There is so much focus about this whole fake news thing. But what about all the lies we’ve been told growing up? There are so many misconceptions out there that we all just blindly believe. Ok, so no one acutally lied to us, they told us false information. This is totally different than lying but it just needs to stop. Popular Everything compiled a list of misconceptions that will blow your mind. After reading them, you might see the world with totally different eyes. The eyes of a wise man or woman.

So just scroll through the unknown truth that awaits you. Get these facts down and the next time your granny or mom chase after you with that Christmas sweater you tried to burn, you can look them directly in the eyes and say NO. Yea… you do not need it and you’ll read exactly why that is so.

1. Sugar Makes You Hyper

Sorry to let yall down but when you’re parents took away your sweets because they were scared it would get you killed up…, it was all for nothing!

The truth is, there are no studies proving that sugar makes you hyper. Psychologists believe that this misconception is so common because the expectations that the parents have about sugar causing behavioral problems may cause hyperactive behavior.