What Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Spend Their Super Bowl Money on

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are the ultimate power couple. Their love seems like the high school dream come true. Gisele, the popular girl, falls in love with Tom, the handsome jock. The difference between their relationship and a high school relationship is the amount of money that’s involved.

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Tom Brady is stacking on the Super Bowl rings while Gisele remains on the list of the top five highest paid models. After Tom brought home his fifth Super Bowl ring, the world began to wonder how the Brady family celebrates their victories. The truth is, Gisele and Tom do spend big, but they don’t spend the way most celebrities do. Here are the ins and outs of the Brady family’s lavish lifestyle, real estate empire and a bucket load of other surprising expenses.

One of the Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time

Tom Brady is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of football. His performance on the field is so exceptional that it landed him three MVP awards throughout his nineteen-year career as an athlete.

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Not to mention, Tom Brady’s hand is heavily decorated with five massive super bowl rings. Despite these hard-earned pieces of jewlery, Brady’s proudest ring is the one that marks his marriage with his wife Gisele.

The Brazilian Queen of the Modeling Industry

Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen, ruled the modeling world for quite some time. She received the honor of representing Victoria Secret and spread her wings to fly across that Victoria Secret runway countless times!

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She was one of the top five highest paid models back then and guess what, she still is today! In 2018, Gisele found that her name was still lingering on the top five highest paid models list. The question is, what do she and her husband spend all this cash on?

Tom Brady’s 2018 Contract Is Dripping in Millions

Tom Brady is one of the best football players in the NFL at the moment. That is why it costs a lot of money to keep him on the team. Brady reconstructed his contract with the Patriots to ensure he would get $15 million in the 2018 season.

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He also wanted a little motivational push in his contract so he asked that there be an extra $5 million that he could be eligible for based on how he performs during the games. This type of deal is not his usual. Brady used to agree to discount contracts to makes sure that New England stays competitive.

This Is How Brady Rakes in an Extra $8 Million a Year

Tom Brady is not satisfied with the $15 million he gets for playing for the Patriots. Like all athletes, Brady brings in the dough by doing a couple of endorsements here and there. This year he brought in $8 million through endorsement deals with Under Armour, Intel, Beats, and Shields.

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This type of work is not as easy as you think considering his busy schedule. But if you thought he made a lot of money, you probably should take a look at his wife’s paycheck.

The Model Who Is Worth $1 Billion

Gisele has been in the modeling game for over a decade. She started out posing for pictures in Brazil, but her agents knew she would make it big in the United States. Last year, Bundchen made $10 million from modeling.

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Mind you, this is at the end of her career so just imagine what she was making at her peak. Though she did not bring in as much as her husband did in 2018, she is reportedly on her way to making $1 billion throughout her entire career.

So How Did Gisele Get Close to $1 Billion?

Gisele’s contracts with Victoria Secret was what made her the celebrity model that she is today, but like her husband, Gisele is a business-oriented star. She is a model that brands would love to have on their advertisements.

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Gisele signed with some of the top brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Pantene. These companies are all known for having the budget to pay for a high-end model like Gisele. These gigs, in addition to her contract with Victoria Secret, are what have her getting close to a collective billion dollars throughout her career.

Brady’s Contract with Aston Martin

One of Tom Brady’s most exciting endorsement deals was with Aston Martin. The luxury car brand created a line of limited edition, Tom Brady models that would sell for around $360,000 each.

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This deal was definitely part of the $8 million of endorsements he brought to the table. What we’re all wondering is, if he’s not spending the money on a car, what is he spending it on?

The $40 Million LA Mansion to Die For

This mansion looks big enough to have its own area code. If you were wondering where this couple’s money goes, this is where a big chunk of it is. They bought it for about $11 million back in the year 2008.

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They threw this massive home on the market this year and priced it at $50 million. Rumor has it, Dr. Dre took a serious look at it and even made his offer. As far as we know, the deal has yet to be sealed, but what we do know is that whoever moves into that home will be neighbors with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One Mote, Gisele’s Chicken Farm, and Home Grown Herbs

Usually, when we think of celebrity spending habits, we tend to imagine diamonds, crazy sound systems, or a customized hot tub. While we are sure that the Bradys have all of these things, when it came to their LA home, they also put their cash towards an at-home barn filled with chickens.

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To make things more random, they even threw in a mote. We are not exactly sure why they had a little chicken farm, but we can honestly say that these chickens are the luckiest on the planet because they get to live in an awesome home.

Checking Out an $11.5 Million Manhattan Duplex

Since the Brady family decided to sell their LA mansion, they began a hunt for a new home. Although they are so used to having a lot of outdoor space to roll around in, they needed to find a home in New York.

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Paparazzi spotted them checking out an $11.5 million duplex. Many people commented on the change of scenery that they would experience by moving there, but they were ready to take on the big city no matter how different it would be for them.

Settling for an $11.7 Million Condo

After months of looking through homes, apartments, and duplexes, the Brady family found their new nest. They decided to settle on an $11.7 million condo. Their new place is in a skyscraper with an incredible view.


The last thing they lack in that condo is light; the condo has massive windows throughout the whole thing. But they don’t worry about privacy; they’re so high up that no one can see inside their new home. They love this apartment so much that they could not sell it, but you can rent it.

You Can Rent Tom and Gisele’s Madison Apartment and Eat from Their Cereal Bowls

Tom and Gisele loved their first Manhattan apartment so much that they just could not sell it. The jaw-dropping, top-of-the-line Manhattan flat is up for rent. The monthly price of a place like this is $45,000, which is more than the average American’s yearly salary!

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The rent is managed by The Coleman Real Estate Group. On their website, it says that “Everything down to the cutlery and new linens is included in this rental offering.”  Basically, you can dine with the same cutlery that Tom and Gisele used!

The Brady Family Goes Big With a $20 Million Apartment

Tom Brady and his lovely wife, Gisele wanted to move to an apartment that is bigger and better. They took the money they made from the last apartment’s rent and spent it on a $20 Million apartment in Tribeca. The monster of an apartment is, of course, waterfront.

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Of all the homes they’ve lived in, this one has the tabloids going wild. It is was one of them most wanted apartments on the market in that area until the athletic couple sealed the deal. From the outside, it is just a massive apartment, but when you see the inside, you’ll realize that it’s a work of art.

The Bradys Have a Private Yoga Instructor

Gisele proved herself to be a master of yoga on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. Skills like those are not something you can acquire from one day to the next. It can take years to reach the mastery level of yoga.

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Gisele has been practicing with some of the top yoga instructors in New York and LA. The best part is that she hires them to teach her their ways in the comfort of her own home. Sources say that sometimes Tom even joins Gisele’s lessons.

The Master Bedroom With a View

Tom Brady and Gisele have a bedroom with a heck of a view. When you are forty-seven floors high, the concrete jungle starts to look like a work of art. They are only a few floors below the One Madison building’s $50 million penthouses.

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The entire apartment is stunning, and that is all thanks to Yabu Pushelberg. Yabu is a famous interior designer who graces the rich and famous with a touch of style, including Tom and Gisele’s apartment. The bedroom is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this place.

Personal Boxing Trainer

Gisele is very serious about working out. At first, her body image was directly related to her income. That is what the life of a model is really like. However, over the years she continued to rigorously work out for health reasons. One way she stays in shape is by kickboxing.

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The model meets with a personal boxing trainer on a regular basis and often posts videos of her skills. By the looks of it, she is not a woman you want to mess with! Gisele can take you down!

The Bathroom of Everyone’s Dreams

When you imagine designing the bathroom in your dream house, we’re sure that an image like this pops up into your mind. This is the bathroom that Tom and Gisele get to wake up and use before they head out for work.

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Just imagine what it would be like to brush your teeth while looking out at this view. Surely, by night time, the view transforms into a dark night sky filled with city lights. The room is not for someone with a fear of heights!

Gisele & Tom Hired Personal Chef Allen Campbell  to Keep Up a Diet That’s 80% Veggies

Gisele and her husband Tom Brady are both health freaks. After all, what more can you expect from an athlete and a model? They are well aware of what is good and bad for your body, that is why they have no issue paying for a personal chef.

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The Brady kids are on a very strict diet. The chef must prepare only healthy meals and ensure that 80% of their children’s food is vegetable based. While most kids don’t enjoy eating vegetables, we assume that things are entirely different for the Bradys. When vegetables are prepared by a personal chef, they tend to taste a lot better than they usually would

Basketball on the Yacht

Although they won’t buy a yacht, they do enjoy going on one. One of Tom and Gisele’s lavish vacations involved a giant yacht. If you’re wondering how big it was, just take a look at this picture. If you can play basketball on a yacht, then you know it is huge.

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The crew honored Tom Brady by placing a basketball hoop that read Patriots on it. The family of athletes enjoyed shooting the ball together. Gisele and Tom are a humble team, but they do deserve to “live it up” every once in a while.

A Modern Styled Sitting Room

Not every home is big enough to add a “sitting room in it.” The room’s design is inspired by modern designs and has loads of light tones. The thing is that this sitting room is more of a staring room.

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It should be hard for people to just sit in that room without getting up to stare at the view of Manhattan. The things they see outside their window are what people take pictures of and hang on their bedroom wall. There is nothing like this skyline, its what makes every penny spent on the apartment entirely worth it. Gisele and Tom spend big-time cash on this luxury.

Tom Brady Has a Body Coach (Whatever That Is)

As we saw before Tom Brady is all about health. He spends a lot of money to hire a personal body coach who is literally in every picture with him or in the background. Why? Because he takes body coach and health guru Alex Guerrero with him everywhere, including his games.

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Guerrero works with Tom at least once a day. He’s paid to be the football star’s spiritual guide, counselor, pal, nutrition adviser, massage therapist, and trainer. Pretty much this guy is like a Siri or an Alexa for personal growth. Ok, so the family does splurge on some things.

Box Seats at Brazil Carnival Festival

Naturally, the Brazil-born model makes her way to the carnival festival each year. It is the party of the year in Brazil and possibly beats any other party in the world. People go wild and cheer on celebrities who wave to crowds on floats.

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When Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen attend the festival, they do it with style. When Gisele is not on the float, she is sitting in box seats with her football-playing boyfriend and lovely sisters. Those tickets are on the pricey side and are hard for people to get.

The Brady’s Prefer an Open Kitchen

Sources say that Tom and Gisele really liked the idea that the kitchen was near the living room. Cooking can be a very time-consuming task, and when the personal chef is not around, Gisele and or Tom are in charge of the food and snacks for the kids.

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The open kitchen gives them the ability to keep an eye on the kids while they prepare food. Tom and Gisele’s strict diet force them to put this kitchen to good use. Allen Campbell has the whole family on a diet. They cut out white flour, white sugar, salt, canola oil, dairy, and a whole bunch of other things that don’t do any good for your health.

Friends Say Tom Is Not a Risk Taker

Tom Brady’s friends joke about how funny it is that Tom is such a Dad. His dad-like nature prevents him from being a risk taker which means big spending is not something he likes to do.

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He is such a typical dad that he is known for asking his friends kids about what songs are cool and relevant. He spends a lot of money on houses, but most other luxuries he focuses on are health-related.

He’s the Avocado to Her Toast

This couple reached peak cuteness on Halloween when Tom dressed up as an avocado and Gisele dressed up as a piece of toast. Both of these celebrities are major health freaks so it is not surprising that they would rather be compared to avocado toast than macaroni and cheese.

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Their healthy lifestyle is in no way easy to maintain, that’s why it’s so great that they are on the same page when it comes to health.

Incredible and Exclusive World Cup Tickets

These two don’t spend much on flashy clothing or cars, but they do open up their checkbooks for things that are healthy and sports related. This past World Cup games, Tom, Gisele, and the kids sat as close to the field as possible to cheer on Gisele’s favorite team, Brazil.

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For those of you who don’t know, World Cup tickets are not cheap. Of course, some games are less expensive than others, but when you are sitting that close to the soccer field, you can expect to shell out about $900 per ticket. The entire Brady family went together, so it’s safe to say that this trip was not cheap. But, they deserve it! Aside from their homes and healthy lifestyle, this seems to be all they spend their money on!

The Reason The Brady’s Are Not Flashy

Some of Tom’s close friends claim that the reason he is not flashy is that he just has that old dad personality. However, the truth is entirely different. Tom insists that he and his family stay as humble as possible.

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Even if he has the money to buy boats, cars, planes, and trains, he believes that this lifestyle is not the way to live. He wants his children to be humble.  Gisele does wear the occasional stunning dress, but she still holds back on being too extravagant. These are the things Tom does like to do.

Tom Brady’s a Cute Family Man

The thing that this football star loves to do more than anything is hanging out with his family. A lot of athletes like to post pictures of their jet skis, cars and iced out chains, but Tom Brady is different. He’s just a dad who loves making sand castles with his kids at the beach.

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You can tell a lot about what a person values by what they post. Clearly, Tom appreciates his kids and of course, his supermodel wife. What Tom Brady did that shocked people.

Tom Brady Shaved His Head and Raised $6 Million for Cancer

If you were wondering if Tom Brady could be any more perfect, then here is your answer. Tom is not just a sweet dad who loves his kids, his wife and the beach. He is also a guy who is pretty big on raising money for charity.

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A while ago he shaved his head to help raise money for cancer research. After he did that, people donated a collective $6.5 million! In addition to raising the money, Tom Brady also donates a lot of it.

Traveling to China the Brady Way

Tom and Gisele work extremely hard throughout the year, so they do deserve to go on lavish vacations, especially during the off season! Tom, Gisele, and the kids all flew out to tour China. They did the regular tourist things but not without everyone stopping Tom Brady for a photo.

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Tom always had this dream to throw a football on the Great Wall of China. Of course, this typical dad dream had to come true. Tom brought his football with him and did the deed! It was simply adorable.

Gisele and Brady Took On Qatar

Gisele and Tom make a point to travel on the days they don’t have to work. Their trip to China was incredible, but that was not the only place they spent vacation days in. The two lovebirds flew out to catch some heat waves in Qatar, and they looked like they were having a total blast.

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Among all the incredible things they did and saw in Qatar, they truly enjoyed riding camels along the beach. This is just another picture to add to the collection of #couplegoals pictures featuring Gisele and Tom.

Gisele’s Superstitious Rituals Before Tom’s Games

Gisele is wonderful, beautiful, charitable, and extremely superstitious. Her healthy lifestyle and yoga routine has her running into spiritual rituals that she makes Tom perform. She makes an altar covered in pictures of his children at his games to put positive energy into the earth and help him win his games.

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She believes that there is a lot of power behind the belief that things will happen and the will to make them happen. Once Gisele told Tom “you’re lucky you married a witch. I’m just a good witch.” But alters are not the only thing she has Tom involved with.

Gisele Is a Witch, but a Good Witch

Gisele makes Tom wear healing stones and protection stones before and after his games. She also gives him a whole routine filled with rituals to do throughout the football season.

4 10

“And I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones, and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes, I say all these mantras,” Brady explained. “And I stopped questioning her a long time ago. I just shut up and listen.” He used to question her about these things, but now he’s a believer and just listen to what she says.

How Much Her Face is Worth

From the year 2000 to the year 2007, Gisele was at the peak of her career. She was the model with the highest demand. She had dealt with incredible brands including Chanel and Pantene.

14 2

To give you an example of how much money she brought in, Gisele was paid $128K a day for her campaigns. Everyone wanted to know about this incredible model, so when she wrote a book about her life, she wound up selling each one for $600, and she only released 1,000 copies. You do the math!

Gisele Reveals Why Tom is Different Than the Other Men She Dated

Gisele was on her road to recovery when she met Tom Brady. They were set up on a blind date by mutual friends, and the rest was history. Gisele and Tom fell in love and continued to date each other.

13 2

In an interview, Gisele spoke about the reason why Tom is different than her past relationships. According to her, Tom is someone she could count on. Unlike the other men she dated, Tom is there for her, he is consistent, and he wants to live a healthy lifestyle just like she does. When she needs him, he’s there, and that’s what matters to Gisele.

Gisele’s Public Confession About Her Crippling Anxiety

When you are the most famous model on the planet, you get a lot of attention. Sure, she lives the fabulous life of the rich and the famous, but Gisele was crushing under all the pressure.

4 9

The supermodel admitted that at one point, her anxiety was so bad, she contemplated jumping off of a building. She pulled herself together, went to a doctor for help, and completely changed her lifestyle. She gave up coffee, sugar, flour, and began practicing yoga and meditation. This helped her be stable enough for what was coming next in her life.

Tom Tells Gisele His Ex Is Pregnant with His Son

Tom met Gisele not long after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. The two dated for two years from 2004 to 2006 and while they did enjoy each other’s company, the relationship just did not work out.

16 2

Two months into dating Gisele, Tom got the call that Bridget was pregnant and that the baby was his. It was a mix of emotions for him. While he was excited to be a dad, he was nervous about how things would work out for him and Gisele after he told her what was going on.

Gisele’s Reaction to Tom’s Ex’s Pregnancy

Gisele was quite shocked when she heard the news. “In the beginning, you’re living this romantic fantasy; you’re thinking, this can’t be true, it’s so good,” she told Vanity Fair. “And then, whoops — wake-up call! We were dating two and a half months when he found out, and it was a very challenging situation.”

12 3

Gisele was more than relieved to know that Bridget got pregnant before she started seeing Tom. However, this was a roadblock she could not avoid. She was in love and needed to find a way to deal with this.

Gisele’s Bonus Child

Although a situation like this could end up in a breakup, Gisele and Tom figured out a way to work it all out. She was extremely understanding, and now, she could not be happier that things happened the way they did.

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On an episode of CBS morning, Gisele explained how much she appreciates her stepson. “So I felt like I didn’t know what to do. It was kind of one of those moments of like, do I just run away? And I think, you know, eight years later I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter bonus child,” she said.

Gisele’s Pre-Tom Brady Romance

As much as Gisele would want to feel jealous of Tom’s ex-girlfriends, she knows that Tom has a lot to deal with. Imagine dating a woman whose ex-boyfriend is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

5 6

Not only did he save Rose from freezing waters in Titanic, but he is the most adored actor in Hollywood. He and Gisele dated for six years from 1999 to 2005. However, no matter how much Tom wants to be jealous, Gisele made it clear that Leo is not for her.

Why Gisele Says Tom Is a Husband and Leo Is a Life Lesson

Tom Brady is a healthy and reliable guy which is what Gisele says she needs. When she was with Leo, she was going through mental health issues and felt alone in the world. She wanted to give up smoking, drinking, coffee and a wild lifestyle in one day.

2 8

Gisele’s goal was to do some serious soul searching. Although they grew apart, Gisele says that Leonardo was put into her life to teach her lessons and help her grow and she appreciates him for who he was in her life.

How Brady’s Ex Feels About Gisele as a Stepmother

The football player can run, but he can’t run away from his past. His ex-girlfriend has his child, and she’s very involved in his and Gisele’s life. Bridget opened up about how she feels about her arrangement, and she could not be happier.

3 9

“I have a relationship with these people on a daily basis,” Moynahan said in an interview with More magazine in 2011. “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

Gisele and Tom Chose Adoption

Gisele and Tom have four dogs together. Most celebrities are all about getting the best breed when it comes to dogs.

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For example, Kim Kardashian made sure that her family would not welcome any dog; it had to to be the top-of-the-line pup. She and Kanye West paid $10,000 for their boxer. Gisele and Tom decided to choose adoption with their last dog.

Gisele Gives Away a Lump Sum

Charity seems to come naturally for Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. They love giving to the needy, and they each have causes that they focus on. While Brady raises money for cancer research, Gisele gives money to several other charities.

3 8

She donated $1.5 million in relief efforts in Haiti after the massive earthquake struck. She is also a regular supporter of the United Nations, WWF, (RED), St. Jude Children’s Hospital, St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

Gisele Gives Profits From Sandal Line to Amazon

Gisele has her own sandal line. Like everything else with her face on it, the sandal line is booming. People love the design and can’t help but buy themselves a pair. While Gisele makes a profit off of every pair sold, she does not keep it all to herself. Gisele donates a portion of her profits to help protect the Amazon.

15 3

Being born in Brazil helped her realize how beautiful the Amazon is and she wants to make sure that she could protect it. It’s more than the least she can do, and a giving woman like Gisele enjoys helping.

Gisele Asked Tom to Retire from Football

Gisele knows how hard it is to be a member of an NFL football team. Although she’s not the one playing for the Patriots, she sees what her husband has to go through. According to Brady’s friend former football player, Jay Feely, Gisele once joked that Tom should retire from football and rest his body.

2 9

Feely, who was there when she said that, says he looked at Brady, winked and told Tom, Keep playing as long as you can. Of course, Gisele can’t pry Tom away from the team, but she would like it if he lives a less difficult lifestyle.

Ironically, Tom Felt He Lived in the Shadows of His Sisters

Tom Brady once wrote an essay in school that explained how he felt that he was living in the shadows of his sisters. The essay is adorable, and people can’t get enough of it.

7 6

Tom wrote; “Don’t get me wrong, I was very proud of my sisters and love them with all of my heart, but I wished I would be recognized as an individual and not as another ‘Brady.’” Little did Tom know, that would be exactly the case. It’s funny how things work out in the long run.

Tom’s Ex is so Over Him

Moynahan may have had a difficult time dealing with her unexpected pregnancy with Tom’s son, but she is doing just fine. The world is going on and on about how Gisele reacted to the situation, but people forgot to check up on Bridget.

11 2

The good news is that she is doing just fine and is living her best life. Not only does she have a good relationship with Tom and Gisele, but she is also doing fine in the romantic relationship she has with her current husband. She had to jump over hurdles and obstacles to get the place she’s in now, but the important part is that she’s happy.

The Definition of Couple Goals

Putting aside the fact that these two are incredibly stunning, Gisele and Tom are the perfect couple for so many reasons. They have reached the height of success in their lines of work, and have made loads of money because of it.

10 3

But that’s not the reason why they are the definition of goals. They are the perfect couple because they do their best to stay healthy, humble, and happy. No matter what life obstacles they had to get through, they found a way to come out on top and always out the best in each other.