The Bird Is Back: Woodstock Festival’s 50th Birthday Bash

Traveling Back to the 1960s

So, where did the idea come from? For those of you who are hearing about this festival for the first time, here’s a little Swinging Sixties trivia for you. Woodstock festival first opened its doors way back in 1969, and its legacy is still yet to die down.

Held in small town Bethel’s dairy farm in upstate New York, it was not originally anticipated that the festival would be as big as it was. The concert which made big headlines was at one point deemed an emergency. Officials were surprised to see swarms of fans, many more than expected, queuing to get in. Panic quickly ensued, but not long before the issue resolved itself, and everyone could enjoy the festival.

Make Music, Not War

What made this celebration of popular mid-twentieth century music so influential is how it defined the Sixties period, in all the right ways. Many people look back on the 1960s as a time for peace, love and all things hippie. We could argue that nothing enforced their outlook on life and this new counterculture more than Woodstock festival.

When people think of music concerts, they merely think of stars performing their hits on stage, and the crowd cheering along. Woodstock festival was more than that, so much more. It had inspirational talks from spiritual gurus and a political protest from none other than Jimi Hendrix. It fulfilled the hippie dream of rejecting conflict in the world and allowing everyone to unite in harmony, through music. Fast forward to 2019, and we wonder if the 50th-anniversary celebration will live up to its origin.

Woodstock 2019 Has Set High Expectations

There’s no doubt the first ever Woodstock opened its doors to some of the most influential names in the music world back in the day. Just imagine seeing Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix all in one week! Keen to raise the bar, some of today’s massive music stars have been added to the lineup for the big 2019 blowout.

Could this be the greatest lineup Upstate New York has ever seen? Reports from Variety magazine have surfaced that Woodstock 2019 will be presenting the likes of the Black Keys, Chance the Rapper, and Imagine Dragons. Oh, and did we mention America’s wealthiest musician, Jay-Z will be hitting the stage too?

One Epic Lineup

When the organizer of 2019’s Woodstock festival set out to raise a bar as high as the original concert, he was not messing about. Not only is he inviting some bigtime A-Listers to do their thing on the stage, but what a variety of acts!

From modern day hip-hop to heavy metal, this musical fiesta is truly catering for just about anyone. Fifty years ago, the original Woodstock festival thrived from its varied inclusion of folk, rock, and even a little Hindustani classical music. We suspect this wide range of musical genres was no accident of Lang’s. Original fans of the 1969 fest can also expect a trip down memory lane, as John Mayer’s tribute act to The Grateful Dead, Dead & Company will be making their big return to the stage. Cue some emotional rock music fans!

One Event Not to Be Missed

Set the dates in your calendars, as August 16th-18th are the official days this iconic tribute festival is set to go down. If you’re looking for a music concert that also doubles up as a cultural landmark tribute, New York is the place to be this summer.

What many of you Woodstock superfans may not be aware of, is that the occasion will be split up into two separate festivals. It’s ultimately your decision whether you fancy paying a visit to Watkins Glen, or the original Bethel location.