The Ugly Truth About America’s Most Hated Family

    America has more than a few families that are notoriously infamous. One, in particular, the Westboro Baptist Church, is at the top of America’s most hated family list and for good reasons too. The Westboro Church is quite similar to a cult in the way that its members cling to each word their pastor says as if it were the divine spoken truth. Though this Church does not have many members they’ve made such sickening, obscene and insensitive remarks that that landed them on the news more than a few times. Every time these members open their mouths there’s a 100% chance jaws will drop.

    The Westboro Church has a hateful message that they’re very open about. In fact, part of their practices includes picketing which is exactly what it sounds like. Kids and adults alike carry large signs and shout their beliefs to their targets and anyone who walks by. Their main battle is against homosexuality and fag enablers which are, according to them, people who allow and promote homosexuality.

    So many families have been deeply hurt by the verbal terror they raise on people, dead or alive. You’ll find them rejoicing at the funerals of soldiers, shooting victims, celebrities, and homosexuals.

    America wouldn’t be America without freedom of speech, but The Westboro Church uses this right is downright SAVAGE. Here are some outrageous facts about the church’s members and beliefs. You’ll understand why no other Church will associate with them and why the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein was fond of the group.

    The One Who Created America’s Most Hated Family

    The Westboro Church started out as a regular Baptist church. In 1954 they hired Fred Phelps. His Zeal and passion were so inspiring he was promoted to be the head priest. Little did everyone knows, he would turn those who followed him into the most hated family in America.

    The emotional damage his leadership would bring to the citizens of the United States will never be undone.