Tom Brady’s Ex & Gisele Bündchen Open Up About Co-Parenting

    Tom Brady and Gisle Bündchen had a rough start. Sudden surprises came from left field and forced Gisele to contemplate whether or not she should stay with the superstar quarterback. As we all know, her decision was to keep seeing Tom, but it was not easy for her at first. Tom Brady discovered his ex was pregnant right after he began dating Gisele. The three of them had to learn to get along.

    Although there are some signs of tension between Gisele and Bridget, it seems like the three of them figured out a way to co-parent. For years, these parents refused to make official statements about their relationship with one another are like. However, after the media implanted the world with the idea that Tom Gisele and Bridget can’t stand each other, they were forced to speak up and defend their family. Not to mention, some of Tom’s emails were leaked to the public during a legal investigation, and they revealed a lot about how Tom and Bridget get along.