Life comes with a lot of pain. There’s the emotional pain like breakups and just high school in general. Then there’s the physical pain, which is quite difficult to understand. When something physically hurts, there’s nothing else that can enter a person’s mind. The throbbing pain triggers patterns of goosebumps to pop up on our arms. The strange part is that sometimes the smaller things can hurt the most. Although there are those who boast about their “high pain tolerance,” there are tiny things that cause everyone inescapable pain. Popular Everything decided to do the research and rank the most minuscule occurrences that are so painful, that, given the option, people would choose childbirth over experiencing these blood boiling pins and needles.

17. Rubber Band Snapping On Your Finger

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 11

It’s a terrible moment when you’re trying to fling a rubber band at a friend, and then karma comes to town. The rubber band snaps on your finger, and the crowd goes wild. You’re the fool now, and it just plain hurts.

16. Accidentally Pushing The Q-Tip In Too Far

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked

Our parents tell us “don’t let the Q-Tip go too far.” We reassure them by reminding them that we’re responsible adults, only to learn we’re nothing against the powers of the cotton swab. One centimeter too far and our ear is throbbing in pain. Will we ever be responsible enough to use you oh mighty Q-Tip!?!

15. The Ghost of Your Hot Sauce Haunting Your Eye

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 1

After proving your peers wrong about you being a baby by eating hot sauce without crying, the sauce comes back to haunt you. No matter how many times you’ve washed your hands, the spicy stuff stays on your skin, and, of course, you rub your eye. The tiniest amount of spice has you crying the entire day, and it burns!

14. Surprising Escalator Shock

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 15

No, you don’t want to take the stairs! There’s nothing more annoying than the unexpected shock you feel while holding onto the escalator railing. You could have taken the stairs, and you chose not to, but why must the escalator punish you for taking a breather for once? Why?

13. The Tint Splinter That You Can’t See, But You Can Feel

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 10

How is it possible that a microscopic piece of wood can send a person into shock. You can’t see it but you know it’s there. Everytime your finger decides to go about its regular routine, you get a painful reminder that it’s still there, inside your skin, and it has no intention of evicting itself.

12. Biting Your Poor Tunge

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 8

Biting your tongue is no doubt a painful situation, but what’s even more painful is biting it the second time around. When it comes to tongue injuries, its safe to say that lightning strikes more than once in the same place. The agony felt after your first offense against your tongue will most likely be replicated several times after, and its terrible!

11. Hitting Your Funny Bone

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked

The question regarding what a funny bone is is irrelevant. The real investigation should be regarding the identity of the horrible person who decided to name this bone “funny.” It’s anything but hilarious when a person hits their funny bone. The deep-rooted pain mocks you for minutes after the bone is hit, and it feels like an eternity. When does it stop?!

10. Stepping On A Leggo

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 2

Don’t be fooled, those cute toys your little sibling plays with are nothing short of pure evil. Stepping on a Leggo is the ultimate betrayal! Those building blocks that once showed you a good time are now out to get you, and the pain is unbearable. How dare they?!

9. Biting A Tortilla Chip Pointy-Side Up

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 18

Tortilla chips; the “safe snack” at any party. Everyone loves them, they go with any sort of dip. However, it’s all fun and games until someone bites the tortilla the wrong way. These spikey treats are a lot more dangerous than they seem. One wrong bite and the corner is stabbing the roof of your mouth. The pain and defeat ruin the party and possibly any relationship you’ll ever have with a tortilla chip.

8. Burning Your Tounge With The Stuff You Love Most

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 16

Each moment to stand in line for your coffee, the hype gets louder. You cant wait to have that hot cup of joe to get you going through your mundane routine. You take your first sip, and it’s all over. You’ve burned your tongue. Not only is the pain the last thing you needed, but for the next week, you won’t be able to taste your favorite part of the day. The agony!

7. Paper Cuts

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 14

Apparently, people are striving for a “paperless” world. Although it’s said to be good for the environment, it’s quite obvious why people are willing to give up these thin disguises of the devil! Paper cuts are one of the most painful of all injuries. The tiny deep cuts are extremely painful, and always reopen to remind you that you lost against a piece of paper. The rage is unreal.

6. Stepping On A Thumbtack

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 9

Tacs, why do people still have them? It’s not like anyone looks a bulletin board anymore. Thumbtacks; they’re known for giving you a tiny pinch that’s just enough to let your inner crybaby out into the world again. 

5. Having The Wind Knocked Out Of You

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 7

The feeling is exactly what it sounds like, having the wind knocked right out of your body. The pain of it all is equally frightening to the fear it causes you to have. When this happens there are a few moments where you wonder if you’ll make it out alive.

4. Cutting Your Nail Too Short

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked

Once you start, you can’t stop. The moment you cut your nail too short on one side, you gotta go through with it. You know what’s next. Your poor little finger is about to go through a hell it just did not deserve.

3. The Dreaded Charlie Horse

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked

For those who are unaware of the term, a charlie horse is an extremely painful cramp you get in your leg for absolutely no reason at all. One moment you’re relaxing on the couch and next thing you know your leg feels like it’s giving birth.

2. Stubbing Your Little Toe

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked

Your baby toe is always last in line, that’s why we often find it slammed into a corner. The pain reaches unimaginable heights and the worst part is that there’s no one else to blame but yourself. Even if that corner had the audacity to approach your cutest toe, it’s all on you buddy.

1. Hair Removal!

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 12

No one wants to be hairy, that’s why society came up with multiple ways to remove hair, in the most painful fashion! Thanks, society!  Ancient torture tools have nothing on waxing, lasering, and especially not threading. Feeling each hair getting slowly pulled out of your skin causes a pain that no one would wish on their worst enemy. Anyone who ever played around with a tweezer knows that hair removal is the most excruciating of all tiny pains.

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