This Five-Year-Old Boy’s Entire Class Showed Up For His Adoption Party And Even The Judge Was In Tears

Some people say that family is all about DNA. But for this adorable five-year-old Michael, family is all about the special people that cross your path. Michael Orlando Clark Jr. had a special milestone coming up. He was about to be adopted by his foster parents, David Eaton and Andrea Melvin. So he couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate by inviting all his extended family from his kindergarten class to his adoption party.

This Five Year Old Boys Entire Class Showed Up For His Adoption Party And Even The Judge Was In Tears 1
Image: Inside Edition

The upcoming adoption hearing would be a big day, where they would all stand up in court to make the adoption official. Some families prefer to celebrate this privately. However, Michael is pretty outgoing and full of charm, so he invited his classmates to be there by his side. Every single classmate showed up that day to the courtroom for his adoption party. And there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

Michael’s Story

Michael first met his foster parents last Thanksgiving, and it was family at first sight. Since then, they had been going through the process of adoption. Michael’s foster mother Andrea then imparted the news to his teacher, Mrs. McKee, that the adoption would be finalized soon. So the pair tried to cook up a way to make it extra special for Michael.

This Five Year Old Boys Entire Class Showed Up For His Adoption Party And Even The Judge Was In Tears 3 1
Image: USA Today

Andrea had been impressed at just how many friends Michael had made in such a short time. She gushed how “one of the most beautiful parts of the past year has been the many children “welcoming [Michael] into their homes and onto play dates.” So she floated the idea of making a class outing to the courtroom. Michael loved the idea and said, “well the class is kind of my family and I want them all to be there.” The other parents loved the idea too and some even re-scheduled their vacations so their kids could make it.

All Eyes on Michael

When Michael turned up that day, dressed to the nines in his sharp suit and adorable bow tie, he was one of 36 adoptees that were about to make their adoptions official. He was invited to the court as part of Michigan’s annual Adoption day. Still, Michael is full of charisma and playfully twirled on his seat in front of the judge. So he caught the attention of everyone in the room. But there was another reason that his case stood out.

This Five Year Old Boys Entire Class Showed Up For His Adoption Party And Even The Judge Was In Tears 2

The judge later said that this is the first time she has ever hosted an entire kindergarten class in her courtroom. And his class sure made their presence felt. They all turned up to excitedly cheer Michael on and peek over their seats with colorful hearts on sticks. The judge then asked every classmate to explain what Michael meant to them. They happily declared answers like, “I love Michael.” and “Michael’s my best friend.”

Making It Official

Once the classmates had officially shown just how much love Michael has in his life, the attention turned back to his court hearing. By this point, everyone was touched by Michael’s story. Even the judge was in tears, as she sat dressed in festive baubles. Still, the judge managed to hold it together to finalize the court hearing. She then officially announced that Michael’s “forever mom and dad will be David Eaton and Andrea Melvin!”

Both Michael and his classmates couldn’t hold back their excitement. The courtroom was filled with smiles as they waved their little hearts and cheered him all the way. Michael then filmed an interview with his adopted dad, and grabbed the microphone to say “I love my new daddy.” The heartwarming post was shared on the county’s Facebook page and instantly went viral. The page was flooded with comments like “What a lucky little boy. But even luckier are the parents getting such a great kid.” And We couldn’t agree more!