These Famous Photos Taken From Different Perspectives Will Change How You See Them Forever

Mon Jan 31 2022

We’ve all seen these famous photos dozens of times, but never quite like this… Perspective really is everything and some of these pictures are completely unrecognizable from different angles. While some have changed over time, others will probably shock you when you realize how they were made.

Find out everything that went into making these incredible photos. All the behind-the-scenes secrets, what was real, what was staged, and if anyone knew that these images would become so famous. There’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to these iconic images.

Afghan Girl Is All Grown Up

Sharbat Gula, otherwise known as Afghan Girl, is all grown up and has found a better life. Her image on the 1985 cover of National Geographic was called “the First World’s Third World Mona Lisa.” Unfortunately, Sharbat faced backlash from the photo, due to being a woman who brought attention to herself by being in a magazine, despite the fact that the photo was published without her permission.

Nowadays, Sharbat is part of an elite 17% of Afghan women who own their own homes, she received the house from the Afghan government after several years of hardship as a refugee. Sharbat’s life’s struggles have led her to consider starting a foundation to empower young girls. We sincerely hope that she’ll move forward with it.

American Gothic Isn’t About Who You Think It Is

The 1930 painting, American Gothic, is often assumed to be about a husband and wife but the subjects are actually father and daughter. The artist, Grant Wood, used his sister and their dentist as the models. We get the use of his sister, but we have to admit that the dentist seems like a bit of a random choice… That’s how the artistic mind works, we suppose.

Grant was inspired to paint American Gothic after seeing a house in Iowa and imagining who he believed would live there. Grant wanted to paint this particular house due to the window. He thought, “It a form of borrowed pretentiousness, a structural absurdity, to put a gothic-style window in such a flimsy frame house.” Well, even “flimsy” houses can have nice windows!

Bob Ross Wasn’t That Famous Back in His Day

You probably wouldn’t even recognize Bob Ross without his iconic perm and beard, neither would anyone in his day, as he truly wasn’t all that famous back then. While his show, The Joy of Painting, did okay for its 1983-1994 run, it really rose to popularity in 2015 when Twitch hosted a marathon of the program.

Perhaps Bob always knew that he’d be famous eventually, as he wore jeans and a plain colored shirt in every single episode, due to the fact that he saw that style as “timeless.” Bob has responded to comments about his pleasant demeanor with, “That’s why I paint. It’s because I can create the kind of world that I want, and I can make this world as happy as I want it. Shoot, if you want bad stuff, watch the news.” We prefer to watch Bob Ross.

Columbia Pictures Was Inspired by Patriatism

If you think Columbia Picture’s logo looks familiar, you’re not wrong, as it was modeled after the Statue of Liberty to show patriotism. In fact, the original concept was to have the woman be the personification of America and she even wore an American flag, which was changed after a law was passed banning the usage of the flag as clothing.

The image that’s used today was captured in 1992, using Jennifer Joseph who was on her lunch break. She said, “We just scooted over there come lunchtime and they wrapped a sheet around me and I held a regular desk lamp, a side lamp, and I just held that up and we did that with a lightbulb. I never thought it would make it up to the silver screen and I never thought it would still be up 20 years later.”

The Eiffel Tower Is Even More Beautiful From Below

While no one can envision a trip to Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower, people don’t really spend much time seeing it from this angle. However, the view of this iconic manument is, arguably, even more beautiful from below. It looks like a geometric maze of lights; a universe unto itself.

Ironically, the Eiffel Tower was highly criticized for it’s structure and design, back when it was first built, in 1887. However, as much as the French love to critique, they seem quite happy with the tower now that it’s the most visited monument in the entire world.

Albert Einstein’s Most Famous Photo Stemmed From Spite

Albert Einstein’s iconic photo was completely candid, and a bit spiteful. Apparently, the scientist was leaving his 72nd birthday party and was, understandably, exhausted of getting his photo taken all night. Photographers continued to swarm his car, as he was trying to leave, so he shouted “That’s enough!” and stuck his tongue out at them.

Depite the hostile energy at the time the photo was taken, Einstein loved the finished result. Clearly, with genius comes a sense of humor! He asked for several copies of the, now iconic, image and used them as his personal greeting cards. That’s definitely a way to set yourself apart!

The Hollywood Sign Originally Said Something Different

The iconic Hollywood sign was originally built to promote a new housing development, in 1923, and it actually read “Hollywoodland.” The sign was intended to stay up for only a year and half but the boom of Hollywood cinema changed it’s meaning entirely.

Around the 1970s, the sign had deteriorated to the point of being almost illegible. Luckily, there was someone willing to sponsor it’s revival: Hugh Hefner. Yes, as in the guy who started Playboy magazine. The now, fully restored, sign is a popular tourist destination and a symbol of following one’s dreams.

This Iconic Speech Was Nearly Improvised

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech looks just as impressive, and powerful, from the rarely-seen angle of behind the Lincoln Memorial. We’re accustomed to seeing this speech from the perspective of the crowd, but even the viewpoint of the coordinators is incredible.

However, this inspiring speech was nearly improvised. According to one of the writers, Clarence Benjamin Jones, “The logistical preparations for the march were so burdensome that the speech was not a priority for us. On the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 27, (12 hours before the march) Martin still didn’t know what he was going to say.” Which is proof that sometimes it’s best to just speak from the heart.

The Shark From Jaws Is a Lot Less Scary From This Angle

Jaws was the first movie ever to be filmed in the ocean, so it’s not surprising that it went a whopping $5 million over budget. Apparently, $3 million of that went to the three mechanical sharks. Production originally wanted to train real sharks for the film, luckily, that idea was scrapped early on.

The sharks took 40 technicians to create them and 14 machine operators. The film’s director, Steven Spielberg, admitted that production could have gone more smoothly if it weren’t for his “perfectionism” and “inexperience.” Given that the film is an icon, no one can really argue with the results.

Marathon Woman Had a Tough Race

Kathrine Switzer, otherwise known as Marathon Woman, had a much tougher go of the race than what we usually see. While there are many iconic images of her running in, and completing, the 1967 Boston Marathon, we rarely see the fight that broke out during her run.

Apparently, the men competing with Kathrine had very fragile egos and couldn’t handle a woman outshining them in an athletic competition. Therefore, they began to physically attack her, to try and get her to quit the marathon. Luckily, Kathrine still completed her run, making her the first woman ever to complete the entire Boston Marathon.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa Is Empty on the Inside

Anyone who’s been on Instagram has seen a million photos of people “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, we rarely get to see what this structure looks like inside. Well, apparently, it’s pretty empty and, arguably, a bit disappointing.

If you remember the Tower of Pisa as having been a little more leaning, in the past, you’re not wrong. The Italian government tried to straighten it just enough to keep it from falling over completely. However, they were careful to still maintain the tower’s tilt for the sake of tourism.

This Iconic Image Isn’t Any Less Terrifying From This Angle

The iconic image Lunch atop a Skyscraper certainly isn’t for the faint of heart! This photograph was taken in 1932 and featured genuine construction workers, although the photo itself was staged. The picture was taken on the 69th floor of the RCA Building, in New York City.

This beautiful photo is often credited to Lewis Hine, although all evidence suggests that the photographer was actually Charles C. Ebbets. In regards to the men in the picture, only a few of them have been identified. Of the identified workers, most of them are immigrants, showing the beauty in America’s diversity.

The MGM Lion Is Actually Eleven Different Lions

The MGM lion, named Leo the Lion, is actually 11 different lions. The original Leo the Lion has been replaced 10 times, with each lion also being named Leo. In 2021, MGM finally decided to use a CGI logo, as opposed to real lion. The CGI image is based off the original Leo.

The text in this iconic logo is written in Latin and means “Art for art’s sake.” The memorable lion’s roar originally consisted of three roars but was eventually whittled down to just two. Interestingly, there’s also a version that features a tiger’s roar, as it was believed that the lion’s roar wasn’t “ferocious and majestic” enough.

Have You Ever Seen the Back of the Mona Lisa?

Everyone, and we mean everyone, knows what the Mona Lisa looks like. The image has been referred to as, “The best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world.” Yet, no one knows what it looks like from the back.

It looks like any other painting, doesn’t it? We guess there’s a philosophical lesson here: from the right angle, everything and everyone are equal. From the back, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is, arguably, the most iconic painting of all time.

Immediately After the First Walk On the Moon

We’ve all seen the iconic images of Neil Armstrong and the moon walk. The only thing missing from those photos is the opportunity to see the astronaut’s face as he makes history. Luckily, his facial expression was captured by Buzz Aldrin, as soon as the men returned to the lunar module.

Now, that’s the look of someone who can’t believe what just happened, and we don’t blame him! Apparently, he wasn’t entirely convinced that the mission would be successful. Neil has said, “I always knew there was a good chance of being able to return to Earth, but I thought the chances of a successful touchdown on the moon surface were about even money – fifty fifty.” That’s the look of a man who got the right half of that equation!

The Nirvana Baby Is Still Chasing Money

Spencer Elden, also known as the Nirvana Baby, was just four-months-old when he was featured on the album cover. Now, at 30-years-old, Spencer is suing Nirvana for having, “knowingly produced, processed, and advertised commercial child pornography” due to the clear image of Specer’s genetalia in the photo.

Unfortuantley for Spencer, his argument was weakened when he seemingly enjoyed the fame the album cover has brought him. While no one can argue that he was too young to consent to the photoshoot as a baby, he has since agreed to re-enact the album cover, as an adult, and attend signings. The lawsuit was dismissed but has been revived this past year.

There Were a Lot More People in the Oscar Selfie

We all remember that iconic selfie from the 2014 Oscars, which Ellen DeGeneres captioned “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.” Apparently, that wasn’t just a polite way to make everyone feel included, there were actually a lot more people in that photo!

What many people don’t know about this image is that, like most things in Hollywood, it was staged. Well, at least it was meant to be, but some people went rogue. The original plan was for Ellen to take a selfie with Meryl Streep but then Bradley Cooper jumped in, and chaos ensued as other celebrities decided to be in the photo. The end result was even more epic than what was pre-planned. Thanks, Bradley!

Pirates of the Caribbean Had to Be Reworked

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the Disney theme parks had to be reworked quite a few times, as some of the imagery was simply inappropriate, especially for children. There were a lot of sexist themes in the ride that were taken out, or replaced, in order to be more wholesome.

The part of the ride in which a bunch of men chase a woman was redesigned so that the woman had food in her hand. Now, the implication is that the men are chasing the woman’s food, rather than her body. There’s another part of the ride in which a woman was hiding in a barrel, she has since been replaced with a cat. When the Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, the ride was reworked again to include scenes and characters from the film.

This One Is a Life Lesson

We can all learn a life lesson from this photo. When Prince William’s third child was born, William seemed to be uninterested in a third round of photographers trying to capture images of his family leaving the hospital. He appeared to give the crowd the middle finger, as a response to their persistence of trying to get a glimpse of the royal family’s private moment.

However, as photos from another angle show, William wasn’t being rude at all! The Prince was holding up three fingers, one for each of his children, to represent how many kids are in his family now. We can all learn something about judging too hastily, here.

Did You Know the Sphinx Has a Tail?

We’re all pretty accustomed to seeing images of the Great Sphinx of Giza from the front, but images of the statue from the back are so rare that most people don’t even know the Sphinx has a tail! It makes sense, though, given that the creature has the head of a man but the body of a lion.

There are other elements of the Sphinx that many people don’t know about: The Sphinx once had a hole in it’s head, which was sealed in 1926. There is also a passage in the Sphinx’s backside which is believed to have been either a tunnel or an unfinished tomb.

The Statue of Liberty Is Even More Impressive From Above

While no one is arguing that the Statue of Liberty is impressive from any angle, we do think it’s most magnificent when photographed from above. This bird’s-eye view of Liberty Island looks like a painting with all of the geometric shapes perfectly aligned.

A lesser-known tourist attraction on Liberty Island is the other statues that are the “little siblings” of the Statue of Liberty. The five other statatues are of two Americans and three Frenchmen, all of whom were pivotal in the gift-giving of the Statue of Liberty.

The Crowd in Phantom Menace Was Made of Q-Tips

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace shows a large crowd gathered in an arena. How did they get so many extras for the scene? They hired model maker, Michael Lynch, to create a mini version. What did he use for the people? A whopping 450,000 Q-tips.

Movie fans, including those who love Star Wars, often debate whether films look better with CGI or practical models, like this one. We’re of the opinion that regardless of the final result, the dedication it takes to color-coordinate and place 450,000 Q-tips deserves an award of it’s own!

This Heartbreaking Photo Had a Happy Ending

This image taken by Claude P. Dettloff is called Wait for Me, Daddy and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. The boy in the image is just five-years-old and his father was a member of the Canadian military during the Second World War. Luckily, this image has a happy ending to it…

The father survived the war and was reunited with his family. The boy in the picture has since grown up and gotten married to a woman who had already seen him years before they met, due to this iconic image. His wife explained that the photo “Was hung in every school in British Colombia during the war.” We argue that this second picture should be just as famous.

Even Abbey Road Has Traffic

The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover has brought countless tourists to the crosswalk in attempts to reinact this photo. However, we doubt they’ll want to reinact the behind-the-scenes shot of The Beatles waiting for traffic to pass so they could get this image.

At one point during the photoshoot, the police did stop traffic for The Beatles but they only had 10 minutes to capture the perfect picture. The Beatles continue to cause problems for drivers, as locals now complain that tourists are blocking traffic in their attempts to recreate the famous Abbey Road image.