Twins at 10: The Real-Life Story of How Two Long Lost Twins Finally Reunited

You hear stories all the time about estranged family members reconnecting, but could this be the most emotional tale we’ve heard yet? If you were looking for a reason to believe that miracles really can come true, you may have just stumbled across the right place.

So here’s the deal. After the devoted mother, Jennifer Doering discovered that her adopted daughter had an identical twin, she did everything she could to reunite the pair. Fast forward a year and a half, and the two have become inseparable. Popular Everything is revealing the full-story to this heartwarming tale. Bring on the waterworks!

Introducing the Families

Let’s kick things off by introducing you to the main stars of this story! The Doerings were a family of five, with couple Jennifer and Thomas having three young boys living in Wausau, Wisconsin. Although this family was happy together, they always felt as if something was missing in their lives.

In her own words, mother Jennifer describes the family feeling as if they “weren’t complete” without a daughter. So, what did they do? They headed straight over to the adoption agency to make their family dreams turn into a reality. Both Jennifer and Thomas crossed their fingers that the team would find them a good match.

Family Number 2

It’s time to travel over to the opposite side of the country now, in Washington! The Rainsberry family was residing in the city of Richland. Just like the Doerings, these people were also looking to expand their family of five. Talk about a coincidence!

Both families looked high and low for their future child, even taking their search to an international scale. After several months, the search eventually sent both families to China, where they, at long last, said hello to their new adopted daughters for the very first time! It’s safe to say, 2007 was a good year for both of these families.

Complications Arising

After welcoming Gracie into their home in July, the Rainsberrys were surprised to discover their daughter had a heart condition. Mother Nicole described the revelation as “pretty overwhelming.” It may have been a slight bump in the road, but these parents were still adamant about giving their little girl the best life possible.

It’s not a nice feeling to know that the latest addition to your family is sick. When you’re as dedicated as the Rainsberrys though, there’s no challenge you can’t take on. Upon arriving in America to begin her new life as a Rainsberry, little Gracie underwent two surgeries, which treated her condition.

The Same Complications

If we fast forward to just one month later, we’ll begin to notice yet another coincidence appearing in this story! In August 2007, the Doering family were thrilled to welcome 15-month-old Audrey into their Wisconsin home. As soon as she was all moved in, this family also began to notice the exact same issues as the Rainsberrys.

Sadly, little Audrey was also suffering from a heart condition. All the while, mother Jennifer knew her daughter was very small and frail, but they could never have predicted this. Just like the Rainsberrys though, this family was set on getting their daughter the relevant treatment she needed to go on and live a happy, healthy life.

How It All Started

So, we’ve covered all of the initial details, now it’s time for the fun part. Let the story begin! In order to get on track, we need to fast forward about nine years to the Doering household. By this time, Audrey was ten-years-old. It was on a random day that Jennifer decided she wanted to learn a little more about her adopted daughter’s origins.

Pretty much the only thing Mrs. Doering had to base her findings off was the fact that her daughter was born in China. So, what were her next steps? Jennifer hired a Chinese researcher to help her figure things out. Not long after the two got to work, a shocking revelation was made about young Audrey.

A Huge Discovery

What exactly did Jennifer and the researcher come across? Before this mother’s eyes, sat a photograph detailing her daughter from a very young age, sat on her foster mother’s lap in her Chinese hometown; but that’s not all. Upon inspection of the photo, Jennifer couldn’t help notice something remarkable. No one would have ever guessed this!

Here it is, the moment we’ve been waiting for! Sitting next to Audrey in the photo was a baby who looked exactly the same as her. Were her eyes deceiving her? Jennifer needed to give this picture a second, third and maybe even a fourth look. In all honesty, this would have come as a huge shock to any mother.

On the Hunt

This was it. It suddenly dawned on Jennifer that her adopted daughter had a twin! Amazed at what had just been presented to her, the mother quickly made a vow to herself that she would find this young girl, for her daughter’s sake. After all, if you had an estranged twin, wouldn’t you want to meet them? Time to pay Facebook a visit!

Let’s get down to the business. Jennifer searched high and low before stumbling across the Rainsberrys. As far as this mother was aware, this family could well have been the light at the end of the twin tunnel. She was possibly about to give her daughter the justice she deserved, and couldn’t help feeling excited about the prospect.

The Shock of the Century

Just put yourself in Jennifer’s shoes for a second. You’re sat on your couch, laptop in hand, scrolling through images of a mother you’ve never met before, posing in pictures with a girl who looks 100% identical to your daughter with “the same hair, the same glasses.” It may sound like the plot line for a blockbuster hit, but for Mrs. Doering, this was her reality.

Looking through these photographs, about a million and one emotions began circling around in Jennifer’s mind. The main question she began repeating to herself was “how could it really be that there are two of them?” Quicker than you could even say the word “twin,” this mother’s shock immediately switched to desperation.

Getting the Research Done

Where do we go from here? Keen to get the ball rolling, Jennifer felt she had no other choice but to reach out to mother, Nicole Rainsberry. Once she had the idea in her head of reuniting her daughter with her long-lost twin, she was going to take every step necessary to make that happen.

It’s safe to say, Jennifer had done her fair share of research on the Rainsberry family! Situated in Washington, if these people were who she thought they were, it would mean the two twins had been living almost a whole continent apart.

More Jaws Dropping

Here comes revelation number 2! After receiving a Facebook message from a woman named Jennifer Doering in Wisconsin, the Rainsberry family were eager to check this woman out. After all, it’s not everyday somebody jumps into your inbox claiming your adopted daughter is long-lost twins with their little girl!

It’s safe to say, the Rainsberrys were dumbfounded at the news. Scrolling through Jennifer’s pictures with little Audrey, this adoptive couple could not believe their eyes. Witnessing for the first time photos of a young child that “looked like Gracie but knowing that it wasn’t Gracie” proved to be quite the surreal experience for these two.

The Big Moment

Here comes stage two of Jennifer’s master plan! The adoptive mother desperately wanted the twin sisters to meet, but there was only one problem. What could this possibly have been? The thousands of miles standing between the two families. Being the super-mom she is, Jennifer came up with a solution.

What did she do? After reaching out to the Rainsberry parents online (and shocking them with her news) a decision was quickly made to organize a FaceTime call. Oh, the joys of modern technology! Come 2016, and here Audrey was sat having a full-blown conversation with her long-lost twin sister. It was like a moment taken out of a movie!

An Unbreakable Bond

Of course, Jennifer was super excited to reunite these two twins, but a second thought quickly entered her mind when the estranged sisters from China reconnected; will they get on well? It would appear that this mother had been so determined to get the two to meet, she forgot to consider if they’d have much to talk about.

Lo and behold, and much to Mrs. Doering’s relief, the sisters got on like a house on fire! They appeared to pick up exactly where they left off, as they chatted over the phone for hours. This was obviously a miraculous moment, but the meetings between the sisters didn’t end there; this was just the beginning of a remarkable story soon to unfold.

Crunch Time

The parents of both Audrey and Gracie recognized their children had hit it off immediately, so a second plan to meet was always on the cards. The parents realized that if they wanted to move forward, their daughters would need to see each other in person. It would obviously be emotional, but it was simply the next chapter calling in this unique book.

Here comes the decision time. The two families were well aware of the great distance existing between them, so that was the first hurdle they needed to overcome. After weeks of planning and deliberating, the two families couldn’t be more excited to announce to their daughters the spot in which they’d finally reconnect for the first time.

Taking It to the Big Screen

We’re all dying to know where these families chose to meet! Did one family simply agree to take the mile-long plunge and traveled to one of their homes? Or maybe they treated the girls to a day at the theme park to meet? The results are on a slightly larger scale to both of these options, but we believe it was 100% the right place to do it!

So, here’s the deal. A decision was finally sealed, and Audrey and Gracie were set to meet in the grandest way possible, on ABC’s Good Morning America. Over the years, these two families’ stories had gone viral and amazed so many members of the public, that there seemed no better way than to share their biggest moment with everyone.

Good Morning America

After waiting what felt like a lifetime for their segment of the show, the moment was finally here! An eager Audrey sat on the couch with her parents, while nervously chatting to the talk show hosts about what was soon to happen. If you looked around, you’d be able to see that the whole audience was on the edge of their seats!

In a matter of moments, Audrey was asked to stand in front of a large Good Morning America screen. A couple of seconds and several racing heartbeats later, and there she was! The screen opened, and out came Gracie in a matching pink t-shirt to her sis. The Washington girl ran over immediately to give her long-lost twin a big hug.

An Emotional Affair

The audience members on this episode of Good Morning America would have needed to pack more than a few tissues, as it ended up being quite the tearjerker! An interview quickly ensued, and it seemed as there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Everyone present on the show was overcome with happiness for the twins.

Wiping away their tears as the hosts asked them questions about the miraculous new meeting, the twins expressed nothing but joy to be reunited together. Listening to the way they answered each question, you would have never guessed these two had been separated at birth, they were just so similar!

Making Big Realizations

Spending time together for the first time has been surreal for the twins, to say the least! Catching up for these two meant trying to figure out if they shared much in common, and as predicted, they couldn’t be more twinlike if they tried. Sharing a love for pizza, math, and french fries are just a few of the things they’ve bonded over.

Other than getting to know each other on television, what else have the pair been up to? Keen to share as many memories as possible, Audrey and Gracie recently celebrated their 11th birthday with a boogie-boarding trip to San Diego. It was here that the two “actually bonded as sisters” according to Gracie. Adorable or what?

A New Beginning

Ever since Audrey and Gracie reconnected, they became the best of friends. Sharing so many similarities and enjoying so many exciting days out with their extended families, the pair now couldn’t imagine life without each other. After making their big return to Good Morning America a year after their debut, they were faced with an important question.

Chatting to the hosts, the adorable twin sisters were asked what their favorite thing to do together was. As young girls, your guesses may be shopping trips or even one of their adventurous cliff-diving trips, but their answers were way more adorable. “Just being with each other” from Gracie, and “everything” from Audrey. We’re going into cuteness overload!

The Big Commute

In order to never lose touch again, the families have come up with a clever technique to keep these girl’s bond strong: commutes! Whether the Doerings are traveling over to Washington, or the Rainsberrys are driving round to Wisconsin, family time is now the most anticipated event ever.

While it’s a great feeling for Audrey and Gracie to reconnect with the sisters they never knew they had, watching such an unbreakable bond play out is clearly having quite the effect on both the girl’s adoptive parents, too. In a recent interview, Jennifer revealed it’s “interesting how similar the girls are.” This is one heartfelt tale.

Sisters Will Be Sisters

Audrey and Gracie may have only realized they were related recently, but that but no means meant they couldn’t act like normal sisters. How many of you would describe your bond with sis as a love-hate relationship? It would appear that these estranged twins may be reaching that stage shortly.

No matter how much they love each other, sisters argue, and there’s simply no escaping that fact. Keen to prove that their bond is no different to the rest, Audrey and Gracie have admitted to experiencing their share of fights. The most recent debate between the two regarded which sister was the tallest.

A Whole New Family

While this has obviously been one of the happiest moments of twins Audrey and Gracie’s lives, joining a whole new family comes with its share of complications. What could possibly be complicated about all of this? It’s time to get technical about things.

Before they met, Audrey and Gracie both had three siblings, which of course neither are blood-related to. When faced with the question of how many siblings they have, Scott Rainsberry admitted: “it’s a difficult answer.” Over the years, the Rainsberrys and the Doerings have become an extended family. Hopefully, this makes things a little less confusing for the pair!

Fun for All

We’ve mentioned to you the other siblings involved in this remarkable story, but how are they feeling about the whole situation? Opening your arms to another member of the family is something none of us could even imagine doing, so it’s interesting to see how they took the recent news.

Pretty darn well! In the second Good Morning America visit, one year after the big reveal, Gracie’s older sister Chloe was asked how she felt about welcoming Audrey to the family. Her response followed with nothing but positivity, saying it’s “just been great” to welcome another little sister to her world. This story cannot be any more adorable if it tried!

A Huge Benefit

Audrey and Gracie seemed to hit it off so well after their first meeting, they double up as best friends as well as sisters! While it’s great they’ve managed to rekindle their relationship, living so far away has somehow worked in their favor too, by making them much more well-traveled.

To name just a few of the places they’ve been to together, it includes two trips to New York, church camp, and San Diego. Additionally, visiting each other’s homes in Washington and Wisconsin allows the young girls to see a different way of life, meet new people and familiarize themselves with new surroundings! The excitement never ends for these two.

An Exciting Future Ahead

After establishing an unbreakable bond, it would seem that the only way is up for these two! In recent interviews taken across the year after their first meeting, the twins have expressed nothing but excitement for a new, twin-involving future. Both families involved couldn’t be more excited about how their changed lives will unfold.

So, what’s next? The twins have recently set up a YouTube channel named “Audrey and Gracie’s World.” Here, they update thousands of fans on their latest adventures, including a trip taken to London together! We can’t wait to hear about the next adventures these long-lost twins will be going on next.

A Growing Friendship

We mentioned to you before how Audrey and Gracie got along so well since their first-ever meet, that it felt like they’d found a new best friend as well as a twin sister. Keen to get as involved in each other’s lives as possible, the pair not only share families now, but they’ve welcomed one another into their friendship groups; isn’t that adorable?

For these two, a new twin sister meant a range of new and exciting adventures to embark on, all over the country! Here the twosome was spotted at the Wisconsin Wells Water Park with their new shared friend, Quin. If only all sisters could get along as well as these two!

Bonding Time

As you can imagine, Audrey and Gracie are keeping themselves busy by making up for the lost time, and when you’ve been apart for the first 10 years of your life, there’s quite a lot to catch up on! Welcoming each other into their lives means doing all the usual things sisters normally do. What does this include? Taking full advantage of a free house!

Since the moment they met, these two haven’t stopped! While vacationing in South America, Jennifer Doering updated her followers on what the twins were getting up to back at home. During the trip to Peru, the pair continued getting to know each other as they attended camp for 10 days! There’s never a dull moment.

A Story Repeated

There’s no doubt this tale about long-lost twin sisters reuniting and becoming each other’s best friend is heartwarming. Just think about it, if Jennifer Doering never chose to research her child’s past that one day, this whole reunion would’ve never happened! As moving as it is, the story isn’t actually the first of it’s kind.

Consulting the world wide web, it would appear stories like these are happening all the time. With each tale, comes a whole new round of emotions! You might be interested in learning how similar this next tale is to Audrey and Gracie’s. Without much further ado, let’s get stuck into the twin reunion number 2!

Story Number Two

The modern phenomenon of social media has made reconnecting with people easier than ever. Sure, it’s nice to catch up with an old school friend you’ve not seen in years, but have you ever considered the possibilities of discovering your long lost twin on there? These two girls owe Facebook a lifetime of gratitude!

Sarah Futerman was an actress from New Jersey, while Anais Bordier was a French fashion student, studying in London. Two very different people, with very low chances of ever meeting, right? It turns out, these two shared a little more in common than most of us would’ve ever guessed, or maybe a lot more in common!

A Strange Discovery

Here’s how it all began. How many of you have fallen guilty to binge-watching YouTube videos until your heart’s content? That’s exactly what Bordier’s friend was doing in 2012 until he spotted something big. What was it? A woman who looked identical to Anais in one of the videos. Overcome with shock, the friend shared a screenshot with the student.

Upon inspecting the image, Anais was filled with questions. “Who posted a video of me to YouTube?” The student was so sure of the similarities that she had convinced herself the photo was actually of herself! It wasn’t until it hit home that she’d never made a YouTube video, that things started getting a little more intense.

Continuing the Research

It’s safe to say, this picture had made Anais just a little curious. What was the French designer to do? Get her stalk on. Bordier searched the YouTube video into her own browser and came across a second one. At last, she found this woman’s name. This was the green light Anais was looking for to continue with her investigation.

Typing the name “Samantha Futerman” into Google, Anais wasn’t really sure what to expect; but the results left her speechless! Soon Anais learned this Memoirs of a Geisha actress was not only her double, but they were born on the exact same day and in the same country. Anyone would be a little creeped out at this point!

Piecing Things Together

There’s one more thing to mention! Sure, it’s pretty remarkable to find a woman with so many similarities as yourself, but probably the main point that stood out to Anais that Samantha was adopted, just like her. As overwhelming as it was, Anais was also oddly excited about her findings.

What was she to do? In a rushed panic, Anais gave her mom a quick call. After revealing all of her findings, this adoptive mother responded with the exact question her daughter hoped to hear: “do you think she could be your twin sister?” This was the push Anais needed to pursue the search further.

Finally Reaching Out

Keen to get some more answers and with nothing to lose, Anais reached out to Samantha via Facebook. Of course, the designer was well aware of how crazy it must be to open your phone to receive a message from someone claiming to be your twin sister. Luckily, Samantha responded to the message, and greater things followed!

Things like this don’t happen every day. After 25 years of being separated at birth, here were these estranged twins, sharing their documents over social media. Both Anais and Samantha were in total shock for a long time. Before you knew it, plans were made for the long-lost twins to meet on a more personal level than Facebook.

Putting a Face to the Name

Several Facebook messages later, and a decision was made for the long-lost twins to meet on a slightly more personal level. Just like Audrey and Gracie, these estranged relatives had some distance between each other. Rather than it being just opposite ends of the country though, these two were on completely different continents!

How did they meet? Through Skype. We may not have been present during the first-ever video call for these estranged twins, but we’re sure both parties involved were overcome by emotions. It must be a strange feeling to know there’s another part of you, but so heartwarming at the same time!

Taking the Trip

Keen to learn more about each other, Anais and Samantha continued their video calls for three months before Samantha took the plunge in meeting her twin face-to-face for the first time. Getting on a plane from Los Angeles to London, the New Jersey YouTuber was about to take the next step in this fascinating family reunion tale.

May 14th, 2013 was a date these two girls could never forget. Meeting each other in real life, Samantha described the first moment she reunited with her estranged twin as “awkward, like a first date.” Eventually, the nerves calmed and the two got along splendidly.

Putting Things on Paper

By this point, Samantha and Anais were pretty certain they were twins; resemblances like that are no coincidence! Despite this, they still wanted to be safe, so before they met, they sent off swabs to Nancy Segal’s lab for a DNA test. The results of this test changed both the girl’s lives forever.

Just a short while passed before Nancy got back to the girls with the results, it was obviously a tense time for them both. What did she have to say? “turn around and hug your identical twin.” The girls were in disbelief! All their anticipation had been confirmed in just one sentence. It was a truly remarkable moment.

The Surprises Continued

Samantha and Anais couldn’t be happier. Every day they spent together, the more shared similarities they’d notice; it almost felt as if they’d know each other their whole lives! Using their cell phones, the long-lost sisters documented every step of the reunion; taking photos of the Skype calls, filming their first meeting in London, and just about everything else!

What were these girls to do with all this footage? Of course, they used it as pleasant memories to look back on, but they couldn’t help feeling the documentations were worth more. Eventually, Samantha suggested the idea of creating a documentary. Having previous experience in the film industry, Futerman looked forward to the prospect.

A Story Shared

Drumroll, please! In 2015, the twins released their first full-length documentary, Twinsters. The 90-minute movie told viewers the entire story of how these estranged twins discovered one another, met, and eventually became a vital part of each other’s lives. Unsurprisingly, audiences everywhere became captivated by such a unique tale.

You could say, Samantha and Anais used their remarkable tale to cash in on a little success! Not only were the pair receiving feedback from viewers themselves, but the movie even raked in an award for it’s editing. It didn’t end at motion pictures, though. Not long after, their first book was published.

The Most Important Part

Sure, Samantha and Anais felt gratitude for the widespread support their publicized story was gaining, but what really mattered was that they had found each other. Living as an adopted only child, Anais admitted to frequently feely lonely in life; that all changed once her American twin came along!

Were the feelings mutual? You bet! Samantha strongly believes her twin has given her a greater purpose in life. Believe it or not, the sisters rarely spend time discussing their pasts, because they’re simply too excited about the future they’re going to embark on together! We can’t deal with how adorable this story has become.

A Beautiful Future

These two certainly had a rocky start – being estranged from your twin for 25 years is by no means an ideal situation! Despite this, the pair believe their adoption was a blessing, granting them the means to a better way of life, and sending their well-wishes to any future adoptive parents.

Hopping to the present day, and life has finally started to settle down. Anais is a handbag designer in France, and Samantha continues to work in the movie industry. Never fear, they still keep in contact on a regular basis! They may not be in close proximity, but the sisters now have a lifetime bond and plan to meet again soon. In other words, they’re stuck with each other!