Every October, we count down the days to the most exciting holiday of the year. The one and only: Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or 25; dressing up in cool, spooky costumes and binging on candy or chocolate  never gets old.

This year, Popular Everything wanted to share some original Halloween content, so we requested our readers send us their craziest real-life, Halloween stories. We picked out the best ones for you so get ready for some real excitement. Don’t forget to read the last one – it’s beyond insane!

1. Sweet Revenge

“On October 27th, 2013, I came home from work early to surprise my wife, Molly, with her favorite Chinese take-out. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw my best friend, Gary’s truck parked in my spot”.

“I had my earlier suspicions of the two, and consequently, I didn’t need to know anymore. My beautiful wife was cheating on me and my heart was shattered into pieces.”

“I decided not to confront the ‘happy’ couple and drove to the nearest café to digest what I’d just witnessed. After plenty of thinking, I decided to deal with the pain in a slightly non-conventional way. As an architect, I took this as an opportunity to integrate my creative mind with my raging anger. I thought to myself, there’s no remedy better than sweet revenge, and as Halloween was just around the corner, the ideas started flowing.”

“Every year, Molly and I would dress up together and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters of the neighborhood. However, this Halloween, Molly would be on a “business convention” in New York, leaving me with a perfect opportunity for some real payback.”

“On Halloween eve, I collected every single piece of jewelry Molly owned, including the 3-carat diamond ring I bought her (that she never wore, and was worth $9,000). I stuffed those shiny suckers into a big pumpkin head, along with some candies and chocolate bars. I placed the pumpkin on a porch chair and lit a candle near it. Then I hung up a bright, yellow poster on the wall, reading, “TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT!”. By the end of the night, the basket was totally emptied and all that was left for me to do was to take Molly’s empty jewelry box and put it on the kitchen counter with a note, “I hope Gary can afford to buy you some new ones”. After that, I packed my things and left…”

When we asked him if he regretted it, he quoted, “No, I do NOT regret any of it. I’d happily do it again, only next time I’d take all her 5,000 shoes, along with her stupid designer bags and burn that sh** to the ground.”

2. Halloween Cruising

“I was a second-year in Texas State University when it happened. As a student, I could only work part-time, and even that was a challenge. Obviously, since I could barely pay rent, I definitely couldn’t afford a car, but somehow, I managed.”

“On Halloween of 2015, I took a bus to my folks’ place and as soon as I got home, I passed out on the couch. Only a half hour passed before I got woken up by my little sister, Abigail. She was excitedly dancing around the living room in a pink tutu, yelling “Happy Halloween!!!” If that wasn’t infuriating enough, she also begged me to go trick-or-treating with her because all her friends were out of town. I had better things to do, like study for the huge final I had in two days, but I felt bad and didn’t want to ruin her favorite holiday. So, I gave in, grabbed a pair of bunny ears and we hit the road.”

“As we wandered the streets of the neighborhood, I couldn’t stop thinking about the final, I was undoubtedly going to fail miserably and counting down the minutes till we’d go home. As soon as I reached my limit, Abigail insisted we visit one last house.

I somehow agreed and as we marched through the yard, I noticed a woman in the drive-way, struggling to drag 30-lb bag of dog food out of her car. I immediately offered to help, but she just smiled politely, and said “I’ve got it, thanks.”  Without asking, I took the bag out of her hands and carried it to her front door. I saw another bag in the trunk, so I went to help her with it too. The woman was shocked and once I finished the job, she thanked me, ran into the house and returned with a little basket of candies and handed it over to Abigail. We thanked her and just as we were ready to head home, the lady yelled, “wait son, this is for you!”
I came towards her and she handed me a pair of Mercedes car keys. I was honestly beyond confused.”

“I told her she must have made a mistake, but she just smiled and replied, “I bought this car for my son, Andy, right before he passed. I couldn’t let it go so it’s been sitting in my driveway ever since. You, dear, look just like him, and you were also so kind to me; helping me with those heavy bags. I want you to have the car. I have nothing to do with it and I’m ready to let it go.”

I was speechless, and was sure she was pulling a Halloween prank on me. I politely told her I couldn’t accept the generous gift, but she insisted she’d donate it to someone else if I didn’t take it.

“At that point, Abigail punched me in the stomach and whispered, “take it!”  I gracefully accepted the keys she handed me, thanked her copiously and drove off in that shiny Mercedes. I failed the final, but it was totally worth it. That was no-doubt the best trick-or-treat I ever received.”

3. Boney Greetings

“It happened quite a while back (in 2010) but I’ll never forget it. Every neighborhood has a few weird people, right? So, my neighbor’s name was Albert and he was more than a peculiar man. He seemed to be a dog collector, as almost every week, different dogs were roaming through his backyard, as others were miraculously disappearing. I figured the guy was a dog sitter or something, but I was totally off.”

“Albert’s true colors were unveiled on Halloween eve of 2010, when my new neighbor Alicia, went trick-or-treating with her daughter, Mia. As Albert was known not to be much of a kid-lover, he’d turn off his porch lights every year and leave a sign saying, ‘There’s no candy here kiddos!’ As they weren’t yet told of Albert’s unfriendliness, they fearlessly approached his front yard. Mia enthusiastically pointed out all the cool dog-skeleton decorations chilling on the grass…

“…When Alicia discovered they were real, she screamed so loud, the enitre neighborhood heard.”

“She immediately grabbed Mia, sprinted home and reported the scene to the police. A week later, Albert was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. He faced three years in prison and ironically, during his second year of confinement, he died of cancer.”

4. Bunny Visitor

“So, every Halloween, there was this weirdo that would dress up in a creepy bunny suit and wander around the neighborhood, along with multi-raced children. No one knew who the person was or why they dressed up to the same ridiculous costume every year, but it soon became a familiar Halloween phenomenon.”

“On October 31st, 2015, Those trick-or-treaters knocked on my door and I handed them some candy. As I was curious about the bunny’s identity, I peeked through the curtains right after I closed the door.”

“…To my amazement, I witnessed the bunny, facing a corner and taking off its mask to fix its hair. Well, actually HER hair. Hiding under that fluffy pedophile-suit, was the most beautiful woman in the world, also known as Angelina Jolie. Yes, Hollywood’s most famed female celebrity was standing on MY freaking porch.”

“Unfortunately, by the time I snapped out of it, she was gone and I never saw the sexy bunny again (apparently, she moved to a different neighborhood, not long after). I’m an idiot, but at least I can say I shared my candy with Angelina Jolie!”

5. A Pleasurable Halloween Treat

“I was 17 and a virgin, let’s just start off with that. It was the last October I’d be spending trick-or-treating, before heading off to college. My schoolmates and I dressed up as gangsters and the minute the dark arrived, we hit the streets on a ravenous hunt for candy.”

“We knocked on every single door in the neighborhood, but I’ll never forget the “Vegas House”. We knocked on the glass door and to our delight, three girls in red bathing suits opened the door. As our jaws dropped to the earth, they examined us with mischievous smiles. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves at that point because these chicks were banging and we were just some nerdy 17-year olds that barely knew how to talk to girls.”

“I don’t know how it happened or why it happened, but they seemed to be fond of us and immediately invited us in. We all exchanged looks and shrugged our shoulders cluelessly. As we anxiously walked through the marble-floored foyer, we realized we were walking into some sort of exclusive party. There were gorgeous girls dancing with music that was so loud, we couldn’t hear our own voices. We legitimately didn’t know what to do or how to act. Like a scene from a movie, a beautiful blonde girl looked me in the eye and took my hand. She stayed by my side the whole night; I was so young and nervous. The entire time, I was asking myself ‘is this for real, whats the catch?'”

I ended up drinking a bit more than I could handle; I forgot my name and my purpose in this world.  I’m pretty sure I remember thinking I was in love. As for the rest… Well, I’m sure you can guess. Let’s just say Halloween of 2012 was more than a treat and the blessed day I lost my virginity.”

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