These Creative Couples Costumes Will Inspire You to Up Your Halloween Game This Year

As Halloween is creeping upon us once again, we know it’s pretty tempting to grab your nearest witches hat, themed ears or cliche dollar store prop. What’s more, if you’re a couple or planning a costume with your partner or closest pal; it’s even more tempting to just recycle the same fail-safe spooky costume as last year. We know the struggle for inspiration is real. However, that was all before we stumbled upon these genius power couples.

Image: Instagram / havefunstormingthecastle_

That’s right, these Halloween duos accepted the challenge and went to the next level of creativity to prepare their holiday costumes in style. They also won the internet with their magnificent, gruesome, hilarious, out of the box or DIY costume ideas. From pop-culture inspired outfits or movie characters to clever wordplay or color-coordinated costumes; these duos are sure to inspire you to step up your game this year.

A Lego Wedding

This yellow lego-inspired couples outfit conjures up an overwhelming sense of childhood nostalgia. The talented couple behind this internet-breaking costume really went all out to bring our favorite childhood lego characters to life for the holidays. What’s more, we get to see our fave pals walking down the aisle!

Image: Reddit / Staticous

They really have nailed their costumes and the key is in all the lego-inspired details. From the sharp, cartoon-esque lines of the white bridal dress and black tux, to their lego style cartoon hands. They even created a giant lego flower and completed their look with trademark yellow lego heads!

Scissorhands and His Shrub

Some movie-inspired costume duos go together like peas in a pod; like Batman and Robin or Bonnie and Clyde. So for an Edward Scissorhands theme, surely they would pick his romantic co-star, Kim played by Winona Ryder. Well, this gothic enthusiast thought of the next best thing; Edward’s shrub.

Image: Reddit / Lucy Bri83

In the movie, Edward does have a talent for sculpting shrubs with his scissor blades. And this artistic guy certainly looks the part and has all the scissors. However, we had never quite seen a shrub looking so animated or life-like. Well, who needs romance when you can add your own shrub twist.

No Filter

As the Snapchat phenomenon has spread like wildfire across social media, it was only a matter of time before one of their infamous filters became a costume. However, this creative couple took their Snapchat-inspired outfits to the next level, by dressing as the same person, “before” and “after” the filter.

Image: Facebook / Kelsey Blong

While the girl is wearing the same outfit as her significant other, she added shimmery gold makeup with golden butterflies in her hair; to look like the after popular butterfly filter. The punchline is that the guy is unshaven and wearing a blonde wig for the #no filter “before” look.

Home Alone Bandits

These clever crooks won Halloween by playing the iconic bandits from the classic movie Home Alone. They took advantage of their height difference and the fact that they do look uncannily similar to the bandits in the movie to wow everyone with their creative costume inspiration.

Image: Reddit / Tinybutt

These wise guys just had to add some signature details for their costumes, like oversized jackets, hats and crowbars. However, they went to the next level and added the scars from attempting to break into the house in the movie; like ironing board marks, a burnt hand and feathers in their hair!

Artistic Masterpieces

This artistic couple just gave us a masterclass in the art of DIY Halloween costume creations. Their outfits are even more masterful because they look like doppelgangers of the real artists they are portraying. The couple are dressed as the world-renowned painters, Van Gogh, and Frida Kahlo.

Image: Instagram / Whimsicalspaperie

While channeling his inner Van Gogh, this guy already had a trademark beard. So he just had to add a straw hat, pipe, and bandage as the painter famously cut his own ear off. His significant other looks the part of the Mexican portrait painter, Freda Kahlo, complete with the flowers and beads to perfect her costume.

Where’s Carmen?

This elusive animated couple showed us what would happen when the world’s most mysterious international hideaways collide. While we have all been searching for the answer to the age-old question, Where’s Waldo? we now have the answer. He was hiding with Carmen Sandiego!

Image: Instagram / Brittani.ann

These characters have long become cult fixtures in pop-culture. Now for the first time, their mysterious worlds have collided. While this creative couple has gone to the next level to nail the characters’ costumes, they also make the photo even more legendary by pointing into the distance to try and conceal their identities!

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Unite!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? These creative trick or treaters do, that’s for sure. It looks like Spongebob Squarepants’ favorite aquatic crime-fighting duo is at it again, and they come fully equipped with their trusty invisible boatmobile.

Image: Instagram / Kteeduong

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are on a mission but not before stopping for gas first. This simple yet genius Spongebob Squarepants themed costume is the perfect example of couple goals. The silly pair fully committed to their costume, shell bra, and all and achieved the perfect nautical look.

Slowly but Surely Winning Halloween

Who remembers the DMV scene from the 2016 animated film Zootopia? If you might recall, the movie included a nod to the frustratingly slow process of going to the DMV by having sloths working behind the desk. While this costume might not be a direct reference to that relatable scene, it certainly looks strikingly similar.

Image: Imgur / PerdererLover

In reality, according to the creative couples Imgur account, they were actually inspired by an illustration of a sloth dressed in formal business attire. They loved the drawing so much that they created this entire costume from scratch. Hopefully, they were able to stay in character when handing out candy to the neighborhood… piece… at… a… time. 

Come Play with Us

This pair went the creepy route with their Shining inspired couple costume.
In case you’re not familiar with the 1980 cult classic, this spooky couple has channeled the iconic twins which are haunting the Overlook hotel.

Image: Reddit / Lucius_Annaeus_Senec

This couple has mastered the art of looking frightful, and have gone to the next level to channel the look of the twins. They seem to be fully committed to their demonic characters as their eyes are almost daring the camera to come out and play.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica

Who knew that televisions’ favorite frienemies could make for the perfect couple costume? This pair nailed their Halloween look perfectly mimiking The Office’s Jim and Dwight. We can only hope that their night was full of pranks and unproductive nonsense.

Image: Instagram / Obsessoriesla

Somehow this couple managed to take a simple shirt and tie to nail their transformation into Jim and Dwight. They not only picked the perfect colors hairstyles and glasses but even printed out name tags for anyone who somehow did not catch on to the reference.

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Now we’ve seen Jack and Rose costumes before, but this couple took the Titanic-themed couple costume to another level. Not only did they nail the outfits worn in the film to a T, but they even went so far as to build a cardboard model of the ship itself.

Image: Instagram / Jess436

The ship even separates down the middle, mimicking the Titanic as it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. We give this couple a ten for creativity and impeccable DIY skills. To make their costume even more epic, the girl dressed as Rose is also wearing the heart of the ocean necklace, just like in the film.

The Galloping Peacock!

This couple is nailing those off the ice figure skating moves. Any Will Ferrell fan will recognize this costume as a reference to his 2007 film Blades of Glory, which Ferrell starred in alongside fellow comedian, Jon Heder.

Image: Pop Sugar

We’ve got to commend this pair for their flawless onesies that we can only guess they sewed themselves. Not only that, but they even strapped on a pair of rollerblades so that they can really show off their skills. If they can skate nearly as majestically as Ferrel and Heder, then their friends are in for a treat.

Part of the Squad

This couple is not joking around. They make a stand out appearance as the Joker and Harley Quin. What makes it even better is their decision to portray the opposite character of what you’d expect! The two flipped us out with this switch.

Image: The Mind Circle

Daddy’s Lil Monster definitely nailed the Harley pose and hairstyle and we’ve got to give him extra points for the beard! His villain counterpart posed with the perfect Joker smile looking creepy as ever. We’re sure this duo was down to pull some tricks fo the night while laughing all the way.

A Classic Throwback

This couple is paying tribute to an iconic image the world knows by heart. The famous image debuted on August 14, 1945, the day Japan surrendered to WWII. A uniformed sailor named George Mendosa was photographed kissing a woman in a nurse’s uniform.

Image: Women’s Day

This husband-wife duo nailed the scene recreating triumph and victory. The hubby, clad in a navy suit and white sailor cap, even matched the arm posture to keep her head from falling during all of the excitement. The only thing missing is the iconic scenery of Times Square in the background!

They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky

This couple decided to play cousins this year. Wednesday Addams and Cousin It to be exact! Playing Wednesday for the day, this girl nailed the youngest daughter of the kooky family donning long pigtails with a center part and the classic collared back dress.

Image: Instagram / Emipuko

The emotionless look on her face describes the mischievous Adams family member perfectly. Meanwhile, her partner in Haloween couple costume goals is stuck faceless underneath all that hair. Well, he mastered this look with golden hair to the ground, signature round glasses, and a round black hat!

Showers Bring Flowers

This adorable couple shows love is in the air and that if your water it will grow! The proud farmer has show dedication and love and his girlfriend is popping up with flowers, what a lovely sight!

Image: Pop Sugar

Donned with flowers in her hair and flowers everywhere, she could easily pass as a fairy princess. Her makeup is pretty and bright matching the bright colors of the petals. The simple yet creative costume screams sunshine, good vibes, and rainbows.

I’ll Take Him To Go

Every Princess has her guilty pleasure and this Belle just happens to love tacos. Get it? Taco Bell. This creative couple chose to incorporate their favorite things for the sake of an amazing Halloween costume.


As we can tell her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast and by no means is her bae a beast, she’d prefer he dress as her favorite food! Cheers to this couple and bon appetit!

It Takes One to Know One

This is a vivid reimagining from Gremlins. Here we have Greta and Gizmo, two adorable little creatures who appear in the film – Gizmo as a sweet-natured Mogwai and Greta (a minor character) as a romantically inclined female Gremlin.

Image: Instagram / Heather Rose

You’d be right in assuming that this couple does not take themselves too seriously. The makeup artist hired to create this look, Heather Rose, revealed her customer’s eccentricities on Instagram: “I’m obsessed with these newlyweds! They had an 80s themed bridal shower!”

A Costume-Combo That Triggers Everyone

This couple really knows how to strike fear into people’s hearts. This pair came as the low battery and no wifi smartphone icons that everyone dreads. The striking red paint they used to accent their sandwich boards certainly screams danger.

Image: Instagram / Jess Applegate

By teaming up to come as not one but two of people’s biggest phone anxieties, it really was a scary Halloween at this house party. And it’s a clever idea they had proving they can think outside the box. This couple had a more conceptual costume than we’re used to seeing.

Beauty, Reimagined

Arguably one of the most iconic moments in cinema history, Princess Leia in a gold bikini struck a chord for many in its day. So we’re pleased to report that not only has the costume been in rotation, but it’s also been adapted for a progressive society.

Image: Reddit / Dillwillhill

After all, if you want to be a princess, who’s is anyone else to deny you your calling! We’re just glad that his lover in the Jabba the Hutt blow-up costume is there to support him. Interestingly, this costume combination is simultaneously over-revealing and completely unrevealing.

Did We Just Become Best Friends?!

It’s not just the outfits that are making this look – these guys decided to team up for this costume collaboration and go as Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s characters Brennan Huff and Dale Doback from the film Step Brothers.

Image: Brit + Co

But these two are proving to be nothing alike the lazy duo with the effort they’re putting into these costumes. Not just in the costumes, but the staging that identically mimics the film’s poster image, and their impersonations!

When Your Tattoos Compliment the Ensemble

While the Game of Thrones season finale left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, these two are keeping a couple of our favorite characters alive. These lovers came as Khal Drogo in his prime as a Dothraki khalasar and a young, recently-wed Daenerys Targaryen.

Image: Reddit / SK8INAK

We can see what might have inspired this costume choice when we look a little closer at the Khal’s warpaint. His chest and shoulder tattoos are placed exactly where the Dothraki leader opted for body art himself. Luckily in this situation, it adds to the look.

Interplanetary Love

These lovers chose to opt for creative freedom in their costumes rather than emulate anyone else. They went as an astronaut-alien couple that defies the laws of nature and just finds a way to make it work. While one is wearing a head-to-toe NASA suit, the other is covered head-to-toe in luminous green paint!

Image: Instagram / xx_beautevil_xx

Perhaps this costume is more of a metaphor for their relationship? Despite their differences and the challenges they have in being together, they choose to be by each other’s side. However, maybe not – maybe they just wanted to outdress everyone else with their original idea.

Ice-Cream Goals

As one of the impossibly cool couples costumes we’ve ever stumbled on, this flawless duo proved they are the perfect example of “couple goals.” They look like they just woke up like that and the best part about this crowd-pleasing costume is that it is so simple and effective to produce. We just wish we had thought of this sugar-coated idea sooner.

Image: Instagram / Shop The Pink Dinosaur

The guy has perfected his iconic look with the help of his signature ice cream man bow-tie, braces, and hat. This gal really went all out with her colorful costume. With her flowing white skirt decorated with sprinkles, she really nailed her look. The addition to the ice cream cone, heart glasses, and ice-cool pose, really was the icing on the cake.

Mario and Yoshi

In a throwback to ’90s Nintendo nostalgia, this couple took their Super Mario fandom to the next level. While it’s pretty common to see Mario strut out for Halloween with his trusty pal Luigi, this couple saw Mario hopping on the back of his other computer pal, Yoshi.

Instagram / _Naphan

As a tribute to the vintage game, there’s no doubt that other fans have re-created Mario-inspired outfits for Halloween. However, most people opt for Mario with Luigi or Mario riding an inflatable version of Yoshi. This couple had no time for inflatable characters, especially when Mario can ride her beau’s back all the way to the Halloween party!

Couples Against Humanity

In recent years, Cards Against Humanity has quickly become everyone’s favorite after-dinner party card game… with a twist. The aim of the game is to be as un-PC as possible, with plenty of shockable questions and answers. This means it has unlimited entertainment value and wins every dinner party. So it was only a matter of time before it became a cult Halloween fixture.

Image: Instagram / Sofia Knoll

This couple has added their only hilarious twist to spice up their outfits. As the girl proudly explains how “This is the prime of my life. I’m young, hot and full of…”, she really could have picked any answer. Instead, she picked her boyfriend, who is the incarnation of “poor life choices.” At least this couple has a great sense of humor!

That Crazy Cat Couple

While many of us have been introduced to the crazy cat lady costume through the years; it seems like this crazy cat lady has finally found her purrfect match. This self-confessed crazy cat couple seems unapologetically proud of their cat fandom.

Image: Instagram / Dogor Chavez

Although this costume idea might have started out as a private cat joke, we love how this duo fully embraced their status with a fully-blown crazy cat couples costume. They have also gone to the next level to look a little more crazy, with bathrobes, nightwear, random toy cats, token ears and glasses.

The Pac-Man Adventures

As one of the earliest and most popular retro arcade games of all time, Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man are now iconic cult fixtures in pop culture. As Pac-Man transitioned from an arcade game to a PC, console and app game; we have all followed Pac-Man’s evolving adventures every step of the way.

Image: Instagram / Karol Monge

This imaginative couple took heir ’80s nostalgia to the next level with their retro-inspired Pacman couples costumes. They channeled their arcade looks with round yellow Pacman faces and got more crafty by adding ghosts and ghouls from the original game.

Campfire Treats

This genius couple had no tricks up their sleeves this Halloween; only treats. They paid homage to the delicious campfire treats, S’mores. The classic Graham cracker and flavored marshmallow snacks are popular bonfire treats and are sure to bring a smile to the face of any happy camper.

Image: Instagram / Aww Sam

This couple nailed this look with some simple yet effectively crafted outfits. Dressed head-to-toe in a fiery shade of yellow, the guy represents the campfire, with wooden logs and a cut-out flames. His sweetie is dressed as a delicious S’mores sandwich, complete with Graham crackers, chocolate, and white for the marshmallow filling. This outfit is just too adorable for words.

The Hangover Halloweeners

This creative duo went to the next level to incorporate their latest family addition into their Halloween celebrations. They channeled Alan, baby Carlos, and Stu from the legendary Hangover movie. In the first installment of the bachelor party franchise, the groom Stu wakes up in Vegas with a face tattoo, and Alan struts outside with the baby strapped to him.

Image: Instagram / Cassidy Rickles

This super cute couple really ooze Hangover cool. The guy perfects the character of Alan with a beard and wig combo, shades and of course, baby Carlos strapped onto him. His significant other nails the look of the groom Stu, complete with a preppy outfit, wig, and unmistakable face tattoo.

Baby Sharks

This imaginative family really brought the “Baby Shark” craze to life for Halloween in the most animated and adorable way. The Baby Shark TV show, songs, and characters have fast become one of the most popular family-friendly hits around the world. So what better way to celebrate the phenomenon than by getting the whole family involved.

Image: Yahoo

While the parents are dressed as Mommy and Daddy Shark, they have continued the theme by dressing their kids as super-cute versions of Baby Sharks. They then went to the next level by adding some of the other catchy and memorable parts of the song, “dooo do dooo do.”

Cupcake Love

In case you were ever in doubt, this gorgeous couple really loves cupcakes. To prove it, they took their sweet-toothed love to the next level and dressed up as cupcake lovers for Halloween. And we’re so glad that they treated us to own take on the 50 Cent song lyrics ” I love you like a fat kid loves cake!”

Image: Maia Emily3

The girl is dressed as a decorative cupcake with body padding for emphasis. The cherry on the top is that her beau is more than happy to profess his love for her. Well, he’s declaring his love for cupcakes on his t-shirt and seems to have found his cupcake match. Aw!

They Call Me Forrest

Forrest Gump is another iconic movie, which we could happily watch over and over. While Forrest’s character does evolve throughout the story, many might dress up for Halloween as Forrest and his romantic interest Jenn-ay. However, this unlikely duo channeled Forrest and his former commanding officer, Lt. Dan instead.

Image: Instagram / Bailey R Kennedy

In the movie, Forrest’s former officer Lt. Dan is angry after being injured in Vietnam. Later Forrest joins forces with the officer in another team venture, the Bubba-Gump Shrimp Company. In the meantime, Forrest was also a ping-pong champion! So this couple pulled off this unlikely duo look just in time for Halloween. Forrest makes the most awesome ping-pong champion, standing next to an angry Lt. Dan in a wheelchair.

E.T Phone Home

This epic couple brought back another classic ’80s sci-fi hit for Halloween. The duo channeled the main characters of the movie; Elliot, Gertie, and E.T himself for their throwback costume. And we’re sure this smile-inducing outfit brought back a hint of nostalgia for everyone at the party.

Image: Instagram / Kayers 2018

While many have re-created E.T-inspired costumes through the years, this couple really won Halloween. Their costumes are even more effective in their simplicity. To transform into Elliot, this guy just added a red hoodie and made a makeshift bike for E.T in a basket. His beau wore a striped top and carried a flower pot; and voila, they simply nailed their costumes.

Happy Little Trees

This couple is channeling their inner Bob Ross with their creative Halloween get up. As the famed painter always said, “there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” This pair took this quite literally as they transformed themselves into Ross and one of his happy nature paintings.

Image: Instagram / renegade_shae

We can imagine that this couple spread nothing but good vibes and smiles with their friends that year. With those signature big curls and carefree facial hair, we have to give them props for perfecting this Halloween look to a T.

A Baby’s Gotta Do What a Baby’s Gotta Do

The nostalgia is real with this ensemble. Any 90’s child will appreciate this costume of Nickelodeon’s favorite trouble-making twins, Phil, and Lil from Rugrats. This pair pulled all the stops to nail their throwback Halloween costume.

Image: Instagram / lara.lee.wilson

From the signature Lil Ducky outfits to the gravity-defying stand-up hairstyle, these two deserve a DIY award for pulling off this look. Who knew that bald caps could look so perfect? The only thing missing is the rest of the Rugrats gang.

Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae

Who doesn’t love a good play on words? We will never be able to hear Silento’s song, “Watch Me” the same again. Not after this creative couple took it on and transformed it into the perfect couples costume. Hopefully, they have the dance skills to match

Image: Instagram / Dawn Elizabeth Studios

We would have liked to follow this crazy couple around on Halloween night as they busted out their moves in order to best explain their punny costume. Although simplistic, we can’t help but appreciate the creativity.

A Spoon Full of Sugar

Well if it isn’t everyone’s favorite magical nanny, Mary Poppins and her chimney cleaning adventure buddy, Bert. These two look perfect as the cheerful and iconic classic Disney characters. We’ve seen people dressed as Poppins before, but this portrayal is one for the books.

Image: Instagram / Ina.Stinsta

These two are taking on Halloween in the most delightful way. Striking a pose in their Halloween get-ups, we must say that they are looking positively supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.