Serena William’s #ThisMama Ad Campaign Is Finally Giving Working Moms the Kudos They Deserve

Serena Williams has proved to be unstoppable on the court and has dominated the world of tennis for 20 years. In 1999, she became the second African American woman to win the Grand Slam, at just 17 years old. Since then, she and her sister Venus have aced their careers, both as singles and doubles world champions. However, when Serena entered motherhood, she soon faced her greatest challenge of all.

Why Serena Williams This Mama AD Campaign Is Everything 6
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Serena’s touching new advertising campaign for a sponsor of the U.S. Open 2019, dubbed, “This Mama Keeps Going” perfectly encapsulates the journey of pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. While Serena has been open about embracing motherhood and her pro tennis career, this advert really is everything. Here’s why:

This Mama Keeps It Real

Serena’s new advert captures all the candid details about real life as a working mother, from pregnancy and the birth to motherhood and getting her career back in full swing. The advert portrays the highs, lows, moments and milestones that accompany having a baby. It also discusses trying to juggle the duality of being an athlete mom.

Why Serena Williams This Mama AD Campaign Is Everything 3
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The ad opens with some touching home-footage of some special family moments. It begins with a heartwarming clip of ultra-sound and continues to document her life after birth. It features both footage of tender and adorable moments, as well as challenging and stressful ones. The ad portrays Serena breastfeeding, pumping, cuddling, swinging and running after her adorable toddler Alexis Olympia, who is now two years old.

Success on and off the Court

The commercial is even more emotive as it’s set against the backdrop of Serena speaking about her first U.S. Open Grand Slam win back in 1999. “Everyone’s just so supportive, and that really helped me. It’s not like it came easy, I really had to work. I’ve been practicing so long for this moment, and it came, and it’s here.”

Why Serena Williams This Mama AD Campaign Is Everything 2
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In this poignant campaign, Serena draws a parallel between all her achievements as a new mother to her first Grand Slam championship milestone, back in 1999. The commercial closes with the touching words, “Since 1999 this mama keeps going.”

A Powerful Message About Working Moms

The advert is part of a campaign by J.P Morgan Chase, who is a sponsor of the U.S Open 2019. In 2018 they created a similar campaign with Droga5 agency called, “Mama Said Knock You Out.” Their new commercial is designed to spark dialogue about the realness of motherhood, and life as a working mom. It also shines a spotlight on the incredible strength of mothers, and Serena is a perfect symbol of this strength.

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The brains behind the campaign strategy, director Sarah Garman, said, “as both a nurturing mother and a fierce competitor, no matter what, she keeps going.” The commercial hopes to inspire conversations with the #ThisMama hashtag on social media, and is already pitched to go viral.

Her Greatest Accomplishment

At the end of the heartwarming advert, Serena also speaks about the joy of watching her daughter succeed, and says, “I can only imagine watching your child going out there doing the best she can.” While Serena has already achieved so much in her lifetime, she recently shared a touching post on Instagram about motherhood. She revealed how “The last two years have been my greatest accomplishment.”

Why Serena Williams This Mama AD Campaign Is Everything 1
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While Serena has been embracing life as a new mother, she recently competed in the U.S. Open 2019 to try and scoop her 24th Grand Slam title. While she didn’t take home the title this time, it’s clear for Serena, that both on and off the court, she still has more to conquer. She clearly sets her sights high for both her and her daughter. There’s no doubt that “This mama keeps going.”