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Wearing Her Iconic Green Dress, J-Lo Rocked the Floor of the Versace Spring 2020 Show, Reminding Us That Jenny From the Block is Still Queen

    For years, celebrities have stepped out at big, prestigious events donning an item of clothing that took over headlines. In fact, some stars made such an impact with their garments we still recall them today! Who remembers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim-on-denim look in 2001? One star who recently came back into the pipeline is Miss. Jennifer Lopez.

    Image: CNN Style

    After a quick decision led this vocal powerhouse to rock one super-provocative Versace jungle dress at the 2000 Grammy awards, the world has pretty much remained obsessed ever since. In fact, the look was so hard to forget, that Miss. Lopez was recently asked to show off the gown once again at Verace’s own fashion show!

    The Story of the Dress

    Let’s now pay a trip way back to the year 2000, where the association of J-Lo and this iconic jungle dress started. With anticipation high on the upcoming Grammy event, Lopez and her stylist were stuck in a huge rut after failing to settle on the perfect dress to wear. What was a girl to do? A major crisis was nearing.

    Image: SDP

    Jennifer received a nomination for the show, so she needed to step out in something glam! Her stylist, Andrea Lieberman, presented the star with three options. It wasn’t until Jen tried on the third, a green Versace number, that a decision was made! All the glam team shouted a resounding “that’s the dress” when Jen tried it on. Finally! She was ready to take the stage.

    The Big, Showstopping Moment

    Here comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for! From the minute Miss. Lopez stepped into the event, people seemed to follow her every move. Bewildered by the huge attention she was getting from crowds, J.Lo realized as soon as she stepped on stage it was all down to that fancy dress she was wearing.

    Image: E! News

    It may have been a quick choice, but the Versace jungle dress was a complete hit with the fans! In fact, people were so keen to get a view of the dress that it spurred on the very idea to create Google images; can you believe that? Recognizing the huge success her gown had created, Donatella was keen to do more with it.

    The Most Commemorative Fashion Event

    Just when you thought you’d seen the last of this dress after scanning through every picture of it online, it made one last appearance! Fast-forwarding to the present day, and Donatella Versace chose to bring back that iconic jungle dress to her spring 2020 show. Who modeled the gown? None other than the woman who made it famous in the first place.


    As the full-fledged diva we all know her to be, J.Lo strutted her stuff down the catwalk in the dress that made headlines. There’s nothing like a little nostalgia, and this is possibly the most glamorous form of it we’ve ever seen! Lopez concluded her appearance by taking one more walk down the aisle, hand-in-hand with Donatella. What an iconic moment it was!