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Unique Gift Ideas for Your One of a Kind Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Instead of waiting till the last minute to order your mom another bouquet of edible arrangments, why not think outside the box and get her something special this year? It’s the perfect time to show mom just how much you care, and you can easily do this with one of these unique, affordable and memorable gifts that she is guaranteed to love.

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Not all moms are alike, that is why we have come up with a variety of useful and thoughtful products so you can find the right one that will make your one of a kind mom smile. Hey, these items are so cool, you might even see something for yourself!

blendSMART- Perfect Makeup Made Easy

Help your mom look as young and flawless as ever with this blendSMART rotating brush. She can toss those messy beauty brushes and sponges aside and upgrade to the gentle, easy to use blendSMART. It’s the first cosmetic brush with a rotating head and interchangeable brushes, giving her a smooth, natural look in half the time.


blendSMART is suitable for all skin types and can be used with any makeup and skincare product. The rotating brush head guarantees a streak-free, even coverage, leaving your mom free of imperfections and always feeling her best. In the words of Oprah herself, blendSMART “is a brush with greatness!” Share this greatness with mom this Mother’s Day.

NeckRelax- Finally Get Rid of Moms Pain in the Neck

Does your mom suffer from neck pains and struggle to find relief? Well, we found the ideal Mothers Day gift for her! NeckRelax is a simple and effective neck hammock that is lightweight and easy to use, so your mom can safely and effectively relieve muscle tension wherever and whenever she needs.


Using an expertly engineered design, The Neck Hammock gently stretches the muscles, effectively increasing mobility and reducing pain. And that’s a guarantee!  Finally, you can give your mom the relaxation she deserves.

Vivian Lou- Mom’s Heels are Made for Walking

Mom’s should be able to strut their stuff with confidence and without pain. With Vivian Lou, your mom can finally dig those heels out of her closet and wear them for hours on end.


These comfortable shoe inserts are designed together by scientists, doctors, and fashionistas so they are sure to feel good, alleviate pain and fit perfectly with any shoe style. With Vivan Lou, your mom can walk the walk and look great doing it.

Snow Teeth Whitening- Give Mom That Confident Smile Back

This all-in-one professional at-home teeth whitening system outshines the competition and is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Unlike other products, Snow’s LED activating technology is safe to use, won’t ruin your teeth and won’t cause sensitivity.

Snow Teeth Whitening 2

It’s patented formula is the only one of its kind, designed by professionals to accelerate the whitening process and prevent any future stains. With Snow, your mom can confidently show off that ear to ear smile.

ESSIO-Turn Everyday into a Spa Day

Why does mom need to go to the spa in order to truly feel relaxed? Now you can bring the spa to her with ESSIO. The ESSIO Aromatherapy Kit will transform any shower into a heavenly experience filled with relaxing aromas and customizable essential oil blends.


As the world’s first home shower essential oil diffuser, mom can take her well deserved time to unwind in the comfort of her own home. The kit includes three pods, each with a specialized essential oil blend, designed to help you breathe, relax and awaken your senses. This mothers day, turn your mom’s shower into a spa day, every day.

Doc Socks- Give Your Mom’s Feet a Break 

Moms are always running around, doing a million things at once. We can imagine that this takes a heavy toll on their feet. Give your mom immediate relief this Mothers Day with Doc Socks. These professionally designed anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves will soothe those tired feet that never stop moving.

Doc Socks

Doc Socks reduce swelling in the feet, ease pain in the heals and boost circulation, giving those achy feet a bit of a break. You might not be able to convince your mom to sit down and put her feet up, but we bet she will be happy to try on a pair. Treat mom to her very own Doc Socks and see for yourself.

ThePhotoStick- Backup Family Memories in Just One Click

Is your mom still relying on dusty photo albums to keep your memories safe? Help her get with the times and give her a safer, more convenient way to store photos and videos. ThePhotoStick is easy to use even for the least tech-savvy of moms.


She simply needs to plug in ThePhotoStick into any computer, press ‘Go’ and it will automatically begin saving up to 60,000 of her pictures and videos onto the stick. It’s fast, stress-free and risk-free. With ThePhotoStick, your priceless memories are forever safe and sound.

100 Languages I love You Neckless- A Hidden Love Note!

Running out of ways to tell your mom how much you love her? Well, here’s 100 more! This gorgeous necklace will not only look great on mom but also holds a special message inside. Using nano-mico engraving technology, the gorgeous pendant includes an inscription of ‘I Love You’ in 100 different languages.


If that wasn’t precious enough, the necklace is also handcrafted from the finest zinc alloy and is nickel and lead-free. With this perfect gift, you can show your mom how much you care and she can always hold your love close to her heart. Share your love this Mother’s Day.

XY Find It- Find Anything in Seconds

Is your mom prone to losing her keys or other valuables? All she needs is XY Find It to track down any missing item. This is the most powerful item finder on the market. All she needs to do is attach the coin-sized XY4+ to any item and use the free app to detect and find it in seconds. Your mom can easily locate valuables up to 300 feet away! She can use her smartphone to geolocate her lost item or find it by sounding the loud and clear alarm system.

XY Find It

She can even use separation alerts to ensure she never leaves her belongings behind again. The XY Find It comes in fun colors and a sleek design, making it a stylish way to keep your belongs in check. This is the perfect gift to make your mother’s life just a little less stressful.  

SleepNow- A Reason for Mom to Sleep In

Whether she knows it or not, your mom is a queen and deserves to be treated like one. So why shouldn’t she sleep like royalty? With the SleepNow premium pillow, she can finally get the luxurious nights sleep that she deserves. Quality sleep is essential to your mental and physical health and staying well-rested can lead to phenomenal long-lasting benefits.

sleep now pillow

This customizable, 3-in-1  pillow is one size fit’s all, so you can choose between soft, medium or firm, offering ultimate comfort for all sleepers. Specially designed to adapt to your environment, body type, and sleeping position, SleepNow guarantees you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer each day. Give your mom the gift of a good nights sleep.

ClearView-Give Mom Nocturnal Vision

Although our moms are basically real life Wonder Women, we still worry about them, especially when driving at night. Now you don’t have to! This year, give your mom the gift of super sight.ClearView is a state of the art night driving aid with polarised photochromic lenses that reduce glare and enhance contrast, no matter the conditions.


ClearView night driving glass can be worn over the top of prescription glasses or on their own. The lenses are able to block out the harsh blue light from headlights and can automatically adapt to specific light conditions, providing your mom with optimal night vision. This Mother’s Day, give your wonder mom an extra special superpower.

Peeps-Keep Glasses Crystal Clear

There’s nothing more annoying than getting smudges on your glasses that just won’t go away. Peeps are the simple solution that we didn’t know we needed. Their revolutionary invisible carbon formula will leave your lenses spotless, eliminating oil as well as dust and small particles.


This invisible carbon formula is used by NASA so you know its effective! They even come in a stylish, pocket-sized carrying case in a variety of colors so you can choose the best one that fits your mom’s personality. Show mom just how well you know her with her very own Peeps.