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This Luscious Urban Paradise Has Descended Into a Mosquito-Ridden Nightmare

The Qiyi City Forest Garden was championed as China’s first eco-friendly housing project, featuring luscious plant-filled apartments. It’s been nicknamed the “concrete jungle” due to its urban forest vibes, and seemed like enviable living residences. But things have taken a turn for the worse in the housing project that no one saw coming.

This Luscious Urban Paradise Has Descended Into a Mosquito Ridden Nightmare1
Image: The Times

The Forest Garden residences contain 826 apartments packed with overflowing plants. It’s situated in Chengdu, the Sichuan province’s capital city, that famously has high pollution levels. This project had aspirations of providing locals with a pollution-filtering environment. But an insect infestation in the area has taken over.

Unfriendly Neighbors

The project consists of eight towers, each with several balconies. Each balcony contains 20 different types of plants which unfortunately, attract bugs. Mosquito’s in particular have settled in the area, as the moist and densely packed terraces are ideal breeding grounds for the blood-sucking insects.

This Luscious Urban Paradise Has Descended Into a Mosquito Ridden Nightmare2
Image: New York Post

Since it’s never been done before, the planners didn’t know to expect that the place would be infested with mosquitos. But it seems that they were just as attracted to the beautifully manicured gardens as we were. Unfortunately, that’s had a huge impact on the number of people living in the complex.

Where Is Everyone?

Since the mosquitos moved in, families understandably haven’t wanted to make the concrete forest their home. There are only 10 families who have moved in, meaning that the neighboring spaces are unattended to and becoming overgrown. Naturally, it’s bothering the residents that are there.

This Luscious Urban Paradise Has Descended Into a Mosquito Ridden Nightmare3
Image: Daily Mail

In light of the situation, the property developer has agreed to arrange for plant maintenance to take place four times per calendar year. Along with that, they’ve promised to provide more pest control in general. We’ll have to see what becomes of the once viral vertical garden flats in the future.