Life comes with a lot of pain. There’s the emotional pain like breakups and just high school in general. Then there’s the physical pain, which is quite difficult to understand. When something physically hurts, there’s nothing else that can enter a person’s mind. The throbbing pain triggers patterns of goosebumps to pop up on our arms. The strange part is that sometimes the smaller things can hurt the most.

How many times do we stub our toe and feel immediate rage towards the corner of the wall? Like how dare this corner cause me such excruciating pain? We just want to punch the wall and cause it some pain as well, but anyone in the right mind knows that won’t do much.  Our rage and pain are just disproportional to perpetuate to what actually happened to us. We simply just bumped into the wall and its totally our fault.

There’s no going around it, as much as we want the little things to cause us little pain, they just don’t. The small things hurt and it’s frustrating but hey that’s life. We all have a few small things that cause too much pain coming to mind while discussing the topic. Memories of ourselves getting angry at an inanimate object that did nothing but exist flood our minds and almost brings the rage right back into our hearts.

Although there are those who boast about their “high pain tolerance,” there are tiny things that cause everyone inescapable pain. It doesn’t matter who you are and what kind of tough-dude you claim to be. These things will always bring you to defeat. 

Popular Everything decided to do the research and rank the most minuscule occurrences that are so painful, that, given the option, people would choose childbirth over experiencing these blood boiling pins and needles. Here they are… ranked! 

17. Rubber Band Snapping On Your Finger

Tiny Things That Hurt So Much Ranked 11

It’s a terrible moment when you’re trying to fling a rubber band at a friend, and then karma comes to town. The rubber band snaps on your finger, and the crowd goes wild. You’re the fool now, and it just plain hurts.