These Winter Olympians Probably Earn More Than You Thought They Did

Thu Feb 10 2022

In the past, the Winter Olympic Games have always been overshadowed by the summer event. But now, the tides have turned and winter sports are given much more time, attention – and most importantly, they’re given way more money. This has allowed snowsports enthusiasts across the globe the chance to turn professional and fight for a bronze, silver, or gold medal. And in 2022, these athletes have made their way to Beijing for their chance to win big.

While they’re still not as famous as summer Olympic athletes like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Simone Biles, these winter sportspeople are still making some serious bank. Through their sponsorship deals, their endorsements, their social media standing, and their sporting prowess, they’ve become millionaires. In fact, the richest winter Olympian competing at Beijing 2022 is worth a hefty $60 million.

Chloe Kim – Snowboarding – $400,000 Net Worth

Fans of snowboarding – particularly the halfpipe – will know that 21-year-old Chloe Kim already has a hugely impressive career under her belt. At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, she became the youngest female snowboarder in history to win a gold medal. Of course, it was a no-brainer that she would also qualify to compete at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chloe’s talent on the slopes has earned her some lucrative endorsement deals over the years, and she’s become a huge figure on social media – something that’s helped to bump up her $400,000 net worth. She’s also appeared in a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes commercial, she’s had a Mattel Barbie made in her likeness, and in 2020 she even competed on the fourth season of The Masked Singer. If she continues this way, she’ll be a millionaire in no time.

Mikaela Shiffrin – Alpine Skiing – $3 Million Net Worth

Slalom extraordinaire Mikaela Shiffrin will be looking to make her mark on Beijing 2022, and fans of her sport and the sportswoman herself already know what she’s made of. She’s already had two Olympic gold medals hung around her neck, and she’s won the Overall World Cup three times. With wins in all six Alpine Ski World Cup disciplines, she’s broken records across the board.

Her dedication to bring back the gold for Team USA has made her a fan favorite, which has, in turn, allowed her to welcome sponsorship deals and endorsements to bump up her $3 million net worth. And when she’s not practicing or resting after a long day up the mountain, she can be found posing for magazines or appearing on TV talk shows like David Letterman’s Late Show.

Kendall Coyne Schofield – Ice Hockey – $2 Million Net Worth

Ice hockey may not be quite as popular as the likes of snowboarding and skiing at the Winter Olympics, but there are still countless die-hard ice hockey fans out there. And most of them know the name Kendall Coyne Schofield. This American ice hockey player previously won a gold medal with Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and she’s considered to be one of the best the team has to offer.

This lady is so in demand that she’s been offered many other jobs to showcase her skills. Not only has she been a color commentator for the San Jose Sharks hockey team, but in 2020 she also became the Rockford IceHogs player development coach. With so much talent under her belt, it’s no wonder Kendall is worth $2 million.

Lolo Jones – Bobsled – $1.5 Million Net Worth

Fans of the Summer Olympics will be familiar with Lolo Jones. During the summer months, she makes her mark as a professional track athlete – specializing in the 60-meter and 100-meter hurdles. During the winter months, though, she keeps her heart race pulsing and her legs moving by competing as a professional bobsled rider. Lolo Jones serves as the brakewoman on the U.S. national bobsled team – but sadly she wasn’t chosen for Beijing 2022.

As one of just a few athletes who competes in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Lolo Jones has become a huge celebrity. Outside of her sporting endeavors she’s posed for magazines, appeared on talk shows, competed on Dancing with the Stars, and has even tried her hand at acting. This, coupled with her intense social media presence, means that she has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Red Gerard – Snowboarding – $1 Million Net Worth

At just 21 years old, Red Gerard is a part of a new generation of snowboarders looking to make their mark in Beijing in 2022. But that’s not to say that he hasn’t already. Gerard made his first Winter Olympics debut in 2018 when he competed in the slopestyle and big air events – and he won gold for his slopestyle performance, even after partying too late the night before, and sleeping late the morning of the event.

Despite his young age, Red Gerard has excited brands with his youth and his obvious talent – which is why brands like Mountain Dew and the Toyota Motor Corporation have paid him the big bucks. With his $1 million net worth under his belt, Gerard has paid to have his own miniature snowboarding park complete with rope tow installed in his backyard in Colorado.

Alexandra Trusova – Figure Skating – $1.5 Million Net Worth

At just 17 years old, Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova has already proven herself to be a rising star on the ice – something she will show us all at Beijing 2022. Even though she’s still a teenager she’s already won countless competitions, and in January 2022 she was ranked as the second-best women’s singles skater in the world. She even became the first female ever to land the quad Lutz, quad flip, and quad toe loops jumps.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also became the first female skater in all of figure skating history to land a score above 100 points. Because of this, she already has a net worth of $1.5 million at such a young age – and she has companies falling over themselves to work with her. As she gets older and she gets even better, her net worth will skyrocket.

Benjamin Alexander – Alpine Skiing – $900,000 Net Worth

England-born Benjamin Alexander is perhaps one of the most exciting and intriguing additions to Beijing 2022. Not only is it the 38-year-old’s first Olympic Games, but he only started skiing professionally at the end of 2019! As if that wasn’t enough, he’ll also be representing Jamaica as their very first alpine skier to represent the country.

Aside from their famed bobsled team, Jamaica rarely sends athletes to the Winter Olympics, making Benjamin’s debut even more exciting. But while he’s not exactly the richest winter sportsman on this list, his $900,000 net worth is still pretty impressive. However, much of this has come from his former career as a professional DJ.

Jamie Anderson – Snowboarding – $4 Million Net Worth 

Although Jamie Anderson won’t be making her way to Beijing 2022 to show off her snowboarding skills, she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. After all, fans already know that she’s a top dog in the industry. As a slopestyle extraordinaire, she became the first-ever winner of the inaugural Women’s Slopestyle event in 2014 – and by 2018 she was ready to take the gold once again. Today, she’s still competing.

With a total of 25 medals to her name, it should come as no surprise to learn that much of Jamie’s $4 million net worth has come from her endorsements and sponsorship deals with snowsports brands. Alongside this, she’s also appeared on television shows like The Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars. And when she’s not earning her own money, she’s raising money for climate change charities.

Nathan Chen – Figure Skating – $2.5 Million Net Worth

Nathan Chen started ice skating when he was just three years old, and now at 22, he’s become one of the most decorated figure skaters of all time. The three-time World Champion, six-time US National Champion, and bronze Olympic medalist is hoping for even more success at Beijing 2022 – and fans are excited to see how he performs.

As Chen is currently the first and only skater in history to have landed five types of quadruple jumps in a competition, it should come as no surprise to learn that he’s been able to rack up a net worth of $2.5 million. It seems as though Nathan’s also thinking about his future after figure skating, though, as he’s also currently studying Statistics and Data Science at Yale University.

Lindsey Jacobellis – Snowboarding – $1 Million Net Worth

At 36 years old, Lindsey Jacobellis may not be the youngest snowboarder in the industry, but she’s certainly one of the most famous – and one of the most decorated. Known for her sleek ability within the snowboard cross-discipline, she’s not only won the X Games 10 times, but she also won a silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics. In Beijing 2022, she hopes to add another medal to her collection.

With over two decades’ worth of experience in the world of professional snowboarding, Lindsey’s sponsorships have helped to add to her $1 million net worth. But she’s not just sponsored for her snowboarding talent. This lady is also known for her beautiful curly locks, and as such, she’s actually sponsored by the haircare brand Paul Mitchell.

Erin Jackson – Speed Skating – $5 Million Net Worth

Hitting up Beijing 2022 is a relative newcomer to the sport of speed skating, is Erin Jackson. After making her mark as a junior as a speed skater, inline skater, and even a roller derby player – she made her first professional debut in 2017 when she qualified for The World Games. Her first Winter Olympics came in the form of 2018’s event at Pyeongchang, and now she’s ready to go again.

In November 2021, Erin became the first Black American woman to win the Speedskating World Cup – and it was this win that’s allowed her net worth to skyrocket. She’s partnered with the likes of Bont Skates to further her career, and it seems as though these types of endorsements – and the fact that she competes in three different professional sports – are a serious financial help.

Mikaël Kingsbury – Freestyle Skiing – $5 Million Net Worth

Canada has produced some incredible winter Olympians over the years, and Mikaël Kingsbury is one of them. This freestyle skier is also known for his work within the moguls discipline – and he’s currently the most accomplished and most decorated mogul skier of all time. With two medals from two Winter Olympics Games already under his belt, he’s now looking to bag himself a third.

Alongside his professional achievements, Mikaël should also be proud of his financial achievements. He currently has a net worth of $5 million at 29 years old, and this is all thanks to the companies that sponsor him. These include the likes of Under Armour, Oakley, Les Sommets, Riobel, Oberson, and so much more.

Lindsey Vonn – Alpine Skiing – $12 Million Net Worth

Lindsey Vonn’s later career was plagued with injury, and in the end, she decided to officially hang up her snow boots in 2019. While she won’t be showing the other alpine skiers how it’s done in Beijing 2022, she’s still regarded as one of the best female alpine ski racers of all time. In fact, she’s one of just two female skiers in history to win four World Cup championships. Plus, she has three Winter Olympic medals under her belt.

Despite her retirement from the sport, Lindsey Vonn is still a big name in skiing. She’s a winter snowsports correspondent for NBC, and she’s even written two books about her life and career. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also invested her $12 million net worth wisely by investing in the female-owned and run soccer team, Angel City FC.

Ireen Wüst – Speed Skating – $2.5 Million Net Worth

After turning pro in 2005, Dutch speed skater Ireen Wüst has truly taken the sport by storm. Not only did she become the youngest Dutch medalist of all time at the start of her career, but today she’s actually become the oldest speed skating gold medalist in the history of the Winter Olympics. This woman has lived and breathed speed skating from the off-set, and her twelve Olympic medals are proof of that.

Thanks to her place in the realm of speed skating legends, Ireen has been able to build up an epic net worth of $2.5 million. And while there will come a time when she retires from the sport, we have a feeling that she won’t be going too far from the ice rink anytime soon. In fact, we think she’s still in her prime.

Johnny Weir – ​​Figure Skating – $4 Million Net Worth

While Johnny Weir retired from competitive figure skating in 2014 and won’t be making an appearance on the ice in Beijing 2022, you will hear his voice. Throughout his figure skating career, he became a two-time Olympian and even became the first skater to win U.S Nationals three times in a row. Plus, everyone knew him for his flamboyant outfits. Immediately after retiring, he became a sports commentator and made his way to Beijing 2022 to do just that.

Weir has this skating and commentating career to thank for his $4 million net worth, but he’s also achieved so much more on a financial level. The former skater has become a celebrity outside of the sport he’s known for, which has allowed him the chance to compete on shows like Dancing with the Stars in 2020 and The Masked Singer in 2019.

Su Yiming – Snowboarding – $100,000 Net Worth

At just 17 years old, Su Yiming is one of the youngest competitors heading to Beijing 2022 – and all eyes are on him. In the past, China has struggled to make its mark in the realm of snowboarding, but with Su Yiming competing under their flag, their hopes are high. In 2021, he even became the first Chinese snowboarder in history to win the 2021-22 FIS Snowboard World Cup.

Although the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be Su Yiming’s Olympic debut, we have a feeling that he won’t have to worry about his finances for the rest of his life. Even though he’s still a teenager he’s already racked up a net worth of $100,000 and scored endorsement deals with the likes of Oakley, Monster, Adidas, and other big brands.

Maame Biney – Speed Skating – $1 Million Net Worth 

Born in Ghana, Maame Biney is a Winter Olympic speed skater who moved to the US when she was five years old. Although she originally wanted to be a figure skater, her coach soon realized that she had the power to make it big in the realm of short track speed skating – something she proved when she made her Winter Olympic debut in 2018. While she wasn’t successful at the Games, she’s still a huge name in the field.

In fact, when Biney qualified for the 2018 Olympics, she became only the second African-born athlete to represent the United States of America at the Winter Olympics. This immediately thrust her into the limelight and opened up countless doors for the athlete. Today, she has a net worth of around $1 million.

Shaun White – Snowboarding – $60 Million Net Worth

Shaun White may be 35 years old, which is relatively old in a sport dominated by teens and those in their early 20s, but he’s still a heavy hitter in the snowboarding world. As a legend in the half-pipe discipline, he currently holds the world record for the most Olympic gold medals by any snowboarder – as well as the most X-Games gold medals. So, you could say he’s kind of a big deal.

Beijing 2022 will be his fifth time at the Winter Olympic Games – and he’s also the richest athlete to qualify for the event. With a net worth of $60 million, Shaun’s money has come from his sponsorship deals with the likes of Oakley, American Express, Red Bull, and more. In 2022, he also announced that he was launching his own lifestyle brand, Whitespace, which should increase his net worth even further.

Arianna Fontana – Speed Skating – $1.5 Million Net Worth

31-year-old Arianna Fontana hails from Italy and is currently the most decorated female Winter Olympian the country has to offer. Over the course of her impressive speed skating career, she’s won a whopping ten Olympic medals, and she’s heading to Beijing 2022 with the aim of adding even more to her collection.

Although Arianna isn’t as famous worldwide as other Winter Olympians, her prowess on the ice is celebrated in her home country, and this has allowed her to rack up a net worth of $1.5 million. She’s been sponsored by the likes of Laureus and Herbalife, and it seems as though fans in Italy just can’t get enough of her.

Bode Miller – Alping Skiing – $8 Million Net Worth

Bode Miller might not be headed to Beijing 2022 with Team USA, but his legacy as an alpine ski racer will forever live on. As one of the most decorated alpine ski racers of all time, he has six Winter Olympic medals under his belt – from four different skiing disciplines! Yes, he competed in giant slalom, super combined, downhill, and super-G before he retired in 2017.

Despite retiring a few years ago, Bode has a net worth of $8 million to his name – and that’s because he’s become an investor over the years. He not only invests in horse racing but he’s also founded and invested in multiple businesses ranging from nutrition and lifestyle to snowsports resorts. All of this has financially worked in his favor and kept him busy during his retirement.

John Shuster  – Curling – $1 Million Net Worth

Despite the fact that curling is often overshadowed by bigger Winter Olympic events, there’s no denying the fact that John Shuster has created an impressive legacy for himself. In 2018, he led the Team USA curling team to the country’s first-ever gold in the sport – and he himself has played in five straight Winter Olympic Games. He hopes to achieve even more success in Beijing 2022.

Much of John’s $1 million net worth comes from his sport and his sponsorship deals, but when he’s not on the ice rink he’s also earning even more money for himself. He was previously employed by Dick’s Sporting Goods as a “Team USA Sales Associate” and he also travels around the world as a public speaker.

Eileen Gu – Freestyle Skiing – $1.5 Million Net Worth

American-born Chinese freestyle skier Eileen Gu may only be 18 years old, but she’s already proving to the snowsports community that she’s one to watch – and we’ll certainly be doing that at Beijing 2022. Alongside her work as a freestyle skier, she’s also competed in the halfpipe, big air, and slopestyle events. So, she really can do it all.

Of course, while a huge portion of this 18-year-old’s $1.5 million net worth has come from her talent on the slopes, she’s also an established and professional model. Represented by the renowned agency IMG Models, Eileen has previously modeled for the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and even Tiffany & Co. Because of this, we have a feeling her net worth is going to skyrocket as she gets older.

Sara Takanashi – Ski Jumping – $2 Million Net Worth

When it comes to ski jumping, Sara Takanashi is an Olympic legend. Not only did she win a bronze medal at Pyeongchang, but she also holds four World Cup Overall titles, making her the most successful female ski jumper of all time. And that’s before we mention the three Guinness World Records she has broken over the course of her career. Beijing 2022 will be a walk in the park for her.

This Japanese sportswoman has become a celebrity in her home country and abroad, and she’s already achieved so much at just 25 years old. With a net worth of $2 million under her belt, we have a feeling that as her sponsorships and endorsements grow, so will her bank balance.

Suzanne Schulting – Speed Skating – $2 Million Net Worth

Hailing from the Netherlands, Suzanne Schulting is a short-track speed skater who’s also made waves within the long track discipline. She made history at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang when she not only became the youngest Winter Olympian the country has ever seen, but when she also won the country’s first-ever gold medal in short-track speed skating. Of course, she’s headed to Beijing 2022.

Suzanne is still only 24 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from being sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the world and racking up a net worth of $2 million. But what you might not know is that she’s not just focusing on her skating career. When she’s not practicing on the ice, she’s also studying at the Dutch Language Institute.