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These Male Yogis are Breaking Stereotypes and Will Inspire You to Get Flexible From Home

We can all do with a little health and wellness inspiration right about now. Yoga is the talk of the town but how often do you see male yoga instructors making the rounds on Instagram? We thought it was high time we showed them a bit of love and appreciation, and maybe find ourselves a new fitness guru to follow.

These Male Yogis Will Inspire You to Get Flexible From Home4
Image: Instagram / Dylan Werner

Before we meet a couple of our favorites, you need to know about Dylan Werner. He’s the yogi on everyone’s minds at the moment, gracing us with his powerful poses and inspiring words. When he’s not traveling the world, he’s taking the most majestic photos of his practice and marrying his love of yoga with art.

He’s been paving the way for other men to get involved with the growing health and fitness trend. He focuses on strength training and his background as a martial artist comes in handy for that. If you’re needing that extra push in helping you better yourself, you’ll probably find that motivation with Dylan.

The Rasta Yogi

Meet the football player-turned-yoga instructor Derrick “DJ” Townsel. The former NFL player found himself getting sucked into the yoga world through videos online, initially feeling hesitant about doing it in public. Now, he’s certainly lost his shyness. He inspires thousands of men on Instagram to transform their mind and body along with him.

These Male Yogis Will Inspire You to Get Flexible From Home2
Image: Instagram / DJ Townsel

His trademark long Rasta dreadlocks having earned him the nickname as the “Rasta Yogi.” He’s even become a certified yoga instructor, hosting retreats in amazing locations around the world. If you’re looking for a holistic reset with the man himself, you can find him in Eygpt this year.

The Self-Confessed Mindfulness Addict

Another one to know about is life coach Dan Morgan, who credits his yoga practice as having helped him deal with anxiety. He preaches that “anything can be yoga, if you have the right outlook,” approaching his practice as a lifestyle choice as well as a good form of exercise. If you need someone to help ground you into the present, following Dan might be right for you.

These Male Yogis Will Inspire You to Get Flexible From Home3
Image: Instagram Dan Morgan

He may be all about the meditative benefits of yoga but that doesn’t mean he’s not showing off some serious agility on his Instagram. You can find him posting photos of him in all sorts of physically challenging positions, alongside images of his students at any level. He’s also a qualified sports therapist so you can feel safe in his advice. If you’re looking for a male yogi who puts health and wellness first, Dan’s your guy.