This Groom Gave His Beloved Cat the Honor of Being His Best Man, Cat Hilariously Steals the Show

Ever since Aaron Benitez first locked eyes with his beloved grey feline and decided to adopt him, the besties became inseparable. The charismatic grey long-haired cat was oozing with personality and Aaron dubbed his new super chilled friend Prince Michael. The Brooklyn local even started to document their blossoming friendship on his Youtube channel, Aaron’s Animals. Before long their adventures went viral.

This Groom Gave His Beloved Cat the Honor of Being His Best Man Cat Hilariously Steals 3
Image: Instagram / Aaron Benitez

While the pair became tight, there was also another person in the picture. Aaron fell in love and proposed to his girlfriend. Still, when the time came for Aaron to plan his wedding; he couldn’t think of anyone more suited to be his best man than his trusty side-kick Prince Michael. However, his cat was no ordinary wedding guest. He winded up becoming the “main priority,” the main attraction of the wedding and eventually stole the show!

Aaron’s Wingman

While Aaron has been chronicling his daily adventures with Prince Michael on his Youtube channel; it’s clear that his cat soon became more than just his best friend. He became his wingman. Aaron later said, “We really are best friends, on and off the screen. I know I can always count on Prince Michael to put a smile on my face when I’m down or be my wingman when I’m up.”

This Groom Gave His Beloved Cat the Honor of Being His Best Man Cat Hilariously Steals 1
Image: Instagram / Aaron Benitez

Benitez said that his cat is “friendly, easy-going, loyal, loving.” He’s also pretty funny and always pulls the most hilarious expressions in every situation. On his channel, Aaron would often dress Prince Michael and his other animals up in cute outfits and costumes and create stories out of the characters. So, since his wingman, Prince Michael clearly had star quality, it seems natural that he made him the star of his wedding.

Number One Priority

When it came time to plan the actual big day, Prince Michael became the number one priority and was involved in every planning decision along the way. When Aaron and his fiance first looked for wedding venues, they had to ensure that the venue allowed cats. But they didn’t stop there.

This Groom Gave His Beloved Cat the Honor of Being His Best Man Cat Hilariously Steals 5
Image: Instagram / Aaron Benitez

When it came time to select a caterer, they didn’t just pick the dishes that suited their taste. The loved-up couple picked the caterer that served Prince Michael’s favorite delicacy, salmon. Then when they were selecting a DJ, they just had one song request. They weren’t so fussed about their first wedding dance. Aaron and his beau just wanted to ensure the DJ didn’t scare their cat with the potentially terrifying wedding theme-tune “Who let the dog’s out!”

The Star Attraction

When the big day finally arrived, Prince Michael arrived chilled, suited and booted in his own super slick tailored suit. Of course, this had been custom-made by a special tailor. Still, after agreeing to be Aaron’s best man, Prince Michael stepped up to the job and sure took his role seriously. Aaron said he “actually did a ton throughout the day.” As chief groomsman, Prince Michael strutted down the aisle with style behind the happy couple and made the perfect wedding wingman.

This Groom Gave His Beloved Cat the Honor of Being His Best Man Cat Hilariously Steals 4
Image: Instagram / Aaron Benitez

Prince Michael is also clearly quite a character. On the big day, he didn’t disappoint and wowed everyone with his hilarious expressions and “super chilled” attitude. Understandably, he became the star attraction in every wedding photo. Then when the time came for the wedding entertainment, Prince Michael was the first to get the party started. Aaron said his guests’ reaction to his cat was priceless too, and they “all loved it!” He added, “I mean, who doesn’t want their pet at their wedding?” Well, with a wingman like Prince Michael, we totally understand!