This Soldier Gave His Cheerleader Girlfriend the Surprise of Her Life at a 76ers Game

Sun Feb 06 2022

The Philadelphia 76ers pulled off an incredible military reunion for one of their cheerleaders and her Army Sergeant boyfriend. Sixers dancer Angela hadn’t seen her boyfriend in a year after he was stationed on the other side of the world. Sergeant Elliott knew that he had to make his homecoming as unforgettable as possible.

Luckily for Elliott, the 76ers were totally on board with giving Angela the surprise of her life. Take a look at how this soldier reunited with her long-distance girlfriend in front of 20,000 screaming fans. She was preparing to dance for the first quarter break when she stopped in her tracks.

Sergeant Elliott Burgos Was Far From Home and Hadn’t Seen His Loved Ones In a Year

Who was the soldier? Elliott Burgos was 29 years old at the time and an Army Sergeant, serving his country abroad. He was with the 978th Composite Supply Company and had been positioned in Kuwait, Western Asia, along with his sergeant buddies. He was certainly far away from home.

Burgos was close to his friends and family, so being stationed on the other side of the world for such an extended period of time was tough on the sergeant. But it was mostly hard because he had a girlfriend back home who he hadn’t seen for ages. Burgos was waiting to be given the go-ahead to go back home.

Elliott Was Dating Angela, the Future Dance Team Co-captain for the Philadelphia 76ers

Elliott was going out with Angela DeStasio, a 23-year-old cheerleader for the Philadelphia 76ers. She’s a graduate from a prestigious dance program at Marymount Manhattan College, with experience working opposite famed choreographers.

Angela started dancing for the 76ers in 2017, the same year Elliott had been living in Kuwait. Aside from cheerleading, she had also just begun to teach dance as an instructor. After all, Angela had a lot of time to kill with her boyfriend out of town.

Elliott and Angela Had Just Celebrated Their Three-year Anniversary

The young couple had been dating since September 2014 and had only just celebrated their three-year anniversary. Little did Angela know at the time that all throughout their anniversary month, Elliott had been scheming to surprise her in a way that she would never have expected.

But Elliott knew he wouldn’t be able to pull off what he had in mind all by himself. He reached out to Angela’s superiors, asking if they could help him pull off the cutest surprise idea. Luckily for the couple, they were totally on board and began planning how to document the whole thing.

While Angela Was a Cheerleader For the Sixers, Elliott Was a Megafan of the Dallas Cowboys

Elliott is a major football fan who passionately supports the Dallas Cowboys. Even though he was serving in Kuwait, he still found some time to watch a game occasionally with other military officers. Elliott also had internet access at times and with his phone on him, he was able to access Twitter.

He told his followers, “I’m watching the game in a hanger full of soldiers with only 5 individuals cheering for the Patriots lol # noloveforbrady.” Sergeant Elliott was always joking around with his soldiers buddies, and they could give just as well as they got. Elliott captioned this photo: “This is our life style (just on the weekends tho.)”

This Cheerleader Has Lived Her Whole Life Fighting a Progressive Invisible Illness

On the outside, it could seem as though Angela was living a peachy life working as a professional NBA dancer. But the truth is, the Sixers cheerleader was battling an invisible illness that threatened to affect her dancing career. Ever since she was born, she has been suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Cystic fibrosis is a progressive disorder that affects a person’s lungs, pancreas, digestive system, or any other organ in the body. It’s an inherited disorder and one that needs frequent medical care. Considering how severely this illness affects someone’s ability to breathe, it’s an extra incredible feat that Angela works as a professional dancer.

Elliott Was Always Gushing About Angela Over Social Media and It’s Totally Adorable

Elliott and Angela supported different teams, but that didn’t matter to the young lovebirds. Pictured back in 2014, the couple were very much in love and spending all of the major holidays together. Elliott shared these photos online and captioned them, “Angela DeStasio is absolutely gorgeous #xmasparty2014.”

But Elliott was still serving in the army, and it was taking up a lot of his time: “After a long drill weekend in the cold, sushi date is complete. I’m in a food coma [and] now I want my bed #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome.” Around the time this post was shared, Elliott took to Twitter to relay some loving words from his girlfriend. Angela wanted Elliott to know that “If I was a mosquito I would bite u a million times.” How sweet!

Angela Was Only 3 Years Old When She Was Diagnosed With the Disorder

Angela is pictured with her dad in this photo. Living with cystic fibrosis can be a huge crutch in someone’s life, but that didn’t stop Angela from chasing her dreams. Luckily, she’s had the close care of her family to help support her through the disorder. “At three months old I was diagnosed,” Angela stated in a Youtube video.

Angela took part in a Youtube video back in 2016 in order to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis (CF). She stated, “Most of my peers will just wake up a half-hour before school, get ready, eat breakfast, and go to dance. But with CF, there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping myself healthy.” We were surprised to hear just how much work that entailed.

If Elliott Ever Wanted To Catch a Game, He’d Have To Do While on the Job

Elliott captioned this photo, “When you watch the game from your truck. 8-1 #HowBoutThemCowboys #ThrowUpTheX #armylife.” As we can see, Elliott took football pretty seriously. Serving his country in Kuwait meant he wasn’t exposed to many of the luxuries that other people are on a daily basis. If he wanted to catch a bit of the game, he’d have to do while on the job!

Sergeant Elliott shared his thoughts online about whether he would prefer a simpler life: “Can I just make like $10,000 a week only working one day so that I can just eat and sleep the rest of the time.” But he loved being able to serve his country, even if he was far away from Angela, family, and friends and that was good enough for him.

It’s Incredible That Angela Is a 76ers Cheerleader Considering How Much She Has To Do To Maintain Her Body’s Health

Angela revealed that her CF care included “at least an hour of treatment every day.” Still attending school at the time, she explained, “I need to wake up at least two hours before school to do a half-hour of something called a vest. Which I strap on, it shakes up all of my insides, and helps me cough up all of my mucus.” Angela’s invisible illness needs constant care and attention: “I look fully functioning but on the inside, a lot of things are going on.”

But there’s more: “While I do that I do something called a nebulizer. I do two in the morning and two at night… that way I can have enough airway clearance.” There’s more still that Angela needs in order to stay healthy. She has to take several pills a day, sometimes antibiotics or even steroids and ensures she always has an inhaler and nose spray on her. If it wasn’t for all these treatments, Angela never would have been able to become an NBA cheerleader.

Sergeant Elliot Had a Difficult Job, But Small Meaningful Moments Made It All Worth While

Elliott reminded his Twitter followers of just how inconvenient his job could be, venting online: “Are the ’17 Yanks serious?! I’m a long way from home and saddened that I can’t watch a single game live. What we are witnessing is special.” But there were a few small moments that showed him how much his country appreciated what he was doing.

On one occasion, Elliott told his followers that “A woman gave me a hug at the finish line of the Broad St run, kissed me on the cheek and told me she loved me. #proudtoserve #USA.” On another occasion, Elliott joyfully reminisced about “when the train conductor appreciates you serving our country and gives you a free ride.”

Despite Coughing All the Time Because of CF, She Never Coughs in the Middle of a Performance

While Angela was a rookie dancer for the Sixers in 2017, she also spent her days teaching dance to children and adults between seasons. Take a look at her on the left with two of her nieces who attend her dance lessons. “Me & my girls,” Angela wrote, adding “world’s best zia [aunty] reporting for duty.” Despite Angela’s love for her profession, it’s physically very demanding and has a big impact on her dance career.

In trying to raise awareness of her debilitating condition, she wrote on Instagram “I cough a lot,” referencing a dance video she had uploaded (screenshot on the right). She continued: “When I uploaded a version of this video before, I purposely didn’t upload this specific one because of the cough in the beginning. Weirdly enough, I never cough while I’m dancing. always before or after, but never during.”

Elliott Stayed in Amazing Shape in Kuwait Thanks to His Dedication to the Gym

If you couldn’t already tell, Elliott worked out a lot. After all, he had to stay in tip-top shape while he was working in the army, and all that time away from family, friends, and of course Angela, meant that he could hit the gym on a frequent basis. As we can tell from this photo that he shared on Twitter, Elliott’s hard work really paid off!

Elliott captioned this photo, “Dedication at its best,” and he certainly convinced us. When working out in the army gym, he would prefer to listen to soft R&B music over something like heavy metal or techno. Despite how intensive his work outs could get, he didn’t want the music accompanying him to be too up-beat.

The Real Reason Why Angela Pushes Herself to the Extent That She Does When She Is Struggling With Her Health

As time went on, Angela felt more comfortable and confident using her platform to speak about CF. When it was Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month in May she explained more about her CF situation. She took to Instagram to write about her experience, captioning this photo: “I am so lucky to have the life that I do. I’m able to work full time, & teach some of the best students around.”

Angela continued: “I get to dance… as a job!!!!” You might be wondering why Angela goes to the lengths that she does considering her condition, but to that she has one thing to say. “A lot of people without CF wouldn’t be able to do what I do on a daily basis. My workload is hard, but I push myself to get through it, because I know one day my lungs & my body just won’t let me.”

Angela Is Climbing Her Way to the Top as the Sixers Cheerleading Co-captain

Angela had been dancing as a rookie for the Philadelphia 76ers at 23 years old. But only a year later she managed to work her way up to being the dance team co-captain! She took on a bigger role with the cheer team, acting as a liaison between the captains and the squad. Captains Amanda and Nicole are pictured center and left.

Angela was the only one on the team dealing with serious health issues, but the team totally had her back. She wrote on social media: “Even though I definitely, for sure, annoy my teammates with my last minute coughs before the music comes on in practice or on the court, I know they’re there to support me.”

There’s a New Man in Angela’s Life and She’s Totally Devoted to Him

Before long, Angela realized she had space in her life for a special guy and adopted a pup in need of a forever home. She took to Instagram to talk about the profound effect her little pup Milo had in her life. “I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I went to the airport to pick you up that day, but I wouldn’t do anything differently,” she wrote.

Angela continued: “Your eye boogers melted my heart and I knew you were mine. You’re a crazy boy but I wouldn’t change a thing about you.” If another person was to come into Angela’s life, they’d need to accept her beloved fur baby. After all, as Angela put it, Milo made her “look forward to every single day.”

Mom and Dad Are Angela’s Rocks, so It’s No Surprise She Carried on Living With Them

Even though Angela had Milo in her life, she was still living at home. She wasn’t relying on her parents to help her manage cystic fibrosis anymore, but it certainly didn’t hurt having them around. ” I have the world’s best family, who remind me every step of the way how proud they are of me,” she captioned a photo with them.

Angela added, “They reassure me that even though what I’m doing shouldn’t be possible, I’m doing it anyway, and I’m doing it well.” As we can see from the photos, she has a close relationship with them. “CF kinda sucks, not gonna lie, but it makes me that much more grateful for the life that I have. It’s all about perspective.”

The Small Wrist Tattoo With a Surpsingly Moving CF Story

Angela has a particularly meaningful tattoo on her arm that she wanted to share with her followers one day. She shared a story that allegedly dates back to 1965 about 65 roses and its significance to the CF community. According to the story, a four-year-old was told that he suffered from cystic fibrosis and couldn’t pronounce its name.

He pronounced the illness “65 roses,” and so began a new tradition. Today, children are often encouraged to pronounce the illness “65 roses” to help them remember the name of their condition. Angela tattooed a delicate rose on her arm to commemorate this story.

Angela Gets Approval for Taking a New Medication That Has the Potential To Change Her Life

Something good was about to come into Angela’s life regarding her health. A new medication was on the market for those suffering from cystic fibrosis, and Angela signed herself up to start taking it. It’s called Trikafta, and as she put it, it’s “a triple-combo gene therapy that has the potential to change my life.”

She continued: “Since it came out, I’ve watched my CF friends thrive while taking it. Melissa [my sister] and I would joke about feeling Trikafta FOMO and wishing we could benefit from this groundbreaking drug together.” Due to Angela’s rare mutation of the disease, she had to wait until she was approved to take it. “I’m so ready to start this journey… wish me luck!”

As Far as Angela Was Concerned, Burgos Was Still in Kuwait Continuing His Service

Pictured on the left, Elliott is seen with an army buddy in Kuwait. That’s exactly where Angela thought she was during her busy season with the 76ers. At almost 30 years old, Elliott had worked his way up to his 10th Mountain patch, signaling his specialty in mountain warfare for artic and mountainous regions.

He had been staying at Camp Buehring, 371st Sustainment Brigade, for the last year working as part of Operation Spartan Shield, a middle eastern operation. Burgos was used to having little contact with his loved ones back home, having to settle for short video messages to stay in contact. “I just want to say happy holidays to all my friends and family at home,” he stated in a 12-second long holiday greeting, pre-approved by the military.

Elliott Fooled Angela Into Thinking There Was Still a Time Difference

Elliott wanted to catch Angela completely off guard by returning home sooner than she was expecting him. He wanted to surprise her while she was dancing at a game and in order to do that, he needed to keep contacting her at their usual time. For an entire year, they had lived with an eight-hour time difference between them.

In order to keep Angela fooled while he was traveling back home, he needed to make sure he was texting her at the usual hour. But Angela did have something to look forward to. As far as she was aware, Elliott would have completed his deployment in a week, whereby he would then be allowed to fly home.

Angela and Her Teammates Are Ready To Dance at an End of Year 76ers Game

Angela and her cheerleader teammates were all expected to perform at a 76ers game on the 2nd of December, 2017. They were at the stadium, warmed up, and ready to perform when Angela was told by one of her teammates to make sure she watches a video playing on the big screen.

Later, Angela recalled how it all went down. “I had no idea at all,” she stated, adding “we were supposed to dance in the first quarter break so Gabby came out and she was like, well before we dance there’s going to be some sort of a video.” Angela remembers Gabby saying, “I really need you all to watch the video because we’re on a time crunch and as soon as the video is over you need to run out because your intro is gonna start.”

Angela Was None the Wiser Until the Very Moment Sergeant Elliott Appeared on Screen

During the first quarter break, all the cheerleaders turned to watch the big screen and wait for their cue to dance. But just before she and her teammates were ready to take the court in Wells Fargo Center, a bunch of army troops showed up in the video – they were sending greetings to their loved ones.

Angela later recollected, “So the video starts and I hear them say, you know, ‘We’re from the 233rd.’ ” That’s when alarm bells started ringing for Angela: “I turned to Rachel and she’s standing next to me and I said ‘Oh, that’s my boyfriend’s unit.’ And then we’re watching the video and she’s like. ‘Oh do you think he’s gonna be on there and I was like oh maybe… then he came on, and I was like ‘Oh my god! That’s my boyfriend!’ “

Elliott Takes off His Army Cap and Shows Support for the 76ers

The video wasn’t of amazing quality, but it didn’t have to be – Angela knew it was Elliott and was in a state of shock. Among all the troops in the video, her boyfriend just happened to be one of them. What a coincidence! Of course, it wasn’t a coincidence at all, as Angela soon found out.

In the video, Elliott said, “How you doing everyone? This is Sergeant Burgos with the 978 CSC at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. I want to give a holiday shout-out to my friends, my family…” At this moment Elliott stopped talking to the camera to take off his military hat, and he replaced it with a 76ers cap!

Ater a Year Apart, Elliott Shows His Support for Angela and the Team That Took His Girlfriend Under Their Wing

After putting on the 76ers cap, he continued giving his shout-out to the “Sixers nation, and especially to my girlfriend, Angela, who’s a Sixers dancer in her rookie year.” Angela, overcome with emotion, braced herself on her knees to regain her bearings.

In fact, Angela was so distracted she didn’t see the camerapeople setting up their positions around the court. Her teammates were cheering, and soon enough everyone in the audience realized that something was about to take place. Angela just stood there for a moment, trying to understand what was going on.

When the 76ers Team Mascot, Franklin the Dog, Makes a Brief Appearance in the Video, It’s a Sign of Things To Come

Elliott was almost finished with his greeting when he stuttered, “Wait – that’s not right…” before having a bouquet of roses shoved into his hand by the Sixers team mascot, Franklin the dog. At least, that’s what everyone could assume when they saw the giant furry blue paw.

There Elliott was, standing with a bunch of red roses and a Sixers cap, after being separated from Angela for 11 months. But before anyone had too much time to think, Franklin the dog’s furry paw appeared once more to grab the Sergeant by his collar and pull him out of frame!

Elliott Comes Running on to the Court, but Angela Doesn’t See Him at First

That’s when it happened. Sergeant Elliott ran onto the court with Franklin the Dog, carrying the red bouquet of roses and wearing the same Sixers cap that he had on in the video. In fact, he was still wearing his uniform – it was as though Franklin the dog dragged him back to the US in the flash of an eye.

But while Elliott had a huge grin on his face as he scanned for Angela in the crowd of cheerleaders, she was still overwhelmed and didn’t see him come in. One of the broadcasting assistants quickly ran up to Angela and told her to stand put and look out to the other side of the court.

They Ran Towards Each Other Before Angela Leaped Into Elliott Arms

As soon as Angela spotted Elliott she screamed before running at him with her arms outstretched. She hadn’t even noticed the flowers let alone the crowd that was cheering them on. There were more than 20,000 in the stadium that night witnessing this touching moment.

Once Angela finally got to Elliott she leaped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him! After all, their hug was a whole year in the making. Reflecting on this moment later, Sergeant Elliott stated: “When she jumped in my arms I couldn’t even tell you what was going on around me. It was crazy.”

Angela Was in Such a State of Shock She Almost Passed Out In Front of 20,000 People

To top off this emotional reunion, the reunited couple sealed this moment with a kiss on the court. In re-telling the moment she finally embraced Elliott, she confirmed, “It was unbelievable. I thought I was dreaming, I thought I was gonna pass out.” We certainly don’t doubt it.

Angela continued: “My legs were shaking, so thank god he caught me because I don’t know if I would have been able to stand up on my own.” Luckily for Angela, Elliott was keeping her from falling apart completely while the cameras were rolling. The whole incident was being televised live at the time.

The Philadelphia 76ers Made the Sixers Nation Even More Proud by Defeating the Detriot Pistons

This audience was ecstatic to have witnessed such a touching homecoming surprise. But there was more good news to come from that day for the Sixers fans – the Philadelphia 76ers went on to win the game that day, defeating the Detriot Pistons with the score of 108-103.

Needless to say, it was an especially memorable game and a proud moment for Sixers fans, let alone Angela and Elliott. After their on-stage embrace, the broadcasters made sure that the couple had photos taken, including one large group portrait with the other cheerleaders and team mascot Franklin.

We Find Out Elliott Was a Lot More Nervous Than He Was Letting On

After some time away from the screaming crowd of 20,000 strong, Angela and Elliott agreed to give an interview. Angela recalled”Someone behind me was like, oh my god he’s here! And I was like no! and then I realized what was happening and I couldn’t… I didn’t even understand anything after that. I remember running out and taking a picture and that was it.”

Elliott explained what happening on his side of the court before he ran out to meet Angela. Hilariously, he recounted: “I think one of the vendors was like, ‘You need to take a deep breath. You need to take a deep breath because I don’t think you’re breathing.'” a nervous Elliott simply replied “Yeah you might be right. I might need to take a breath.”

They Needed to Push a Nervous Elliott Out Onto the Court

Sergeant Elliott continued recounting the lead-up to the big moment. “And then when the video started they said let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” Elliott explained. “I wasn’t walking fast enough because I didn’t know what to do, and you know, we had 20,000 people roaring.”

“They ended up having to push me out onto the court!” Elliott hilariously explained. But all that nervousness melted away once he saw Angela: “I saw her, and that was it. It was a phenomenal moment. I mean, not many people that can sit here and say that they were able to do this, so I’m super, super thankful.”

Elliott Reflects on the Mental Toll of Being Apart for So Long

You might be wondering what it felt like for a couple to reunite after a year away from each other. Angela stated, “I can not even explain it. I was not expecting it at all. Just seeing him was like all this time passed but no time passed at all. You know like, it’s my Elliott.” Turning to address Elliott, she said to him, “I was very happy to see you.”

But Elliott had a lot more complex feelings after a year away from everyone he loved. “Being overseas… I don’t think I had it as tough as some, but being away from friends and family for almost a year is tough mentally more than anything,” he revealed. “It’s not even the physical aspect, it’s more the emotional and mental aspect. To be back home, to be with her, I feel complete in it. So it’s nice to be back.”

A Photographer Who Was There Capturing the Whole Thing Confirms That It Was a Magical Moment

It wasn’t just Elliott and Angela who were basking in this happiness. One of the 76ers photographers, called Hannah Snyder, took to Instagram to share some of her favorite snapshots of the magical moment. She told her followers, “Last night felt like a double win! Feeling so grateful to be a part of this very happy surprise.”

Pictured in the red beanie, Hannah poses for a team photo with Angela, bottom left, and other 76ers cheerleaders. And Hannah was right, the whole surprise felt like a scene from a movie. But now the moment had passed, what was next for Angela and Elliott? Well, Elliott had plans to enjoy life for a little while: “Well, I’m home. I get to spend time with her, I get to eat good food, have my bed back…” Angela on the other hand had cheerleading to do!

Why Was Elliott Allowed To Wear His Army Uniform While He Was Off-duty?

Interestingly, some members of the public took an interest in Elliott’s uniform. Some asked why Elliott was allowed to wear fatigues while out in public and not on duty, as an army representative. One person online asserted that “When I was in the military we were forbidden to wear fatigues off base except when commuting to and from work.”

But someone came to Elliott’s defense stating that according to the army rule book, Elliott was in the green. “New Alaract does not prohibit from wearing in public,” one guy said, adding “I’m guessing it was an OPSEC issue back then…” From the sounds of it, Elliott was totally within his right to wear his uniform when he surprised his girlfriend, as well as in the interviews that followed.

Angela and Elliott Decided to Part Ways a Few Months After Their Magical Reunion

Despite her invisible illness, Angela continued cheering for the Philadelphia 76ers. She even went on to become the dance team co-captain for the 76ers from 2018 to 2019! “I started to realize I aspired to dance for my whole life. It isn’t a concrete future, but nobody with CF knows what a concrete future is.”

Despite Angela and Elliott’s momentous homecoming surprise in front of 20,000 people, the couple ended up parting ways in the months following. Neither of them made a public statement about why they had broken up, all that anyone saw was that Angela had removed photos of him from her Instagram feed.

Angela Tried To Put a Nets Fan in Their Place, but Ended up Going on a Date With Him

Just because Angela was single now doesn’t mean that she was on the dating scene. But she ended up talking to someone unexpectedly over social media one night, and one thing lead to another. Before she knew it, she had agreed to meet up with this guy face to face.

Angela claims she “slid into a boy’s DM’s” to trash talk him for being an ardent fan of a rival basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets. That’s quite a bold move for anyone to make, but it ended up paying off. The guy she met up with wasn’t anywhere near as bad as she thought initially.

Angela Keeps Instagram in the Dark When She Starts to Date a Brooklyn Nets Fan

Things weren’t over with that Nets fan just yet. Talking through their DM’s on Instagram turned to meeting up for a date, which turned into meeting up time and time again. Before they knew it, they had started dating each other. And they were a truly adorable couple.

They carried on dating, but Angela kept it quiet on her Instagram feed. It’s hardly a surprise, as many people came to know of her as the cheerleader who was dating Sergeant Elliott. The magical Sixers homecoming surprise had gone viral and opened her up to several supporters of her and Elliott’s relationship.

We Don’t Know Much About Antonio but Here’s Everything We Do Know

What do we know about this new guy? His name is Antonis Llanio and he’s from Hamilton, New Jersey. He has previously studied at Syracuse University, having graduated in 2017. Since graduating, he’s dabbled in the digital shopping and retail industry.

Soon enough, Angela felt comfortable enough to introduce the new man in her life to Instagram. She didn’t make a big announcement but slowly started to post more photos of the happy couple for all to see. As we’ll see further later on in this article, this couple was just getting started.

Antonio Is Her Biggest Supporter Despite Supporting a Rival Basketball Team

Angela and Antonio managed to put aside their basketball team’s rivalry to continue seeing each other. Antonio even came down to support his girlfriend at a game, proudly wearing a T-shirt with her face printed on it! Luckily, he found a way to show support for both the Brooklyn Nets and his Sixers dancer girlfriend.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was Antonio who posted the photo on the left to his Instagram. He adorably captioned it: “I already seen that movie but I will go again with you.” Luckily for Antonio, Angela was getting much more comfortable with sharing cute couple photos of the pair of them.

Luckily for Everyone Involved, Angela’s New Boyfriend Antonio and Fur Baby Milo Got on Like a House on Fire

There’s more good news. With Angela and Antonio spending so much time together, it was only natural that Angela’s fur baby Milo would be hanging around with Antonio a lot more as well. Thankfully, they got on like a house on fire. So much so that Antonio started posting photos of Milo on his Instagram, too.

It was just as well that Antonio and Milo were growing close, as something big was about to change soon in both their lives. After more than a few months of dating, Angela and Antonio were getting closer and thinking about their future.

When the Only Available Mirror Is in the Garage by the Lawnmower

Angela was still living at home, which definitely had its benefits. But it started to become clear to her that she needed to leave the family home. It was clear to those who followed her on Instagram that she’s was ready to live somewhere else, as she was feeling more and more underfoot.

Angela captioned the photo on the left, “POV: it’s a Friday night and you’re already late but you think you look cute and want to take a quick picture but your only option is in front of this lawnmower in your garage that hasn’t been used since 2012.”

Angela and Antonio Did More Than Move in With Each Other, They Bought a House Together!

Angela and Antonio ended up moving in together in February 2021, along with Milo, and took to Instagram to celebrate the news. Not only were they living together for the first time but they had become homeowners, too. They took a huge step in their relationship and so far it was paying off.

Antonio gushed about Angela online: “Who would’ve thought me being a fan of the Brooklyn Nets would’ve led to the best thing that’s ever happened to me… Two years ago this gorgeous Sixers Dancer slid into my DM’s complaining about me being a Nets fan, the rest is history.” Lastly, he wrote, “Here’s to us being basketball rivals under one roof now.”

Antonio Wins the Best Boyfriend Award for Keeping Angela Company During Her Morning Treatments

Now that they were living together, Antonio was exposed to Angela’s daily cystic fibrosis treatment. Needless to say, he was incredibly supportive. Angela wrote an appreciation post to her boyfriend, stating, “Not many people would wake up at 5:45 am to sit on the couch with their girlfriend while she does her morning treatments.”

Angela continued: “But you do. And I am so thankful that I don’t have to do it alone. thank you for always taking care of me on my bad days, bestie.” Angela’s bad days were, unfortunately, becoming more and more frequent since the pandemic emerged in 2020. Thankfully, she had someone like Antonio to support her.