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#Trashtag: The Latest Environmental Cause to Hit Social Media

When Saving the Planet Goes Viral

With concerns about saving the world rising and rising, the latest viral trend to take the social media world by storm may not come as a surprise to some. Introducing to you the #Trashtag concept. But what’s it all about? Popular Everything has put their snooping skills to the test to discover everything you need to know about this latest online fad.

Who remembers the 10-year challenge? It would seem a group of Earth-conscious individuals decided to take one of the latest social media trends to the next level by giving it a greater agenda, and what better way to channel it than saving the planet? It’s time to make a change, so let’s get the worldwide web involved!

Save the Turtles

If you’ve managed to keep yourself updated on the latest news regarding our planet, you’ll be very aware of the adverse effect plastic has had on our oceans. In fact, the topic is so severe that plastic and general litter poses one of the biggest threats the environment has ever seen. Maybe a social media challenge is what’s needed to turn things all around.

So what’s the deal? Over the years, more and more plastic has gone straight into the trash can, giving it a one way ticket to the ocean. What’s so tragic about this fact, is that the build-up of plastic waste has not only ruined some beautiful natural sites, but it’s killing all living sea creatures. Imagine a world with no underwater life, all because of a plastic bag.

Making a Drastic Change

Of course, these hard facts have affected us all, encouraging us to keep up with the recycling. One person who wanted to make his mark right now though, is Byron Román. This eco-friendly man took to Facebook to show off to his friends a before and after picture, of him completely clearing up a polluted area. The merged photo was captioned: “here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it and post it.”

Looking at the collage now, our creds go to Byron! He used his picture to encourage friends to do the same. After the photo was posted, the satirical nature of his caption means we’re not sure even Byron had any idea of how big his Earth-saving efforts would become. Much to this man’s success, his photo was discovered by a US outdoor activity company, what they did next was truly legendary…

Making Bryan the Pioneer for Change

When UCO Gear stumbled across Byron’s planet-saving photo, they couldn’t help but share it with others. This company wanted to follow in this wise man’s footsteps, and so in 2015, the #Trashtag Project came into being. And what a great idea this turned out to be!

Technically, when Byron kicked off the #Trashtag challenge, it was intended only for fellow young people to partake in similar activities. After the help of UCO though, the people involved has spread to more than just young people. in fact, the infamous Facebook post has now been shared over 300,000 times by random members of the public. This was one successful mission, there’s more planet-conscious people in this world than even we thought!

The Challenge in Question

So, the aim of the game now is for anyone and everyone to get involved in Byron’s challenge. Across the world, members of the public have been posting before and after photos of their helpful work in clearing heavily polluted areas, tagging friends and family to jump on the bandwagon, too. If you’re thinking of doing the same, don’t forget to caption your transformed photo with the #Trashtag caption. This is one large leap for mankind!

I bet you’re wondering, where can I find myself a heavily polluted location? The answer is just about anywhere. Once you learn just how careless the world once was with their waste, you learn we are never too far from pollution. Those who have partaken in the challenge have been snapped clearing up local parks, roadsides, beaches and so much more. It just takes one cleanly person to make a big difference to the world.