‘Tis the Season in Tinsel Town: A Look at How Our Favorite Stars Get into the Holiday Spirit

The season to be merry is just around the corner, and the countdown to the most festive time of the year is on. Actually, there’s nothing more magical than watching other people get into the holiday spirit. And while some celebrities in tinsel town claim they’re just like us, they’re usually a little more glam and a pinch more over the top than us. Luckily we no longer have to wonder how our favorite stars get their festive groove on anymore.

Image: Instagram / Reese Witherspoon

From ugly sweater parties to glammed-up festive fun, these celebs are unapologetically proud of their seasonal escapades. Whichever holiday they’re celebrating; these celebs just can’t resist Instagramming or tweeting their way through the festivities. Some showed us all how the holidays are done. Others went into seasonal overdrive with mistletoe, dreidels, and wine. So, take a sleigh ride with us through the most extravagant, adorable, cheeky and hilarious celeb-filled festivities.

Gigi Hadid – Victoria’s Christmas Angel

Victoria’s Secret angel Gigi Hadid proved really was the angel on the top of the tree at this intimate Reebok holiday-themed celebration. As the ambassador for Reebok, she was totally in tune with the Christmas spirit. She rocked a white and red-themed athletic outfit, complete with signature Santa hat.

Image: Instagram / Gigi Hadid

Gigi also happily got into the spirit of festive treats and let loose posing next to a delicious selection of gingerbread men and other Christmas goodies. We’re happy to see she couldn’t resist taking a cheeky bite too! The event was also as inspiring as it was festive, as it was also coordinated to help promote female empowerment.

The Smiths – Claus and Rudy

It’s no secret that Will Smith and Bad Mom’s star Jada Smith are one of the coolest power couples around. Their social media accounts are flooded with entertaining videos and hilarious posts trolling their kids. Actually, they make the best partners in crime. So for Christmas, they slayed the Internet by rocking around as Santa Claus and Rudolf.

Image: Instagram / Will Smith

While Will is no stranger to patrolling the streets as part of a cop duo in movies like Bad Boys, it seems that he found his holiday partner in crime. The pair just oozed Christmas cool. Will confessed how “We look like a 1970’s Cop Duo patrolling the North Pole! Claus & Rudy – Sleighin’ All Night!  Slayin’ All Day!”

Nicole Kidman – A Christmas Love Story

Little Big Lies star Nicole Kidman and her country singer husband Keith Urban were filled with seasonal cheer at Christmas. Nicole happily shared this photo posing with her beau, laughing in front of the Christmas tree. Either they were sharing a secret joke, or they simply couldn’t conceal their happiness. Either way, their festive joy is just infectious.

Image: Instagram / Nicole Kidman

In the past, Nicole and Keith have been known to shower each other with gifts, roses, and love songs. We’re just happy to see they are just as loved-up as ever. Nicole captioned her photo by wishing everyone “love, laughter and joy” for Christmas and the New Year. We don’t think a Christmas love story could get any sweeter than this!

Julianne Hough – Naughty or Nice

Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough her NHL player husband Brooks Laich dressed to impress as Santa’s little helpers. And there was no need to ask this cheeky pair whether they were naughty or nice for Santa’s Christmas list! This adorable couple really went all out for Christmas and accessorized their festive day with matching pajamas.

Image: Instagram / Jules Hough

They also couldn’t resist turning around to reveal the “Bear Cheeks” marks on the back of their outfits. The dancing-pro Julianne also shared a super cool choreographed family holiday-themed video, recreating the scenes from Beyonce’s epic “711” music video. This is what happens when you spend the holidays with an all-star talented dancing family!

Priyanka Chopra – A Family Affair

Since the Bollywood-turned Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra tied the knot with singer Nick Jonas, she was now presented with a clash of confusing cultures. Originating from India, Priyanka is Hindu, and Nick Jonas is Christian. So the newlyweds embraced all their old and new traditions and celebrated their first Christmas together as a married couple.

Image: Instagram / Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka shared a few heartwarming photos of the festivities with her self-proclaimed family or “fam-jam.” She spent the holidays with both her parents and Nick Jonas’ family in England, and it looks like both families got carried away with the holiday spirit. She captioned the snaps, “From our family to yours. Merry Christmas.” After Christmas was over, the newlyweds then jetted off on a winter skiing break to Switzerland to continue the festivities.

Mindy Kaling – Rocking the Sweater

Ocean’s 8 actress and comedian Mindy Kaling rocked her finest ugly sweater for Christmas. With her randomly stitched baubles, bows, festive balls, and red tinsel; she has created her own makeshift Christmas tree sweater masterpiece.

Image: Instagram / Mindy Kaling

We have to applaud Mindy for her holiday creativity. She could have just bought a regular ugly sweater, but she went for her own inspired and unique look. With her signature Santa hat. She really decked herself in holiday cheer for Christmas. We just wonder which designer will emulate this sweater-worthy look in the future.

The Hadids – Holiday Pajama Chic

If there’s any family that can all make festive pajamas look impossibly chic for the holidays, it’s the Hadids. Well, since Yolanda was a former model, and Bella, Gigi and Anwar are some of the most famous fashion models on the planet; this family could make trash-liners look like the lastest festive trend.

Image: Instagram / Yolanda Hadid

The cutest part about this adorable family photo is that it reminds us what the holidays are all about, spending quality time with your loved ones. Although each family member may be wrapped up in their own lives, they still took time-out of their busy schedules to catch up together. The icing on the cake is really how chic they all look at their holiday pajama party.

Tom Brady – A Christmas to Remember

It doesn’t get any more festive than this. NFL player Tom Brady sent the internet wild when he shared this romantic snap of him and his supermodel wife, Gisele, kissing in front of the tree. While they had themselves a merry little Christmas, this time of year must be even more special for Tom and Gisele. Tom originally proposed to Gisele on Christmas Eve.

Image: Instagram / Tom Brady

Being a celebrity, Tom Brady was able to throw out all the stops to make his grand proposal even more glamorous. He proposed to Gisele in the most romantic and intimate setting, on a private jet on Christmas Eve that set off from New Jersey to Boston. Aw!

Martha Stewart – Living Her Best Life

Home-making maestro Martha Stewart had the time of her life at her pal Kara Ross’ Christmas party. The domestic goddess took some time-out from celebrating all the mistletoe and wine to leap over and lay across Santa’s lap. Of course, she didn’t forget to take her trusty glass of wine.

Image: Instagram / Martha Stewart

Martha showed us all how to really celebrate the holidays and explained, “When was the last time you sat in Santa’s lap and told him what you wanted for Christmas?” She does have a point. She also grabbed the opportunity to throw a shoutout her pal Kara Ross for thinking of “everything for the party.” The entrepreneur didn’t forget to promote her strapless shoes from her Payless shoe line collection either!

Meghan Trainor – All About That Tree

Pop queen Meghan Trainor has managed to churn out hit after hit in the past few years. From chart-toppers like “All About That Bass” to girl power anthems like “Dear Future Husband” or “No,” she seems unstoppable. Still, she managed to top it all off when she rocked up to the Christmas party in this outrageously cool ugly Christmas sweater dress.

Image: Instagram / Meghan Trainor

Meghan really was the best answer to any holiday season RSVP. She managed to throw together all the holiday traditions in one power sweater. With Christmas presents, fairy lights, bows, bells, baubles, tinsel fringing, and a signature Santa’s hat, Meghan is dressed like a real-life Christmas tree. We’re sure she would win any ugly Sweater Contest hands down.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Just when we thought the soccer pro-Cristiano Ronaldo and his ever-expanding family couldn’t get any cuter; they blew us all away with this festive snap. The proud papa shared this photo of his family, and ensured that everyone oozed holiday cheer in matching signature Santa hats.

Image: Instagram / Cristiano Ronaldo

The talented Portuguese star has made a name for himself both on and off the soccer pitch, as both a sports legend and a family man. So we love that Ronaldo ensured the whole family got into the festive spirit. Both Ronaldo and his wife Georgina Rodriguez dressed all four kids, including his twins, top-to-toe in festive Santa-style outfits. He captioned the super cute photo “Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!”

Gordon Ramsay – A Heavenly Christmas

While the Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay might be a nightmare in the kitchen, the celebrity chef seems to have enjoyed a heavenly Christmas with his family. He was all smiles for the cameras as he posed with his brood and their fluff-ball family dog for the holidays.

Image: Instagram / Gordon Ramsey

The Ramsay clan radiated festive cheer and was totally on-trend with the celebrity holiday tradition of posing in festive pajamas in front of the tree. Gordon and his wife are pictured here with their four children, and they have since welcomed a fifth addition to the family. We can only wonder how crazy the Christmas dinner table must be in their household now!

Ingrid Haas – A Blend of Cultures

Award-winning comedian and actress Ingrid Haas managed to cause a social media blackout for the holidays when she blinded us all with her show-stopping share. As another celeb who faces the culture clash of festivities during the holidays, Ingrid paid tribute to both Hannukah and Christmas in one iconic post.

Image: Instagram / Ingrid Haas

Ingrid is pictured sat down, posing just like the Virgin Mary, innocently gazing up at a giant Star of David, the traditional Jewish symbol. The giant gold Star of David is draped in super blinding fairy lights, which are traditional Christmas decorations. The epic photo is a fusion of cultures. She hilariously tops it all off by captioning how she “Dressed in red and white to even it out a bit….”

The Smiths – Seasonally Extra

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the Smith-Pinkett Clan anymore than we do; they won us all with their hilariously extra seasonal cheer. While each member of the clan has forged their own singing, acting and presenting careers; it’s clear that they all remain tight family unit and bounce off each others’ company.

Image: Instagram / Will Smith

The family could have just settled for just one festive theme, like an ugly sweater or a hat. But this is no ordinary family. They went all out and combined every festive combination to create this legendary photo. Will explained how, “Jada LOOOOVES Christmas!  I think she’s finally rubbin’ off on the rest of us.”

Matisyahu – The Festival of Light

Talented Jewish reggae singer and rapper Matisyahu has churned out some memorable and crowd-pleasing hits over the years, like “One Day.” He’s also been open about his spiritual journey. So, although the singer has shifted his opinions with time, there are some traditions that the musician just can’t shift. That is the holiday tradition of Hanukkah and making sure the Menorah is lit.

Image: Instagram / Matisyahu

So here he is, lighting up the holidays in style with his own celebrity selfie. Matisyahu also began his own holiday tradition to celebrate Hanukkah. For the past few years, he has spent the holidays touring around for his annual Festival of Lights show. And it’s just as lit as it sounds.

Drake – God’s Plan

Canadian rapper Drake is another A-lister who grew up with a clash of holiday cultures. His mom is Jewish, and his father is an African-American Catholic. Since Drake is technically one of the tribe, he has created some parody hits and funny SNL skits about his Jewish heritage. He even famously threw a star-studded Re-Bar Mitzvah party for his 31st birthday.

Image: Instagram / Drake

Still, Drake is an international hip hop superstar. He also has a Catholic heritage and doesn’t really lead the traditional life in any way. So as he famously posed in front of the Christmas tree wearing a very Drake outfit, we couldn’t help but salute him. He really can get the best of every world and celebrate as many holidays as he wants. After all, he is Drake.

Reese Witherspoon – Legally Festive

The Legally Blonde and Big Little Lies actress and producer, Reese Witherspoon, has enjoyed a long career as a Hollywood sweetheart. She’s also a multi-achiever and always manages to look effortlessly perfect in every photo. Whether she’s stepping out on the red carpet, on-set, or promoting her fashion line, the preppy fashionista really seems flawless.

Image: Instagram / Reese Witherspoon

Well, that was all before Christmas came around. Even Reese herself couldn’t resist getting involved in the ugly sweater contest at work. So we love that she really got into the festive spirit and shared this candid snap of her and “Alex from the Sound Dept,” who won the contest. With his festively awkward sweater featuring a giant reindeer, hedgehogs, fairy lights, and colorful snowflakes; we can totally see why Reese can’t stop laughing!

Kevin Hart – Holiday Love

Comedy king Kevin Hart proved to us all that he wasn’t too cool to get down with the festive family photo tradition. He shared this heart-felt photo on Instagram of him and his wife, kids, and the fierce dogs rocking obligatory matching outfits.

Image: Instagram / Kevin Hart

From the look on Kevin’s face, he can see the funny side of the whole festive tradition. He has ensured that every member of the Hart family is color co-ordinated with black outfits, red hearts and matching red and black shoes. Perhaps he is laughing at the heart-theme pun on their family name, or maybe he can’t help but smile as it was his first Christmas photo with his wife Eniko. Aw!

Mayim Bialik – The Big Light Theory

Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik is another proud member of the Hannukah tribe. She also a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and is a self-confessed “all-around nerd.” So we’re sure she had her own theories about how best to celebrate Hanukkah, the eight-day festival of light, to the max.

Image: Instagram / Mayim Bialik

Mayim was super careful to stay true to tradition. While it has become a Christmas tradition to share ugly sweater selfies, the Hanukkah tradition is to share a selfie next to the Menorah. So Mayim shared the Jewish selfie answer to the holidays, by posing next to a giant wooden-carved Menorah. To mark the second night of the festival first she has lit the first two candles, and we’re sure the rest of the holidays were just as magical.

Diane Kruger – Tinsel Hostage

Actors Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger really got into the tinsel-spirit when they shared this holiday Christmas selfie on Instagram. The loved-up couple were festively-coordinated in matching Santa hats and draped perfectly in gold tinsel for added effect.

Image: Instagram / Diane Kruger

They did admit, however, that “they were missing one very important family member” and that would have made their photo even more picture-perfect. The missing member was none other than Diane’s beloved cat, Hobbes. Although the couple has since gone separate ways, we thank them for framing this awesomely festive tinsel moment.

Josh Peck – Merry Chrismukkah

Comedian Josh Peck got into the seasonal spirit by celebrating a fusion of festive holidays. Josh has often made jokes in the past about the super funny side of celebrating Hannukah at Christmas time and about saying “Merry Christmas” to someone who doesn’t celebrate. So, why choose just one festival when you can have double the fun with Chrismukkah.

Image: Instagram / Josh Peck

Josh is pictured proudly celebrating his Jewish heritage by holding the traditional Menorah, which symbolizes the festival of Hannukah. However, the funny man still can’t escape the Christmas spirit. So he hilariously gets the best of both worlds by posing in front of a giant, extravagantly decorated Christmas tree.

Jane Lynch – Holiday Purrfection

Everyone’s favorite Glee co-stars Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison took their cat fandom to the next level for the holidays. The gleeful pair were a sight for sore eyes with their matching purple, red and white cat-themed ugly sweaters. While they look purrfect for the holidays, they also teamed up to wear those sweaters for a Febreze “Smelly Cat”-themed commercial.

Image: Instagram / Jane Lynch

So the best part is they sung their own witty parody song, “The 12 Stinks of Christmas!” The parody explained all the different kinds of stinky smells that Christmas can bring and featured classic lines like “three musty stockings, two smelly cats, and one ugly sweater from 1993.” Well, that’s one legendary way to get into the yuletide spirit!

Mariah Carey – All She Wants for Christmas

No celebrity Christmas list would be complete without the self-styled queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. The songstress has teased us through the years with her iconic festive jingle, “All I want for Christmas.” And we were all waiting with bated breath for her to answer the age-old question. Who did she want to spend Christmas with? It seems like now we finally have the answer.

Image: Instagram / Mariah Carey

Mariah can happily celebrate Christmas with lavishly extra presents, sold-out tours, sleigh rides with Santa, and luxury vacations in secluded destinations. Still, she made it clear to all of us in this one Insta-worthy photo. All she wanted for Christmas Eve was to cozy up with her loved ones on the sofa, wearing obligatory festive pajamas and a Santa hat!