Underneath It All: Celebrities Strip Off Their Makeup To Reveal Natural Beauty

Check out these stunners as they fearlessly face the camera makeup-free. These glam gals are naturally gorgeous despite all the pressures of Hollywood to look flawless.

In defiance of the harsh criticism on the internet, these gorgeous celebs proudly flaunt their natural beauty for all to see.

Alessandra Ambrosio

This Brazilian beauty always looks hot no matter what she does. The retired Victoria’s Secret model is a natural beauty and always looks amazing, even in her sweaty workout clothes!

It’s no surprise that she has been walking the catwalk for over a decade and is still going!

Hailey Bieber

We think Mrs. Bieber should go nude every day since she often bares her natural beauty. We can tell Justin’s wifey loves herself.

The model often bares it all in public walking hand in hand with Justin despite being chased by the paparazzi nonstop.


This creative and controversial musician is always switching up her look, we never know what we’ll see next.

The “Now or Never” singer feels comfortable taking it all off and revealing her true self.

Bella Thorne

This wild child is fearless. Bella loves to take risks, so make up free is nothing for her.

It’s more likely we find her with less clothes than makeup!

Taylor Hill

This Victoria’s Secret angel is a natural beauty even when stripped of her wings.

Although her looks are out of this world, she reveals underneath it all, she’s an angel on this earth!

Gigi Hadid

One of the hottest supermodels on the runway has no problem taking it all off and showing her true self.

She’s used to constant prepping and primping on the runway, so it must be nice to take a break. We’ll look at you any way Gigi!

Bebe Rexha

Meant to be … This sultry songstress captivates the world with her natural beauty.

Confident in displaying her come hither looks, she’s not afraid to display her bare and beautiful face to the world.

Bella Hadid

Baby sis Bella is also a natural stunner. The Hadid girls definitely won the genetic lottery!

Although these sisters are constantly getting dolled up we prefer them with nothing on at all.

Madelaine Petsch

This “Riverdale” actress has no problem sharing her most intimate moments on her Youtube channel.

She feels confident exposing her skin and she looks fabulous!

Emily Ratajkowski

The world was introduced to Emily appearing in “Blurred Lines” leaving little to the imagination. Now we get to see her bare it all.

She’s extremely comfortable with nothing on, but we recommend she ditch the makeup more often!

Selena Gomez

Keep your hands to yourself! The strong woman has grown comfortable in her natural skin.

Always a hottie, she uncovers her true beauty for all to see, so come and get it.

Lady Gaga

She’s not shallow, the “Star is Born” actress was born this way… here she shows her poker face and its absolutely stunning!

Although she is known for her outrageous hair, makeup and clothing, we think she looks just fabulous with nothing on!

Katy Perry

This Idol host always keeps it interesting, changing her look almost daily. We never know what to expect next from this California girl who enjoys baring it all in more ways than one.

She is comfortable showing herself in any way, and it’s refreshing to see how real she looks underneath all the glitter and glam.

Taylor Swift

Look what we made her do! Taylor proudly exposed her naked face for all the world to see!

We know no matter what the haters will say, she will shake it off! Never in our Wildest Dreams had we imaged she was this gorgeous!

Dua Lipa

This beauty will blow your mind. The lovely Brit with remarkable style actually got her start modeling for the E-commerce site Asos.

She looks sensational makeup-free, we prefer she take it all off and let her true colors shine!

Ariana Grande

The pop singer is rarely seen without her signature ponytail let alone her made-up face! Looking dolled up is a must for her next image.

The polished look does give her a diva edge, but this cutie looks much more innocent stripped down.

Sophie Turner

This captivating English actress always looks elegant. Although she loves to play dress-up, she takes on a minimal made up look on GOT.

It is refreshing to see her take it all off! She’s just as striking!

Cardi B

I like it. We don’t see this very often, but this hip hop beauty bared it all. Going all natural is not her thing but boy does she look fierce!

We know she likes to be careful, but we think Cardi should incorporate more of her natural beauty into her wild style.

Gisele Bündchen

There is no question as to why this knockout is the highest paid model in the world. This alluring beauty lives a very natural lifestyle and follows a strictly organic diet.

When she’s not strutting on the runway or getting dolled up for red carpet events, she prefers her face the world with nothing on at all.

Chrissy Teigen

The always outspoken and opinioned Mrs. Legend has no fears. This includes taking it all off…

If she can strip down for a sexy Sports Illustrated shoot, going makeup free is nothing!

Margot Robbie

She was our ultimate girl crush in “Wolf of Wallstreet.” Since then we have realized what an irresistible beauty she is.

She always looks polished and is striking in any role she plays; she looks ridiculously hot when she strips off her makeup.

Brie Larson

This marvelous and talented actress has extraordinary beauty.

Although it doesn’t take much for her to get dolled up, we know she has no fear facing the world with a bare face.

Karlie Kloss

The ultimate beauty meets brains supermodel coder is also Swifty’s BFF. Karlie takes pride in sharing her beauty secrets on YouTube on how to create a minimal makeup look.

Although she always looks conservative and elegant, we think she looks better au naturel.

Vanessa Hudgens

This free spirit actress is a hippie at heart so it’s no surprise she is comfortable baring it all.

It seems she prefers to dress in beads and bangles rather than making up her face… unless it involves jewels!

Ashley Graham

This stunner faces her fears daily with the harsh scrutiny of comparisons in the modeling industry. She is one of the most gorgeous women in the modeling world.

Without makeup, she is proud to let the world know she is comfortable in her own skin and flaunts it with pride. We love your confidence, Ashley!

Lilly Collins

The charming actress, known for her on fleek brows looks stunning no matter the occasion.

Lilly is known to experiment with makeup and hair color but she looks the best by far rocking the nude look.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The model-actress and lovely new mom is nothing short of captivating.

While she is a sophisticated and conservative Brit. Since relocating to the US, Rosie has adapted to more open ways, including feeling more comfortable stripped down. Wow! Is she breathtaking!

Priyanka Chopra

The lovely Indian actress or shall we call her Mrs. Jonas, is comfortable showing her true self. Although her makeup style is minimal, she is known for wearing beautiful colors on her luscious lips on the red carpet.

We think this Bollywood babe should be bold and always bare it all!

Miley Cyrus

This adventurous girl has done it all, so baring her naked face for everyone to see ain’t no thing! We all know she’s very comfortable with nothing on!

This bae loves sharing every aspect of her life and fun personality.

Gal Gadot

This wonder woman is not afraid of anything, including baring it all for the world to see! She looks absolutely marvelous makeup-free.

The former Miss Israel has always been a beauty. Before breaking into acting, she got her start in modeling and now we see why. She’s an absolute knock out!