Tom Brady’s Ex & Gisele Bündchen Open Up About Co-Parenting

Tom Brady and Gisle Bündchen had a rough start. Sudden surprises came from left field and forced Gisele to contemplate whether or not she should stay with the superstar quarterback. As we all know, her decision was to keep seeing Tom, but it was not easy for her at first. Tom Brady discovered his ex was pregnant right after he began dating Gisele. The three of them had to learn to get along.

Gisele Bundchen and Bridget Moynahan

Although there are some signs of tension between Gisele and Bridget, it seems like the three of them figured out a way to co-parent. For years, these parents refused to make official statements about their relationship with one another are like. However, after the media implanted the world with the idea that Tom Gisele and Bridget can’t stand each other, they were forced to speak up and defend their family. Not to mention, some of Tom’s emails were leaked to the public during a legal investigation, and they revealed a lot about how Tom and Bridget get along.

Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan

A lot of us remember Bridget from the movie Coyote Ugly. She was right up on the bar dancing alongside Tyra Banks. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you might also find her familiar from the show Sex and the City as she played Mr. Bigs’ love interest for several episodes.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 23

Bridget also played a part in other series including Six Degrees, and CBS’ Blue Bloods. It was her spot under the limelight that leads her to this decades football legend, Tom Brady.

Sparks Flew Instantly… And Then They Were Put Out

Bridget and Tom immediately hit it off. They bonded over having similar values in regards to hard work. They were like those odd couples that love planning, scheduling, working, and all that jazz. Their first date turned into a very serious three-year relationship.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 3

Though the media painted a picture of a very happy couple, they were actually struggling to make things work. The Romance faded, and in 2006, Tom and Bridget decided that the best thing for them to do was to end their relationship and head on different paths. Little did they know, they were about to be bound together for a lifetime!

Brady Was Ready to Move On

Tom got out of a three-year relationship, but he didn’t need much time to get back on his feet and try to find his one true love. His friends were on a mission to find Tom a new lady and see him smile again. Heartbreak was too much for his close family members to see.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 25

Tom is usually a happy-go-lucky dude, so when he was sad all the time, no one knew what to do. Eventually, he agreed to go on a blind date. In his mind, all was done with Bridget, and he was ready to try and move on. He had no idea who he would be meeting.

What Gisele Said About Tom in an Interview Before She Met Him

Years before Gisele ever met Tom Brady, she was asked about how he looked in an interview. Gisele is very aware of how the media can spin things, so to cover all bases, she admitted that he was attractive while making it clear that she had no interest in a man who was already committed to another woman.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 26

“He’s cute, but if he has a girlfriend, he’s gay to me,” she told the Boston Herald about the quarterback. She brushed off the question and brushed away the idea of Tom Brady after that interview. Soon enough she would laugh about the funny ways in which the world works.

Gisele Gave Blind Date’s One Last Chance

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Gisele explained that she’d gone on a couple blind dates before she was set up with Tom. Her friends were determined to see her look happy again. Her breakup from Leonardo DiCaprio after six years of dating was devastating to the supermodel.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 27

Gisele said her previous dates were bummers, so she agreed to go for a drink instead of a dinner so that she could get away faster if she was not having fun. She was right about one thing; this would be her last first date ever!

How Gisele Knew She Loved Tom

Gisele went into her blind date with very low expectations. She thought it would be a disappointment like all the other dates she’s been on. Gisele told Jimmy Fallon that when she saw Tom’s sweet eyes and his good heart, she knew she loved him.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 28

Gisele said she fell in love because she knew how sincere his heart was. Tom said he felt the same… but who wouldn’t fall in love with the highest paid supermodel?!

Were Things Too Good to Be True?

Tom and Gisele continued to date for a while. Gisele said that things were going so well between them that it felt almost too good to be true. They tried to keep things on the down-low for a while, but when the best QB dates the Highest paid model, it’s hard to keep it a secret.

13 Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 29

Their relationship is pretty much a high school dream come true. The head cheerleader dates the jock, and everyone’s jealous. The only difference is that they’re adults and totally not bullies at all. However, there was a twist and Gisele was right; things were too good to be true.

The Phone Call From Bridget That Changed Tom’s Life

Just as things started to get better for Tom, he got a phone call that would change his life for good. Bridget called up Tom to let him know that she was pregnant and that the baby was, in fact, his. Tom was in shock.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 2

He thought he would be leaving Bridget in the past and moving on. He found the woman of his dreams and things were going too well for him. Now, he had to think about what to do. Bridget said she was ready to be a mother and was going to keep the baby. Although fatherhood is exciting, Tom had to think about how to tell Gisele.

Gisele Didn’t Know How to React

Gisele and Tom had been dating for more than two months when Bridget discovered she was pregnant. In an interview, Gisele admitted that the news was hard for her to digest. What made things harder for her was the lack of privacy.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 17

One day after Bridget found out Bridget was pregnant, it was all over the news. Gisele said her life felt like “it was turned upside down.” She loved Tom and wanted to figure things out with him, but she knew it would not be easy in any way shape or form.

Bridget Cried When She Got Home With Her Newborn

While the media is focusing on Gisele’s reaction, there was another woman who had difficulty in this situation, and that was Bridget. She told the media that after she gave birth, she burst out into tears. She was super happy to be a mother, but the matter of fact is that she was automatically a single mother.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 10

She had a lot of anxiety about what it would be like to raise her son as a single mom. She felt she needed a life partner to help her raise her son in a traditional way, but she knew that Tom was not the right man for her and that he had already moved on.

Tension Between Gisele and Bridget

The media could not stop talking about a comment made by Gisele about Tom and Bridget’s son Jack. Gisele made comments about Jack being one of her children. “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child,” Gisele told Vanity fair.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 14

When that got out, people started to criticize her saying that she is over-stepping her boundaries as a stepmother. Based off of that comment, people began to speculate that Bridget was not a fan of Gisele and they even thought that there were tensions that could potentially tear their family apart.

Bündchen Calls Jack a “Bonus Child”

Bridget gave birth to Jack in 2007. He is Tom’s eldest child and Gisele’s stepson. Although the media is poking for jealousy and hatred between these two women, that’s not what they’re finding. In her recent book, Gisele wrote how happy she was that Jack entered her life.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 6

She treats him the same way she treats her other children, and she says that he’s expanded her heart in ways she never knew it could expand. She even went as far as to say that she feels he is her “bonus child.” Sorry folks, there’s no malicious Cinderella story happening here.

Bridget’s Offical Statement About Gisele and Tom

Bridget refrained from making any public statements about Tom and Gisele until she finally decided to end all rumors about her not liking Gisele. She publically stated that she has a relationship with Tom and Gisele on a daily basis.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 7

“My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love,” she added. It was tough for her to deal with heartbreak, then pregnancy, then motherhood on her own but she seems to have come a long way.

Tom Makes Sure Jack Is Included, Especially at the Games

Including all the kids in big events like games such as the Super Bowl is super important for Brady and Bridget. The perks of having the best quarterback as a dad are endless, and Jack should not have to miss out just because he’s got a different mom than the rest of his siblings.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 24

Tom is adamant about including all of his children at all times, especially during these big moments. This past Super Bowl, all the kids sat on the sidelines and cheered on their dad! Bridget was not there, and she was perfectly fine with Gisele watching over them.

Emails Between Bridget and Tom Leaked

During an NFL scandal, Tom was ordered to release his emails as evidence in court. Among his emails was a conversation between him and Bridget talking about Jack. Bridget mentioned how well Jack was doing in school, specifically in reading.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 21

Tom responds saying how proud he is of Jack and what a smart boy Jack is. Psychologists gave their insight on how amazing this conversation was. Apparently, they’re an awesome team. Here’s what they had to say:

Psychologists Are in Awe of Their Relationship

One psychologist mentioned that the key to co-parenting is keeping all conversations focused on the children. Often times, parents who split up get into heated arguments and lose sight of the overall goal which is raising their child in the best possible way.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 4

According to psychologists, the interaction between Tom and Bridget is ideal. They both kept their eye on the ball so to speak. They stayed focused on their son’s achievements and celebrated his success. Clearly, they know what they’re doing as co-parents.

Gisele Has the Kids on a Crazy Diet… Including Jack

Years ago, Gisele decided to give up all gluten, white sugar, alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes. When she got married to Tom, she implemented this lifestyle in their homes. All of Gisele’s family are on a crazy healthy diet, and 80% of it consists of vegetables.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 16

Cooking is easy when you don’t have any restrictions; you can easily cook pasta on a busy night. However, Gisele’s diet is so hard to keep up with and create a variety that she hires a personal chef to help her out in the kitchen.

This Is How Bridget Handles the Kitchen

The Blue Bloods actress got so much attention for her work that she decided to take things to the next level. The characters on the show are constantly seen eating meals that look fabulous.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 47

Bridget officially has her own Blue Bloods cookbook with recipes that are inspired by meals in the show. The book became a total hit and it looks like she’s a success of her own. She is a mom, a model, actress, and published her own cookbook. Good for her! If you think her kitchen is impressive, check out the Brady’s open kitchen.

The Brady’s Paid Mad Money for an Open Kitchen

One’s an athlete, the other was a supermodel. Sometimes we wonder if there’s much the pair have in common. At the front of this list comes cooking, whether this is meals or snacks for their children. They’ve certainly got the right kitchen for it.

5 4

Why the lack of doors? Having an open-planned kitchen allows the parents to cook their trademark meals while keeping an eye on their kids all at the same time. A genius idea, if you ask us.

What Tom Had to Say About Gisele Had Us in Tears

“She’s my rock. I married someone that is—I know is my life partner,” he gushed about his wife of a decade. “She’s just one of the most caring, nurturing people in the world and the way she takes care of our family when I’m working, sacrificing a lot of her dreams, you know, that she wants to do for me, I can only tell her I love her so much, and she knows and she feels it and this is—family is so important to me,” he said after the Suber Bowl.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 13

My parents were there last night, my sisters were there, and it’s just—it brings you so much joy when everyone is there to celebrate with you, so she’s got my back, I have no doubt about that, and she knows I have hers,” he said with tears in his eyes.

How Tom Gisele and Bridget Act Behind Closed Doors

Many times, parents can act one way in public and a completely different way in private, Tom and Bridget and Gisele seem to interact the same when they’re alone and in public. Close friends say that the way they all accept each other is incredible.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 22

Gisele and Bridget are cordial, and they make sure to keep it that way. Recently, the three of them and their kids were seen hanging out together. They try to do this often to help keep Jack in the loop and involved with is siblings.

Tom Credits His Parents for Being Role Models

Tom seems to be an awesome dad, and when interviewers bring that up, he gives credit to his parents. Tom says his mom and dad were always there for him and promoted his career from a very young age.


Apparently, their good parenting skills really rubbed off on the quarterback. He says that they are his ultimate role model when it comes to building a family.

Tom’s Father Took Care of His Mother at Her Worst

Tom Brady’s parents are extremely loving. They have each other’s support every step of the way. When Tom’s mother was sick with cancer, his father was her rock. He did everything for her when she was ill, and it just came naturally to him.


Tom said that his parent’s relationship with each other will always stand as the ideal relationship. He even thinks of his father whenever he needs to help Gisele with her issues.

Brady Helps Gisele With Her Mental Illness

Gisele jumped into modeling life at a young age. She saw models getting fired left and right so she was determined to work as hard as she possibly could to keep her job. Eventually, she cracked under pressure and developed extream anxiety.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 13

She suddenly was scared to fly, scared to go into an elevator and even considered taking her life. She was able to get through her difficulties, but every now and then, when she has an issue, Tom helps her get through it.

Tom Was Asked If He Would Have a Mid-Life Crisis

In one interview that Tom Brady did, he was asked if he was going to ever go through a mid-life crisis now that he’s in his forties.

27 1

Tom was taken aback by this question because usually, a mid-life crisis involves changing jobs or finding a new wife. Tom reassured everyone watching and said that he loves his wife and his job and has no intention of changing either of them.

Tom Is the Ultimate Dad

Tom is known to be a typical American dad. According to his friends, he has no ideas about what artists are cool, or what clothes are in style. He is even known for making epic dad jokes. The nerdy character traits just make him a total cutie.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 15

He loves spending time with his kids more than anything else. Whenever he has the chance, he makes sure to take them out for a good time.

Bridget Finally Found Love

Moynahan Is Married to Andrew Frankel. Although she did have her moments as a single mother, she ended up finding a life partner to help her raise her son Jack. Bridget and Andrew’s Hampton wedding was totally fabulous, and they both looked great.

Tom Brady Opens Up About Co Parenting 19

They planned their wedding to feel more like a big family dinner than a traditional wedding reception. Sources say that Bridget is “on cloud nine,” and could not be any happier. It looks like there was a happy ending for everyone in this story.

Is Tom Jealous of Gisele’s Past

co co 1

Many people suspect that Gisele is the jealous one in the relationship since she is married to arguably the best quarterback in professional football. In reality, however, we think Brady should be envious of Gisele. Why is this? How many of you were aware that one of the supermodel’s famous ex-boyfriends was none other than Leo DiCaprio?

That’s right, one of the most coveted stars in Hollywood was once an item with our Gisele. The stunning couple dated on and off for six years, and if you ask us, that’s a pretty impressive figure given the standard track record for celeb romances. Despite their fondness for one another, Gisele found a better match in Brady.

Why Gisele Chose Brady Over Leo

There’s no denying that ‘Gionardo’ made a gorgeous pairing, but that wasn’t enough. What many don’t know is that beneath all the glitz and glam, Gisele was suffering from several personal battles, and while being with DiCaprio, the star couldn’t open up about her issues.

co co 2

Cue Beneficial Brady: one major thing Tom and Gisele have in common is their obsession with anything health related. Being a professional footballer, working out is key for the star. Together, the pair inspire one another to be in the best shape possible, both in body and mind. Gisele was quickly able to ditch her unhealthy lifestyle after meeting the love of her life, even adopting a few rituals along the way for good luck.

Gisele’s Odd Rituals Before Games

At first, it was a little surprising for Brady to learn of his other half’s weird and wonderful routines she does for good fortune. Some of these include the ‘little altar’ Bündchen makes for her husband, full of pictures of his kids to surround the player with positive energy before a game.

co co 3

Love clearly conquers all in this relationship, as Brady has accepted his ‘good witch’ wife for who she is, superstitions and all, and simply follows the rituals without question. After all, Brady needs all the luck he can get after the huge sacrifice he has made by continuing his career.

Gisele Never Wanted to Be Famous

Would you have guessed that it was actually Gisele’s mother, Vania Nonnenmacher, who encouraged her to become a model? All this time, it would appear the supermodel never really dreamed of Hollywood. A series of events pretty much just led her there.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 43

If it wasn’t through her own actions, how did Gisele get to where she is today? Turns out the supermodel was found on a shopping spree, aged 14, in Sao Paulo. Someone approached her, and abracadabra, the rest is history. From that moment, her life would never be the same. You could say, with her new-found fame Gisele became the favorite of her sisters. Who else once dreamed of being more successful than his sisters? None other than Tom Brady.

In High School, Brady Wished To Be More Popular Than His Sisters

Looking at the international sensation that is Tom Brady today, who would’ve guessed this. An essay was written by Brady in school, years before the fame, expressing how the star once felt invisible and like he was living in the shadows of his sisters.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 45

Within the essay, Tom writes a wish to be “recognized as an individual and not as another ‘Brady.’” Well, Tom, it would appear dreams really do come true as this is exactly what you got, but so much more to the extreme.

Brady’s Challenge as an NFL Dad

With all the training Brady has to do to remain in top shape for his games, it’s a wonder he has any time left to be a parent, and in fact, sometimes he doesn’t. Football season means a lot of traveling, and a lot of traveling means less time with his kids.

co co 4

Once the season is up, it’s back to square one on Brady’s parenting front. The athlete admitted that spending long periods of time away from his children means he misses out on their important moments and has to learn how to be a father again. Luckily the children have such a dedicated mother who gave up a lot for them.

Gisele’s Sacrifice

Let’s rewind a few years, to a time where Gisele was once the highest paid supermodels of all time, ranking first place on Forbes’ list of top earners. Now hopping back over to the present day, and we learn the star has given it all up for love.

co co 5

Over time, our priorities change, and that’s exactly what happened with Bündchen. In other words, Gisele does not have the time to continue her modeling career. She ditched the 9-5 to be the best mother to her kids, and the best coach and wife to her husband. Despite this, the family always manages to put time aside now and then for a little vacay.

Gisele Makes Tom Visualize Winning Before Each Game

Part of Gisele’s new lifestyle involves a bucket load of positive energy. She really believes that the more you send out positive thoughts into the world, the more likely good things will happen.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 42

Before games, Gisele encourages Tom to close his eyes, say a few mantras, and imagine him and his team winning. Bystanders probably think these two love birds look totally insane, but at the end of the day, Tom does have five Superbowl rings!

Time to Relax

This may be a busy family, but what’s the point in working hard if you can’t celebrate? The Brady family likes to escape from reality by going on some of the most extravagant vacations we’ve ever seen, not that we’re at all envious.

co co 6

With such hectic schedules, it’s important for this family to take the time out occasionally to wind down. Did we mention they took a trip on a yacht?! As one of the most successful power couples of all time, we think these two deserve it. So, how do they celebrate Brady’s wins?

Gisele Takes the Waves

We recently witnessed yet another win of Brady’s New England Patriots team at the 2019 Super Bowl game, so what better way to celebrate than a surfing trip to Costa Rica? Giselle was snapped looking glamorous as ever holding a surfboard on the beach; it’s a hard life!


Move over Brady; there’s a new athlete in town. Proving there’s more to her than just her modeling skills, Gisele looks like a born surfer in this candid shot taken on the Costa Rican beach. Is it possible to find a bad picture of this woman?! We suspect there will be many more vacations to come once the couple (eventually) retires, but how do they plan to achieve this?

Building a Family Real Estate Empire for the Family

Just when you thought the life of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen couldn’t get any busier, turns out they’ve been getting pretty savvy in the world of real estate. Why do this? The couple wants to celebrate their retirement in the best way possible, and this won’t come cheap.

co co 7

This is a couple that really knows how to make the most out of their time and money. The pair bought a bunch of insanely expensive apartments to rent out, in order to generate more money for their future. Speaking of the future, what does Gisele have to say about her husband’s continuing career?

Gisele Asked Tom to Retire

Being the health-conscious guru that she is, Gisele constantly ensures that not only is she living the best life she possibly can, but she wants those close to her to keep healthy too. That is why she recently asked her other half to make a big decision.

co co 8

The supermodel saw the intense amount of training her husband was going through in order to prepare for his games, so suggested he retire in order to give his body the rest it needs. We wonder if Tom took this advice on board.

They’re Going to Make It Work

So, is this the last we’ll see of Tom Brady on the fields? We suspect not, but we’re sure Bündchen’s suggestion has not gone amiss with the star. Who knows, maybe one day in the future he’ll follow her advice and get some well-deserved rest.

co co 9

Like any couple, the pair have found a way to make things work. He may not be able to quit his job just yet, but Brady is definitely working on finding that perfect balance between being the best athlete and father, all at the same time. The future is bright for this family, and we can’t wait to hear what the rest of their journey has in store.

Tom Makes a Shout-Out to Gisele Despite Rumors

Now that Tom is the next big deal, everyone is talking about him. The fact of the matter is that the more famous a person gets, the more negative attention they get in the media.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 40

Tabloids are claiming that he and Gisele’s relationship is on the rocks, so Tom decided to clear the air. In one of his Instagram stories, he posted a picture of him looking at Gisele and captioned it “I only have eyes for you.” How sweet is that?

Brady Is Proud of His Wife

Proving she’s not just a pretty face, Gisele has pursued endless goals to help save the environment. So much so, that the supermodel-turned family woman is not only applauded by her husband, but she’s now widely recognized by various environmentalist groups.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 48

Is there anything this woman hasn’t done? After their recognition of her hard efforts, Bündchen was honored with a Global Environmental Citizen Award by Harvard Medical School, Best Green International Celebrity Award by the Green Awards, the list goes on and on. To show his appreciation for his wife and everything she does, the couple frequently enjoys time to themselves.

Gisele Keeps Busy With a Personal Trainer

Gisele hardly models anymore. She focuses on her self-growth and works extra hard on staying as healthy as possible. One of her main hobbies in kickboxing. Gisele’s personal trainer whips her into shape almost every day of the week.

gisele 1

So when Tom is working on his body during football season, Gisele is kicking butt at the gym when the kids are at school.

The Start of Her Anxiety

In addition to all the stress Gisele had when she was working 350 days a year, Gisele dealt with severe anxiety. She spoke about these issues in her book and on TV, and she described the moment it all began. Gisele said she was in an airplane on the way to a shoot when it started shaking “like a leaf.”

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 41

At that moment, she realized how fragile life is and from then on; she battled extream anxiety. Luckily, she has Tom to help her work through it.

Live Like Tom Brady

If You Really Want to Know What it’s like to be a Brady, you could rent out their apartment. Gisele and Tom bought an awesome apartment when they moved to NYC from Boston. Although they loved it, they decided to go bigger and rent out the older apartment.

gisele 2

For the crazy cost of about $40,000 a month, you can live in their old home, and use everything in it. According to the real-estate website that it’s on, everything down to the silverware and the sheets were used by the Bradys.

Where Gisele & Tom Go to Relax

Gisele and Tom have stressful lives, so they deserve to have the most relaxing bathroom of all times! Sitting in their $40 million apartments is an awesome, French bath. At the end of their long days, they each soak in the bath and take a moment to relax.

7 5

Tom enters the tub either after his massages or after a game. He even admits to filling it up with bags of ice to help his muscles recover. You got to admit, people who work this hard, deserve a bath with a view.

Will Tom Take On an Acting Career?

Tom is a bigtime athlete that is well on his way to the Hall of Fame. He’s broken so many records and set a few of his own. This type of status in the sports world could only mean one thing; a feature in the next “Space Jam,” movie.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 44

The talk of the town is that Tom might agree to play a role in the next Space Jam. Although the movie is supposed to be about Basketball, they’ll make an exception for him. Imagine how awesome it would be for his kids to watch him on the big screen!

Tom and Gisele Are Planning a Date Night

In light of the recent events that the couple has celebrated (huge hint being thrown to the Super Bowl win here), what’s next for our favorite couple? They seem to be going from strength to strength, so we want to know what their next move is.

Tom Brady Ex Gisele Bundchen Open Up About Co Parenting 46

Two words: date night. It’s important for these two to remember what’s important in their lives amidst all the success. An evening is being planned between the pair, where they can unwind from all the media madness and the fame, and just focus on one another. Who knew the famous couple could live ordinary lives too? Well, occasionally anyway.

You Can’t Deny It, Gisele is the Avocado to Tom’s Toast

Say whatever you want about this lovely couple, but we firmly believe that Tom and Gisele are the perfect match.

gisele 3

While Bridget and Gisele equally make awesome mothers, Gisele is simply the avocado to Tom’s toast and there’s nothing you can say to change our mind. Based on how they deal with their modern family structure alongside a hectic football career, you can say they are the best couple out there.