These Creative Couples Costumes Will Inspire You to Up Your Halloween Game This Year

    As Halloween is creeping upon us once again, we know it’s pretty tempting to grab your nearest witches hat, themed ears or cliche dollar store prop. What’s more, if you’re a couple or planning a costume with your partner or closest pal; it’s even more tempting to just recycle the same fail-safe spooky costume as last year. We know the struggle for inspiration is real. However, that was all before we stumbled upon these genius power couples.

    Image: Instagram / havefunstormingthecastle_

    That’s right, these Halloween duos accepted the challenge and went to the next level of creativity to prepare their holiday costumes in style. They also won the internet with their magnificent, gruesome, hilarious, out of the box or DIY costume ideas. From pop-culture inspired outfits or movie characters to clever wordplay or color-coordinated costumes; these duos are sure to inspire you to step up your game this year.