These Pets Are Caring for Babies & It’s Too Cute to Handle

The bond between babies and dogs is unbreakable. Things get pretty interesting when people have a dog and then have a baby. The parents are super nervous about heir dog’s reaction to the new little one. One moment all the attention was on the puppy and the next moment it all shifts to the baby.


However, what dog-parents don’t know is that their furry guy will not be jealous of the baby; they’ll accept it and probably think that the baby is theirs. So back off, this baby is not yours… it’s Spike’s! It’s pretty clear that there is no need for a babysitter in the near future. That job is taken care of.

Hey, What’s Under This Thing?

In addition to a dog’s protective instincts over a newborn baby, dogs also act as a kid’s best friend for life. It is almost strange, but dogs really understand that a baby is small and fragile. No matter what a kid does to their dog, there are almost no consequences.

Pets Kids 9

Dogs are able to handle their fur being pulled, tails getting tugged, and even having a routine dental check by a nonprofessional. That’s the beauty of having a dog because the only thing they give you is unconditional love… and a few messes every once in a while. The moment you see a dog just accepting the fact that its ears are getting pulled left and right by a kid, you begin to reconsider all the thoughts you had about giving it away.

No Way, and What Did She Say After You Told Her?

Kids and animals have an unspoken language. They always seem to understand each other even when they’re hanging out one on one for hours at a time. The cat and baby seem to be in some sort of deep conversation that involves a lot of drama.

Pets Kids 1

Who knows, perhaps there is a lot of cattiness out by the litter box and somehow this baby can understand it all. Although there is no study to prove the existence of this secret animal-baby language, we’re pretty sure it exists, especially after seeing this picture.

Who’s Thirsty?!

Although we mentioned how dogs become parental figures for young kids, sometimes kids try to be a parental figure to their dogs. For example, this baby right here is making sure his dogs are staying clean and hydrated on a hot summer day.

Pets Kids 6

Kids love imitating their parents, so when they are told to do things like take a shower and drink water, it makes them want to tell others to do the same. Pets are the perfect practice for this type of care. Once this kid grows up, he’ll be reminding his dogs to eat their vegetables and keep quiet at night.

Nap Time With the Best

Some couples realize they are ready to be parents after they see that they are capable of loving and caring for a dog. Other times, parents decide that a dog is a good way to keep a kid busy and teach him responsibility.

Pets Kids 5

Clearly, the parents of these dogs and this baby decided to just do both things at the same time. The plus side of having puppies and a baby around is that they get to grow up together. However, the downside to it all is that there will be a lot of potty training happening all at once.

Pets Do the Things Parents Don’t Want to Do

Parents are very busy people. Aside from running a home, working, and taking care of themselves, they have to somehow entertain their energetic kids while they cross off things from their list of chores.

Pets Kids 2

That is when a pet becomes the best thing that ever happened to your family. Pet’s are great company. For example, this girl did not want to color alone, so her mom and dad had the cat keep her company. The cat did not seem too happy about this activity, but it sure as heck did what its sister wanted him to do.

Play Until You Can’t Play Anymore

Cats and babies have a lot in common. They are both extremely fascinated with things like yarn and noisy toys. They also have the same favorite beverage…milk! Cats and babies have loads of mutual interests that make it easy for them to get along and play for hours.

Pets Kids 3

This baby and cat were hanging out and playing around until they could not play anymore. Surely their glasses of milk had them so drowsy that they were destined to fall asleep in the middle of their fun activities. This is one of the most adorable pictures we’ve seen yet. Just wait until you see how funny the next one is.

Ok, Now Take a Deep Breath in… And Breathe Out!

This little girl was concerned about her doggy’s health. She noticed that he doesn’t visit the doctor and after she learned how important it was to see one, she decided to check up on her best friend; her dog. This dog sat patiently as he had his health checked out.

Pets Kids 8

The little girl used her mother’s stethoscope and listened carefully to her buddy’s heartbeat. After seeing how well behaved this dog was at his “check-up,” we declare that he is worthy of getting a lollipop. However, we are pretty sure that a bone or dog treat would be a healthier and more appealing choice for this furry dude.

Hugs All Around!

If this picture is not the definition of a “Kodak moment,” then we do not know what is! Someone will have to explain to the little girl what a Kodak camera is in the first place, but that’s a whole different topic. These two cuties were out on the playground minding their own business.

Pets Kids 7

Suddenly, she spotted this adorable husky and ran right over to him. To no surprise, these two got along instantly and even played together for a moment or two. When it was time to go, she leaned in and gave the furry puppy a hug and said goodbye. It’s just crazy how instant friendship between a dog and a human is.

Hey Guys, We’re Just Hanging Out Over Here!

When we look at this picture we can’t help but wonder how in the world this perfect moment was captured. It looks like these two pals took a guy’s trip to Panama so that they could sit back, relax, and reminisce on the good old days.

Pets Kids 13

This picture is so awesome that we’re willing to go as far as to say that it is the best picture that has ever been taken in the history of time. Someone needs to make a Hallmark card with it. It is pretty clear that these two have many years of friendship ahead of them.

Getting Excited Over Spilled Milk

Parents always tell their kids not to cry over spilled milk. This saying tries to teach you that freaking out over something small is just a waste of time. All you have to do is clean it up and you are good to go.

Pets Kids 18

However, if you are a parent and you can’t figure out a way to get that message across, you should probably get yourself a cat. This little kid has learned her lesson! She knows that sometimes, spilled milk could also be a good thing, and that is a valuable life lesson she learned from her cats.

Hello, Are You in There?

This is the first time that the newborn baby and the dog met. At first, the parents were nervous about the official meeting, but they realized that their dog was super interested in his new sister. This dog walked over to the little baby and first tried to figure out who the heck it was.

Pets Kids 12

He even had to get face to face to her just so that he could understand what he was dealing with. This is a picture that captured the moment that one of the most important friendships in their lives began. How much sweeter can things get?

It’s Bed Time… For Everyone!

When mom and dad say it’s time to go to sleep, that means everyone has to get to bed… including the dog! Although this dog has his own bed in some corner in the house, he thinks he is one of the kids.

Pets Kids 19

The furry guy snuck out of his crate and snuck into his brother’s bed. When mom came to check on the kids, she found a little surprise under the sheets! Some dogs will always think that they are human and that is totally fine with us! How else would we get such incredibly adorable photos?

Drink Up Little Pup

True buddies take good care of each other, and that is exactly what we see here in this picture. The little boy is concerned about his doggy on a hot and sunny day. He wanted to make sure his best pal was staying hydrated, so he held up the hose to give him a drink of water.

Pets Kids 24

There is no doubt about how strong the bond between these two is. They are best friends for life and nothing will change that. Just look at how much love there is in this picture! It is nothing short of completely adorable!

Looking Pretty in Pink

These ladies had themselves a great time getting all dolled up. Surely, the baby is a lot more beautiful than the dog with an underbite, but they are equally cute! Looks cannot matter in these types of situations. It is all about love and friendship right here.

Pets Kids 22

They look like two girls who got dressed up for a tea party and are just loving their own outfits. All they are missing is matching manicures and pedicures for the event. Hopefully, when they are both old enough to put on nail polish, they will go to the nail salon to get pampered together.

Catching Up on Their Favorite Show!

There is nothing like watching the new episode of your favorite TV show with your best pal. You wait for it all week so you might as well watch it in good company. These buddies are chilling together on the couch and spending some quality time in front of the TV.

Pets Kids 21

The cutest part is that the dog has her arm around the toddler and is resting her on her head. If we did not know the difference, we would think this dog was a parent. It looks like the little kid is resting on his mother’s lap. The love is real right here!

Taking Care of Her Sick Brother…

This is one of the cuter moments we have on the list here. This little boy stayed home from school. He was sick with a fever and needed some serious resting time. His dog was so nervous about her little brother that she did not leave his side, even when he was asleep.

Pets Kids 23

What more could a kid ask for? He has a cold towel on his head, and a caring dog to keep him warm while he sleeps. This is the type of love that makes the world go round and round. One day, he’ll look back at this picture and appreciate his dog on a whole new level.

Little Puppy Kisses…

Whoever had their camera ready to snap this incredible picture deserves a round of applause. There is nothing sweeter than little puppy kisses. That is, unless you add a cute baby in there. This little guy was just playing around outside when his puppy came up to him to give him little tiny puppy kisses on the cheek.

Pets Kids 26

It almost looks like the little furry guy is whispering something really sweet in the boy’s ear. There is no doubt that this picture is getting framed and hung up on the wall back home.

When the Sprinklers Go Off, You Know It’s a Party

Dogs and babies love a lot of the same things. They are both fascinated by the mailman and garbageman and both love eating sweets and treats. Another thing they share is their love for sprinklers. Once those things go off, you know there is going to be a party.

Pets Kids 25

Dogs and kids get wild and jump around in the sprinkling water. There is nothing better than having a dog around in these kinds of moments. As an adult, you do not want to join in on the sprinkler party, but you can bet your bottom dollar that a dog would have no issue keeping your kid company while he or she does.

Look Who’s Feelin Like a Big Boy

The best thing about dogs is that they always make you feel big, no matter how small you are. This big dog took her brother out for a walk. However, he managed to find a way to make this baby boy feel like he is in charge.


Even though this dog can run away and pull the baby along with him, he let the little man think he was the bigger and stronger being who would lead the walk. While everyone makes the baby feel small, this tall four-legged angel made him feel like a big boy. Now, that is the definition of selflessness.

Snow Days Are the Best!

There is nothing better than sitting in a warm toasty home on a snow day. It’s the perfect time for the family to sit back, relax, and bond by the fireplace. This baby was lucky enough to have his best pal by his side.


He is even luckier about the fact that his best friend is actually very cuddly and furry. The two stood by the window to watch the snowfall. The baby was fascinated by the downfall snow, and the dog was probably more interested in whether or not the mailman was going to stop by or not.

And They’re Off!

These guys have been best friends for years. They grew up together as she got her dog when she was a wee little baby. They used to go for walks every single day, but once she grew up she was more occupied. Every time she leaves the house her dog has that “can we go for a walk?” face.

A1 1

She would like to be with her buddy but this is part of growing up. However, it seems like this dog will not give up on her. He’s jumped on her back like a backpack. Perhaps she could make her dogs day and take him to school!

Furry Kisses Are the Best Kisses

This doggy has been in love with his sister ever since the day her mom and dad brought her home. They are pretty much inseparable and are always looking out for each other. The beautiful golden’s favorite thing to do is give his sister a kiss after shes had a meal.


What can you do? Dogs will do anything for a taste of human food! With this type of dog, there is no need for a napkin. However, it is important to add that, although the kisses are motivated by food scraps, they all come from the heart!

Pets That Pray With You

These guys could not be any cuter. His dog sees him pray every single night. Eventually, the dog picked up on the habit and learned to do the same thing just so he can find another way to spend more time with his pal.

Babies and Pets 2

Every night before bed, these two get together and say their thanks on the side of their bed. He prays for his dog and he believes his dog is praying for him. We’d guess that he asked for more walks and playtime with his brother. Next thing we know, we’ll see this dog at Church on Sunday.

The Roles Reversed

Usually, kids think that their pet is their horsie. It is not a rare sight to see your kid trying to ride their dog or their cat. However, this kid was kind enough to give his kitty a fun ride around the house.

Babies and Pets 5

After mommy explained that the kitty is too small to ride, he realized he’s big enough and strong enough for his kitty to have a ride. Although the cat was probably terrified, the gesture came straight from the heart. He wanted his favorite pal to have a good time.

Here You Go!

Moms and dads try their hardest to make sure their kid stays hydrated while their out playing. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t really monitor every moment. The parents of this girl have no need to worry at all.

Babies and Pets 11

Her dog learned how to work the water fountain in the park. This makes drinking water actually fun and cool. For those of you who didn’t believe that dogs can care for humans, here is the picture to prove it. If these aren’t serious parenting instincts, then we do not know what is.

Best Friends Go to the Doctors Together

Dogs are a big help for parents. They always need a little distraction for their kids especially when it comes to the tedious things like waiting for their turn at the doctor’s office. Sometimes toys are not enough to keep a kid distracted but there is something about dogs that always does the trick.

Babies and Pets 14

This baby seems totally chill about the long wait in the doctor’s office. She has her best friend by her side whose keeping her calm cool and collected. Now, mom can go to the help desk to sign in without having to worry about trying to stop her baby from crying.

Nap Time With His New Furry Pal

This baby just got a new dog and they seem to have hit it off the moment they met. His mom let him and the new puppy roam around the house together. The idea was to tire him out so that he could easily fall asleep at nap time.

Babies and Pets 4

What she did not expect was to see them both passed out in bed. And it was not just any bed… it was her dog’s bed. This situation is not ideal and maybe a little unsanitary, but you have to admit that this is the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life.

Hey, What’s Going On Out There?

This moment is almost too cute to handle! Hopefully, it doesn’t cause a cuteness overdose. This dog and boy seem to be looking to make new friends. They look out and over the wall to find two people who might want to play!

Babies and Pets 7

When the little boy saw his dog run to the wall and look over, he got really curious and ran over to see what was going on. Kids and dogs are similar in the way that they are always curious about what is happening. That is why they make the best team together.

Have No Fear, Kitty is Here

Sometimes kids get scared of going on the swing and that is totally understandable. Flying up into the air and coming back down is a lot to handle for a little kid. However, all fears were put aside for this little girl.

Babies and Pets 1

She might have been scared to play on the swings but now that she has her cat with her, there is no need to worry. It almost seems like she is the one who is comforting her cat and not the other way around. Together they are having the time of their lives and it is absolutely adorable.

When The Baby Sitter is Out of Town…

Dogs make the best babysitters; just take a look at this photo and you will know what we mean. These twins were having some tummy time while mommy and daddy were busy doing some household chores. Sometimes it is really hard to get a hold of a babysitter, but this family had no worries about that.

Babies and Pets 22

They have a dog who looks like she made an oath to guard these twins with her life. She looks serious as ever and we doubt anyone can get passed her. These are the moments when we understand just how much dogs love us and how much we need to love them.

His “Ride or Die”

The best part about dogs is that they are ready for any adventure you set them to. Going to the beach, going for a walk, sitting by your desk all day at work are all things that dogs enjoy doing. The key factor is that they are spending time with you, that is all that matters to them.

Babies and Pets 18

This dog is clearly his owners “ride or die.” This does not look like their first rodeo and it sure as heck is not their last. They have loads of adventures ahead. But as of now, they have a mission to complete and this mini tractor is their get-away car.

Learning to Read Together

Getting a kid to sit down and do his or her homework is something that every parent has a hard time doing at one point or another. You can’t help the fact that kids have loads of energy, so you have to make sure they are fully entertained if you want them to focus.

Babies and Pets 16

This kids parent discovered that their son reads best when he thinks he is teaching his dog how to read. One day he will figure out that his dog will never be able to read him a book. For now, they let him think that he will.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring. That is a statement that most parents try to instill in their children’s minds from an early age. However, when you are so young, sharing is tough. You love whatever is yours and you are not interested in sharing it.

Babies and Pets 17

On the other hand, when kids have pets, they seem to have no issue sharing, especially when it comes to food. Kids love sharing their food with their pets. As they get older they learn that if they give their dog some vegetables from under the table, their mom might not suspect a thing.

This Cat Has a New Pet

Although people buy different pets for their children, sometimes these pets get the wrong idea. While most of the time, pets understand that humans are their masters, there are always exceptions to this rule.

Babies and Pets 19

For example, this cat seems to think his parents got him a new pet… a baby! He has his arm around the kid as if he were a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. Clearly, the cat has the wrong idea but at least we know that he loves his new “pet,” and is not jealous of it. There is always a bright side!

Time For a Diaper Change

By the look of this dogs face, it does not seem like she understands that it is not her diaper that needs to be changed… it is the babies. These girls do everything together.

Babies and Pets 21

They play together, eat together, go on walks together and clearly, they stick by each other’s side through the tougher times. When mom laid down this blanket and laid her baby down for a diaper change, the dog thought she had to do the same thing. Although she looks totally terrified it is nice to know that they have each other’s backs.

This Cat Ain’t Having Fun

The thing about pets is that they love us humans so much that they let us do anything we want with them. Some people put makeup on their dog while others paint their nails. This girl carries her cat around like it is her baby.

Babies and Pets 8

In a sense of caring, she could be like a mother to the cat. However, she is still young and has absolutely no idea why how much terror she has instilled in her cat. One day she will look at this picture and appreciate her furry pet on a whole new level.

Costume Partners!

If you ever wanted to avoid dressing up in an embarrassing costume with your kid on Halloween, the best way to do it is by getting them a dog. You will never have to put on a silly hat or look like a scary monster ever again. Dogs are always down to be part of your kid’s costume.

Babies and Pets 13

The reason Halloween is a great day for pets is that, if they dress up with you, that means that they get to be by your side the whole night. These two buddies look super happy to be costume partners!

What Is This Little Thing?

Dogs in particular are always curious when a new baby comes into the house. They are confused and curious about who this new family member is. Dogs usually sniff the baby as much as they possibly can to get a sense of the foreign creature.

Babies and Pets 20

Dogs are also really careful when it comes to small babies. Once they understand that the baby is part of the family, they will take care of them in any way possible. This dog is super excited about his new brother and can’t wait until he wakes up!

There, There Little Kitty

These two met only a little while ago and they are already in love. This girl has been asking for a cat for a long time and eventually her parents decided it would be a good decision to get her one.

Babies and Pets 6

The terms and conditions were that she take care of and love it with all her heart. Surely, she had to take on some of the chores revolving around caring for a cat. So far, it seems like she’s smitten and will not let her new kitty out of sight.

Can You Tell How Much They Love Eachother?

Sometimes parents are worried that a big dog will be an issue around their small, little baby. The fear is totally rational and most parents think about it once in a while. When this dog saw his new baby sister, all worries went away. They bonded instantly. The baby was not scared of the dog and the dog was not jealous of the baby. It was as if they formed an alliance.

Babies and Pets 12

Now, the only people who need to be jealous of a strong bond are the parents. It looks like they will have to do a lot to compete with their dog for their baby’s love.

Dogs Are Angels on Earth

Something we can’t understand is how far a dog’s love for us humans can go. The only way to know is if you have a dog of your own. Dogs are pretty much angels on this earth. No, they do not have wings and they are quite furry, but they are also miracle workers.

Babies and Pets 15

Dogs give love to everyone and can especially love and care for people who need it the most. They provide a strong trusting bond to those who do not have the opportunities that most people have to get out and play.

The Gang Is All Here

Dogs serve as the best friend a person can have. Kids quickly learn that they can trust a dog to play with them. This kid and his dogs are clearly an unstoppable gang. They have a close bond and will probably have loads of fun together as they grow up. Their first adventure was in this mini outdoor tent.

Babies and Pets 10

Although it seems extremely small, it looks like they figured out a way to make room for everyone. It is simply a bond that cannot be broken. They love each other and nothing will change that.

Loves Long Walks on the Beach

Dogs are pretty much the perfect match for any kid. They love to play, they share, they teach responsibility and they will join you on a fun trip to the beach. This kid has his dog by his side and he is showing him some love.

Kids and Pets 2

With a big dog like this, there is nothing to be afraid of. These two have the time of their lives and the happiness they share is written all over their faces. It is more than clear that the love between this dog and his brother is totally mutual.

Secrets are Very Fun!

For some reason, it looks like this baby is telling her dog a secret. Perhaps the shared language between pets and children is a real thing. The dog looks like he is getting the whole scoop. You would have to be in complete denial to say that it does not look like the dog is understanding what his baby sister is saying to him.

Kids and Pets 5

Even if, in real life, the dog has no idea what is going on… their bond is looking super strong and that is the beauty of their trusting and loving relationship. They will be the best of friends and that is for sure.

It’s Always Nice to Have a Helping Paw

The thing about dogs is that they know just how to love each and every person in the world. They do not have a preference, they just give love unconditionally. This kid is autistic and gets anxious at the doctor’s office.

Kids and Pets 10

He recently broke his hand, and he needed his best buddy to go with him to get a cast. Normally, the doctor’s office is a lot more difficult for him to endure. However, this time he had a helping paw by his side. His service dog was with him every step of the way, making sure that his buddy would feel safe.

No Rolling off the Edge

One of a parent’s biggest concerns is leaving their baby to nap on any surface that is above ground. Babies can roll over in their sleep and can unexpectedly fall off and hurt themselves.

Kids and Pets 1

That is why cribs are guarded with bars. When this baby went down for a nap on the couch, his dog knew exactly what to do. His parental instincts kicked right in. The dog placed his head on his new baby brother’s back to make sure that no risky rolling could occur during nap time.

Hey, Check Us Out Over Here

Dogs have a thing for wanting to be involved in every activity that their family does. Apparently, that includes getting a diaper changed. This baby was due for a clean diaper and the dog did not want to feel left out.

Kids and Pets 3

He probably thought his sister was getting a good old belly rub and wanted one for himself. Just check out the look on his face. If only he knew what was really about to happen; he would be heading in the other direction.

Good Old Chats Over Lunch

The funny thing about this picture is that it looks like this little boy is chatting about his life problems with his cat. Lunchtime is a great time to have a serious chat and even ask advice from a friend.

Kids and Pets 6

It is the time of the day that you are free to think about everything that might be bothering you, and that seems to be what is going on here in this picture. The cat headed out for lunch and his best pal came to sit and chat with him.

Therapy Dog to the Rescue

Sometimes it takes a lot more than procedures, medications, and bandages to make people feel better. What people need above all else is love and care, even if it comes from a really hairy face.

Kids and Pets 8

This dog is on a mission to help all of the children in the hospital heal. His special powers put a smile on kids faces during a time that they need one the most. Not all heroes wear capes… they sometimes wear collars and bandanas! If you don’t believe us then look at this picture… it says it all. Happiness only a paw print away.

Dogs Don’t Think You’re… Strange

Have you ever thought about how awesome it could be to live your life on a whim? For example, there is a lot of excitement about wearing a costume in the middle of the day and that is mainly because it is awesome.

Kids and Pets 7

A lot of times people do not do things because they fear that the people they care about might judge them. However, as you can see, dogs will have your back in any situation. This pup is going about a regular routine, searching for the best spot to go to the bathroom as if his owner were not dressed like an astronaut in the middle of the day. Now, that is unconditional love!

She is Always by His Side

Comfort dogs get their name for a good reason. They offer the love and support that an individual need at any moment. Some of us need a comfort dog when we are scared or just when we are watching a movie at home.

Kids and Pets 9

However, others might need comfort animals round the clock. This dog lives to protect her friend. She is medically trained to help him relax when he is unable to do so himself. They grew up together and will conquer any challenge together. These are the pets that lead us to believe that angels really do walk the earth.

Kitty Selfie. Friends For Life

This kitty is sitting next to her new sibling and it already looks like they have been best friends for years now. This picture could even be captioned “hanging out with my day-one homie.” That is the special thing about pets. They do not need time to get to know you.

Kids and Pets 4 1

Once you are part of the family, they automatically love and protect you. These two are too cute for their own good, and together, they are unstoppable. We bet that any parent would have a really difficult time refusing to give these cuties what they want. Forget the “puppy-face,” the kitty face is just as cute.

Look Who is on Baby Watch

Watching a baby is pretty tough. There needs to be twenty-four-hour surveillance on the little thing because you never know when he or she will wake up hungry! Most parents decide to have mercy on one another and watch their babies in shifts.

Pets Kids 20

One person sleeps and the other is on guard. It looks like this dog is willing to sacrifice some quality time that he normally would spend chasing his own tail to watch the new baby. He has his head on the baby’s blanket and will make sure to guard it. Perhaps he’ll take over the morning shift. What a good dog…

The Mail Man is Coming!

Something that both babies and dogs have in common is their fascination for the simplest of things. For example, these two in the picture love watching the mailman do his thing! He pulls up to the driveway and drops letters into the mailbox… how awesome is that?!

Pets Kids 17

The best part is that they have the best seats in the house. Even though this happens almost every day, the baby and her dog will not miss it! That is why they get along so well. Once she grows up and totally forgets about the mailman, they’ll be going on walks around the block and having the times of their lives.

I Challenge You With This Card!

We might be totally wrong, but we are pretty sure that this cat has no idea what is going on in the game, but he seems to be pretty into it. The cat is hiding his card, trying not to reveal what he’s got in store when it comes to his turn.

Pets Kids 16

Or, the more likely situation is that this cat just decided he wanted some attention so he snagged a card from his buddy. Either way, these two look completely happy to be hanging out with each other, even if they are not playing the same game.

Better Than a Teddy Bear

Some kids can’t go to sleep without their special blanket or teddy bear. However, the next best thing to any inanimate object is a cute little dog. You don’t need to patch-up a dog, and as a kid gets older, his or her attachment to their pet remains relevant.

Pets Kids 4

The hardest part of growing up for some kids is having “the talk” with their parents about why it is just not socially acceptable to carry your bear out in public after a certain age. Kids can love their pets until they become adults… not to mention, dogs are way more cuddly than a stuffed animal.

Cat: “Good Luck in There”

Babies and cats like a lot of the same things such as small toys, yarn and loads of milk. However, they also dislike a lot of the same things as well. Cats and babies dread hearing the word “bath.” Cats are known to hate going anywhere near water, and some babies can’t stand having a bath.

Pets Kids 14

These two are looking at the imminent doom that is the bath. This cat totally feels the babies pain and will probably leave the bathroom once it becomes an official splash zone. It even looks like the cat is wishing his baby friend good luck before he goes into that terrible place!

Are There Any Words for This Picture?

To be completely honest, the Popular Everything team was taken aback when they saw this picture. It is the sweetest thing we have ever seen and there was no going around it. These adorable cuties look like they are having the time of their life as they play on the floor.

Pets Kids 11

Not to mention, this cute dog is giving the baby girl a look that mothers give their babies. Sure, he is hairy and does not look like us humans, but he surely loves just as much as we do. Whoever put this up on the internet; we are forever in debt to you!

If You Want to Get to Him, You’ll Have to Go Through Me

This cat is not going to handle and accept any funny business whatsoever. He has his eye on that baby and no one will ever have a chance to mess with him. For some reason, this cat reminds us of a bodyguard or a super selective doorman.

Pets Kids 15

He has the look that will send you running down the block faster than you can say “meow.” Even though that baby is super cute, it’s probably a good idea to stay back. Who knows what this kitty is capable of. This is the definition of true love! Anyone who has a cat should totally trust it to take care of your baby.