Get Your Spook On: The Top Rated Horror Movies for Those Who Love Thrills & Chills

Don’t be ashamed of it, we all like a little scare here and there. For some people, the art of getting spooked out is a passion. Scary movies are the ones we remember most. Over the years producers created and perfected the scare factors in films.

Some of these horror stories made a permanent influence on societies schemas. Clowns, log cabins, road trips, and nursery songs went from being cute and innocent to being some of the more terrifying things around.

If you’re looking to get your spook on, pick a movie from this list containing the most freighting films ever made. Warning: you might never sleep with the light off again. Don’t’ say we didn’t warn you.


Annie’s life changes for the worse after her mother passes away. She and her children slowly discover horrifying truths about their family’s lineage.

Scary Movies 20

Just when they thought things couldn’t be worse, they were proven wrong. You better cover your eyes if you’re faint-hearted.

Phoenix Forgotten

Three teens think they’re above the unknown as they go and search for the “Missing Lights” UFO in the depths of the Arizona desert. They mysteriously went missing without a trace.

Scary Movies 10

Twenty years later the footage recording their last hours on earth are discovered, and they are anything but pretty.

Don’t Breathe

A group of rowdy friends tries to break into a blind man’s home thinking they would get away with it. The man noticed people were in his home. The group of friends tries to leave the house without being discovered.

Scary Movies 28

Let’s just say they underestimated the blind man’s abilities. Escape won’t be easy if escape is achieved at all.


The remake of the classic horror movie that ruined clowns for us as all, It, destroyed any hope of reviving the excitement towards clowns in general.

Scary Movies 15

One creepy clown reigns terror on the town. Children go missing one by one leaving the down in paralyzing fear. This is a must-see for any horror movie fan.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Everyone who thinks older movies are unrealistic and therefore not scary is totally wrong. Freddy Krueger’s name did not get down in horror history for no reason.

Scary Movies 12

He’s the most iconic figures in horror movies these past years. You need to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street if you love the thrills and chills. But whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.

A Quiet Place

Usually, when we watch scary movies, we anticipate loud, sudden noises that make us jump out of our seats. But in the movie A Quiet Place, the opposite is true.

Scary Movies 7

Silence becomes the most horrifying aspect of this film. The movie is John Krasinski’s directorial debut, so there’s no chance you’ll be let down.

28 Days Later

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, prepare to have every image you mentally hold of zombies to be destroyed. When we think about the undead, we think of slow crawling, fragile yet scary creatures.

Scary Movies 39

But in the film 28 Days Later, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled if you want to keep up with these zombies because they’re fast! In a world where humans don’t stand a chance against zombies, things can get pretty creepy!

The Children of Corn

The Children of Corn is a film that will have you shaking in fear every time you see a small quiet town or a cute little child. The things we thought were innocent, naive, and cute will never look the same again.

Scary Movies 34

Get ready; you’ll never be able to trust your instincts about what looks safe and innocent ever again.

Get Out

An African-American guy meets his White girlfriend’s family. She thought her parents didn’t care about race but as it turns out they really do. He spends the night in a town where he notices the faces of multiple African-Americans that went missing.

Scary Movies 24

Hypnosis, disappearing people, and strange behavior all lead him to believe he is their next target! If you didn’t bite your nails off now, just wait until you see what happens.


The name of the movie describes exactly what you’re going to do when you watch it. Countless spinoffs and a few parodies gave the Scream mask a little too much exposure.

Scary Movies 4

Some people speculate that, after seeing the scream mask so often, it’ll be hard for them to get spooked out while watching the original movie. Those people clearly don’t understand Wes Craven’s ability to create a properly frightening movie. You may have seen the mast before, but after you watch the movie, you’ll never want to see it again.

John Carpenter’s Vampires

James Woods and his crew of vampire hunters put their lives on the line to protect others. The bloodthirsty beings do whatever they can to get their fill and this band of vampire hunters plans on putting a stop to it all.

Scary Movies 13

Their battles with the evil creatures get ugly enough to haunt you for the next few weeks. You better watch this movie with garlic in your hands.

Child’s Play

If horror movies taught us all one thing in life, it’s that you should never feel safe when you’re alone, in a room and there’s a creepy doll staring at you.

Scary Movies 33

The movie It, ruined clowns and this movie, Child’s Play, ruined dolls. The cute child’s toy is nothing fun to play with, especially when it’s possessed and tried to kill you.


Almost 20 years after being committed to a mental institution for murdering his Stepfather and Older sister, Michael Myers breaks out. He plans to finish what he started and hunt down his younger sister.

Scary Movies 22

Halloween is the type of horror film that makes you want to cover your eyes and look at the screen all at the same time. Good luck trying to confidently “trick or treat” on Halloween ever again.

The Exorcist

Demonic Possession turns normal people into vessels used for evil. Things get ugly as priests try to relive victims of possession from the demons inside of them.

Scary Movies 27

Bones and limbs twist in ways they’re not supposed to as you wonder if anyone will ever be safe again. Next time a friend starts “acting weird,” you better run.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project sparked a successful trend in the horror film industry. The movies Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield all took note on the realistic nature of this type of film.

Scary Movies 36

The movie is recorded mainly by the characters themselves as they experience the unknown terrors that lie deep in the woods. If you’re planning on going camping any time soon, we recommend you don’t watch this movie.


Cube is a creepy movie that may have been based on someone’s actual nightmare. Basically, a group of prisoners is trapped inside of what seems to be a giant Rubiks Cube with about 20,000 rooms.

Scary Movies 31

Some of the rooms have innocent people in them while others are booby-trapped. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Want to play a game? Trust us; after you watch this, you’ll never want to play anything ever again. A psychopath traps people who, according to him, do not appreciate life, into a house and makes them so incredibly horrific and gory things to survive.

Scary Movies 5

While watching this, you might imagine what you would do if you were in this situation. Let’s just say we would not be surprised if you’d choose death.

Paranormal Activity

A couple starts a new chapter in their lives when they move into a new home. The cute suburban beginning they chose has a creepy twist to it. The couple can’t help but notice that they’re not the only presence in the home.

Scary Movies 11

They decide to film their room as they sleep. What they see on the tapes is what made Paranormal Activity a Halloween classic. It’s too creepy to describe. It’s a must-watch.


Hellraiser is another spooky Halloween classic. Reincarnation, gory murder and deception all play a part in totally freaking you out while you watch this movie.

Scary Movies 21

Krista’s lover has escaped from the depths of Hell. The only way for her to regain her skin is by murdering countless victims.

The Ring

The movie goes out to the members of the VHS generation. For years, film directors were unsuccessful as they tried to top the horror viewers experience while watching The Ring.

Scary Movies 1

A local journalist’s determination to solve the mystery behind several gruesome deaths gets her into serious trouble. She discovers that the common denominator all have something to do with a cursed videotape.

Resident Evil

This a movie with the perfect mix of sci-fi and horror. A fearless crew of people pulls out all the stops as they try to stop a deadly virus from infecting the entire human race.

Scary Movies 6

An evil supercomputer and mutated zombies stand in the way of their efforts to save the world. As we all know, music is key when it comes to making a movie scary. That’s why the directors of Resident Evil hired Marilyn Manson to help create the soundtrack.

The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes is a plot so creepy; producers can’t wait to get the rights to remake it. Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes is a perfect remake of the 1997 version.

Scary Movies 19

A family tries to enjoy a vacation together, but then, everything goes wrong. Hidden in the hills are villages of mutants that thirst for blood. They spot the innocent family and raise all hell. The shocking and suspenseful plot might make you want to scream!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

A crazy man with a chainsaw — what else do you need to make you wanna sleep with the light on for the rest of your life? Some horror lovers look forward to watching demons, ghosts, zombies, and vampires enter our world to reign terror on the innocent.

Scary Movies 2

However, most can agree that fear is much greater when our own worst enemy is a member of our species. For example, any man in the movie theater can own a chainsaw, what makes us so sure he is not a murderer. Watch this one if you dare!

The Grudge

Japanese horror writers came up with a plot that freaked viewers out for weeks at a time.

Scary Movies 23

The images of the creepy looking characters in “The Grudge” will be hard to get out of your mind. The spirit of a woman who was murdered comes back to get revenge, even if it means haunting innocent people.

The Amityville Horror

Some argue that Ryan Reynolds performance in this movie was one of if his best. Other’s are too creeped out to discuss any aspect of the movie at all.

Scary Movies 38

In the movie, a family moves into a house where six people were brutally murdered. The ghosts of the victims haunt the house and slowly drive the new residence into a downward spiral of pure insanity.

The Babadook

The Babadook received some serious compliments at the Sundance film festival in 2014. The family in this horror film are tortured and tormented by something seriously evil.

Scary Movies 37

They later realize that their torturer is a character from a children’s book that came to life. Watch this, and you’ll throw all your old bedtime stories in the trash.


Carrie is one of Stephen King’s classic horror stories. The viewer realizes how terrifying things can wind up when bullying goes too far.

Scary Movies 35

The bullies picked on “the weird girl,” but they had no idea that what made her so different from everyone else was her supernatural abilities. Cruel actions turn into a bloody mess… literally!

Dark Water

Dark Water is one of those movies that have you working your hardest to understand what is real and what is a figment of the character’s imagination.

Scary Movies 30

A disturbed and troubled mind paints a picture of the world that is different from reality. Sometimes the difference is terrifying, especially if you’re not sure if it’s real.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

A group of teenagers holds onto an incredibly dark secret that, if revealed, would ruin their lives.

Scary Movies 17

Time goes on, and the teens think this secret is buried for good, but they were so wrong. Someone knows what they did last summer and is on a bloody mission to serve them a proper platter of karma.

The Purge

Ever wonder what would happen if people were allowed to do whatever they wanted without consequence for one day? In the horror film, The Purge, the government permitted citizens to cause chaos, act violently and raise pure hell for one day.

Scary Movies 9

The evil and jealous nature of humans comes to light as people do their best to either kill their attackers or do an extremely good job at hiding.

The Shining

The Cartoon, The Simpsons managed to make a funny spinoff of this horror film, but we assure you that you won’t be laughing when you watch the original version of The Shining.

Scary Movies 40

Jack Nicholson brings forth an incredible performance as he plays a man who goes completely insane. The overly relaxing and peacefulness in a secluded chalet in the mountains eats away at his insanity at the expense of others.


Insidious is a horror movie that tackles the living, the dead and the in-between. After the Lambert family’s son tragically enters a coma, spooky and strange things begin to happen.

Scary Movies 16

The family can’t seem to understand why such things are occurring. What they don’t understand is that these strange events are coming from an alternate dimension that their son gets trapped in.

The Descent

The Descent starts out portraying a group of friends that go on a caving expedition. As the group follows the adventurous path, they run into something they never dared to imagine exists.

Scary Movies 29

They discover an underground lair inhabited by horrifying creatures. Lions, tigers, and bears would be the least of their problems as these creatures are tormented by their own unstoppable thirst for human flesh.

Jeepers Creepers

Bloodthirsty creatures awaken as they set out to fulfill an ancient ritual that ends with them feating on living humans. Unfortunately, a group of teens ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Scary Movies 14

As the teens travel through the countryside, they meet one of these hungry creatures and do their best to survive as they’re being hunted

House of Wax

Warning; after you watch this movie, you’ll never want to go to a wax museum ever again. Six teenagers make their way into a town with only two inhabitants left in it.

Scary Movies 18

After making their way through the town, they start to understand why these twin brothers can’t leave. Believe us; it has nothing to do with a lack of transportation.

Friday the 13th

The forever cursed, Friday the 13th, shows it’s true capabilities in this film. Mark your calendars and prepare to be spooked! The original version of the movie is a special kind of creepy.

Scary Movies 25

Basically, this movie is the reason why our generation can’t look at a peaceful cabin in the woods without thinking about all the horrifying ways things can go wrong.

The Fog

Drivers follow strict protocol when the fog rolls in. After watching this movie, you’ll be scared of a lot more than driving when things get foggy. This is the movie that kickstarted Jamie Lee Curtis’s successful career as an actress.

Scary Movies 26

Pirate ghosts hide in fog as they take vengeance on a town of innocent people. Things get ugly when you can’t really see.


An atheist gets several unexplainable stigmata markings on his body. A priest in the Vatican begins to question his faith, but his questioning lands him in the middle of a creepy mystery.

Scary Movies 3

The suspense will eat you alive as the mystery unravels throughout the movie.

The Crazies

The title of this scary movie pretty much sums it up, but if it isn’t enough to convince you to watch it let us help you with that.

Scary Movies 32

Something mysterious starts happening to the people who live in this small town. One by one, the residents start losing their minds and turning into killers without a soul.


Steve Freeling is a real estate broker who moves his family into what seems to be dream home.

Scary Movies 8

It isn’t long before the Freeling family start to realize that evil spirits awaited their company. This is the movie that coined the creepy phrase; “they’re heeeeerree…”