would go years without showing up to their birthdays or calling on Christmas. Linda told her sons that their father was an athlete. In her book, Linda wrote that her sons always wondered why their father was not present at their little league games.

Linda knew that Bruce has moved away from the decision where he was close to transitioning to a woman. She never told her sons the truth why it was so hard for their dad to come around.

Kendall Jenner Says Kris Knew All Along

Kendall Jenner spoke about Bruce in an interview years after Bruce came out as Caitlyn. Kendall confessed that her mother knew about Bruce’s gender dysphoria on their third date.

Bruce promised he’d forget those feelings and be a husband to Kris as well as a father to their future kids. Kris knew all along about Brue’s issue but was willing to believe that he could ignore his issue and focus on their relationship and future family.

Bruce Was Still Struggling

Years later before Bruce chose to transition to a woman, he admitted that he found himself in his Malibu house still feeling upset and unfulfilled. Bruce tried to hide who he was, but he felt the same struggle that tormented him since the age of ten.

Bruce knew what he had to make a change and fulfill this desire to be who he felt he was on the inside. He had to become Caitlyn even if it hurt the people around them.

Linda Supports Caitlyn’s Decision

Linda tells reporters that there was no education about gender dysphoria at the time Bruce was struggling to become Caitlyn. Many criticize Caitlyn for waiting long to become her true self.

However, it was not until recently that the world became accepting of different types of gender identities. Today there is much more support and acceptance of those suffering from the struggles Bruce was hunted by decades ago.

Linda’s Latest Love; David Foster

After divorcing Bruce, Linda met the mega-successful music producer, David Foster. Foster is legendary in the music industry and thanks to him, we know about Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé.

Linda and David bonded over their shared loved for music and spent time in the studio together. The two were married in 1991. This was the third marriage for David and Linda’s second, she knew this time things would go smoothly.

Together They Wrote for Whitney Houston

Linda and David’s musical talents combined created one of the most loved songs of the ’90s. Most have heard Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing.” However, very few people are aware that David Foster and Linda Thompson are the masterminds behind it.

The two became a songwriting team. They also wrote, “Grown-Up Christmas List.” David Foster later went on to win 16 Grammy Awards for his contributions to the music industry.

David Hated That Linda Dated Elvis

In her book, Linda writes that Foster was controlling and jealous throughout their time together. He was especially spiteful about the fact that his wife was once in a long-term relationship with the most sought after man in rock history.

Linda explained that she felt as if the idea that Elvis was in her past threatened David and she could not understand why. While she and David were together she was not allowed to speak about him.

Bruce Was Not Allowed to Come to David’s House

Throughout their marriage, Foster also wanted to be the man of the house. He understood that his sons that Linda’s sons had a father of their own but he was not okay with that man sharing his home.

David had one request. He asked Linda that Bruce not be allowed to come over to their home. Linda was starting to get fed up with David’s controlling ways and this was tearing them apart.

Linda Wanted to Be Herself

Linda and David had different ideas about marriage. Foster worked long hard hours and was successful enough to provide for both of them. Linda always envisioned her marriage as being one that allows her to work on her own talents as a singer, actress, and songwriter.

Having been down this road before of knowing when things are not right; Linda made a brave decision. She decided to end her marriage with Foster and focus on herself. Now she is much happier.

Linda’s Marriage Went South and David Foster Moves On

David Foster moved on to seek out a fifth wife in Katharine McPhee who is almost 35 years younger than Foster. The two met years before on a singing competition show. Ironically, Katherine auditioned with the song that he and Linda wrote, “I Have Nothing.”

Over the years McPhee and Foster remained friends and eventually started dating and married June 2019. Despite the age gap between them, they seem very happy, hopefully, David found “the one” this time.

Today Linda is Focusing on Her Career

Linda says she’s looking for a new man these days. She wants to find someone more relaxed and low key, perhaps someone who is not in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, she’ll be able to find her perfect match soon. She has been single since 2005 and wrote her tell-all book entitled, Little Thing Called Life: From Elvis’s Graceland to Bruce Jenner’s Caitlyn & Songs in Between the same year.

Linda still writes, and now lives quietly with her two dogs in Malibu California and enjoys tennis, hiking, the beach, and most of all, her family. In the meantime, Linda is happier than ever before; focusing on herself and is active in her son’s lives.

Linda Spends Thanksgiving With Blended Family

Linda is connected to two other blended families because of Bruce. She is indirectly connected with his older children from his first marriage Cassandra and Burt. She is also indirectly connected with the Kardashian family, though they don’t spend time together.

One Thanksgiving Linda went to Bruce’s daughter’s home. Cassandra hosted Bruce and her brothers Brody, Brandon, and Burt in addition to Linda and her father’s new girlfriend Sophia. Bruce’s older kids are also not directly connected with the Kardashian family.

Caitlyn Has a Girlfriend

Caitlyn has a new girlfriend named Sophia Hitchins. Linda is very supportive of their love and was happy to spend the holiday with them since they joined at Cassandra’s house for Thanksgiving.

Sophia and Caitlyn prefer to call themselves very good friends and life partners rather than calling themselves girlfriends. Sophia is also a transgender who was inspired by Jenner with his transition.

Cassandra Jenner

Cassandra, who goes by Casey for short, is one of the oldest child of Jenner.
She’s not interested in fame, but she is very successful in construction home projects. Brandon and Brody call her a sister, so Linda feels very close to her since Linda does not have a biological daughter of her own.

Since Bruce’s transition, she says, “My relationship with Caitlyn is much better than with Bruce, but we still have a lot of work to do. “We didn’t talk for years, and now we see each other every couple of weeks and talk on the phone, which I am grateful for.”

A Beautifully Blended Family

Linda’s children sit side by side with all of Bruce’s children. They reside all over the US, but sometimes they come together to celebrate the holidays. Even the children united by his marriage attend these meetups (including the Kardashians).

Through its hard for all the Kardashian clan to join Kendall and Kylie love their father and are loyal to him. They seem to be the most understanding of Bruce’s transition.

The Most Private Jenner Brother

Burt Jenner is Bruce’s oldest son with ex-wife Chrystie Crownover. Burt is a professional truck racer, currently associated with “Gladiator Tires.”
He is a part of the extensive Jenner family and has appeared in the popular American television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

He has also appeared in a couple of television series documentaries, such as I Am Cait. Burt enjoys a massive fan following on social media. He also has a YouTube channel, which has over a million views.