These TV Stars Are Still Rolling in The Big Bucks: Here’s How Much They Still Make for Their Most Iconic Roles

    For these iconic stars, landing their big break in a hit TV sitcom or TV show really was the dream. Although some actors lust after movie careers, a TV series can be an instant way to catapult your way to fame. These shows can offer a steady cash injection and can even help win the hearts of a nation. Plus, these shows can spin a small fortune. They can be re-run for years on our screens, even after the show has wrapped up.

    Image: Entertainment Weekly

    From Seinfield to The Brady Bunch, these stars became household names after starring in some of these iconic shows. Even though some ventured out into movies, many of these actors are still adored by fans for their most recognizable TV roles. We now can’t imagine TV life without them. So let’s see why these small-screen stars are still smiling, and see how much fortune they really still rake in from their iconic sitcoms and shows.