These Panoramic Photo Fails Are Masterpieces in Their Own Right

Thu Mar 24 2022

Most of us have experienced what it’s like to try and keep a steady hand while taking a panoramic photo. But sometimes, for reasons that are out of our control, the beautiful vista we try to capture gets warped, chopped, or stretched in the weirdest ways imaginable. The panorama is meant to capture a scene beyond the scope of our peripheral vision, but it doesn’t take much for the photo feature to distort some crucial aspects.

Taking a panoramic photo should be simple enough – once you’ve entered into your smartphone’s panorama feature, you simply move your phone from left to right continuously until the process is complete. It’s basically just a collage of photos seamlessly joined together to form one broad panoramic view. But, the feature has two essential requirements; the person taking the photo must be slow and steady-handed, and everything in the photo must remain completely still. Otherwise, chaos ensues, as you’ll see below.

The Holiday Snap That Reveals What She Really Thinks of Her Partner

All this couple wanted to do was take a cute couple’s selfie during their travels with a gorgeous view behind them. The guy on the left was grinning away while his girlfriend was giving us a smoldering pout. But weirdly enough, the photo came out looking as though she has a split personality.

It really makes us wonder as to what was actually going on. Does she have an evil twin sister? Is she about to throw up? Or is she simply trying to hold back a sneeze? It’s hard to say for certain. Either way, she looks as though she was experiencing some kind of conflict – we just hope her partner doesn’t read too much into it.

The Autumnal Snapshot That Makes a Monkey Out of Him

From what we can tell, this guy was bending down to get a better look at some of those gorgeous autumnal leaves. He didn’t expect that his companion would whip out their camera, take a panoramic photo of the public park, and capture him in a half-standing/half-squatting position.

Obviously, whoever their companion was, they didn’t have a very steady hand. Somehow – and we’re not quite sure how – they managed to warp this guy’s body so much so that he looks like an elongated silverback gorilla. He looks as though he stepped out of the front cover of an Animorphs book and come to join us in the real world.

The Panoramic Photo Feature Nose No Bounds…

The Borzoi dog breed is much loved by people for several different reasons. But arguably their most notable feature is their long, slender snout which makes them unmistakable from any other breed. That being said, Borzoi dogs are sighthounds who hunt using their exceptional sight and speed, as opposed to their scent.

But the panoramic photo feature appears to be making fun of the breed’s famously long schnozzle. We can only wonder at how this camera phone managed to elongate the pup’s snout and nothing else. Rather than looking like a majestic wolfhound, it looks as though it has undergone a species change and turned into an anteater.

The Milipede Baby That Blocks the Entrance to the Front Door

A cute little baby was innocently crawling along the floor of the sitting room when someone whipped their phone out to take a photo. All they wanted to do was capture this idyllic family moment, which in theory should have been easy to achieve. They also wanted to capture everyone in the room, which meant taking a panoramic photo, but they couldn’t have expected this nightmare-inducing image.

As they panned the smartphone camera from left to right, the baby crawled along the floor at the same time. And what’s left is this terrifying millipede baby that’s blocking anyone from leaving the room. The fact that the kid is smiling behind the couch just makes it all the more creepy.

The Photo That Gives New Meaning to the Term “Sausage Dog”

If you thought that the Dachshund dog breed had a hard enough time shaking off the term “sausage dog,” imagine how bad this pooch feels. Not only does his body resemble a hotdog, but his entire face looks like an uncooked frankfurter. It doesn’t even have any eyes.

In reality, this dog must have bowed its head down just as its owner was taking a panoramic photo. And in the end, the pup came out looking like an anteater/wiener dog hybrid that nobody asked for. Let’s just hope that science doesn’t get to the stage where it’s genetically modifying creatures like this into existence.

The Goat/Unicorn Hybrid That Should Have Never Been

Goats have been given a bad rep in life as they’re frequently associated with the devil. It’s something about their horns and hooves, or it’s something to do with the pupils in their eyes that makes people feel uneasy. But after looking at the panorama fail, we’re wondering if their associations with the devil aren’t justified.

We can’t even imagine what went wrong with the panorama to produce a creature like this. We’re looking at a mouthless, jawless, uni-horned animal with one eye awkwardly positioned on top of the other. In reality, this guy’s cameraphone has stitched two (or possibly three) different photos of the goat together to create this mythical beast. But we’re thinking, perhaps we should just go back to taking normal photos from now on.

The Little Girl That’s Dribbling Her Own Head Like a Basketball

The masterminds behind the panoramic photo feature have some explaining to do with this one. The little girl in the photo appears to be holding her very own head in her right hand and looks as though she’s about to drop it on the ground. We can hardly believe how perfectly-timed this panoramic photo fail is.

What really makes it impressive is that we actually can’t see the little girl’s right hand behind the unattached head. We don’t know how intelligent panoramic photo software is, but if it can eliminate specific body parts to make weird scenarios more believable, then who knows where it will end.

The Museum-goer Who Goes To Extreme Lengths for the Perfect Selfie

If you thought that buying a selfie stick was a step too far, wait till you see the expandable arm. This perfect-timed panoramic photo has captured a museum-goer right in the middle of taking a selfie or filming a vlog. Whatever the case, it left her with only one absurdly long limb. How could that happen you ask?

We have to assume that at the same time this panoramic photo was being taken, she was walking across the room at the very exact moment. Still staring down the lens of her phone camera, of course. We don’t know about you, but it feels to us like the odds of this being captured on camera are about one in a million.

The Moment Your Body Fails You but Your Spirit Lives On

We can’t help but feel nostalgic for vintage sitcoms when we look at this amazing panoramic photo fail. Someone tried to a nice photo of their dad at the beach with the gorgeous blue vista behind him. But they didn’t account for the fact that dad obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “stay still.”

It looks as though he found one particular pebble on the beach just too good to resist, and he simply had to bend down and inspect at that very moment. But the funniest part of this photo is arguably the comment section under this post. One commenter wrote, “Looks like he died and a family member made an awful attempt at photoshop.”

The Photo That Makes Us Think Black Cats Really Do Have Bad Luck

This poor kitty got swallowed up into a panorama black hole and it was left looking a little underfed. In all honesty, this panorama fail is pretty amazing. This person’s cat was left looking like a stick figure and it’s definitely not flattering. Luckily for the feline, the photo managed to retain both of its eyes.

This kitty actually made the rounds on the internet on two separate occasions, when someone took this photo and hilariously captioned it, “How your cat sees himself when he hasn’t eaten in almost an hour.” It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a lot of people online found it especially relatable!

The Photo That Captures a Man in the Middle of His Transformation Into a Giant

Perhaps if we were there at the time that this picture had been taken, we could understand better what was going on. But as it is, the only logical conclusion is that we can come to is that this man has been photographed in the middle of his transformation into a giant. That, or he’s been done dirty by the panoramic photo feature.

We don’t know how the panoramic feature managed to stretch his torso but leave the trees behind him more or less intact. It’s photos like this that make us think technology is purposefully trying to make a fool out of us. That being said, the guy didn’t need to stand up mid-way through the photo.

The Panoramic Photo That Captures Your Blood Reaching Boiling Point

The person responsible for taking this photo probably couldn’t believe their luck when they looked down at their phone and saw what had happened. One person who found themselves accidentally snapped in the panorama, and rather than stand still and wait it out, they tried to run away and hope for the best.

They didn’t foresee themselves not only being in frame, but also remaining in frame as the phone panned from left to right. Thanks to this spectacular panorama, we can see how this person went from fear to rage in only a few short steps, and we’re left wondering what happened to the photographer after. Judging by the final facial expression, this person was about to unleash hell.

The Picture That’s Worth a Thousand Nautical Nightmares

This incredible photo is a wonder to behold. Somehow, the person behind the camera managed to turn the phone a whole 45 degrees halfway through making their panorama. The result is an unbroken photo, but with a terrifying prospect. The guys in the dinghy look as though they’re about to fall off a great ocean cliff!

We’re impressed by how perfectly this unbroken image works. It really does look as though these men are about to take a life-threatening dive off of a waterfall. Even though it’s a simple panoramic photo mishap, we can definitely see this situation reappearing in our nightmares. As if the big blue sea wasn’t terrifying enough already.

The Dog That Ensures He’s Got All the Bases Covered for Falling Food

Some dogs are just ahead of the game. This one is lucky enough to live in a household where they have a built-in barbeque grill, and it’s currently in use. That means more opportunities for food to accidentally fall, and for this furry critter to eat up the scraps. With a neck this long, this pooch has got almost all the ground covered.

And if you’ve ever lived with a four-legged friend, you’ll know that that’s just how it works at home. Any food that’s dropped during transit from the plate to your mouth is considered to be a sacrificial food offering for the dog. Not that you have any say in that matter – before you can even register what food has fallen, your canine companion has probably already gobbled it up.

A Breakfast on the Balcony That Leaves a Lot To Be Desired

How did this panoramic mishap even happen? Somehow, the woman’s face is more than twice the size of the rest of her body. If you’re wondering why she looks so irritated, she just so happens to have finished her breakfast, and she’s definitely not a morning person, to say the least.

At least in this panoramic fail, we can see that the background behind her is also pretty warped. The chances are that the person taking the photo didn’t have a steady enough hand when they were panning from left to right. And as a result, they’ve unexpectedly turned their friend into the most perfect ogre we’ve ever seen.

The Labrador Who Halves His Body Weight To Run Faster

You’ve got to wonder what went wrong with this panorama fail. This pup was running towards the sea when his human took an opportunity to capture the good boy in action. They flipped over to the panorama picture option so that they could also get some of that gorgeous sea view in the snap.

In particular, we love how it looks as though this dog is racing against his own body – and possibly even losing? But not everyone believes that this is actually a panoramic fail. One internet user shared their theory, writing that these are two separate dogs who have been “rescued from a horrible laboratory where chicken and dog genes were mixed.” Interesting.

The Holiday Snap That You Really Shouldn’t Share With Anyone

Yikes. This panoramic fail is so unlikely, we couldn’t not include it on this list. The woman in the photo just wanted a cute holiday pic to share on social media, but something particularly weird happened. Her whole body got a little squashed as someone was taking the panoramic photo, but that’s not even the worst of it.

This woman’s legs have been so badly distorted, that they have ended up resembling the hind legs of an antelope. We wonder how this woman had to move in order to create such a bizarre illusion. Whatever she did, we would kindly ask her never to do that ever again during a panorama photo – it’s just too disturbing.

A Doggie Death-stare That Sends Shivers Down Our Spine

This is one of those panoramic masterpieces that takes a while to appreciate. At first, you may not have even noticed that there was anything too strange about this dog. After all, from the collar all the way until the tail, everything looks just as it should look with a dog. Everything appears to be in proportion, more or less.

But once you zero in on the dog’s face, it starts to get a lot more unsettling. There has been a tiny hiccup in the making of this panoramic, but it’s enough to turn a cute four-legged friend into a shockingly creepy psycho-dog. All we know is, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that this thing was under our roof…

The Bathroom Mirror That You Need To Get Exorcized by an Ordained Priest

This guy was feeling proud of a recent renovation job in his house when he asked his girlfriend to take a photo of him. He captioned this image, “When trying to make a panoramic picture of your new bathroom,” but was none the wiser that it had come out looking like the trailer for a Jordan Peele horror movie.

There’s a lot going on with his reflection in the mirror. The reflection has turned his head to look back through the mirror, the reflection has also gotten cross-eyed in the process, and possibly lost an arm as well. Whether the guy in the photo is at fault or the girlfriend taking the picture is to blame, we’re definitely getting modern horror movie vibes with this one.

The Picture Mishap That Sums up What It’s Like To Talk To Gen-Z

A part of us doubts if this photo is even a panoramic fail. Kids these days are always on their phones, and some of them have mastered the ability to focus in class while still messaging in the group chat. This person looks as though they’ve gone out for lunch with their mom, and they’re don’t want to stop doing what they’re doing on their phone while they’re in the middle of a conversation.

For some internet users, this “lazy eye” look put them in mind of Mad-Eye Moody from the Harry Potter series (if you know, you know!) But for others, this panorama reminded them of drunken nights out: “When you’re so drunk only half your body is aware.” Yep, you can say that again.

The Phantom Middle Finger That Tells Us This Was Taken on a Monday

This panoramic photo couldn’t be any more of a masterpiece. We can see there’s just a phantom middle finger, floating high in the air while this woman carries out her desk job. Of course, her cheeky smirk suggests that she had something to do with it. We don’t know if this mishap was done on purpose or not, but either way, we think it turned out perfectly.

There are a lot of things that can be said about this photo, but our favorite comment of all comes from one particular Facebook user that wrote: “This brings a whole new meaning to “a flying f*ck” I guess.” Personally, we also like the idea that some ghostly apparition was accidentally captured during a small window of time when it let it guard down.

The Kitty That Sat in the Bread Box for a Bit Too Long

Cats already have a reputation for being able to squeeze themselves into weird shapes. But this panoramic fail has managed to compress this cat into a shape that none of us have ever seen an animal do; a loaf of bread. We can picture just how snug it would be if we picked it up and placed it in a bread tin.

Interestingly, this squashed kitty actually has heterochromia iridis, which basically means it has different colored eyes. Perhaps this flattened feline is hoping that with one blue and one green eye, people won’t really notice the fact that it is missing a nose and a mouth. It does, at least, have one set of whiskers.

The Panorama That Leaves Little to the Imagination

The panoramic feature really needs to get its act together. When one half of a hiking duo set out to climb a mountain, they found themselves looking out at a gorgeous view. Naturally, they had to whip out their phone and take a panoramic photo of the stunning mountain view.

But when they went to look at the photo they spotted the problem – not that it’s difficult to see. The hiking partner’s right arm appears to have relocated to the space between his legs. In the end, it looks as though this guy has a third leg… or something of nature. That, or the view just makes him especially happy.

The Guy Who Can Carry a Whole School Bus on His Back

If we ever came across this confusing mass on the streets, we’d definitely be running in the other direction. This poor guy did nothing to deserve it, but he got caught up in a badly taken panoramic photo and subsequently multiplied his body mass by about five. We could honestly just stare at this image for hours, just wondering what went wrong.

Possibly the most troubling parts of this panoramic fail are the triangular edges between the legs. We know they’re just unfinished cut-outs of the guy’s thigh, but the way they’re positioned certainly does let the imagination run wild. Truthfully, this whole photograph is one big trip that has taken something very ordinary and made it extraordinary.