These Two Medical Residents Didn’t Let the Pandemic Stop Them From Tying the Knot

    Social distancing measures are important. And due to their implementation, we are finally starting to see the spread of the contagion slow down. We know it’s hard to not see your friends and loved ones, but it’s necessary. One area of the social sphere that was particularly devastated is the wedding scene. But against all odds, two lovers from Duke University in North Carolina managed to get hitched despite quarantine and social distancing.

    Image: Twitter / Duke University

    Shelun Tsai and Michael Sun are medical residents, and they got engaged before the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic ruined their plans and seeing as they are frontline medical workers (hats off to them!), their lives now consist of work and sleep. When they’re not at work at the hospital, they are under strict quarantine directives.

    Putting Their Lives on the Line

    This period has not been easy for anyone. Not least among those plagued by hardship are the world’s medical staff. They risk exposure every day. In some places, they lack proper protective gear. Often, they can’t stay with their families for fear of infecting them, so we offer our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of them. You are our heroes.

    Image: Twitter / Duke University

    In light of the impossible nature of the lives of healthcare workers these days, it’s absolutely amazing and super heartwarming to see healthcare couples making it work. When things started heating up, Shelun Tsai and Michael Sun decided to cancel their wedding. They were sad, but they acknowledged that there was no other choice. And because of social distancing, the couple has had to see each other only online.

    Love and Creativity Prevail

    Then, love and inspiration mingled and conspired to generate an amazing idea. Shelun, who works in the obstetrician/gynecology department invited Michael to her ward through a Zoom call. He connected, and the lovebirds managed to get things all set up.

    Image: Twitter / Duke University

    Then, an impromptu ceremony began. Friends and family also joined via Zoom. Everyone was in scrubs and masks, and the celebration was complete with bridesmaid nurses and a paper bouquet. The pair ended the day as a married couple!

    Image: Twitter / Duke University

    Everyone was thrilled, and their coworkers took to social media to document the touching event. We wish Shelun and Michael tons of love and health, and we appreciate everything they are doing for the world. May they live happily ever after! They deserve it.