These Celebs Being Told They’re ”Too Ugly” for Hollywood Proves Just How Unrealistic Our Beauty Standards Really Are

Thu Dec 23 2021

This article was originally published on For What It’s Earth and has been republished to Popular Everything with permission.

We all know that Hollywood has unrealistic beauty standards, yet, sometimes the harsh expectations still manage to shock us. These gorgeous, and talented, stars were called “too ugly for Hollywood” at the beginning of their careers. When will Hollywood ever learn that beauty is subjective?

Not only is beauty subjective, but a lot of these celebrities didn’t want to become famous for their looks. They wanted to be known for their talent and dedication to their crafts. So who cares what someone looks like, as long as they can act, sing, or whatever it is they’re actually hired to do? See the stars whose talent we almost missed out on, simply because someone deemed as “ugly.”

Forever 21 Are Forever Body Shamers

Before her career-changing Sports Illustrated cover, Chrissy Teigen got a job modeling for Forever 21. She was not only hired but had already shown up on set and started to get her makeup done when she was unceremoniously fired for being “too fat.”

When speaking about the ordeal, Chrissy said “I hate you, Forever 21. Hate you so much, honestly, you’re the worst.” She’s also tweeted about them to her fans, discouraging people from shopping there. Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be caught dead in a Forever 21 anyway, so we’re happy to support Chrissy’s boycott.

This Star Paved the Way for ”Ugly Ducklings” Everywhere

Although her beauty is now better appreciated, Barbara Streisand was often seen as an “ugly duckling.” Unfortunately, this skewed perception didn’t even begin in Hollywood, Barbara’s mother and stepdad told her that she was too ugly to be a star. Hollywood did follow suit, saying that she looked “too ethnic, too Jewish.” However, Barbara’s talent was too impressive to deny.

It can be argued that Barbara was the first celebrity to truly challenge Hollywood’s definition of beauty. “She changed our perception of what beauty meant,” said historian, Neal Gabler. “In a way, you can say that Barbara Streisand was and is to this day, the entertainer of the marginalized, of the humiliated, of the slighted, of the abused. She’s that person who stands for all of us.” We consider that to be pretty dang beautiful.

A Lesson in How to Deal With Haters

Believe it or not, Gwyneth Paltrow was once denied a role due to being “too plain” to play the part. Usually, Gwyneth is perceived as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful residents, meaning that this incident just goes to show how unbelievable our beauty standards are. Luckily, the actress has a great way of dealing with haters.

Gwyneth gave all of us a lesson in how to deal with critics when she said, “I find it best to be in total denial over remarks like that. I refuse to hear or see. Otherwise, it would drive you nuts.” While this is an excellent method for handling haters, Gwyneth seems to have adopted this method when learning about science, too. As demonstrated by her controversial wellness company, Goop.

Is He Sexy?

Remember The Dress that took over the Internet? Some people see it as gold and white while others see it as black and blue? Benedict Cumberbatch is basically the human version of The Dress. Some people see him as incredibly sexy while others find him to be very odd-looking.

When he got his breakout role as Sherlock, Benedict was referred to as the “ginger weird one.” That being said, he’s become so popular, and perceived as so sexy, that he actually has a fan base who call themselves the “Cumberbabes.” Benedict is the perfect example of how beauty is truly subjective.

We Completely Agree With This Actress’s Forbidden Word

Actors need to put up with a lot of BS at the start of their careers. The silver lining is that the more established a celebrity becomes, the more power they have over who they work with and how they’re treated. Now that she’s officially a member of Hollywood’s A-list, Jennifer Lawrence has a specific word that producers are forbidden from saying to her. That word is, “diet.”

Jennifer has consistently been called “fat” in Hollywood, despite her perfectly slim figure. She explained that she used to face the threat of being fired if she didn’t lose weight. Jennifer has said, “they brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet.” We’re glad to see that she now has more control over her surroundings and how she’s treated.

This Actress Is Celebrated for the Very Thing She Was Criticized For

Jessica Chastain’s trademark red hair has become one of the very things that sets her apart in Hollywood. However, casting directors used to tell her to dye it blonde in order to be more marketable. Isn’t it funny how the very thing that we’re criticized for one day, can be what’s celebrated about us the next day?

In 2015, Jessica said, “Only in the past five years have people been telling me I’m attractive.” Apparently, the world just needed some time to catch up to her beauty. Jessica was consistently told that she’s “not pretty enough” to play characters whose physical appearance was not important to the movie’s plot anyway. So why couldn’t they just hire her based on her talent?

This Star Received Terrible Advice

Kat Dennings was given some terrible advice as a young actress starting out in Hollywood. She was told to change pretty much everything about her appearance in order to find work. This included “fixing” her teeth, tanning, losing weight, and dying her hair. Luckily, Kat ignored all of the “advice.”

Nowaday’s Kat is widely considered to be the perfect example of a beautiful, curvy, woman. Her refusal to give in to Hollywood’s perception of beauty is largely celebrated, as is her sexy girl-next-door look. Given that she’s known for her deadpan comedy, we doubt Kat would hit the same way if she looked like every other A-lister.

This Bikini Model Doesn’t Want to Fit In

Kate Upton doesn’t fit into the fashion industry’s teeny tiny box, and she’s proud of it! She loves her brand of being a curvaceous woman who takes care of her body without suffering to fit into a certain dress size. It seems that the world agrees with her, as the public has embraced the very curves that the fashion industry rejected.

Aside from being called “fat,” as anyone with a curve is labeled in Hollywood, Kate was also criticized in other areas. A Victoria’s Secret booker said that Kate has “too-blonde hair and the kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.” She didn’t buy it, did she? Kate responded with, “my body is something that you have to work for and eat healthily for. I want to enjoy life and I can’t be enjoying life if I’m not eating and miserable.” Well said.

Proof That Hollywood Simply Can’t Be Satisfied

We all know that Hollywood is obsessed with women being skinny, but apparently, you can’t be “too skinny.” So basically, there’s an incredibly small margin of what an “appropriate” weight is for celebrities, and Keira Knightley does not fall into that margin.

Keira has been constantly criticized for being “too skinny” with the public continuously insisting that she has an eating disorder, even though she’s just naturally thin. Keira also needs to deal with her body being altered in movie posters, particularly her breasts being enhanced. The star has expressed that she simply wants the public to leave her be, in regards to her physical appearance. Unfortunately, society isn’t yet at a place to let that happen.

What Kind of Fridge Does He Have?

Despite being a singer, and not famous for her looks, Ke$ha’s appearance is still constantly scrutinized. While on the set of a music video, the producer referred to her as fat by calling her a “refrigerator.” If Ke$ha is a refrigerator then I’m an entire cafeteria.

Unfortunately, Ke$ha really took the producer’s words to heart and she developed an eating disorder. She said her issues with food were encouraged, with people saying, “oh my gosh, keep doing whatever you’re doing!” Luckily, she did not keep doing what she was doing, and Ke$ha is now much healthier.

This Celebrity Gave in to the Haters

Khloe Kardashian gave in to the haters and ended up getting several plastic surgeries. After being called the “fat and ugly sister” of the Kardashian clan. Khloe decided that enough was enough. She lost a significant amount of weight, through diet and exercise, and got various cosmetic procedures that are standard within the Kardashian family.

Khloe spoke about her struggles with body image by saying, “In truth, the pressure, constant ridicule, and judgment my entire life to be perfect and meet other’s standards of how I should look has been too much to bear.” While many argue that Khloe sought out a life of fame, we argue that she’s still a human being.

This Star Refuses to Get Plastic Surgery, No Matter What

Kate Winslet is among a very small group of celebrities who has never gotten any cosmetic work done, and she says that she never will. The actress has been criticized constantly, mostly for her weight, but refuses to give in to the haters. Kate is living proof that it’s possible to have a successful career without fitting into Hollywood’s ridiculous standards.

Kate is certainly laughing at the critics now, particularly at her childhood drama teacher who told her she “might do ok” if she was “happy to settle for the fat girl parts.” Kate responded to this teacher by becoming a Hollywood icon and saying, “any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher, by a friend, by even a parent, just don’t listen to any of it, because that’s what I did – I kept on going and I overcame my fears and got over my insecurities.”

So… We’re Not Allowed to Have Noses Now?

Lady Gaga has been criticized for her nose almost as many times as she’s made a hit song. So… a lot. The singer/actress said that producers wanted to give her songs to other artists but Lady Gaga wanted to perform her own lyrics. She explains that she was okay with not being seen as “sexy” because she wanted to do things her own, unique, way.

New York Magazine wrote about Lady Gaga, “She was young, skinny, blonde, but she had a prominent Italian nose, the kind of nose that rarely survives on a starlet.” Lady Gaga even admits that she was willing to get a nose job for the sake of her career. Luckily, that proved to be entirely unnecessary.

Seriously Hollywood: Noses. What’s Wrong With Them?

Another actress/singer whose nose almost cost her a career is Lea Michele. The star was told by several managers that she’d never make it in Hollywood if she didn’t seriously change her appearance, particularly her nose. Clearly, she proved them all wrong.

Despite what we may think of her from playing Rachel Berry on Glee, Lea actually can take a joke. She was asked to comment on Glee: The 3D Concert Movie and joked that her nose would look “fabulous” in the film. We watched Glee for your vocals and acting, Lea, we don’t care how your nose looks.

This Mean Girls Star Had Some Mean Girl Moments in Real Life

Lizzy Caplan has been fighting against mean girls (and guys) long before she played Janis in the Mean Girls movie. The actress explained, “I’ve always felt like the underdog – partly because I’ve been told that I’m the underdog, pretty explicitly, on many occasions.”

Lizzy revealed that she and a friend once auditioned for a show on The WB but were told they weren’t pretty enough for the network. The two joked that they wanted to make T-shirts reading “I AM WB PRETTY.” We’re actually really disappointed that they didn’t go through with it, we would’ve bought those shirts.

This Actress Clapped Back

Before Meryl Streep became the legend she is today, she was just a young woman trying to make it as an actress. Meaning, she had to go through all the horrendous auditions and casting calls that new talent have to subject themselves to. She recalls one specific audition, for the 1976 version of King Kong.

The Italian father and son duo, who were auditioning Meryl, didn’t know that the actress spoke Italian as well. When she walked into the room, the father turned to his son and asked, in Italian, “Why did you bring me this ugly thing?” Meryl responded, in perfect Italian, “I understand what you’re saying. I’m sorry I’m not beautiful enough to be in King Kong.” We can only imagine how awkward the rest of the meeting was.

Only Hollywood Would Consider This to Be a Compliment

Mindy Kaling has paved the way for female comics with her TV shows that are both feminist and funny. However, She’s had to deal with a lot of people doubting her abilities, due to the fact that she’s a woman. Namely, some Internet troll that used a gif from The Office to show his dislike for Mindy, unaware that she’s the one who wrote the episode the troll’s gif was from. As if the need to defend her talent weren’t enough, Mindy also has to defend her appearance.

She recalled a “compliment” that a Hollywood tends to give her, which goes: “You’re ugly and fat, that is so refreshing to us.” Gee, thanks Hollywood. Lucky for us, Mindy has thick skin and known how to deal with trolls. Instead of apologizing or making excuses for her appearance (which no one should ever have to do), Mindy stands up to the haters and owns who she is.

Seriously, There’s No Hope for the Rest of Us

Even Southern beauty, Reese Witherspoon, was not safe from Hollywood’s scrutiny. In fact, Reese recently revealed that she suffered from panic attacks due to the constant judgment about her looks. Apparently, Hollywood didn’t care so much about her Oscar-worthy acting abilities, they were too busy checking her dress size.

Reese says, “I thought I was too short or not thin enough to be a Hollywood star. I was constantly being told, ‘No, not right, not tall enough, not pretty enough, not sexy enough.’ I wasn’t allowed to audition for roles because they saw me as too cute and too girlie. So I decided if I was to succeed I had to face facts. I could never be the sexiest, thinnest girl in Hollywood.” She could be the most talented, and isn’t that what it should be about anyway?

Thanks, but No Thanks

When Minka Kelly was first starting out, she was offered a bit of help by a Playboy Playmate. Apparently, the Playmate told Minka that she had a lot of potential and could really make it in Hollywood if she’d just be willing to make a few “adjustments.” Minka was offered free plastic surgery as an “investment” in becoming a Playmate herself.

The actress was told that she needed “lipo, fake breasts, a few veneers and all kinds of stuff.” Minka, who was only 19-years-old at the time, politely declined and then went on to become a huge Hollywood star anyway. This just goes to show not to be too desperate and jump on the first offer, even in Hollywood.

This Has Got to Be the Exaggeration of the Year

For reasons we will never understand, Maxim magazine has a category titled “Unsexiest Woman on the Planet.” Personally, we think the creators of such a category are unattractive, at least in their personalities. In 2012, Sarah Jessica Parker won the unflattering title.

Sarah responded to the insult with some fairly good points: “Do I have big fake boobs, botox, and big lips? No. Do I fit some ideals and standards of some men writing in a men’s magazine? Maybe not. Being voted unsexiest woman alive hurt so much.” It’s okay, Sarah, wipe your tears with some $100 bills. We know the men who called you “unsexy” don’t have any of those.

We Smell a Boycott…

Dolce & Gabbana designer, Stefano Gabbana, decided to give his opinion on Selena Gomez’s appearance, despite the fact that literally, nobody asked him. Stefano commented on some photos of Selena, saying “She’s really ugly!” He then went on to agree with someone else who commented that Selena “looks like a Pomeranian dog.” Wow, we guess it’s true that money can’t buy class.

Selena definitely got the last laugh, as the star attended an event with rhinestones in her hair. Those rhinestones spelled out the word “ugly.” Clearly, Selena is reclaiming that word and making some serious money while she’s at it. She doesn’t have time for your petty BS, Stefano.

Men Suffer From Unrealistic Beauty Standards, Too

While women are constantly criticized for not being small enough, men are scrutinized for not being big enough. Taylor Lautner learned this better than anyone, as he almost lost his job due to not having a large enough frame. His role as Jacob Black in Twilight was going to be re-cast after the first movie for someone more muscular.

Luckily, Taylor was able to rectify this particular issue without any cosmetic procedures. The actor weight trained five days a week and ate over 3,000 calories a day (can you imagine if an actress did that?). The lean star managed to put on 30 pounds and keep his job throughout the rest of the movie franchise.

This Actress Is a True Role Model

Viola Davis loves the fact that her character in How To Get Away With Murder was sexualized, as she says she never sees women who look like her get the “sexy” role on TV. Not only is she helping women who don’t go under the knife feel beautiful, but she’s also clapping back at haters in a way that is both beautiful and terrifying.

When a journalist told Viola that she’s “less classically beautiful,” the A-lister wasn’t having it. She said, “I’ve heard that statement my entire life. Being a dark-skinned black woman – you hear it from the time you get out of the womb. Classically not beautiful is a fancy term for saying ugly… Now it worked when I was younger; it no longer works on me now… Because really at the end of the day, you define you.” Is anyone else slow clapping right now?

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

When Winona Ryder was first starting out in Hollywood, she was constantly rejected due to her “odd” appearance. A teenage Winona was literally interrupted mid-sentence, during an audition, just to be rejected before even having a chance to act. The casting director said: “Listen kid. You should not be an actress. You are not pretty enough. You should go back to wherever you came from and you should go to school. You don’t have it.”

Luckily, even as a teenager, Winona had a healthy dose of self-esteem. She credits this to her parents, saying that they raised her to believe that standing out is better than blending in. Winona continued to attend auditions with all the confidence in the world and proved that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Can’t We Just Focus On Her Singing?

Adele is an absolutely incredible singer who was constantly criticized for something that has nothing at all to do with her work. What is she always scrutinized for? Her weight. Because apparently, Hollywood thinks we care about what someone looks like when listening to their music.

Adele responded by pointing out that her appearance has nothing to do with her work. She said, “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that… weight has nothing to do with my career.” Since then, Adele has lost a significant amount of weight, but she did it for herself and no one else. Certainly, not for Hollywood.

They Knew She’s an MMA Fighter, Right?

When MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey began to get offers for movies and TV shows, Hollywood had the most bizarre complaint. Apparently, Ronda was seen as to muscular and “masculine” looking. But didn’t Hollywood know that she rose to fame through her athletic abilities? They didn’t expect an MMA fighter to have muscle?

Ronda had the best response ever, by reminding everyone that our bodies are meant to serve us, not just be nice to look at. She said, “Listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than f***ing millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine. I think it’s femininely bada** as f*** because there’s not a single muscle on my body that isn’t for a purpose.” Ronda, can you please say that louder for the people in the back?

Apparently, Comedians Need to Be “Beautiful” Too

Apparently, you can’t get any job in the entertainment industry without needing to be “beautiful.” Not even a job in comedy… Whitney Cummings found this out when her agent told her that she wasn’t “pretty enough” and was always going to be a “quirky sidekick.” He said she could get bit parts but never a leading role.

In the end, Whitney proved the critics wrong by landing her very own show which she wrote and starred in. To make sure that there was no confusion about who got the leading role, her show was named “Whitney.” Unfortunately, the series was canceled after only two seasons. But that has nothing at all to do with Whitney’s appearance and everything to do with the fact that the show simply wasn’t funny.

You May Need to Sit Down for This One

Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, was told that she wasn’t pretty enough to make it in the industry. She recalls, “I remember some people telling me my nose was too big or my eyes were too small, that I could never be on a magazine cover.” Well, she has plenty of magazine covers to prove them wrong.

Gisele was only 14-years-old when she was given this criticism, and says that it had a very negative impact on her teenage self-esteem. However, her father wasn’t going to let his daughter suffer and he gave her some amazing advice. He said, “Next time, tell them, I have a big nose and that comes with a big personality.” Dad is definitely the MVP here.

There Are All Kinds of ”Beautiful”

Pink was consistently told that she wasn’t pretty enough to make it in Hollywood. Yet, the talented singer proved everyone wrong by not only making it but routinely speaking out against Hollywood’s ridiculous beauty standards. The pop star has become a leader in female empowerment and is now passing that mindset on to her daughter.

When Pink’s daughter, Willow, expressed that she felt she was “ugly” Pink had the best response. She showed her daughter a beautiful list of celebrities (which included Pink herself) who didn’t conform to Hollywood’s standards of “beauty” but had something more important to offer the world. Pink said, “Baby girl, we don’t change. We help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty.”

We Bet This Person Got Fired

Someone at Tommy Hilfiger thought it would be a good idea to cover up Gigi Hadid’s body on the runway. Yeah, we kind of suspect that person got fired. Apparently, they didn’t think that Gigi was tall or thin enough and didn’t “fit” on the runway. Their solution was to put an oversized poncho on her to cover up the gorgeous model’s figure.

Tommy Hilfiger, himself, had some thoughts about this. He claimed, “I was saying ‘don’t hide her body.’… I was very unhappy. The suggestion that I thought she wasn’t thin enough upsets me to no end. Gigi is the epitome of perfection.” Given that Tommy and Gigi have collaborated extensively, since then, we’re inclined to believe him.

We Think This Entire Family Is Gorgeous

Maggie Gyllenhaal rose to fame alongside her brother Jake. While both siblings are gorgeous and talented, Hollywood has been a lot harder for Maggie to crack into. She says that she was constantly rejected for not being “sexy enough” or “pretty enough.”

She recalled one particular time when she auditioned for a role but was told that her outfit wasn’t sexy enough. The casting director requested Maggie to “go back and sex it up a little bit.” To clarify: she had to re-audition for a role that should have been based on talent, given that it was a feature film and not a porno.

Hollywood Changed This Actress’s Perception of Herself

America Ferrera was perfectly confident and happy with her appearance until she tried to make it in Hollywood. The actress says, “I didn’t even know I was fat until I started acting. I didn’t know how fat and ugly I was until I started going on auditions.” Luckily, America considers Hollywood’s perception of her to be somewhat of a blessing.

America spoke about her appearance being an advantage by saying, “To me, it seems like the roles that mean something… are roles that are flawed, are the roles that nobody else wants to play.” America seems pretty flawless to us, especially after that quote.

He Got the Last Laugh

Jonah Hill’s appearance and weight labeled him as the actor who could only play the “funny sidekick” in movies. He was constantly given comedic roles, which he excels at, despite the fact that he has some serious acting abilities worthy of dramatic films. But Jonah was the one who got the last laugh.

When Jonah was nominated for an Oscar… twice, the internet exploded. Fans reminisced about one of his earliest roles, in which he had to wear a hot dog costume and invite people to ask him about his “wiener.” To see how far he had come, and how he had forced Hollywood to take him seriously, was a triumph for everyone.

Even Miss India Isn’t Good Enough for Hollywood

Priyanka Chopra’s appearance was appreciated in India, as she was crown the winner of the country’s beauty pageant. However, Hollywood has absurdly different standards. The actress recalls one of her auditions and what happened after the casting director got a good look at her…

“He stared at me long and hard, assessing me, and then suggested that I get a boob job, fix my jaw, and add a little more cushioning to my butt. If I wanted to be an actress, he said, I’d need to have my proportions ‘fixed’ and he knew a great doctor in LA he could send me to.” Luckily, Priyanka didn’t take any of the terrible advice and she remained her beautiful self.

This Star Was Simply Ahead of Her Time

Jennifer Lopez is considered to have one of the most perfect bodies of all time. She was even the inspiration for the hit song “Baby Got Back.” However, the world wasn’t always ready to accept body types like hers. Given that JLo paved the way for big booty-ed women everywhere, she had to bear the brunt of being the first.

Jennifer recalls being constantly told, “You need to lose weight, you need to be thinner.” So what was the star’s response? “No, this is who I am, and this is the type of woman that I grew up with, and it was beautiful, and there’s no reason to be anybody but myself.” She then proceeded to fire the manager who told her to lose her famous booty. We think that was a brilliant business decision.

This Director Showed His True Colors, and They’re Not Pretty…

When Michael Bay was asked about his decision to cast Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor, he gave the worst reason in history. The director said, “Kate wasn’t so attractive that she would alienate the female audience.” So basically, he told the world that he’s sexist, thinks women are shallow and he has no idea what’s beautiful. But he said it in fancier words.

When asked what she thought of Michael’s quote, Kate said “I don’t think I fitted the type of actress Michael Bay the director had met before. I think he was baffled by me because my boobs weren’t bigger than my head and I wasn’t blonde.” Well, men like Michael are very easily confused.

Aaaand He’s at It Again

Once again, Michael Bay was his sexist self. This time, the movie was Transformers and his victim was Megan Fox. Michael told Megan that he would fire her if she didn’t gain 10 pounds in 3 weeks. To make matters worse, Megan had just lost those 10 pounds to film Jennifer’s Body.

It’s important to point out that neither movie required her to be a certain weight for her role. Both directors simply wanted Megan to fit into their personal versions of “sexy.” While it’s fine and well for actors to mess with their weight for the sake of a plotline, they shouldn’t need to lose or gain 10 pounds in order to meet a director’s personal fantasy.

Did He Consult an Optometrist About This?

Amy Schumer both wrote and starred in the hit movie Trainwreck. But apparently, single-handedly carrying a film doesn’t mean anything if you’re “fat.” The comedian gave in to the pressure and lost some weight for the movie, which she regrets and says that she’ll never do again.

The reasoning behind the director’s request for Amy to lose weight is what really baffles us. He told her, “If you weigh over 140 pounds as a woman in Hollywood if you’re on the screen, it will hurt people’s eyes.” Something tells us that he didn’t check this theory with an optometrist.

This Celebrity Is Breaking Barriers

Misty Copeland is the American Ballet Theatre’s first African American dancer to play Clara in The Nutcracker. However, success wasn’t always in Misty’s path, as she spent much of her career needing to prove that she fit in. Having a fuller figure and darker skin than most ballet dancers, Misty says that she had an uphill battle to get to where she is.

Misty says, “I want to show the ballet world that it’s possible to do all these things and not be rail-thin or have blonde hair. I feel like I’m representing not just the little brown girls but all African-American dancers who have come before me who were never promoted because of the color of their skin.” It’s clear that Misty is paving the way for generations to come.

When Can We Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other?

We all know that Hollywood loves to pit women against one another, but these two women weren’t having it. Carey Mulligan starred in the incredible film Promising Young Woman, which was produced by Margot Robbie. Carey gave a flawless performance, however, critics argued that she wasn’t attractive enough for the role and they questioned why Margot didn’t play the part instead.

Carey responded by saying, “We don’t allow women to look normal anymore or like a real person. Why does every woman who’s ever on screen have to look like a supermodel? That has shifted into something where the expectation of beauty and perfection onscreen has gotten completely out of control. I just don’t think that’s really what storytelling or acting needs to be about. Things can be beautiful without being perfect.” We argue that Carey is perfect.

He May Not Be a Prince but He Is a Superhero

According to Hollywood, Andrew Garfield is not attractive enough to play a prince but he can play a superhero. Before he landed the leading role in Spiderman, Andrew auditioned to play Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia and almost got the part…

When Andrew asked his agent why he didn’t get the role, she explained, “They just didn’t think you’re attractive enough, Andrew.” The perfectly attractive actor admits that he was “obsessed” with the role and “desperate” to get the part. We hope that being able to play Spiderman was some consolation.

This Actress Has Her Priorities in Place

Ashley Greene was asked to lose weight in order to get more roles, and she politely refused. The actress stated, “At this point, I care more about what people are saying about my acting ability than what I look like.” Isn’t that how it should be? Given that she’s, well, an actress?

Ashley went on to say, “You’re always going to be too skinny or too fat or too muscular, and I’ve gotten every single one of those. Everyone has a different perception of what they think perfect is, and you’re never going to be able to please everyone.” But why does Hollywood insist that everyone have to look “perfect” anyway?

Hollywood Has Sprinkled Some Racism Into It’s Beauty Standards

As if Hollywood’s beauty standards aren’t unrealistic enough, there’s now also some racism sprinkled in. Gina Rodriguez recalls the not-so-helpful critique she received, “I work in an industry where I am constantly being told, ‘You’re not skinny enough. You’re not tall enough. You’re not ethnic enough.'”

Luckily, Gina refuses to play the game. “As a woman in this industry, we are constantly being pressured to look a certain way… and to live up to these images that aren’t conducive to a healthy mind. But I have to remember that this is a game. And if the game says I should be looking like this, then I just don’t play that role. And that’s okay.”

This Actor Agreed With the Criticism He Received

Actresses aren’t the only ones who are expected to be fit and lean, even actors get told to lose weight sometimes. Henry Cavill is one talent who actually agreed with Hollywood’s unrealistic expectations of him. When auditioning for the role of James Bond, he was told that he was too fat for the part, and Henry began to work on his figure immediately after that.

Henry recalled his conversation with the James Bond director, saying, “It was his tough love way of saying, ‘Look, mate, you’re in a Bond screen test. Next time you come to a screen test, really focus hard on making sure you lean up if it’s for something like Bond.’ And I wasn’t by any means chubby, but I was probably overweight for taking my shirt off on camera.”

This Actress Was Told That She Wouldn’t Make It Overseas

Jameela Jamil already had a successful career in the entertainment industry, in her home country of England, when she came to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood. Apparently, Hollywood’s standards are far more strict than other movie industries around the world, as Jameela was told that she’d never make it in Tinseltown.

Jameela explained, “Everyone said I was being mad, throwing away an eight-year career, and that I was too old – I was only 29 – too ethnic, and too fat to come over to Los Angeles.” Ironically, Jameela is best known for her role as Tahani, the residential hottie of The Good Place.

Apparently, Normal Teeth Aren’t Acceptable in Hollywood

Kirsten Dunst grew up acting and she’s more than earned her spot in Hollywood. So naturally, she’s had a bunch of producers try to get her to change her appearance over the years. Luckily, the actress isn’t having any of it, even if that means she gets fewer roles.

Kirsten recalls one particular producer who she wisely ignored, “On Spider-Man one of the producers tried to subtly coerce me into changing my teeth into these perfect Barbie doll teeth. I was like, ‘Nope, not doing that either.'” Because, apparently, regular human teeth are no longer acceptable.

Ageing Is Not Allowed Either

We all know that Hollywood is ageist and routinely casts ridiculously young women to play more mature roles. Some of the age gaps of on-screen couples are simply laughable while others are downright creepy. Hollywood has made one thing clear: Men are allowed to age, women aren’t.

Liv Tyler spoke about aging in Hollywood: “While leading men have been celebrated for their timeless charm and weathered good looks, women my age have been barely visible on-screen – or try to remain visible by remodeling what age has created. Bowing to societal pressures, they’ve lifted brows, tightened skin, filled laugh lines, and realigned proportions, all to stretch careers that otherwise would have been jeopardized by simply looking one’s age.”

This Actor Lost a Role to Someone ”Better Looking”

Mark Webber scored a major role in the show Stumptown, only to be replaced by Jake Johnson after the pilot episode. Imagine getting your dream job and then being replaced by someone else, not because they do the job better than you but because they’re “better looking.”

Mark reacted by posting the following on his social media: “Look, I’m a straight white male so I know my journey has been way less painful in this warped industry, but I’m being recast in a network television show because I’m not handsome enough for the executives.” For what it’s worth, he’s handsome enough for us!

She Showed Them

Minnie Driver showed Hollywood what the entertainment industry should really be about when she got nominated for an Oscar for the very role producers didn’t want her to have. She nearly didn’t get to play Skylar in Good Will Hunting because she wasn’t “hot enough.”

Minnie wasn’t too worked up about the insult, as she said, “‘Hotness’ is a perception, and it’s really a point of view, and this dude was no picnic to look at.” It was later revealed that the producer in question was Harvey Weinstein, so we have to agree with Minnie’s analysis.

Are We Looking at the Same Guy?

We find it very hard to believe that producers were talking about Aidan Turner when they expressed concern over casting him in Poldark. Apparently, they were worried that women wouldn’t find Aidan attractive, and they continuously discussed the possibility of replacing the heartthrob.

Aidan spoke about what’s considered important in the entertainment industry, saying, “You just slip into that celebrity bullsh** and people don’t give a f**k about what you’re doing with the show… You take a top off, and then it’s madness… It’s interesting what people care about.”

This Celeb Hopes to Inspire Others

Hilary Swank knows that she’s not Hollywood’s cup of tea, physically speaking, and she doesn’t care. The incredibly talented actress has used her “traditionally masculine” features to land herself movies like Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby, all while inspiring others.

Hilary has said, “I can’t tell you how many times I heard casting directors say right to my face that I wasn’t pretty enough to play the role of the girlfriend in a cheesy TV movie of the week. The hardest part was that I needed the work. Women don’t come up to me on the street and say ‘Oh, my God, you’re so beautiful!’ but they do come up and say ‘You made yourself out of nothing, and you made me believe that I can do it too.’ That’s beauty.”

This Actress Never Thought She’d Make It Big

Dascha Polanco never thought that she’d make it big as an actress but, luckily, she was mistaken. Since landing her breakout role as Daya in Orange Is the New Black, Dascha has gone on to star in countless movies and TV shows. Recently, Dascha has spoken openly about the struggles of making it in Hollywood for someone with her type of beauty.

“There have been things that have tried to knock me down and have knocked me down, but I know how to get back up, I never expected to be on a hit show and to be a series regular as a Latina, being as thick as I am, but I am learning how to embrace it, how to use it to my advantage and do what I have to do.”

This Singer Is Sick of Losing Weight

Christina Aguilera was inspired to write her hit song “Beautiful” when Hollywood insisted that she lose weight. The singer has grown up in the public eye, so it makes perfect sense that she looks a bit different now than when she first became famous. However, logic was never Hollywood’s strong point when it came to beauty standards…

Christina proudly announced that she would not be dieting and everyone should “get over it.” The singer went on to point out, “True beauty for me is the ability to know you and project who you are in an unmistakable light.” She encourages her fans to “Be kind to yourself… we are all different… so there’s no point in making comparisons.”

Proof That Scars Are Unique and Beautiful

While we’re of the belief that scars are unique and beautiful, Hollywood likes for everyone to look more or less the same. Imagine casting directors’ dilemma when the traditionally beautiful Brittany Snow walked into their offices with a scar on her forehead. Their response was to tell the then eight-year-old to get it removed if she wanted to be an actress.

Brittany recalls, “I think I was about eight when the person made that comment. She told me that I needed to get plastic surgery on my face because it was distracting. My mom even took me to a plastic surgeon’s office to get it removed and I freaked out in the parking lot. I wouldn’t go in. I think instinctively my eight-year-old self knew that I needed to keep it.” We’re glad that she did!

Apparently, Even Winning the Olympics Won’t Get You a Free Pass

Olympic gymnast, Gabby Douglas, has also been the victim of unrealistic beauty standards, despite the fact that her work has absolutely nothing to do with her facial features. Gabby recalls being told to get rhinoplasty because her nose was “too flat.” The then 16-year-old described the comments as being “very hurtful.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, Gabby was highly criticized for the state of her hair during her Olympic performance. We’d love to see any of her haters try to do those moves and keep their hair perfectly in place! Despite Gabby’s efforts to point out that commentary should be about her athletic abilities, seeing as she’s an athlete, she was still held to the same absurd beauty standards as any other celebrity.

Do They Think a Large Chest Equates Large Record Sales?

At the start of her career, Nelly Furtado was told to get breast implants. Apparently, her producer seemed to think that a large chest would equate to large record sales. Luckily, Nelly refused the surgery and she’s still managed to make countless hit records.

Nelly has said, “I worked with a producer once who said, ‘You should get a boob job. You’d be a knockout. Unfortunately, he made good music so I couldn’t quit. It was completely out of context, this passing thought that just came out of his mouth.” We don’t think there’s ever an appropriate context for that comment.

Many Things Can Ruin a Movie, We Don’t Think a Nose Is One of Them

The beautiful and talented actress, Debra Messing, got a nasty awakening to Hollywood’s beauty standards when filming her first movie, A Walk in the Clouds, directed by Alfonso Arau. “I was doing a love scene with Keanu Reeves. We started filming and the very famous director screamed ‘Cut’ and said, ‘How quickly can we get a plastic surgeon in here? Her nose is ruining my movie.'”

Debra recalled her shock by saying, “I was so confident coming out of graduate school with my Master’s in acting. I’d studied in London and I was so well equipped with skill sets, and then to walk on set and have that happen — I was reduced to an un-Hollywood nose.” We’re confident that Alfonso’s attitude while directing ruined his movie, and Debra’s nose did not.

This Actress Is Grateful That She Couldn’t Follow the Advice She Was Given

When her very first agent told Elizabeth Banks that she needed breast implants if she wanted to be successful, she probably would have taken the advice, except that she couldn’t even if she wanted to. Elizabeth couldn’t afford the plastic surgery, something which she’s now extremely happy about.

The actress recalls, “I was so grateful that I didn’t have enough money at the time to follow his advice. I also did not sign with him despite that.” Imagine being told that in order to get the career of your dreams, you need to permanently alter your appearance? And what does chest size have to do with acting skills anyway?

It’s Not Just Hollywood…

While Hollywood is notorious for having unreasonable beauty standards, other countries’ entertainment industries are just as guilty. Before she came to the US, Arden Cho tried to become an actress in her home country of Korea. Unfortunately for Korea, but luckily for us, Arden wasn’t willing to do what was asked of her there…

“I didn’t fit the standard of beauty in Asia. They wanted me to get a lot of work done. Not just one or two things, I’m talking, like, 20… Nose, eyes, hairline, lips, cheeks, jawbone, neck, legs, everything.” Arden, wisely, knew that there was absolutely no need for her to get plastic surgery and she went off to Hollywood instead, which is a bit ironic.

Even Teenagers Aren’t Immune

Chloe Grace Moretz was just 16-years-old when she was first told to alter her appearance. Apparently, being a teenager whose body hasn’t finished developing yet is not an excuse to look less than “perfect.” The actress recalls one particular day while shooting a film, she went back to her dressing room to find silicone implants had been placed there and she was expected to wear them.

Chloe recalled the incident by saying, “I was, like: where did these come from? Those little things were insidious. Even though you can brush them off, you still internalize them. They make you question yourself and think: well, maybe I am unhappy with the size of my breasts.”