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These Romantic Moments Prove That Harry & Meghan Are the Cutest Royal Couple

Royalty and romance do not always go hand-in-hand. The royal family abides by a strict list of rules to keep up their respective reputations. One of these rules includes the banishment of all PDA. When we see royal couples in a magazine or even in public, they look pretty professional.

Aside from their wedding day, it’s pretty rare to capture a shot of a royal couple exchanging a smooch. We’re not sure how cute and romantic other couples in the royal family are, but after looking at these photos, it’s clear that Meghan and Harry are head over heels in love… Warning, you might let out an “awwww” here and there while going through these pictures.

A Lovely Smell

Meghan and Harry get their hands on traditional Australian ingredients.

Meghan loves the natural scent… Maybe she asked for a recipe or two.

Gifts From Tiny Sweethearts

Meghan and Harry get flowers from two cute kids at the Taronga Zoo.

Harry looks at the kids in the eyes and takes them seriously as they speak to him. These two will make great parents.

Meghan and Mama Time

Harry lets his Duchess and her mother walk ahead and get some alone time.

He may be left behind, but he loves the fact that Meghan’s favorite person is in town.

A Loving Gaze

Meghan and Harry took a tour of Mountain View Farm in Dubbo. They got down and dirty to help feed the cattle.

Meghan brought a banana-bread cake that she baked herself. How sweet of her.

Cozy Under the Umbrella

Later that day, the rain began to pour. The Duke and Duchess looked cozy as they shared an umbrella in the downpour.

Meghan looks at her husband with love in her eyes. PDA is forbidden for the Royals, but this was a great opportunity for them to get close.

Traditional Ceremonies

Meghan looks incredibly happy to meet members of the Maori tribe for the first time.

Meghan and Harry were welcomed with handmade, traditional necklaces.

Dressed Like Royalty

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex look like they’re attending the Golden Globe Awards.

Meghan’s stunning Fiji-blue-gown is perfectly complemented by her diamond chandelier-earrings. Harry pulled out his best suit. These two are downright dressed to impress.

The Biggest Smile on Tour

Meghan flashes a huge smile as a little kid from the crowd ran up to give her husband a hug.

The little boy ran over to hug Harry. In the video, he even plays with Harry’s beard and the prince had no issue with it. It may have been the cutest moment of their entire tour.

Harry and Meghan Meet a Cuddly Koala

The royal couple visited the Sydney zoo and got close to some cuddly creatures.

Harry was brave enough to pet the cute koala. Meghan watched and smiled.

Mental Health Awareness

Harry and Meghan met a few members of OneWave, which is a community of dedicated surfers who raise awareness for mental health.

Harry and Meghan hold this cause close to their hearts. The couple was so happy to meet the surfers and to coordinate together for the important cause.

Bumpy Boat Rides

Meghan Holds on tight to Harry’s arm on a bumpy boat ride at Farm Cove in Sydney.

Harry looks unphased by the rocky waters. He smiles and reassures his Duchess.

Some Creepy New Friends

Meghan and Harry met some interesting creatures at Wellington’s Courtenay Creative.

There they celebrated the capital’s flourishing art scene. Actors dressed as orks put on quite the show for the Duke and Duchess.

A Royal Wave to the Crowd

Meghan looks so cute when she wears her top hats. Her dress is designed by the Austrian label called Zimmerman.

Outfit aside, the two look incredibly adorable as they hold hands and greet the crowd below. Meghan looks a little shy but lucky she’s got a pro beside her, Harry.

Harry’s Favorite Fan, Daphne Dunne

Harry introduces Meghan to Daphne Dunne, the widow of Victoria Cross recipient Albert Chowne. Miss Dunne is 98-years old and has met Harry on two previous visits to Australia.

He recognized her immediately and went up to her to say hello once more. What makes this even cuter is that she hand made a card to congratulate him on getting married.

Squeeze Tight

Meghan is not used to all the Royal attention. Sure she was a celebrity before all of this, but now she has a reputation to keep.

Harry was born royal, so he knows the drill. He squeezes Meghan’s had to let her know it’s all ok.

The Classy Couple

The Duchess and her Prince attended a formal reception at Government House in New Zealand. The couple brought out the fancy gear for this event.

Meghan wore a cap-sleeved cocktail dress. Her straight neckline is a traditional Maori design, and it looks amazing on her.

He’s Always Making Her Laugh

Meghan & Harry look happy to be in Fiji. They exchange a loving gaze as they walk the boardwalk on Fraser Island.

These two opted for a casual chic look for this day in the sun.

Getting Down and Dirty

The royal couple drops the lavish life and heads out to a farm. Meghan pours a bucket of food for the cattle onto a bed of straw.

Harry gets ready to do the same. It’s wonderful to see how down to earth these two are.

The Royals Ride Public!

Meghan and Harry look super cute as they use public transportation around Australia.

Meghan holds up the Kangaroo doll she received upon announcing their pregnancy.

Harry Breaks Protocol to Give a Hug

Another superfan greeted Harry in tears. She let him know what a huge fan she was.

The fan could not stop crying so Harry, the kind man that he is, leaned in for a hug. In a later interview, the girl said this was her dream come true.

They Always Smile and Wave

The Royal couple holds hands as they arrive in New Zealand. Meghan and Harry wave hello to the crowd as they walk behind a representative of the Maori tribe.

This shows how famous and loved these two are on all corners of the earth.

He’s Got His Eye on Her Baby Bump

Meghan’s cute baby bump is quite visible in this dress. She arrived in Tonga wearing a custom-made dress by Self-Portrait.

Meghan struts in her heels while Harry keeps a close eye on his pregnant wife.

The Sweet Vacationers

How adorable is this?! Meghan and Harry look like they’ve got their vacation glow going on! Harry wears a tropical button down shirt and Meghan wears a flowy floral bohemian style dress.

They seem to have tried their hardest to look like commoners on vacation, but they’ll never be able to cover up that royal touch.

Guiding Her to Fiji

It’s day three in Fiji, and the couple still does not look worn-out by all the traveling.

Harry holds Meghan’s hand, guiding her through the crowd. Meghan is all smiles as she takes steps on a red carpet with Harry.

A Romantic Walk in the Park

Meghan and Harry went for a stroll in the park. They made their way through the Abel Tasman Park. Meghan ditched the royal look and went casual with a pair of Outland Denim black jeans.

They prepared to get caught in the rain and wore waterproof jackets. When Meghan is not wearing pumps, she has on her faux leather sneakers by Adidas and Stella McCartney.

He’s Always Got Her Back

Harry looks so cute standing behind his lovely Dutchess. They look like they’re posing for high-school prom pictures.

Harry is the best accessory Meghan could choose to go with her BOSS by Hugo Boss dress.

A Ring to Remember Diana

Meghan and Harry are adorable as they walk hand-in-hand to their first engagement in Tonga. Meghan’s floor length, white dress, reminds us of the day she married her prince…literally.

She honored Harry’s mother by wearing an aquamarine ring that belonged to the beloved Princess Diana.

He Can’t Keep His Eyes off of Her

It’s always so sweet to see the way Harry looks at his wife. Here is one of those special moments caught on camera.

Meghan is looking towards the crowd, but Harry can’t seem to pay attention to his surroundings. His gaze is locked on Meghan.

Meghan’s Filled With Joy

The Duchess spent the past few months touring part of the world she never thought she’d see.

The excitement from the travel and the news about her pregnancy gives her that special glow.

A Somber Event

Meghan stands by her husband’s side to support him while they open an ANZAC memorial in Sydney.

They both had a somber look on their face. Harry dressed in his official royal gear to show respect.

What A Gentleman

Harry helps Meghan walk down the steps, taking great care. Meghan wears a stunning trench coat designed by a New Zealand native, Karen Walker.

New Zealand was the last country this couple visited on their autumn tour. Under the coat, she sported a black dress from ASOS.

The Love Twinkle

Harry stands on guard looking left and right before they cross a busy road.

Meghan looks enthused by Harry’s careful efforts to keep her safe. The twinkle in her eye says it all.

Harry Smiles for the Camera

Prince Harry is not affected by the massive amount of camera phones! He’s lived life in the public eye for as long as he can remember.

Harry’s sweet smile and friendliness is part of the reason people are such big fans of him.

The Golden Sun

Harry and Meghan attend yet another formal event on this autumn tour.

The magical thing about these two is that they simply look happy together, and it shows.

Set to Grow Old Together

Meghan wears a cute blue shirt-dress that ties around the waist. Her baby bump is hardly visible at this point, but she seems to already have that motherly touch as she rests her hands on her tummy.

Harry has a light grey suit on, and it totally complements the color of Meghan’s dress. They look like a happier version of the couple in the famous American Gothic painting. All they need is a pitchfork.

Moving Meghan Along

No one can keep their eyes off of Meghan when she wears this designer dress.

Harry walks behind her and watches as she struts her stuff in an Oscar de la Renta special.

Meghan and Harry Are One

Meghan and Harry came a long way. They survived the vicious tabloids and grew stronger.

They walk down this aisle in New Zealand while all eyes are glued to them. Their love is so powerful, everyone around them can feel it.

Bae Watch

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are acting pretty silly. Meghan is cracking up while Harry’s making a funny face.

No matter how serious their duties are on the royal tour, they always find a way to smile and laugh.

Taking a Moment to Be Alone

Harry took Meghan aside to show her the beautiful blue waters. They’ve gone hiking, boat riding, and who knows what else, but they never forget to appreciate all the sites they get to see.

Money and luxury might not impress these two, but nature never fails to shock them. The down-to-earth couple is adorable.

Once Again, Showing Love for Kids

Meghan and Harry proved how much they love kids countless times on his tour.

Here’s another picture of them meeting their little fans and giving them their undivided attention

All Dressed for the Ceremony

These two are always welcomed with the utmost respect. When they visited this New Zealand tribe, they learned a new way to show respect.

As honorary guests, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received honorary garb, and they look very cute in it.

That Twinkle in Her Eye

Meghan loves Harry to no end. She moved all the way to England to be with him and left her family behind

But the biggest proof of her love for him is the twinkle you see in her eyes when she’s looking at Prince Harry.

Animal Lovers

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex got multiple gifts from fans. They’re used to receiving gifts, but the quantity the received on tour went up after they announced that Meghan was pregnant.

Meghan shows Harry the stuffed iguana that she got as a gift. They plan on giving it to their new baby.

Respectful Celebrities

Although they are Dukes and Duchesses, they’re huge celebrities and totally relevant in pop culture.

Every time you see them greeting fans, you’ll notice how respectful they are.. even when the fans do get wild.

Supporting Her Man

Meghan is a very outspoken woman. We can tell that the two act as a team rather than having one leader and one follower.

They always have each other’s backs. When Harry made a speech in the rain, Meghan was there to make sure he could continue giving his speech.

This Time Harry Returns the Favor

Meghan and Harry always have each other’s backs when it comes to rain. Last time we saw Meghan holding the umbrella over Harry.

But this time Harry’s sacrificed himself so that Meghan can protect her newly-done hair from the rain.

Royalty Everywhere

In England, royalty looks like diamonds, crowns, and fancy outfits on a regular basis.

But, this culture associates royalty with this traditional attire. For some reason, they look cute both ways.

Harry Reassures Meghan as They Walk to Church

Meghan has been in the tabloids for many reasons and many of them include rumors. All royal family members encounter these nasty moments, but Meghan is new at this.

Harry was cute enough to walk arm-in-arm with Meghan on their way to the church. She faces many loving fans, but she knew the world was watching her every move after the rumors about her and Kate’s alleged falling out. Meghan had no worries with Harry by her side.

She Laughs at All of His Jokes

You know it is true love when your partner laughs at all of your jokes no matter how nerdy they are.

Meghan sees just how nerdy Harry is being and instead of feeling embarrassed she just laughed at how cute his attempt to be funny was.

They’re Both Fans of Their Fans

The most humbling thing about these royal lovebirds is that they are total fans of their fans.

Here you see them getting down to eye-level so that they can greet the little kids who scream their names. They never feel too royal for things like that.

Harry Explains Everything to Meghan

Harry is really good at keeping his Duchess in the loop. She is new to all of this royalty stuff so he always takes the time to fill her in on important information.

Here it looks like she’s giving him the “don’t worry babe, I already know” look.  He’s got a smart gal.

Meghan and Harry’s Bright Baby Bump

Here are England’s cutest royal couple flaunting their growing baby bump. Underneath that bright red coat is an even brighter purple dress.

Harry holds Meghan’s hand as the two go for a walk in the cold. As usual, he is looking out for his lady.

Welcoming Their Royal Baby

On Monday May 6th, Meghan and Harry welcomed their first child into the world, an adorable baby boy. The proud father announced the news saying
“I’m very excited to announce that Meghan and myself had a baby boy, early this morning, a very healthy baby boy. Mother and baby are doing very well. It’s the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined.”

What a heartfelt announcement! And just look at the family photo that followed. The couple can’t even look up at the camera. They are too enamored by their royal baby. Of course, Meghan looks flawless even after just giving birth.