Every year, over 70,000 people eagerly gather in the giant Nevada desert campsite, to feel the flaming heat of Burning Man. Recently becoming a 31-year old tradition, Burning Man is an off-the-hook music festival that gradually evolved from a meek bonfire gathering among friends in San Francisco into a wild, international music and art happening. Burning Man hosts thousands of modern-day hippies, tech entrepreneurs, and even celebrities, all looking to loosen up and have a good time. The event features over 120 musical performances, as well as hundreds of displays of surreal art, that have left its guests with euphoric memories and a desperate taste for more. Anyone who’s attended this rad festival will tell you it’s all about the unity, the vibes, the groove, and the way the music awakens your soul.

So, for all you people out there, suffering from Burning Man separation anxiety, Popular Everything has hunted down the top most-played tracks of the epic 2017 festival, to restore that musical bliss that once made you go wild. From all-time classics to house, and all the way to the deepest desert melodies, all you gotta do is close your eyes and let that crisp air caress your face, as you dance the night away.

1. Pachanga Boys – Time

The ‘lost track of time’ is a modern classic, that will truly never age. The track was produced in 2011 by brilliant DJs, Superpitcher & Rebolledo, also known as The Pachanga Boys. These two DJ’s had a flaming desire to say something to the world. Something simple and beautiful. They channeled their hunger for self-expression by composing musical mixes that make us wonder how music existed without them. Their unique and hippie tunes express freedom of speech, mind, and dance. These bad boys are known for their ability to create unusual sounds that contradict the stereotypical and soulless music, we hear daily. The Pachanga spark can light up even the darkest desert night. A real Burning Man anthem!!!

2. Alicia Keys – In Common (Black Coffee Rmx)

‘In Common’ is a major hit, initially produced by our all-time favorite R&B artist, Alicia Keys. Black Coffee was the one who remixed this track and transformed it into something new. The South African producer and DJ, Black Coffee, began his career in 1995 and has gradually over the past two decades, become the number one DJ in Africa. One for the ladies!

3. Red Axes – Sun My Sweet Sun

Red Axes is an eclectic Israeli dance-duo whose tracks vary from dubby left-field house workouts to ominous cuts. The epic duo came to life in 2010 by Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. Their tunes often mix dusty, twangy electric guitar riffs with seething disco-inspired drum-machine rhythms, accompanied by their own shadowy vocals. Despite some touches of darkness here and there, their tracks usually feel easygoing and good-spirited, Just like this one.

4. Afriquoi – Kudaushe

‘Kudaushe’ is one of the many unique tracks created by the London-based music group, Afriquoi. This ensemble integrates several styles of traditional African music while adding touches of contemporary electronic tunes, in order to create high-energy, dance music that will leave you sore for days. The members Kudaushe come from the countries, Botswana, The Gambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and The United Kingdom. They’re particularly famous for their revolving lineup of brilliant guest musicians and vocalists, imported from every corner of the world, covering Africa, Europe, America, and the Caribbean. We’ve carried this colorful and wistful melody, ever since those Burning Man curtains closed…

5. Jude & Frank – La Luna

Italian house duo Jude & Frank, specialize in creating super cool and groovy tracks that are inspired by Latin vibes, disco rings, and funky house tunes. In 2016, one of their greatest hits, ‘La Luna’, reached the number one position on the Beatport Overall Chart (the biggest dance music store in the world) and in 2017, the track received a hard-earned nominee at the Italian Dance Music Awards for the best tune of the year. Burning Man wouldn’t be the same without this freaky, fresh tunes, produced by these two DJ-saints.

6. Major Lazer & Mr. Eazi – Leg Over

Known as one of the most successful, electronic music trios, Major Lazer, is a brilliant music group, comprised of record producer, Diplo and the two DJs, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire. These guys have released three full-length albums, along with several singles that feature big-shot artists such as Pharrell Williams, Sean Paul, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Ellie Goulding. Major Lazer’s track, ‘Leg Over’ featuring Mr. Eazi, was by far one of the most played tracks of Burning Man 2017 and is still ringing in our ears.

7. Lil Louis – French Kiss

‘French Kiss,’ is an all-time classic tune, produced by the American DJ, Lil Louis. Starting its journey in 1989, this song was left on replay in every dance club around the world. It doesn’t come to much surprise that ‘French Kiss’ spent a whole two weeks at number one on the American Dance Chart. Its unique and catchy beat has a pattern of gradually slowing down to a complete stop, marked by the sound of female moaning, then increasingly speeding up, giving its listeners a sexual experience. This deep, erotic track is a real treat for all you moaning burners.

8. Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better

In 2010, there was no psych group more popular than Australia’s, Tame Impala. Like a lot of the buzz bands of the mid-late 2000’s, Tame Impala’s story mainly involves Myspace, which transformed them from a teenage garage band into a sought-after prize in a multiple-label bidding war. It all started when Modular Records discovered several of Tame Impala’s songs on their Myspace page. As soon as they heard the hypnotizing melodies, they messaged the band and requested more tracks. Tame Impala eagerly sent the record company a demo with 20 songs and in no time the young band was officially signed and the rest is history. ‘The Less I Know, The Better’ was released in November of 2015 and has reached over 43 million views on YouTube since. This hippie track stands out from all the other Burning Man hits that we’ve heard, this year. No boom, boom here, just some good ol’ sexy vocals and guitar melodies.

9. Nu & Jo Ke – Who Loves the Sun

This deep house track has never failed to make its listeners feel things they never thought they could before. Its catchy beat and refreshing tune, ironically tell the story of a broken-hearted man who tells us:

“Who loves the sun?
Who cares that it makes plants grow?
Who cares what it does?
Since you broke my heart…”

One fan commented on the video saying, “Closing my eyes now, feeling the vibe, the rhythm, the beat and the power of the sun and its natural high. A journey into the deep abyss that is our soul, conscious and utter being. Raw and in its purest form, all else becomes trivial.” AGREED!

10. Hayden James – Something About You (ODESZA Remix)

ODESZA is an American electronic music duo, featuring two insanely talented artists – Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The two met in their senior year of college and spent their summer as recent graduates, collaborating on a new, experimental album. Following so, they released a free LP entitled “Summer’s Gone,” which embraces a crisp balance between wistful, sun trickled tunes, glitched out vocals, crusty drums, and massive sweeping basslines. ‘Something About You’ is just one of those BM future classics.
Listen –  Hayden James – Something About You (ODESZA Remix)

11. Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl to Do

This track is far from new, but it seems to gain popularity like waves rolling towards the shore, and then leaving gradually. It pops up only every few years, making it a song that not everybody’s heard. “What’s a Girl to Do’ has a familiar vibe, almost as if you heard it when you were younger.Despite its evident nostalgic touch, Fatima Yamaha created this beautiful piece of tranquility in 2004. Its jingles mirror those in the old classic kid’s movies and also remind us of those outdated video games we used to play.

12. Acid Pauli & Monolink – New Morning

The artists of this marvelous deep house/electronic track are Martin Gretschmann and Steffen Linck. Martin, being an electric mastermind and Steffen, being a versatile musical genius, geniusly collaborated together create this epic house track. Together, they composed, “New Morning”, a hypnotic song filled with heated vibes, that create an unforgettable dance experience, perfect for those long desert nights.

13. Hyenah – The Idea (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)

The Hyenah is a mysterious  DJ that’s performed all over the world while keeping its identity classified by eternally wearing a Hyena mask. In 2016, the Hyenah was dubbed top Afro House artist of the year on Traxsource. Frankly & Sandrino’s remix for ‘The Idea’ is just one of those “hands in the air” tracks. No wonder it was one of the most played tracks of Burning Man 2017.

14. Adriatique – Soul Valley

This fast-beat, futuristic tech-house track, will turn your ears inside-out, as you turn up the bass. Adriatique is another house duo created by two cool dudes, both named Adrian and both from Zurich, Switzerland. These musical geniuses met in 2008 and clicked from the get-go. Their distinct tracks will take you on a blissful journey through deep, techy, contemplative and energetic tunes, which expose constant tension and then a mind-blowing release. ‘Soul Valley’ is a nine-minute trip that makes you want to go back to those hypnotic sunsets of Black Rock Desert.

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