They Grow up so Fast: See What These Celebrity Kids Are up to Now That They’re All Grown-Up

    Parents are always going around saying some version of “Oh my god, they grow up so fast!” And whether you’re a parent or not, you can see that it’s true. It seems like just yesterday, for example, that when we listened to Eminem and heard him sing about his beloved daughter Hailie, we pictured her as a sweet little girl. Today that’s no longer the case: she’s 24 years old and is making a name for herself.

    But Eminem is not unique. Take a quick peek at celebs and their kids today, and you’ll see a lot of the kiddos are all grown up. In this article, we do exactly that. Now, we have the pleasure of taking you on a little blast to the past and a look at the present to see some of the biggest celebs and their grown-up offsprings. What do they look like? How old are they? What are they up to? Stick around, and all of your curiosity will be taken care of!