Will the New Lion King Cast Live up to the Legacy of the Original Stars?

    2019 has already kicked off as the year for live action and reimagined Disney movies, and the world can’t seem to stop talking about the upcoming mid-summer release of everyone’s favorite classic; The Lion King.Ever since Disney released the trailer last month, the anticipation has escalated to an all-time high. The original animated movie dates back to 1994, and since then, fans can’t seem to get enough of the characters, songs, and heartfelt story.

    With the remake on the way, everyone is talking about the all-star cast that will be voicing our beloved Lion King characters. What some of us forget is the fact that the original animated movie also included its fair share of big-name stars. Did you know that Matthew Broderick, aka Ferris Bueller, voiced the role of Simba in the original film? That is just one of a long list of Hollywood big players featured in the 1994 hit. So the question lies, will the cast of the remake really measure up to their predecessors? And is the cast going to be enough to match the high bar that the original movie set decades ago? Let’s take a look at who they have lined up and who’s shoes they will need to fill to make this movie really roar.