Epic Wedding Fails Caught on Camera That Will Have You Cringing Hard

Emma Smith | Thu Mar 25 2021

Weddings are meant to be one of the happiest days in a bride and groom’s life. With all the meticulous planning that goes into your special day, you want everything to go perfectly and according to plan. Especially since everyone you’ve ever known is right there watching you. But as these photos show, you can’t account for human, and sometimes animal, error.

Image: Daily Mirror

Lucky for us, professional photographers were hired to capture every waking moment. This means that those priceless moments when something went horribly wrong were snapped at the perfect time. From awkward situations to major miscalculations, we’re showing the absolute best wedding fails to have ever been caught on camera.

Cushioning His Fall With His New Wife

When the bride said she fell head over heels in love with her husband-to-be, we doubt she had something so literal in mind. But that’s exactly the kind of car crash that the happy couple had to endure on their big day. And we can thank their official photographer for so perfectly capturing the pained expression on her face.

Image: Wedded Wonderland

The couple was walking down the aisle together in front of all their friends and family when the groom tripped up. Whether he tripped on the grass or the bride’s dress, however, we’ll never know. But we do know for a fact that he dragged his new-wife down with him. After all, she’s stuck with him for good – in sickness, in health, and stupidity!

You May Now Kiss the Elephant

Everything was going swimmingly for this couple on their wedding day. The bride looked beautiful, and she woke up to clear blue skies that would make her wedding photos just perfect. At least, that was right up until they got a small elephant with the ceremony when they were under the wedding arch.

Image: Bored Panda

As we can see in this photo, the small elephant was feeling right at home up on that altar. With his trunk, he plants a wet kiss on the bride’s cheek and takes her by surprise. But, judging by her facial expression, she’s not so pleased to be on the receiving end.

Rule No. 1: Don’t Drop the Bride

Nobody thought about the possible consequences of having all the groomsmen carry the bride horizontally. The person who should have been most concerned is the bride herself, but she went along with it all the same. And as we can see, she paid the price.

Image: Daily Mail

Despite the size and strength of the groomsmen, they couldn’t quite manage it and the bride came tumbling down. We don’t know what would have made her more embarrassed on the day – the fact that seven healthy young men couldn’t carry her or that her wedding dress was now freshly grass-stained.

Literally Falling Head Over Heels for Her

When this couple imagined making their big entrance to the wedding party outside, this is probably the worst-case scenario they had in mind. The groom probably thought, “phew, I made it down the entrance steps so now can relax!” Unfortunately for him, he forgot about the sidewalk curb until it was too late.

Image: The Sun

The bride looks as if she’s trying to stabilize him but she knows it’s a lost cause. They both do. Possibly our favorite part of the whole photo is how none of the people on the groom’s side felt an urge to come to his aide. His now-legally bound wife is left to pick up the pieces.

Who Let the Cat Out of the Bag?

This cute couple was already up at the church alter when the bride’s train caught something behind her. As we can see, she tried tugging on the skirt of her wedding dress but that could only go so far. That’s because an adorable black cat had let itself in and found a comfortable spot, right on her white train.

Image: The Chive

Not only is the cat lying down on the train of the dress, but also the long veil as well. Of all things that could have gone wrong on her wedding day we doubt this is something she had in mind. But what really makes this image hilarious is that one of the wedding guests is poking his head into the frame from the side.

They Had a Falling Out

One wedding party had the worst possible luck when they were out taking pictures on a dock. Everyone was looking their absolute best for the wedding photos, and the bridal party was next in line to have their pictures taken on the lake. Unfortunately for them, the dock was experiencing some infrastructure problems.

Image: Travel on TV

The bride, groom, and all the bridesmaids came crashing into the lake when the dock collapsed. Clearly, they hadn’t considered the possibility that too many people would make the dock capsize. As we can see, there was a flurry of panic (as you would expect) as everyone scrambled to get out of the water. At least they have this amazing photo to remember the moment.

Get Into the Swing of Things

One of the things we love most about weddings is that people of all different ages get to boogie on the dance floor together, wearing their Sunday best. But this image highlights the biggest con that comes from this – mixed ability dancing. The look of regret on his face as he accidentally swings a child too far is just priceless.

Image: Icepop

The expression on the bride’s face isn’t much better, either. But funniest of all is the little girl’s face which is open-eyed in disbelief. Sure, it’s funny to look back on this moment now. But at the time, we’re sure all three of them were worried about how safely she was going to land!

Meet the Monster-In-Law

It’s bad enough if one of your guests turns up to your nuptials wearing their own wedding dress. But it’s a whole lot worse if it’s your actual mother-in-law. But that’s exactly what happened to the young woman on the right and as we can see, she’s not impressed. She told her Twitter followers: “My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter.” Unsurprisingly, no one could.

Image: Glamour

She explained what happened on the day: “I was getting ready… Then my mother-in-law walked in, wearing a wedding dress. I remember saying, “You could be the bride!” She cringed a little, and knew at that moment she’d made an error. Luckily, none of the guests brought it up to me (though I’m sure they talked about it among themselves).” Somehow, we find it hard to believe the mother-in-law really overlooked this wedding faux-pas.

Let Them Eat Cake

Not only are wedding cakes costly items, but they also take tons of man-hours to perfect. From evenly baked layers to detailed icing flowers, the whole ordeal should be worth it in the end for the ultimate show-stopping centerpiece. This is why this photo makes us physically sweat.

Image: Babydoll Weddings

Somehow, the cake has been knocked off of its tiered pedestal and looks like it’s heading for the floor. We can see the bride has lunged forward in desperation to keep the worst from happening, but all she’ll have left is some icing on her finger from where she scraped it. At least most of the cupcakes survived.

How To Sleep on the Couch on Your Wedding Night

This groom took a major risk carrying his bride into the ocean to take some wedding photos. Everything relied on him not dropping his new wife into the sea and ruining her wedding outfit. Not to mention her makeup and hair. Which is why this hilarious wedding snap has us cringing hard.

Image: Haberler

It doesn’t look like he dropped her so much as threw her into the air. Maybe his hands were getting tired and he needed an immediate break. Whatever his reason for tossing her into the sea was, we have a feeling he was made to sleep on the sofa that night.

An Unexpected Wedding Hazard

Having gorgeous wedding photos taken is essential for most people getting married. You want to remember the happiest day of your life and you want every detail to look just right. But no matter how much meticulous planning goes into the event, surprises often come up.

Image: Herald Weekly 

But we doubt this is the kind of wedding hazard anyone had thought about. This bride was innocently minding her own business trying to take wedding photos when an unexpected guest gatecrashed. It was a full-grown adult squirrel, who fell from a tree and onto her shoulder in what must have made the bride’s heart stop at the time.

Caution: Slippery Floor

The photographer should have thought a bit longer before asking this wedding party to jump in the air together. It’s a common enough wedding request, but the fact that they were outdoors after it had just rained was an issue. And the dock that everyone’s standing on is still very much wet.

Image: eBaum’s World

We can see that most of them have landed safely, but the groom on the far left hasn’t managed to keep his balance. With such a slippery floor, he’s about to fall and mess up his suit. We know he’s goner, but we’re wondering if the same thing happened to the bridesmaid on the far right.

You Can Never Have Too Many Flowers

Flowers are an absolute essential on wedding days. Whether they’ve gone for pink peonies or white hydrangeas, they totally set the tone for the event. But even little flower petals can pose a threat to brides around the world. As we can see, these particular newlyweds are under a vicious attack.

Image: Bored Panda

The bride is, at any rate. One of the wedding guests has gotten a bit too overzealous with the flower confetti and thrown it directly into the bride’s face. And she’s doing it with a big smile on her face, so no one can really get mad at her. Let’s just hope the couple’s eyes are ok.

Sliding Into Married Life Like…

This picture’s worth every bruise the groom procured from his unfortunate wedding fail. The bride and groom were leaving the church where they had just tied the knot, with friends and family waiting outside to cheer them on in their first steps as a married couple. But the groom’s shoes were more slippery than he’d bargained for.

Image: Herald Weekly 

Right on the last step he slips and lands on his backside. The musician on the left hasn’t noticed yet but the accordion player looks frozen in his tracks at the spectacle. And the bride seems so busy being center stage that we’re not even sure she noticed her new husband is on the floor.

It Seemed Like a Smart Idea at the Time

This bride had to learn the hard way that you shouldn’t horse around with quirky wedding photos on your big day. We can see her struggling to stay on the horse (or wedding unicorn) in this picture, but it doesn’t end well. Ultimately, the blushing bride fell into the lake after her stallion got spooked.

Image: HuffPost

The bride’s friend to the left remembers the moment well. She recalled how: “[The bride’s] horse loves the water and was playing in it. Next thing you know she’s rolled off the horse and landed in the water! It was hysterical – I will never forget it.” Maybe the horse was getting payback for strapping a unicorn horn to its head!

There’s Sharing the Love and Then There’s This

This groom didn’t wait long to break his marriage vows. Pictured outdoors, the bride and groom are waiting to join the rest of their wedding party inside. They’ve just finished the ceremony, but something tells us that the groom wasn’t really paying attention to the words. It’s more likely he was eyeing up the bridesmaid.

Image: Screen Humor

The groom is leaning in for a loving kiss with his new wife, all the while inappropriately touching her maid of honor. He’s forgotten that the cameraman is standing right behind taking photos. We don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but we can be sure that the bride had no clue at the time.

When the Mother of the Bride Knows No Bounds

One poor bridesmaid had the mother of the bride to deal with on the morning of the wedding. And nothing was going to be anything short of perfect on her daughter’s big day. As we can see below, she’s dragged the blue gown over to the ironing board to smooth out wrinkles in the dress.

Image: i-D

The only problem was, the bridesmaid was still very much wearing it and looks terrified. Then again, knowing how hot an iron gets who wouldn’t be? Luckily she doesn’t look like she’s actually there against her will, but this could definitely be considered overstepping someone’s boundaries.

Hold the Phone!

The groom’s iPhone didn’t stand a chance when it was dropped from such a height. Even if it was the latest Apple smartphone with shockproof technology, it would have a hard time making it through this groom toss. And to think, the happy couple were probably going on their honeymoon straight after.

Image: Newshub

It’s possible that he wouldn’t really care about damaging or breaking his phone because of everything else going on. But we doubt it. Smashing your phone screen has got to be one of the most frustrating things in life. We bet his mood went from on cloud nine to down in the dumps in no time.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Groom

This priceless picture perfectly captures the chaos that often ensues at a wedding. Everyone’s been drinking a bit, and what seems like a good idea at first might not follow through quite as expected. We’re sure all the bridesmaids had the utmost confidence in their ability to keep the groom off of the floor.

Image: Upbeat News

But obviously, they overestimated their abilities. The groomsmen looked on amused at what’s unfolding, but the bridesmaids have all sorts of shocked expressions on their faces. We love how the bride hasn’t even noticed – she’s at the top end of his body, which is still more or less where it should be.

Reasons Not To Have a Free Bar

Clearly, this couple was having a bit of a nightmare on their special day. Their wedding cake has split in half and toppled over, and the groom has rushed over to try and control the situation. The bride, Caitlin, remembers the whole ordeal: “One of our guests accidentally over-served herself during the cocktail hour.”

Image: A Cup of Jo

Caitlin continued: “[She] became quite intoxicated and fell on top of our wedding cake while we were in the process of cutting it.” But the couple wasn’t mad about it, and instead saw the funny side. “It turned into the best story, which comes up during all of our friend and family get-together.” Thank goodness for that.

Look What the Tide Dragged In

These newlyweds look as though they’ve been washed up ashore. But of course, what really happened was they fell whilst taken their wedding photos. The groom was carrying the bride but with the waves coming in, he lost his grip and the pair of them fell into the sea.

Image: BravoBride

Luckily, they had sand under their feet so it was a soft landing. And even luckier still, the bride is laughing at the whole thing. Not only did she ruin her wedding dress, but she can’t take anymore cute wedding pictures! Not unless she doesn’t mind the bits of debris scattered throughout the delicate weaving…

A Major Wardrobe Mishap

Oh, dear. It’s every guy’s worst nightmare. This poor guy should have sized up when buying this wedding outfit, as he’s gone and split his pants right at the seam. He also just happens to be one of the groomsmen, and this was only the start of the event. But what can someone do if this happens to them?

Image: Bored Panda

Not a lot – you just have to roll with the punches. Luckily, he looks like he’s taking it in his stride. And the bride, pictured pointing at him on the left, isn’t stressing herself about it either. But just to confirm; yes, his tighty whities were on show all throughout the wedding.

This Bride Has a Marilyn Moment

This photo was such a perfectly-timed Kodak moment that it actually won a photography competition with MyWed in 2016 that celebrated epic wedding fails. The couple opted for a circus-themed wedding, so the bride Celeste was dressed up as a retro showgirl. That’s her pictured in the center of the photo.

Image: Wedding Photography Select

Celeste hadn’t exactly bargained to expose herself to all the groomsmen, but that’s exactly what happened. She wasn’t wearing a traditional floor-length gown so when it came time for an air toss, her garter and bloomers made an appearance. And we’re very thankful this candid moment exists.

Drinking Straight From the Bottle

This bridesmaid forgot she wasn’t at the bachelorette party when she drank straight from the bottle. The wine (which just happens to be red) has spilled all down her pale dress, which not even a slice of bread can wipe away. She was being watched by the other bridesmaids, but not closely enough.

Image: Herald Weekly

Of course, she’d been drinking from a lot earlier in the day and didn’t realize her tolerance was quite so low. The other bridesmaids do not look happy because they still need to go take photos. Let’s just hope the thirsty bridesmaid was sobered up a bit before the shoot.

Questionable Problem Solving

This award-winning wedding photo is a joy to witness. The bride and groom were having their photos taken outside among the greenery, but they were exposed to the elements. It wasn’t long before the wind swept the veil right off of the bride’s head and up into the treetops!

Image: Fearless Photographers

It was too high to grab so the groom, groomsmen, and father of the bride went to the trouble of finding an extendable ladder. Their plan wasn’t to climb up it but to use the end of the ladder to detangle the veil. Yikes – hopefully, the delicate lace detail was intact.

Don’t Bring Me Down

This poor groom was let down by the bridal party – literally. It was time to take a photo of people holding up the groom, and what could possibly go wrong? The groom probably thought that with five people carrying his weight, it wasn’t going to be a problem.

Image: Cosmopolitan

It looks like the one who let him down first was the one with the guiltiest look on her face – the bride. And then the rest of the support system just came crashing down. Until one side had let go of him completely, while the other side was still holding his legs up in the air.

Putting Out Fires

If you think the role of the maid of honor is mainly symbolic, think again. Maids of honor are essential to the smooth running of a wedding. They’re on high alert for any obstacles threatening to ruin the newlyweds’ big day and are always running around putting out fires.

Image: Trivia.com

Which is why we’re so glad this photo exists. It shows one disgruntled maid of honor trying quickly to free up the bride’s very long veil. The bride hasn’t noticed it’s caught yet, but she’s only about a second and a half from being yanked down the church entrance stairs. Move with haste!

Going With the Swing

You can’t win them all. This happy couple was having the best day of their life, celebrating their love and commitment to one another in front of all their friends and family. The groom looked sharp and the bride looked beautiful. The icing on the cake would be some glamorous wedding shots.

Image: eBaum’s World

It was all going to plan until the couple decided to sit on a swing. Hanging above a big sandbox, the newlyweds perched on the seat, only to find themselves off balance and falling backward. The bride made it out of there with minimal sand in her hair, but the groom was a goner.

An Unexpected Bathroom Break

What is the real purpose of having a maid of honor as part of the wedding? Well, honestly, if you ask any bride, she will say it’s because there needs to be one person at all times to help hold her dress while she’s in the lady’s room. But according to this picture, it seems that our bride-to-be didn’t have enough time to make it to the bathroom. Is anyone else having flashbacks from the familiar and traumatic scene in Bridesmaids?

Image: The Kitchen

Poor girl got caught on camera in what we can assume to be a bathroom emergency. Thankfully, her hubby was by her side. Already fulfilling his vows honoring “in sickness and in health.” While we applaud him on the matter, we can’t imagine why they would let this photo slip through the cracks of their wedding album. Now the internet has it, and there’s no forgetting it.

There’s Something Fishy About This First Kiss

One of the key elements in every wedding is making sure you have an amazing photographer. After all, your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and it only makes sense to want every moment captured perfectly to look back on. And snapping a quick kissing photo with your partner is so sweet – but in this case, might have been a little salty too.

Image: Reddit/tumblr

The photographer may have taken the shot with sentimental value in mind, but goodness, could he not see the reflection in the glass? The bride is having a full-on make-out session with her husband and the shark in the tank behind her! And if we were this couple, we’re not sure if we would find this funny or a sweet moment completely ruined.

This Is What Happens When a Tropical Thunderstorm Rains on Your Tropical Wedding

A tropical wedding sounds lovely right? Plenty of sunshine, gorgeous views, and wonderful, warm weather. Sadly, what people tend to forget is that tropical weather needs to be taken into consideration with a tropical wedding. And if your weather reports are anything like the ones we get, they are completely unpredictable and can’t be trusted. It looks like our bride below was entering a “white t-shirt” contest instead of her wedding.

Image: Instagram / Del Sol Photography

Before the torrential downpour took place, we can only hope that the bride at least got some good photos with her hair, makeup, and dress, not looking like a dog in a wet sheet. Although weirdly enough, she seems to be enjoying every moment of this fiasco. Some people we’ll just never understand.

Her Best Friend Is His Worst Nightmare

They say a dog is a man’s best friend – well, in this case, we aren’t so sure. What should be a sweet and adorable tiny pup is giving us full-on angry lion vibes in this picture. While this may be the bride’s fur child and prized possession, we can’t help but think the dog is a bit jealous of his new dad-to-be. And though he may be small, his pearly whites are not.

Image: Fotógrafos de Bodas

The best part about this whole scenario is the bride laughing and enjoying every moment of this dog’s ferocious behavior. If this is what the dog is like now, we can only imagine what it must be like living with this grumpy pup on a day-to-day basis. Oh well, the husband had to know that when he decided to marry her, he was marrying the dog too.

Wedding Veils: The Reason Bobby Pins Exist

There’s nothing like a classic black and white photo to make a moment seem timeless. Clearly this wedding can be dated back several decades, but it’s the veil fail that totally gives the time period away. It’s obvious that bobby pins had yet to be discovered when this photo catastrophe took place.

Image: Woman’s World

While the bride is clearly in panic mode, the groom is as cool as a cucumber. Leave it to the groom to be totally oblivious. We can see it now – the veil blowing in the wind only moments before it took flight. Truthfully, her hair probably looked much better once the fabric flew off.

“Oops, Don’t Mind Me!”

When you choose to have your wedding in a public place, you have to deal with the consequences. And no matter whether you get hitched in a public park or take photos on the sidewalk, you can’t just tell the rest of the world to leave you alone while you take your photos. You just have to cope with other people as much as possible.

Image: David Perlman Photography

And it seems as though this mom and her baby were a little annoyed that they weren’t invited to this little shindig, so they decided to use their rights as members of the public to ruin this bride’s photoshoot. What was going to be a beautiful photo of the bride and her bridal party turned into a seriously awkward moment.

How To End the Day With a Bang

When couples dream of their wedding day, they probably dream of a day that really makes an impact. A day that they’ll remember and a day that will start and end with a bang. But we have a feeling that this groom took this notion a little too literally. So much so that he scared the bejesus out of his new bride.

Image: NZ Herald

While we know that no wedding would be complete without some bubbles, this groom probably shouldn’t have had a little boogie with his wife before poppin’ this bottle. We all know that shaking the bottle ends in disaster, but we guess this groom was too distracted by his newlywed’s beauty to use his common sense.

When You’ve Gotta Go, You’ve Gotta Go

Sometimes nature calls at the most inconvenient moments, and we bet this couple reconsidered their decision to have their dog at their wedding when this happened. Sure, getting your dog all dressed up for a romantic ceremony on the beach sounded like a good idea at the time, but they probably didn’t have too much fun cleaning its tutu afterward.

Image: The Sun

It was all going so well until the sun began to set and the dog got a little too comfortable on the beach. But we can’t really blame it. When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go, and if that means photobombing your parents’ wedding photo to do your business, then that’s what you have to do. The dog does look a little guilty, so we’ll give it some credit.

The Bride Should Always Be the Center of Attention

One of the best things about your wedding day is the fact that it’s your day. Not your guests’ day. Not your parents’ day. It’s YOUR day. And that means that you get to be the center of attention – no excuses. But it seems as though this horse didn’t quite get that memo.

Image: Cosmopolitan

While this horse was perfectly happy to give the bride a ride to the venue, it also wanted to get in on the photo action. And it’s clear to see that this horse was also more competitive than his horsey friend. When it saw the bride smile, this horse knew that it had the capabilities to smile even wider and brighter. So it did.

A Windy Day for a Wedding

The world would be a much easier place if we could all control the weather. But unfortunately that just isn’t the case, and instead we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and her wind, rain, sunshine, and storms. Many brides spend the days running up to their wedding nervously looking at the forecast to see what their wedding day will be like – and it seems as though wind was on the menu on this bride’s big day.

Image: David Perlman Photography

In fact, the wind was so high on the rooftop of this venue that it quite literally blew a bridesmaid away. All she wanted to do was make sure her friend’s dress was perfect, but she instead found herself getting hit in the face and falling off balance in the process. It doesn’t look like it was a soft landing, either.

Like a Red Rag To a Bull

This groom is wasting no time to test the marriage vow “in sickness and in health.” They’ve only just finished their ceremony, but something tells us he would have to wait to get to the wedding buffet. He’s going to need an ambulence in only a few short moments.

Image: Bored Panda

That’s because these newlyweds weren’t alone in the field when they posed for their photos. A huge black bull was on the premises, and he didn’t take well to the intruders. But we can only be thankful, as this has got to be one of the most perfectly timed photos in history.

Weddings Are a Breeze

We all want good weather on our wedding day. Not only does sun give you the best lighting for the wedding photos, it also gives us hope that there won’t be any rain. But we often forgot how much of a threat wind can be too. Especially if you’re having an outdoor event.

Image: BrightSide

Unfortunately for this bride, a particularly strong gust has almost swept her off her feet. It’s lifted the skirt of her dress so high, she’s partially blinded. And not to mention, the wind has revealed a hanging tag and the unsightly under-mesh that helps in giving the dress structure. A bit embarrassing.

An Impromptu Dance Solo

Weddings are a happy occassion, and on happy occassions there’s alcohol! So it’s only natural that someone should find themselves more drunk than intended. Unfortunately for this wedding, it happened to be the bride who drank a bit too much. Luckily for us, her friend was quick to grab a photo.

Image: Daily Mail

Whatever happened, the bride took to the dance floor but not with her husband. She gave what must have been the break dancing performance of her life, with her face planted on the floor and her legs up in the air. What we would give to have been there.

There’s Life in the Old Dog Yet

More and more these days, couples are opting to bring their beloved family dogs with them to the wedding. Who wouldn’t want their four-legged-friends present on the happiest day of their life? Well, as this photo proves, sometimes the situation can get a bit out of hand.

Image: Fearless Photographers

The newlyweds were busy taking some artsy wedding photos when the whole motley gang decided to show up. And the oldest dog either got confused and thought the dress was some kind of toy, or he truly is biting the hand that feeds him. Perhaps this is him actually just protesting the whole marriage altogether.

Attention-Seeking Feline

One couple had their romantic wedding photo shoot rudely interrupted by an unknown cat. Not only did the feline walk into the camera’s line of sight almost obstructing the bride completely, but it mooned the camera too. Right in the middle of a tender moment between the newlyweds.

Image: artFido

The proximity of the cat’s nether regions to the bride and groom’s faces is pretty priceless, however. We’re sure they laughed once they got their pictures developed and saw this one. Let’s just hope the cat wasn’t standing there the whole time.

One Grass-Stained Wedding Gown, Coming Up

If you can’t count on your fiance and maid of honor, then who can you count on? That’s what this bride was asking herself after her wedding photoshoot fail. Holding the bride horizontally like a prized fish seemed like a good idea at the time, but it didn’t as expected.

Image: Boredom Therapy

The maid of honor buckled under the weight of the bride’s lower half, and the groom wasn’t prepared to do all the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, the white wedding dress got a bit of a makeover after the bride hit the ground. Maybe she could tell everyone that she was going for that “rustic” look.

The Bride Shows Us Her Best Squat

This bride and groom were having a whale of a time when they were taking their photos. But this photo left everyone confused as to what they were actually doing. It looks as though the bride has swung her legs over the grooms’ shoulders, and has the skirt of the dress falling in between her legs!

Image: Daily Mail

But take a closer look and you’ll see it’s actually just an optical illusion. What looks like the bride’s bent knees are really the shoulders of the groom – he’s wearing a partially white waistcoat. The bride’s legs are straight and in a normal position, but this photo is playing tricks on us.

Did the Best Man Sabotage the Wedding?

Everything was going great at this wedding. The bride and groom were saying their vows in front of a picturesque pond out in the sun, surrounded by friends and family. But when it was time for the best man to give them the rings, he slipped on his way to the alter.

Images: USA Today (top and bottom)

The best man fell at the bride’s feet, and that knocked her off her balance. After all, she was wearing heels! She wobbled, and one wrong step landed her straight into the pond. Amazingly, this all happened right at the final hurdle. You can’t get more unlucky than that.

Not Even a Royal Guest List Can Keep You From Wedding Mishaps

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry made their way to Lady Melissa Percy’s wedding in 2013 – before Meghan was even in the picture! Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy (pictured on the left) was at the same event, busy helping the bride keep her veil in check.

Image: Daily Mail

It was an extravagant ceremony and the bride wore an exquisite dress, but the long train was a hassle to deal with. And that was a job for the bridesmaids to try and keep it from getting blown away. But it’s a comfort for us to know that even the rich have wedding day mishaps.

Taking Risks For That Perfect Wedding Photo Doesn’t Always Pay Off

What was meant to be a romantic and picturesque wedding photo moment turned into a fail when the bride slipped into the pool. She and her new husband risked it when they chose to stand on the edge of a pool for some perfect shots. Let’s hope they got the photo they wanted before she slipped.

Image: Bridelux

But the wedding photographer was totally on it and captured every bit of the wedding fail. Not only is this the moment before she gets completely drenched, but the groom is in a state of shock and laughter, and tried to lend a helping hand. It’s all in vain though – once the bride slipped, that was it.

A Less Glamorous Version of the Marilyn Monroe

Didn’t this bride feel the breeze on her legs? When this couple sat down on a bench to take some cute kissing photos, it seems they didn’t factor in the hooped petticoat. The only way for the bride to actually sit is to expose herself entirely, underwear and all.

Image: Daily Vintage

Now we know why so many brides opt for a figure-hugging dress, even if it’s a bit restrictive. At least they’ll be able to sit on their own wedding day! This bride was probably tired of having to stand and just gave in to the poofy petticoat’s wishes. And we don’t blame her.

She Has a Fist With His Name On It

Awkward moments can happen between the bride and groom at a wedding, too. In this photo, we can see that the groom has decided to take a phone call right in the middle of his nuptials. Now that’s what you call a guy who’s serious about his job! Sorry honey, but work comes first.

Image: ABC News

And as we can see from the bride’s expression, she’s less than impressed. Not only is she giving her soon-to-be husband a seriously angry look, but she’s also rolling her fist into a ball. We wouldn’t want to be the groom right about now – she looks about ready to give him a piece of her mind!

The Loving Touch of the Bride

There was snow outside, and the bride is wearing a stunning white gown. The wedding photos were going to be beautiful and serene, or so they thought. But when the photo came back they noticed that there had been an oversight on the day. It’s hard not to notice it, to be honest.

Image: Ranker

A maintenance worker had been outside, but he was in the distance and off to the left of the bride’s view, so no one thought he would get in the way. As it turns out, he was bending over just at the right time for his butt to align with the bride’s caressing hand. Talk about a perfectly timed shot.

Helping To Get the Bride Back Up on Her Feet

Putting a black-and-white filter on this photo doesn’t make it any less weird. The bride apparently fell over, but in the strangest way we’ve ever seen. It’s as though someone stepped on her hair and yoinked her backward, but we can see she actually has her hair in an up-do.

Image: Metro

And everyone – from the groom, to the mother of the bride, to the bridesmaid – is trying to get her back on her feet. The more we look at it, the more beautiful the composition is. It looks like something out of a religious renaissance painting, with venus in the middle and her maidens all around.

Not Everyone Wanted To Be There

This poor couple we just trying to take some cute “just married” photos while the bride’s hair and makeup were still in place. But they didn’t account for the fact that their flower girl would have a crying tantrum in the middle of things. Let’s hope the photographer’s not on the clock!

Image: Photographer Anhede

We can see the bride is trying to keep things cheery by forcing a smile. But the groom is pretty much fed up and just wants to get on with things. From the looks of this photo, they were just going to wait it out, or at least wait until her parents came. We wonder what made this little girl so mad!

You just Blow Me Away

Not only did this bride choose to go against tradition by throwing on a red scarf on her wedding day, but she just had to wear an extra-long veil too, which kept trying to blow away. As we can see from the photo, the groom was a bit concerned about just how long the veil would stay attached to her head.

Image: Shutterbug

It led to some pretty funny photos of them exchanging vows, however. The groom looks as though he’s unsure about going through with the wedding, and he simultaneously looks as though he’s about the tangled in the bride’s train. Aren’t weddings romantic!