Who Bonded Best? Our Roundup of All the James Bond Characters Over Time

For many years, one suave and sophisticated agent going by the nickname of “007” has captured the hearts of people across the globe. Fans will be well aware by now that the James Bond series is getting extended once again, with a new motion picture set to release next year! That’s one more chance to see this martini-shaking lothario hit our screens.

With so many key parts to this franchise, it’s often hard to keep up with it all! In order to pay tribute to these classic spy movies before the latest addition hits movie theaters, Popular Everything is traveling back in time and paying a visit to some of the most notable James Bond characters who have graced our screens over the years.

Roger Moore aka James Bond

Let’s begin with a mention of the star of the show! After receiving only the finest level of education, Mr. Bond finally decided to put his skills to the test where he applied for a position in the Secret Service. It’s safe to say, you’d need to be willing to risk your life before taking on a role like this! For this reason, we think the brave Roger Moore couldn’t be a better fit.

This guy may have started off as an actor, but over the years he’s proven himself as a real legend! Why is this? Serving a grand total of 12 years in the suit, this English star is officially the longest-running James Bond ever. In other words, if there’s anyone who could nail that “shaken, not stirred” line, it’s Roger Moore.

Naomie Harris aka Miss Moneypenny

As we all know, smooth-talking secret agent Bond knows a little about how to romance the ladies in his life. One woman who certainly wasn’t missing out on the charms of 007 was Miss Eve Moneypenny. This glamorous secretary caught the eye of James Bond on more than one occasion, and we can see why! Naomie Harris was the latest star to take on the role.

You’ve never seen brains and beauty in action quite like this woman! We first witnessed Harris step into the office in 2012’s Skyfall, and we have to say, the British actress fulfilled all our expectations. No matter how charming Mr. Bond may be, this version of Moneypenny knows exactly how to keep a relationship strictly professional.

Gemma Arterton aka Strawberry Fields

Bring on the Bond girls! Another character from the spy series who radiated both brains and beauty was Strawberry Fields. As an intelligence operative for the British Secret Service, this woman knew a few things about how to keep a low profile. The sneaky seductress was portrayed in the franchise by Gemma Arterton.

So, did Arterton do the role in 2008’s Quantum of Solace justice? We’d have to answer this one with a huge yes. We’re not sure any other actress could have nailed so much class and sophistication throughout the drama as this one did. Despite this character’s young age, Arterton knew how to assert herself with James Bond, and we’re so proud of her for that!

Christoph Waltz aka Ernst Stavro Blofeld

If there’s any reason to sleep with one eye open after watching a couple of movies from the James Bond franchise, it’s seeing the evil acts of Ernst Stavro Blofeld play out! With dreams of taking full control of the world, this is one evil genius no one wanted to succeed. In 2015’s latest movie Spectre, Christoph Waltz tried his hand as the bad guy.

James Bond may act cool, calm and collected, but this twisted figure certainly gave the agent a couple of sleepless nights. As much as we love to hate this character, Christoph Waltz was everything we were looking for in a supervillain, he took full control of the global crime organization, all the while nailing those evil eyes!

Rosamund Pike aka Miranda Frost

Here comes another one of 007’s biggest weaknesses, a Bond girl! Despite this woman’s innocent looks and obvious charm, Miranda Frost’s true colors were soon revealed after the news became clear that this double agent was working closely with the evil villain, Gustav Graves. How well did the actress do to portray such a woman?

Well, she certainly impressed us! English actress Rosamund Pike made her debut to the Bond world in 2002’s Die Another Day. It may have been a short role, but Rosamund sure took center stage in this motion picture! We couldn’t get over the deceit this woman held over one of the best spies in the business.

Ralph Fiennes aka M

More commonly known by his nickname “M”, Gareth Molloy is one of the sharpest men in the business. It’s quite a title, being Head of Secret Intelligence Service! Over the course of the series, M worked closely with Mr. Bond as his superior, ensuring the charming agent keeps his focus 24/7. Here’s a look at the most current actor who got cast for the role.

British legend Ralph Fiennes stepped up to the M shaped plate in 2012’s Skyfall and has continued showing his face in the spy series until the most recent version in 2015. If there’s one man who could nail such a diligent figure, it’s this talented actor! We can’t wait to see the star continue his performance once the latest movie gets released.

Herve Villechaize aka Nick Nack

Evil villains are nothing without their trusty sidekicks. He may be compact in size, but Nick Nack meant business, evil business! Serving as a loyal manservant to the professional assassin, Francisco Scaramanga, there wasn’t a single length this handyman wouldn’t reach to let his master’s criminal activities succeed! Who enacted the character in the movies?

That would be Herve Villechaize! This French-American star first appeared in 1974’s The Man with the Golden Gun. We wonder if this talented man got involved in a couple of hospitality lessons for a role because in the movies he doubled up as a chef, butler, and even a housekeeper! There’s being dedicated for a job, and then there’s doing things the Villechaize way.

Famke Janssen aka Xenia Onatopp

Well, this is a character that made heads turn! Looks are just about the only innocent thing about Xenia Onatopp because this woman was a real bloodthirsty villain. As a former Soviet fighter-pilot, this woman worked hard to show off her sadistic side in working for Alec Trevelyan’s crime syndicate. Which actress portrayed the character on our screens?

None other than Dutch actress, Famke Janssen! We first witnessed the star shake up Bond’s world with her ruthless acts in 1995’s Goldeneye, and she set a pretty high standard for villains to follow in the future. Mix this woman’s martial arts skills, general lack of remorse and obsession with violence, and you’ve got yourself a real horror here.

Daniel Craig aka James Bond

The time has now come to pay the most recent James Bond impersonator a visit. As we’ve mentioned to you previously, this secret agent had enough charm to win over a nation of women. Taking one good look at the English actor, Daniel Craig, we can’t help but give the casting directors a huge thumbs up!

Mr. Craig first graced our spy-loving screens in 2006’s Casino Royale, and has wowed us ever since! The British star nails every aspect of this diligent secret agent who proves his nobility to be awarded the “Double-O” title. It’s safe to say, any actor who wants to continue this drama legacy in the future has some pretty big shoes to fill!

Sophie Marceau aka Elektra King

Another day, another Bond villain! As the daughter of Robert King, the close associate to MI6 members, you’d think Elektra King would want to help James Bond in his spy pursuits, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Living life under the guidance of evil villain Renard, Miss. King aspired to be just as much of a menace as the Russian assassin.

So, who took on this terror-seeking role? None other than Sophie Marceau. The French star appeared in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough, and she certainly conjured up a stir throughout the motion picture! This character in the franchise just goes to show that blood is not always thicker than water.

Robert Carlyle aka Renard

Call him Victor Zokas or call him Renard, this antagonist gave us all the chills once he stepped onto the James Bond scene! As far as villains go, Renard was a pretty brutal one. Having his vicious tendencies noticed by superiors and becoming one of the world’s most feared assassins, James Bond had his work cut out for him here.

It’s a hard task to portray such an evil menace, but Robert Carlyle stepped up to the challenge! We saw the Scottish star turn on his dark side in 1999’s The World is Not Enough, and as much as we were shaken up by his chilling performance, we were all left wanting more from the Russian menace!

Sean Bean aka Alec Trevelyan

It’s always the ones you least suspect! Alec Trevelyan started off as a loyal friend to James Bond, but that all went south once the man got a taste of power! After disappearing off the face of the earth, this former intelligence operator became one of the biggest secret villains we’ve ever seen. In the motion pictures, Sean Bean enacted the deceiving figure.

Mr. Trevelyan waved goodbye to MI6 as he opened up his own Russian crime syndicate under the new name of Janus, but who could have guessed it? It was a twist no one was predicting, and we mean no one! We strongly believe British legend Sean Bean did the ultra-secretive role justice when he stepped on the scene in 1995’s Goldeneye.

Ben Whishaw aka Q

Nicknamed “Q” for Quartermaster, this member of the Bond franchise was another to wow us with his remarkable brains. As head of the research and development division of the British Secret Service, this figure, effectively, made James Bond’s job as a secret agent a whole lot easier! Let’s take a look at the actor who played this character in the movies.

He might be young, but Ben Whishaw fits right in with the MI6 crew! The English actor made his debut to the franchise in 2012’s Skyfall and has continued testing out his genius side, aiding the smoothest spy in the business until the most recent production. We can’t wait to see more of this boffin in the next installment!

Stephanie Sigman aka Estrella

Here’s a woman that may have only had a brief role in the gripping spy franchise, but still managed to make quite the impact! After accompanying Mr. Bond at Mexico City’s Day of the Dead festivities, Estrella really proved herself as a vital team member of the Mexican Secret Service. Let’s look into the actress who gave this character a try!

Despite Estrella’s apparent advances towards 007, the secret agent remained dedicated to the task of capturing evil assassin, Marco Sciarra. Mexican-American star Stephanie Sigman had a brief appearance in the latest movie in the Bond series, 2015’s Spectre, and completely did her character justice!

Javier Bardem aka Raoul Silva

Never take someone for granted, it could all end very badly! Seeking revenge takes a new level in Raoul Silva. As a former member of the Secret Intelligence Service, everything seemed to go wrong after the figure spent months in captivity. Upon his release, we were met by a spooky cyber-terrorist! Let’s see how well Javier Bardem performed in the role.

Returning onto the spy scene with a paler complexion, deformed features and a burning desire for crime, it’s safe to say we were all pretty creeped out by the likes of super-hacker, Raoul Silva! This performance may be a little different from the acting roles Bardem is typically used to, but he completely rolled with it!

Sean Connery aka James Bond

He may be a fictional character invented by British author Ian Fleming, but to many people, James Bond is a role model. After all, the MI6 agent exemplifies to us all what kind of successes you can enjoy if you work your way up to the top! Another successful actor who stepped into this charming spy’s shoes is Sean Connery.

As the first man to portray Commander Bond on our cinema screens, you could say that Sean Connery was under a little pressure! Having said this, the Scottish legend certainly gave us the goods. From 1962’s Dr. No to Never Say Never Again in 1983, this actor delivered each of his lines with that same faultless charm as Ian intended in the novels.

Lea Seydoux aka Madeleine Swann

Who would’ve guessed that James Bond would form a strong alliance with a trained psychologist? As the daughter of the controversial figure Mr. White, Madeleine Swann was keen to escape from her criminal relative and fulfill a successful, more law-abiding life on her own. Paying tribute to this character on the big screen was Lea Seydoux.

Miss. Seydoux first stepped onto the spy scene with Mr. Bond in the latest movie from the franchise, 2015’s Spectre. Clearly, the French bombshell made quite the impression on viewers, because we’re due to see her take on the do-gooder role once again in the prospective installment; exciting times!

Jeffrey Wright aka Felix Leiter

James Bond is commended for making a name for himself through his own secret agent efforts, but it doesn’t hurt to receive a little help now and then! CIA worker Felix Leiter pays a key part in the spy franchise, as a loyal follower to 007’s work, and generally making the smooth-talkers job a whole lot easier!

It would appear that the man portraying the character is just as loyal off-screen as he is on! As the first star to enact Mr. Leiter for a third movie in the James Bond franchise (starting with 2006’s Casino Royale to 2012’s Skyfall) actor Jeffrey Wright is setting new records. We can’t wait to see him continue the role in the future movie!

Timothy Dalton aka James Bond

If you haven’t guessed by now, there were a lot of actors lining up to act out this smooth agent with a license to kill! Coming from such a privileged background, some may say Bond was destined to become such a high-profile figure, but we think it was down to sheer hard work and determination! Here’s a look at an earlier star who filled Bond’s shoes.

Timothy Dalton was first filmed in a tuxedo and sipping on shaken, not stirred martinis in 1987’s The Living Daylights, followed by License to Kill in 1989. Although he only played a short part in the popular franchise, no one could forget the way this British legend perfectly resembled Ian Fleming’s written records.

Eva Green aka Vesper Lynd

We bet you’ve always wondered, who keeps James Bond in line? Well, if it’s regarding finances, foreign liaison agent Vesper Lynd certainly plays a part! Although Lynd’s intentions seem pure, it’s not until you scratch beneath the surface that things become a whole lot darker. Why? She was involved in MI6’s biggest hurdle, the evil Quantum organization.

This is deception on another level! We were all super impressed when the French actress and model Eva Green acted out this two-faced figure on 2006’s Casino Royale; she had us all fooled in the beginning! It may have only been a brief appearance in the series, but it was an impactful one nonetheless.

Olga Kurylenko aka Camille Montes

One woman we were all rooting for in this gripping franchise was Camille Montes! This fearless heroine sided with James Bond in an attempt to get some much-needed revenge on General Madrano, after the unforgivable things he did to her family. We wonder, which actress did the determined character justice in the movie?

The answer to that question would be Olga Kurylenko, and boy are we glad the French-Ukranian actress and model stepped up for the role! From start to finish of 2008’s Quantum of Solace, we were sat on the edge of our seats as Montes and Bond teamed up as the most dynamic duo.

Mads Mikkelsen aka Le Chiffre

While a career in banking is generally considered quite a respectable job, one man used his money-handling skills for all the wrong reasons. Who is that man? None other than Le Chiffre; hear the name and weep, people! This guy funded some of the world’s most dangerous organizations, and he didn’t feel an ounce of remorse for it.

The actor taking on the role of James Bond’s nemesis was Mads Mikkelsen, and he certainly nailed those evil genius tendencies! Just looking at this character’s eye scar in 2006’s Casino Royale was enough to get us all shaken up, let alone all of those menacing acts!

Michelle Yeoh aka Wai Lin

Get ready for a partnership that flourished in the most bizarre way! Initially, James Bond and Chinese spy, Wai Lin assumed they’d met with the intention of getting rid of one another, but they soon came into realizing they’d be better off as a team. Skilled in martial arts and of colonel ranking, not anyone could pull off a role like Wai Lin’s.

We can only assume actress Michelle Yeoh started channeling her inner ninja when she got cast for the role of Miss. Yin! The stealthy figure made a quick but notable appearance in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies, achieving the respect of Mr. Bond; we have to say, not everyone could achieve something like that!

Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond

If there’s one thing you need to take away from James Bond, it’s that the Senior Operational Officer simply exudes charm at every opportunity. Not a lot of people have the strength to say no to this man, and we suspect that’s one of the many reasons why this spy became so successful over the years! In 1995, the torch was handed to Pierce Brosnan.

What a perfect man for the part! Irish heartthrob Pierce Brosnan first started his MI6 agency work in Goldeneye, and he was clearly a huge hit because his role lasted for another three iconic movies in the series. Never before has the phrase “license to kill” sounded so heroic than when this star uttered the words!