Hilarious T-Shirt Fails That Will Make You Stare in Disbelief

Some of us have impeccable style while others miss the mark. Telling the world how you really feel on your T-shirt isn’t always the best way to express yourself. While some think it’s cute or funny, it can also be downright embarrassing.

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Sometimes it takes a selfie posted on the internet to learn the hard way. We’ll take a look at some of the best jaw-dropping t-shirt fails that will have you laughing laugh out loud.

The Drop Out

This T-shirt mistake is so bad that we’re not sure if we should tell her about the misspelling or save her the embarrassment. This girl is walking around with a t-shirt that says “I love collage.”

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 13 1

At first glance, the whole idea of loving a higher education seems pretty nice, but with a closer look, you can’t help but wonder if this girl will ever make it past the first day. The most important word on the shirt is misspelled in the most obvious place. We could say she’s trying a little too hard and its a definite fail.

Hands Off

The expression “push my buttons” usually refers to someone doing the exact thing that makes you angry. However, the makers of this disaster of a shirt thought they would turn the phrase into something else. In this case, pushing buttons should mean typing on a keyboard.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 5 2

This t-shirt fail gave the phrase “push my buttons” an entirely new meaning. This is no longer a cute, nerdy joke. This is serious grounds for some unwanted button pushing.

The Innocent Granny

We all love our Grannies and think of them in the highest light. We never look at a granny and think about her teenage days, and it’s probably better that we don’t. We need to face the truth; all of our grandmas had a wild phase, especially this one.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 31 4

Clearly, she’s tired of dressing like others in her peer group. We understand she is young at heart, but this fashion choice seems a bit of a stretch? Her shirt is a fail for all the family members who would probably agree with us that some times are better left unsaid.

Thanks for the Honesty

Let’s face it, dealing with people participating in small talk at parties is incredibly annoying. Some people are seriously bad at figuring out what to say. After a while, it gets hard to politely smile and look interested in whatever is being said.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 33

This gal is not afraid to let everyone know how she really feels. It saves people trouble during a social outing. It sends just the right message to all the people out there who might have thought you were interested in discussing sports or the stock market or other things…

Unwanted Attention Coming Her Way!

We wonder how many men have come up to her to ask if they can slide to unlock, while she’s wearing this t-shirt. We hope she asks them what the passcode is before they’re allowed in, though.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 3

All this girl wanted to do was buy herself a funny T-shirt, and now she is getting all sorts of unwanted attention. This goes down as a fail in our books!

The Serial Kisser

This girl is telling the world how she really feels about her current fling. She thinks she can pull a fast one on her boyfriend, but she forgot to tell her friends not to take any photographic evidence. One quick picture of her in this shirt and her boyfriend definitely won’t come back!

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 2

However, the good part about this shirt is that it’s a total conversation starter. If you go to a party, but you’re too shy to talk with a guy you don’t know; you should probably wear this T-shirt. Hopefully, you don’t actually have a boyfriend.

Proud Mistress

Well, this statement is no surprise! There is so much wrong with this statement! Women around her likely offended by this t-shirt. Not only is she getting the stink eye but statements not only behind her back but also to her face!

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 44

If you’re married and you think you’ve seen this woman before, but you don’t remember where… you should be worried. It might not be such a coincidence that you’ve seen her around.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

The shirt is funny for a few reasons. The first one is that it says she’s almost famous. The problem with this generation is just because they like your picture on Instagram doesn’t put you in that category! A few Instagram followers and she thinks she’s about to make it big!

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 49

The other hilarious aspect of this shirt is that little owl creature. Its eyes are clearly popping out of its head. Is the owl supposed to make people look? We wonder…

Her Mug Shot Says it All

Well, we know who will not make it on Santa’s Nice list this year. Yep, you guessed it, this girl. Some people like to be straight-up about who they are as a person. The truth is we are not all sweet little angels.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 42

We can fight it all we want, but there is a point in one’s life where they have to accept the fact that they’re just naughty for life. If that’s the case, then why not flaunt it?

You Thought You Could Get Away With it

For all of you who’ve spent a summer at sleep-away camp, you know just how bad it is to be the kid who pees in the pool. If you don’t know; the kid who pees in the pool is probably the least favored kid in camp.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 9

This brave soul might be wearing this shirt because he would prefer to be honest rather than to get caught in the act. Honesty is the Best policy, he’s a wise fellow.

A Respectful Man

Men have a reputation for thinking they know everything. We have respect for a man who treats his woman like a queen and considers her the boss. This is somewhat of a rarity these days.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 47

The best way to avoid any fight or disagreement in a marriage is to wear a shirt like this. It will save all the trouble because she’ll already know how you feel. Also, women around this man must think he’s a saint!


Nirvana is probably one of the most iconic rock bands of the ‘90s. This legendary rock band has a huge following. With such well-known notoriety, we were baffled to see a fail like this occur.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 12

Just because these three kids have long blonde hair like Kurt Cobain does not mean that they are in any way part of Nirvana. The brothers are a teen pop group called Hanson, also from the ’90s, but had a very different vibe. You might recognize them from their popular song, “MMM Bop.”

An A for Effort

All that this poor guy wanted to do was be hip, relevant, cool or whatever the kids call it these days. Unfortunately, staying relevant is a tricky thing. There are so many slang words being created on a daily basis,  which makes it so difficult to keep up.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 11

His shirt says Yolo, which is correct, so we applaud him for that much. You only live once, and that’s why it’s important to get it right! His shirt is half correct, but it says Swacc. We’re pretty sure that he meant to buy a shirt that said Swag. If he’s trying to make up his own slang… just remind him that “swacc.” will never happen.

Two Friends in One

This cow is hopeful he found a new friend. He senses familiarity n the face and wants to connect. We don’t doubt it that cow is a stud! Perhaps this cow is reminiscing on the times he spent with his friends before coming to the farm.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 45

This nostalgic image has to show up and remind him of the good days! These are the kind of images that make you want to be vegan.

Don’t Let Life Get You Down

We all hit a point in our lives where we just literally cannot give a darn about anything at all. This is what it looks like when that happens. Thanks for letting us know what’s really going on.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 20

Not caring about your image is probably the most fun thing a person can do… until someone snaps a photo of this rock bottom moment. At least we are forwarded to stay away from this guy.

A Little Too Much Information

Sometimes we have a fashionable vision we want to accomplish. We see it so clearly and we believe we can do it! There are those who have an artistic and stylish side to them. But, either you have it, or you don’t, and you never know if you don’t try.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 41

This woman thought she could take her favorite T-shirt and turn it into something totally avant-garde. However, she misjudged how much she could cut out of her shirt. Clearly, this is something she’ll never be able to wear out in public. However, she keeps this picture to remind herself to let the stylists do the styling and to keep her day job.


It’s hard for us to believe that these guys chose these shirts on their own. They even look embarrassed as they pose for this photo. But what do we know, maybe these guys are true “beliebers,” who are we to judge?

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 1

We’ve heard the phrase, only real men wear pink and these guys took that to another level. Only real men wear pink and respect Justin Bieber. Looks like they have an extreme case of Bieber fever.

A Little Too Much Information

This guy must be a dad because this is the most dad joke t-shirt that we have ever seen. Either that or he just committed a huge t-shirt fail, thinking that the shirt was actually referring to car gasoline.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 15

“I have gas” in this case can have a double meaning, and this guy is not even aware. His smile is so funny because now it looks like it’s coming from gas as opposed to pure happiness. Poor guy…

Whoever Thought of This Shirt was Drunk

What the shirt is supposed to say is “take me home I’m drunk.” but instead the words are transposed. In any case, this is just hilarious for a person to wear, it sure helps get the point across more effectively.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 16

This shirt is the perfect gift for all of your friends who need their hair held on those wild nights. You don’t have to be drunk to wear this and we are sure people will watch over to make sure you get home safe.

Accurate Statement

There are pros and cons to everything in life. We all have that one thing about ourselves that we wish we didn’t have. But this guy just found a way to make the best of his situation. He considers himself on the heavier side.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 17

Instead of sitting around, thinking about how much he wishes he was thin, he is proud and owns his physique. It sure is harder to kidnap a fat person, and he is happy to let the world know.

The Warning Was a Little Late

This is the shirt you buy your brother after he breaks his arm. We are not sure if the warning is more effective before or after the incident. We know he likes climbing trees in the yard, playing Pokemon Go and jumping from your rooftop into the pool.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 6

Those are the things that earn a person this t-shirt. This way he can fully warn everyone, so they know what to expect. A cast is not enough of a punishment, the sign on his shirt is punishment in itself.

Offending a Sweet Mouse

This is probably not the best place to wear your Deadmau5 shirt. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for a reason. So why, in Mickey Mouse’s home, would this dude decide to wear a shirt that implies “dead mouse.”

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 30

Sure Deadmau5 is an awesome DJ. But the DJ himself would probably avoid Disneyland while he’s wearing his brand. It’s a matter of respect, and this dude was taught a lesson. Minnie Mouse was totally insulted! At the end of the day, the whole encounter was hilarious.

Hey, this Guy Has a Point!

There is some truth to what this guy’s shirt says. Twenty dollars is twenty dollars, and nothing will change that. Everyone has their own way of putting a value on things.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 28

This guy is just not going to discriminate. Either that, or he fully lost a bet with some of the guys down at the bar. If his wife sees him in this shirt she may be a little disturbed, but sometimes you have to accept the people you care about with unconditional love and a good laugh.

Fully Loaded: You’ve Been Warned

Everyone, do yourselves a favor and stand back. The warning was made clear. If you dare sit behind this dude, consider yourself warned! You know exactly what is about to go down and it’s a personal decision if you are willing to take the risk that comes with sitting behind him.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 27

Clearly, some functions are loading, and you don’t want to be there when things erupt, move outta the way. We appreciate this guy for the warning. And if there really isn’t a fart loading, we totally respect his attempt to keep people away from him. We completely understand.


The most important thing to do in life is to stand up to haters! Just kidding, we are not exactly sure who the haters are, but all the kids are saying it these days, and it sounds super cool, so everyone’s getting on the trend.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 14

This guy is also trying to get in on this slang, and we feel him! No one would dare step up to this man. He knows his worth and is not going to give haters the time of day! What a tough grandpa he is!

This Will Motivate You to Hit the Books

What a straight up boss. No, he’s not wearing the brand The North Face, he’s clearly showing off his own brand… The Sexy Face! This is exactly the type of confidence every person needs at this stage in their lives.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 24

A pair of glasses and a lack of muscles doesn’t mean a person has no swag!! If you know a pre-teen who is going through that horrific awkward phase in their lives, send them this shirt. We can’t guarantee that it’ll make the person as awesome as this kid, but we’re pretty sure it’ll have some effect.

You Failed Geography Class

There are a few possibilities when it comes to the explanation of this shirt. The first one is that the creator had no idea that the image displayed is actually not Asia. The next possibility is that someone was so amused by the fact that they could trick those around them by giving out incorrect information. So just a warning if you see this shirt… stay away

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 10

He or she probably wanted to know if anyone would buy it… for the sake of science of course! Whoever bought this shirt, we really hope you gave it to someone you don’t like. If not, we hope you force it on someone who lost a bet.

Wrong Shirt at the Wrong Time

We all love food. It’s the one thing every culture has in common. Often people feel the need to express their love towards their favorite thing. Of course, bacon is one of the most loved foods. We see people wearing shirts that read “I love fries,” or “I love cheese.”

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 46

This here fellow was just going about his day, making his love for bacon known to the world. Unfortunately, his shirt was a total fail. Wearing this shirt while walking by a group of vegan protesters demonstrating how cute pigs are is probably a bad idea. We’re not sure what happened after the lady read his shirt, but we can assure you that it was not pretty!

No Shame

There’s this unspoken rule about cruises; eat as much as you possibly can because you definitely overpaid! We all love a buffet, especially on a cruise. It’s pretty incredible to think that in the middle of the ocean, there’s this unlimited supply of food.

Funny T Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe 48

However, this shirt sure pushed the limits. We all go on cruises trying to forget about our figures. That’s why people drink all day! We sure hope the ladies standing in buffet line don’t see this girl feeling a little too confident.